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The Royal Wedding, tiaras, gowns and all that jazz!

Admit it.

You too watched the Wedding of Prince William and his now wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

It peeved me that some Filipino broadcast journalist kept on referring to William as the "Crown Prince". He is not even though he is second in line to the throne. His father, Prince Charles, is. Why it peeved me? Remember that most of these broadcast journalists are a bunch of know it all especially that one with a nasty cauliflower on his face who keeps on fumbling and mumbling his news copy.

Putting that aside...

Did you know that, the British Monarchy, most especially on matters governing the accession to the throne are ruled by the Act of Settlement of 1701.

Here is one provision of the Act that is of most interest to us Catholics:

The Persons inheritable by this Act, holding Communion with the Church of Rome, incapacitated as by the former Act; to take the Oath at their Coronation, according to Stat. 1 W. &; M. c. 6.

Provided always and it is hereby enacted That all and every Person and Persons who shall or may take or inherit the said Crown by vertue of the Limitation of this present Act and is are or shall be reconciled to or shall hold Communion with the See or Church of Rome or shall profess the Popish Religion or shall marry a Papist shall be subject to such Incapacities as in such Case or Cases are by the said recited Act provided enacted and established And that every King and Queen of this Realm who shall come to and succeed in the Imperiall Crown of this Kingdom by vertue of this Act shall have the Coronation Oath administred to him her or them at their respective Coronations according to the Act of Parliament made in the First Year of the Reign of His Majesty and the said late Queen Mary intituled An Act for establishing the Coronation Oath and shall make subscribe and repeat the Declaration in the Act first above recited mentioned or referred to in the Manner and Form thereby prescribed

In simple English...

Those who are Roman Catholic, and those who married a Roman Catholic, were barred from ascending the throne "for ever".

Other provisions of the Act also mentions that the monarch "must join the Church of England." This means a believer of another religion, other than Roman Catholicism can ascend the throne but must convert to Anglicanism later.

And this provision applies to any member of the royal family who is in succession line.

You can read the interesting article about the Act of Settlement here.


As I have mentioned before...

It is unthinkable to be against blacks, homosexuals, Jews, Muslims...

But all is ok if you are prejudiced towards Catholics.

You won't be called "bigot, racial and all that jazz!"

Now you know folks what the early Roman Christians felt.

How a bronze monument should look like

If you make statues to commemorate a dead person's contribution to our society, you represent him in a statue that would resemble the person in his prime, or in a way that he is best remembered by those whose lives he has impacted.

Take here the examples of statues erected to commemorate the Venerable and in a few days Blessed John Paul II.

in the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico

in the grounds of the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Singapore

and in Phoenix, Arizona....

and in the Via della Conciliazione in Rome in a video from Rome Reports...

Now here is how we erected statues in honor of Cardinal Jaime Sin.

In his hometown of Washington, Aklan...

and in the See where he served and made a huge impact to the country and to the world until his death...


Made by sculptor Ed Castrillo who also made the statue of Cory Aquino in the Luneta.  The statue like that of Cardinal Sin does not look like the lady and the arms are hideously long, makes her look like either Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic.  The last time I visited Intramuros, the statue was changed.

From this

to this...

If the artist wants to be a Picasso then I will not be against it.  But if you plan to represent a person, then by golly, make it look like the person.  Don't use abstract art to represent the person!  Would you like your ID photo to look like this?

Honestly, if you ask me, I think the artist really can't do any of those statues of John Paul II.  They say it is artistic license.  I say it is euphemism for "I can't do it."



I say...

If Castrillo did the second Cory statue, which looks more like Cory, then...



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Things are not so rosy...

Here are the three links:

Mass of the Lord's Supper:

Chrism Mass:

And how did the disbelief in the Real Presence come about?

Communion in the Hand?

Clapping and dancing in the Mass?

Too much inculturation?

We have a world-famous liturgist in the Philippines...


Such expert!

FINALLY! I can rant about a rant!

Thank goodness to the Varsitarian for putting this out.  I met a Dominican priest who promised me to give a copy of the proceedings on the UST talk about the New translation of the Missal and the ongoing Liturgical Reform.

I have heard how the old guy ranted and here is the Varsitarian's take on what happened.


A BENEDICTINE liturgist has criticized Pope Benedict XVI for trying to turn back the clock in bringing back the old liturgy, saying the growing movement promoting a “reform of the reform” was threatening to derail changes brought by Vatican 2.  [And aint those changes soooo beneficial to the Church, right Fr. Anscar?  Go to the Muslim lands and find out for yourself!]

“Dark clouds are forming ominously on the Western horizon. They move hurriedly and decisively toward the direction of the sun that burns radiantly in the sky. They cast upon it stronger shadows to hide it from view. Suddenly it is dusk, before the appointed time. In reality of our day, the realness is called by the passing clouds. This cannot put the clock back to yesterday’s evening hours,” Fr. Anscar Chupungco, O.S.B. said in his speech during the 2nd Annual Edward Schillebeeckx Lecture last February 22 at the UST Hospital auditorium.  [The lecture was named after a dissident Dominican theologian.  And here the liturgist who got booted out of Sant Anselmo is ranting.  Will tell you the personal reasons why this is not a purely liturgical or theological matter.]

The forum discussed the Vatican’s recent approval of the new English translation of the Mass, which takes effect on Advent in the United States.

Other priests in the forum, such as Fr. Mitchell Joe Zerrudo of the Diocese of Cubao and Jesuit Fr. Timoteo Ofrasio, welcomed the changes in the English version of the Roman Missal, which adhere to the Latin and are closer to the biblical texts. [And you might wonder why the old man is ranting!]

“In general, the new translation of the Roman Missal will be more formal and theologically deeper, more provocative emotionally and intellectually,” Ofrasio told students of the Central Seminary and the Ecclesiastical Faculties.  [And that is something wrong that Chupungco is hitting hard?]

Ofrasio said there was a need to preserve the Mass and guard against tendencies to tinker with the liturgy. [Uh-oh.  The dreadful Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino comes to mind.  That awful liturgy is a complete concoction from the cauldron, ehem, desk of THAT liturgist which an old cardinal, who was promoted by THAT GUY UPSTAIRS to become HIS VICAR ON EARTH, prevented, according to my sources in Rome, from being allowed to be said in the Philippines.  Oooooo!  No matter he is so cranky!  Imagine the stress he was since April 2005.  Ha!]

The traditionalist movement in the Church, which is critical of changes in the Mass following the Second Vatican Council, scored a victory [Huh?] in 2007 when the Pope issued the “motu proprio” Summorum Pontificum. The decree liberalized the use of the Traditional Latin Mass, or the Mass according to the 1962 Roman Missal, in which the priest and the congregation offered Mass facing one direction.  [because John Paul II ordered a commission of cardinals to study if the Second Vatican Council or Paul VI juridically abrogated the Missal of Pius V.  The findings of the commission?  No law was put out banning the old Missal, not even Vatican II.  And guess who is one of the cardinals?  Yup.  Joseph Ratzinger.]

The 1970 New Order of the Mass released by Pope Paul VI in the wake of Vatican 2 permitted the use of the vernacular in the liturgy, with the priest facing the people.  [which is an abuse because Sakosakong Kutsilyo, uhm, Sacrosanctum Concilium said "may" not "must" face the people.  Look at the rubrics of the 1970 Missal.  It instructs the priests when to face the people.  What does that mean?]

Last year, the Vatican approved the new English translation of the Mass of Vatican 2, which, critics claim, contained a number of errors. Pope John Paul II last revised the New Mass in 2000, but the English edition had to wait until the release of translation guidelines in 2007 in 2007.

Chupungco, head of the Paul VI Institute of Liturgy in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, [petri dish of liturgical dissenters in the Philippines] placed the changes in the context of the liturgical “reform of the reform” pushed by Benedict XVI even before he became pope. [Ha?  What?  Who?]

He said there was a need to distinguish between papal decrees and the “theological musing” of Joseph Ratzinger, who, as head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Pope John Paul II, wrote the celebrated book Spirit of the Liturgy, which decried abuses in the aftermath of Vatican 2.  [So does that change the fact that the guy who had liturgical musings is now sitting on Peter's Chair?  GROW UP!  Wait till you become Pope! know...will..NEVER HAPPEN!  Because..tick...tock...tick...tock...As Father Z says, the biological solution is catching up on you.]

In the book, Ratzinger said changes in the liturgy undermine the sacrificial nature of the Mass as worship, placing the focus on the priest and tending to celebrate the community[No wonder the fans of Fr. Chupungco hate candles and the crucifix on the altar because it abstracts the face of the priest.  No wonder Fr. Chupungco does not want ad orientem aka ad Dominum worship here in the Philippines!  Did you come to the Mass to look at each others faces from across the table?]

But Chupungco, who had served as president of the Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome and consultor to the Congregation for Divine Worship and Congregation for Catholic Education, [Wow!  With all those credentials, they think he looks better and more credible than being the Prefect of CDF, theologian, cardinal and pope?  If ever you were an HR guy, who would you hire?  NEXT!]  said these moves were coming at the expense of “active participation,” pointing out that the old prayers and language had long been discarded. [NOT!  Here he goes again.  For the likes of Chupungco and his ilk, active participation is bordering on the laicization of the liturgy, a blurring of the roles of the ordained and the baptized.  The laity almost always becomes like the priest.  Ever see the army of EMHCs in your Sunday Mass?  He thinks this is all nostalgia.  Well, it is not.  Lex orandi, lex credendi.  What you see is what you get.  No wonder more Catholics today do not even value life or even support the RH Bill, because nothing today is held sacred thanks to the work of Chupungco and his padawans who trivialized the Mass and made it more of an entertainment showcase and a social gathering rather than becoming a silent but active witness to the Sacrifice of Calvary!]

It’s too simplistic to claim that before Vatican 2, many churchgoers became saints by simply going to Mass, he said. [Who ever said that?  Remember that there are a lot of bad guys and good guys before Vatican 2 as well as after Vatican 2.  Non sequitur!  NEXT!]

“The agenda is an attempt to retrieve the discarded liturgical practices and paraphernalia, sometimes at the expense of active participation,” he said. “This movement has entered the Philippine shores, those that manifest the use of the defunct Latin language [Huh?  Law schools use Latin.  The scientific community uses Latin.  Well, maybe an interdict will be even issued to this dissident in Latin.  How is that for defunct?  Who is now defunct huh?] and the singing of distant generations. It is no longer a requirement to understand what is said, sung, or read,” Chupungco said.  [No longer required?!?!  THEN WHY ARE OUR SONGS AND PRAYERS IN THE VERNACULAR?!?!?!  Or because he is ranting because liturgical innovators like him will be out of a job?  Remember, the Traditional Mass is precise in its rules and rubrics.  No room for creativity and dancing, aka active participation.  See where this is all coming from?]

Chupungco said liturgical tradition is not necessarily Church Tradition (with the capital “T”) that must be preserved through the ages. The need to emphasize the sacred nature of the Mass need mean involve turning back the clock, he added.  [Here is the paradigm of these Bugnini spawns.  Everything that happened before Vatican 2, bad.  Everything that they did, especially after Vatican 2, good.  So, for them the liturgical innovations that crept into the Traditional Latin Mass does not help to emphasize the sacred nature of the Mass so his brand of Mass and inculturation (belch!) of the liturgy makes the Mass more, God help me write the next word!, SACRED?  Good grief!]

“The liturgy does not need to be backtracked to its early context that was understood after the Council of Trent, which the Pope is trying to revive, but should be “in the atmosphere of mysterium tremendum et fascinans (a mystery that creates fear and yet fascinates).”  [Like his Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino?  NOT!]

Meanwhile, Ofrasio, a professor of systematic theology at the Loyola School of Theology, said it was the Church’s prerogative to promote “renewed evangelization.” 

Pointing to various liturgical innovations, he said the Mass is not “free [for priests] to tinker with and change depending on their understanding.”  [Special delivery and served to Fr. Anscar!  BOOM!]

The Mass is a treasure entrusted to them by the Church which they must cherish, guard, and preserve,” Ofrasio said. “The Mass that they celebrate is not their Mass. It is the Church’s, given to them, entrusted to them by God through the Church. [The priest] is just a steward.”  [Compare it with the Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino!]

Zerrudo, parish priest of the Lord of the Divine Mercy Parish in Quezon City, said: “We should not be afraid of the coming of the new translation.”

He said the new translation of the liturgy also called for a new translation of music for the Mass using the Latin liturgical text.

“Much of the liturgical reform is really academic – the books, the prayers, the rites were studied, revised, and rearranged by experts,” Zerrudo said.

Zerrudo, whose parish offers the Traditional Latin Mass every day, is an alumnus of the Central Seminary.

The Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan is taking the lead, implementing some changes in the Mass effective March 9, Ash Wednesday.  [And why is the CBCP silent on this?  Because Fr. Diwa is sitting as the Executive Secretary of the CBCP Commission on the Liturgy.  And, oh, he is Fr. Chupungco's protege.]

“The English translation of the third edition of the Roman Missal will soon receive the approval of the Holy See to be used for the entire Philippines. Even before the actual implementation of the new English translation, some phrases and responses in the Order of the Mass have been decided on by the Apostolic Instruction Liturgicam Authenticam foremost among which is the translation ‘Et cum spiritu tuo’ which was translated in the 1970 Missal as ‘And also with you,’” Archbishop Socrates Villegas said in a circular last February 11.

As a result, the new response to the priest’s greeting, “The Lord be with you,” is “And with your spirit.”

Before the consecration, when the priest says “Let us give thanks to the Lord our God,” the people’s response is “It is right and just,” instead of “It is right to give him thanks and praise.”[The Cebuanos actually got this right.  But why the Tagalogs did not?  Because the Tagalogs based it on the wrong English translation and not on the Latin.  Guess the Cebuanos know Latin more than the Tagalogs?  But...but...but...isn't that DEFUNCT?  HA!]


With all this rant and attacks against the Holy Father, let us judge the photos shall we?

Here is what Fr. Chupungco wants. Active participation and inculturation.

And here is what he hates.

Which gives you more a sense of the sacred?

Is he suffering from a case of cognitive dissonance or it is simply a case of an axe to grind against the man who cost his job?

If he is really the great liturgists that he is, then what has he done to stop liturgical abuse in the Philippines, huh?

Hate to see a brilliant mind go cranky!

Such a waste!

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Another one wants attention

Remember Humpty Dumpty?  Seems here publicity stunts gave this false prophets the idea.  Remember the INC spoof about calling the Natural Family Planning "Unnatural"?  Yeah.  I suffered from a migraine trying to deduce what those mean.  And the other thing called Felix Manalo is an angel.  Wait!




MANILA, Philippines - Malacañang is willing to mediate between Catholic Church officials who oppose the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill and other religious and civic groups who are for passage of the bill.

But ["]Bishop["] Rodrigo Tano believes debates on the RH bill have become divisive and are being used to delay the passage of the bill in Congress.

"I think there is too much bad faith, too much condemnation. Hasty generalization. We are tired of that. We are tired dilatory tactics in Congress," he told ANC's "Headstart." [Huh?  Some grammatical error in there.  I just don't know where to put in [sic].  Anywho, this guy just wants the attention, you know, like how the INC put up that HELLUVA STUPID STATEMENT for the sake of just being against the Catholic Church for the sake of, uhm, being against the Catholic Church no matter how monumentally stupid their statements maybe.  Well, come to think of it, if you follow a guy who went from one religion to another and then went to the USA to study with the Protestants and came back to the Philippines and *poof* TADAN!!! He calls himself an angel, wouldn't that be stupid?]

Tano is the chairman of the Interfaith Partnershio [sic] for the Promotion of Responsible Parenthood, a coalition of 12 religious groups including the Iglesia ni Cristo.  [And what Responsible Parenthood did they do?  Give condoms to anyone who feels the urge, like INC?]

He said the group supports the Responsible Parenthood Bill because it can help government address the country's growing population. [To what end?]

"We believe, on the whole, it promotes the common good. If you think an average of 11 mothers die due to complications in pregnancy, [they die because of poor health services.  And how will contraceptives and abortifacients change that?] if you think 62 infants out of 100,000 die out of live births and the poor have more kids, if you realize there is relationship between population size and poverty, [If you Malthusian, but sorry dude, this is for Kuznet.  Read about him!] although that's contested [No!] but its more difficult for a family to have savings, and support their needs," he said.

"To me these are facts. These should not be a matter of ecclesiastical declarations but a matter of research and science," he said.  [They are but so are the declaration of scientists that most contraceptives save for the condom are abortifacients!]

He said that as far as some churches are concerned, marriage is for procreation. "But if you read the literature in Catholic Church, [huh?!  which one?] some would rather rank the two -- children and pleasure -- on equal footing. If you say procreation is main, every sex act should allow for the pregnancy," he said.  [Sex is primarily for married couples.  That is where we begin the discussion.]

Tano said he does not think condoms are sinful. "What is sinful is promiscuity, and immoral behavior and making use of condom as an excuse of promiscuity. The sin is promiscuity not the condom," he said.  [And condoms would not promote promiscuity?  Can you cite something as you say a matter of research and science", huh?]

The bishop said he is against any contraceptive method that is abortifacient.  [And what is it?  Obviously he does not know what he is talking.]

He also disagrees that sex education should only come from the child's parents, saying that various institutions should be interdependent in the development of the child including the school, state, family and civil society.


My professor used to say: BTT! Before Talking, Think!

This so called "bishop" forgot about it.

Got your five minutes of fame dude!

Go celebrate!

And dance for joy!

Words of Wisdom: Pope Pius XI

...of blessed memory.

"The enemies of the Church, who think that their time has come, will see that their joy was premature, and that they may close the grave they have dug" (Mit Brennender Sorge, 19 [1937]).


Like what Lingayen Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz wrote.

John Paul II blood will be venerated during the Beatification

Courtesy of Rome Reports

I laughed when I heared how the name of Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz was pronounced.

"Dseaweeze"? ROFL!

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First Pontifical Mass usus antiquor in a Cathedral after the Liturgical Reform! a sitting bishop in his own cathedral!

Easter Monday, April 25, 2011. The Ordinary of the Diocese of Novaliches, Most. Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, D.D., celebrated a Solemn Pontifical High Mass at the throne, according to the 1962 Missal promulgated by Bl. Pope John XXIII (the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite), in the Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd, the seat of his diocese. It was the first Extraordinary Form Mass ever celebrated in the Cathedral. Deo gratias! Credits to Alex Alivio and Macky Villasis for the photos.

Vesting at the sacristy before the Mass.

Prayers before the Mass.  The bishop is wearing the cappa magna.  He is assisted the the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

The deacon carrying the Missal.  
Remember that both the prayers and the readings are in one book before the liturgical reform.

The entrance of the assisting priest and the subdeacon of the Mass.

The entrance of the bishop wearing resplendent vestments fitting for the offering of the Holy Sacrifice!  Something is missing though.  Where is his maniple?

This is the bishop's cathedral so I think it would have been appropriate if His Excellency preached from his cathedra instead.

Take note of the seven altar candles and no altar cross. This is because the cathedral has a huge crucifix found at the back of the tabernacle. You can see the feet of the corpus of the crucifix in the picture.

The Canon of the Mass


The recessional.  You can see that there is a good attendance.

I was hoping that my friends from the Cathedral gave me a heads up so I could have attended the ceremony and taken some photos myself.


But I still hope he disciplines the theologians and liturgists of St. Vincent School of Theology in Tandang Sora.

Remember this horrific scene?


I am just wondering...

What would the dissident liturgist Fr. Pilario of Saint Vincent School of Theology say about the "triumphalistic" liturgy?

Dumb question.



UPDATE:  From Shawn Tribe, Founder and Editor of New Liturgical
In the pontifical rites, the maniple of the bishop is put on at the conclusion of the prayers at the foot of the altar and just prior to his ascending to the altar. So his lack of maniple in that processional photo is correct. You'll note in the other photos it is there. This is why.

Many thanks to Mr. Shawn Tribe!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Why dissident Catholic priests and nuns multiply...

Bishop says ‘some’ priests support birth control bill

THE divisiveness brought by the proposed reproductive health (RH) bill has not spared the Catholic Church.

Some priests are supporting the measure which is strongly being opposed by the Church, said Archbishop Paciano Aniceto, chair of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. But he would not give an estimate of this support. [I have blogged about this.]

“In the Church, there’s a space for dissent also…Even the 10 Commandments, ang daming hindi nag-o-obey,” he said. [Uhm...there are dissenters but there must be no room for them.  They must be publicly reprimanded and corrected.  If they persist in their errors, they must leave.  Ever heard of the expression and declaration "Anathema sit!"?] “We leave it to their conscience. We respect that. But majority are not in favor. I think, in their own moral and theological discernment, we should respect them for that.” [Respect?  And then what?  Catholics who are confused will be even more confused!]

Archbishop Aniceto said he believes the pro-RH priests, who he said have maintained anonymity although some bishops are aware of their dissenting positions, are just misguided or lacking in complete knowledge of the RH bill’s provisions.  [Or are simply dissenters.  What else would you make of them?  Maybe borderline heretics!]

If I were his bishop, I would remind him…perhaps he does not know the aspects of the RH bill. If given thorough explanation and the consequences of this and the effects of this, I think he will be able to change his judgment,” said Archbishop Aniceto.  [And if he still does not change and continues to spread his errors in seminars and inside the seminary and schools?  Then what?  Respect him for that?]

The CBCP is saying the RH bill is an anti-life measure because it allows the use of artificial contraceptives like condoms and pills.

The Church is only for the natural family planning method.

The consolidated RH measure is pending before the House plenary for passage on second reading.


If you see a mouse or a rat running in your kitchen or living room, what do you do?

"Oh, let's respect it for what it does.  Rats do that.  It's in their nature."

Sure, leave them alone.  Anyways, they'll breed in the dark and multiply and before you say "Ahhhh!!!", they'll be all over the place.

If these are your kind of shepherds, who needs wolves?  They leave you to be fed in them anyways!

Remember that there is a thing called sin of commission and omission.

And in the corporate world, you can get fired for NOT DOING your job.

Bah!  Who am I talking to?!  Bishops who do not anymore believe in the Catechism?

The Pope's 2011 Easter Urbi et Orbi Message

Courtesy of Vatican Radio


“In resurrectione tua, Christe, coeli et terra laetentur!
In your resurrection, O Christ, let heaven and earth rejoice!” (Liturgy of the Hours).

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rome and across the world, Easter morning brings us news that is ancient yet ever new: Christ is risen! The echo of this event, which issued forth from Jerusalem twenty centuries ago, continues to resound in the Church, deep in whose heart lives the vibrant faith of Mary, Mother of Jesus, the faith of Mary Magdalene and the other women who first discovered the empty tomb, and the faith of Peter and the other Apostles.

Right down to our own time – even in these days of advanced communications technology – the faith of Christians is based on that same news, on the testimony of those sisters and brothers who saw firstly the stone that had been rolled away from the empty tomb and then the mysterious messengers who testified that Jesus, the Crucified, was risen. And then Jesus himself, the Lord and Master, living and tangible, appeared to Mary Magdalene, to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, and finally to all eleven, gathered in the Upper Room (cf. Mk 16:9-14).

The resurrection of Christ is not the fruit of speculation or mystical experience: it is an event which, while it surpasses history, nevertheless happens at a precise moment in history and leaves an indelible mark upon it. The light which dazzled the guards keeping watch over Jesus’ tomb has traversed time and space. It is a different kind of light, a divine light, that has rent asunder the darkness of death and has brought to the world the splendour of God, the splendour of Truth and Goodness.

Just as the sun’s rays in springtime cause the buds on the branches of the trees to sprout and open up, so the radiance that streams forth from Christ’s resurrection gives strength and meaning to every human hope, to every expectation, wish and plan. Hence the entire cosmos is rejoicing today, caught up in the springtime of humanity, which gives voice to creation’s silent hymn of praise. The Easter Alleluia, resounding in the Church as she makes her pilgrim way through the world, expresses the silent exultation of the universe and above all the longing of every human soul that is sincerely open to God, giving thanks to him for his infinite goodness, beauty and truth.

“In your resurrection, O Christ, let heaven and earth rejoice.” To this summons to praise, which arises today from the heart of the Church, the “heavens” respond fully: the hosts of angels, saints and blessed souls join with one voice in our exultant song. In heaven all is peace and gladness. But alas, it is not so on earth! Here, in this world of ours, the Easter alleluia still contrasts with the cries and laments that arise from so many painful situations: deprivation, hunger, disease, war, violence. Yet it was for this that Christ died and rose again! He died on account of sin, including ours today, he rose for the redemption of history, including our own. So my message today is intended for everyone, and, as a prophetic proclamation, it is intended especially for peoples and communities who are undergoing a time of suffering, that the Risen Christ may open up for them the path of freedom, justice and peace.

May the Land which was the first to be flooded by the light of the Risen One rejoice. May the splendour of Christ reach the peoples of the Middle East, so that the light of peace and of human dignity may overcome the darkness of division, hate and violence. In the current conflict in Libya, may diplomacy and dialogue take the place of arms and may those who suffer as a result of the conflict be given access to humanitarian aid. In the countries of northern Africa and the Middle East, may all citizens, especially young people, work to promote the common good and to build a society where poverty is defeated and every political choice is inspired by respect for the human person. May help come from all sides to those fleeing conflict and to refugees from various African countries who have been obliged to leave all that is dear to them; may people of good will open their hearts to welcome them, so that the pressing needs of so many brothers and sisters will be met with a concerted response in a spirit of solidarity; and may our words of comfort and appreciation reach all those who make such generous efforts and offer an exemplary witness in this regard.

May peaceful coexistence be restored among the peoples of Ivory Coast, where there is an urgent need to tread the path of reconciliation and pardon, in order to heal the deep wounds caused by the recent violence. May Japan find consolation and hope as it faces the dramatic consequences of the recent earthquake, along with other countries that in recent months have been tested by natural disasters which have sown pain and anguish.

May heaven and earth rejoice at the witness of those who suffer opposition and even persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ. May the proclamation of his victorious resurrection deepen their courage and trust.

Dear brothers and sisters! The risen Christ is journeying ahead of us towards the new heavens and the new earth (cf. Rev 21:1), in which we shall all finally live as one family, as sons of the same Father. He is with us until the end of time. Let us walk behind him, in this wounded world, singing Alleluia. In our hearts there is joy and sorrow, on our faces there are smiles and tears. Such is our earthly reality. But Christ is risen, he is alive and he walks with us. For this reason we sing and we walk, faithfully carrying out our task in this world with our gaze fixed on heaven.

Happy Easter to all of you!

GULP Exam: I think I heard something wrong...

Someone shared me this supposedly beautiful Litany of the Saints.


Here are the lyrics.


John D. Becker
Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy.
Verse 1.

Mary and Joseph, pray for us.
Michael and all angels, pray for us.
Anna, Joachim, Elizabeth, pray for us.
Elijah, Moses, John the Baptist, pray for us.
Isaac, Sarah, Abraham, pray for us.
Jacob, Joseph, Samuel, pray for us.
Ruth, David and Solomon, pray for us.
Isaiah, Jeremiah, pray for us.
All you holy men and women, pray for us.
Verse 2.

Peter, Paul, Andrew, pray for us.
James, John, and all apostles, pray for us.
Mary Magdelene, Veronica, pray for us.
Barnabas, Matthias, pray for us.
Stephen, Philip, and Cornelius, pray for us.
Prisca and Aquila, pray for us.
Timothy and Titus, pray for us.
Linus, Cletus, and Clement, pray for us.
All you holy men and women, pray for us.
Verse 3.

Lawrence and Chrysogonus, pray for us.
Innocent and Boniface, pray for us.
Hippolytus and Origen, pray for us.
Athanasius and Basil, pray for us.
Felicity, Perpetua, pray for us.
Cosmos and Damien, pray for us.
John Chrysostom and Justin, pray for us.
Lucy, Agatha, and Agnes, pray for us.
All you holy men and women, pray for us.
Verse 4.

Jerome and Eusebius, pray for us.
Scholastica and Benedict, pray for us.
Ambrose, Monica, Augustine, pray for us.
Martin and Gregory, pray for us.
Clare, Francis, and Dominic, pray for us.
Francis Xavier, Ignatius, pray for us.
Elizabeth and Catherine, pray for us.
Louis and Wenceslaus, pray for us.
All you holy men and women, pray for us.
Verse 5.

Lord, be merciful, save your people.
From all evil, save your people.
From every sin, save your people.
From everlasting damn, save your people.
By your incarnation, save your people.
By your death and resurrection, save your people.
By your gift of the spirit, save your people.
Have mercy on us sinners, save your people.
Christ here us, Lord Jesus hear our prayer.
Verse 6.

Lord give new life, hear our prayer.
To his chosen, hear our prayer.
By the grace of baptism, hear our prayer.
Oh Jesus Son of the living God, hear our prayer.
Send your Spirit, hear our prayer.
In its fullness, hear our prayer.
On your sons and daughters, hear our prayer.
Who believe and profess you, hear our prayer.
Christ hear us, Lord Jesus hear our prayer.


Yeah, right.

Anything new just as long as it is not traditional or Gregorian, right?

What happened to what Sacrosanctum Concilium?

Aside from that, there is something VERY WRONG in this and I will give you the answer within this same post.


Regina caeli, laetare, alleluia:
Quia quem meruisti portare. alleluia,
Resurrexit, sicut dixit, alleluia,
Ora pro nobis Deum, alleluia.

Gaude et laetare, Virgo Maria, alleluia.
Quia surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

RH Bill = D.E.A.T.H.

Many thanks to the Colorful Rag for the photo.

The blogger has an excellent blog post about that condom sodomite whore.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Behold the wood of the cross which hung our Salvation!

Behold, behold the wood of the cross
On which is hung our salvation.
O come, let us adore.

Unless a grain of wheat shall fall upon the ground and die,
It shall remain but a single grain and not give life.
Behold, behold the wood of the cross
On which is hung our salvation.
O come, let us adore.

And when My hour of glory comes as all was meant to be,
You shall see Me lifted up upon a tree.
Behold, behold the wood of the cross
On which is hung our salvation.
O come, let us adore.

For there can be no greater love shown upon this land
Than in the One who came to die that we might live.
Behold, behold the wood of the cross
On which is hung our salvation.
O come, let us adore.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Communion in the Hand does not promote a sense of the sacred


I did not say so!

MANILA, April 16, 2011— The head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has faulted some journalists for fabricating news[Why is this not sooooo surprising?  We journalists call it...uhm...S...S?]

CBCP President Bishop Nereo Odchimar was reacting against yesterday’s newspaper reports quoting him attacking Davao City’s proposed birth control ordinance[Though you can expect the bishop to really attack that proposed ordinance.]

In the reports, Odchimar was quoted saying: “We will counter any government official pushing for the passage of a city ordinance allowing the distribution of condoms and other contraceptives. We will tell people not to obey them.”

“We are ready to oppose any government plan to promote artificial contraception. The Catholic Church will organize mass protests against the reproductive health bill that it says promotes illicit sex through the distribution of condoms,” the report added.

According to Odchimar, he did not issue any statement on the matter yet and was never interviewed by any journalists[Oooops!  Caught!]

While he is against distribution of contraceptives to the public by the government, the CBCP head disowned the statements supposedly issued by him in the news reports.

Upon cursory check with some reporters it was learned that a PR man distributed to reporters the press release containing a fake statement[Aha!  The plot thickens!]

“That’s putting words into my mouth,” Odchimar said in a statement on Saturday. [CBCPNews]


Several things come up here folks.

First, what is a PR guy got to do with distributing the press release about condoms?  And who the hell is that P-R guy, huh?  That a**h*** is the reason why we guys who work in the PR industry are painted as "liars, news fabricators".  Well, I know oldies who really do P_R by treating people for lunch, vacations, know the stuff.  That is how they do PR.  Envelopes and all.  All I can think of is that PR guy was paid to a demo job on the CBCP.  Period.

Second, why is the Archdiocese of Davao still silent in all of this?

Lastly, you can expect that the CBCP will definitely say something about that ordinance that the most liveable city on the entire country DESPERATELY NEEDS condoms.  Oh, yeah right.  Because the father - daughter tandem in Davao City saw that their citizens have a lot of sex, a LOT of SEX, the best thing they can think of for the people of Davao is to give them a gazillion of condoms.  Hey, Duterte's!  Ask what Africans do with the condoms!  They blow it up and make balloons!  The people there need simple medicines like penicillin and yet the UN dumps rubber!  What Davao needs is not condoms but more baranggay health facilities and the control of squatters along river banks!  You know why?  I AM FROM DAVAO!

Birthday Greetings to the Vicar of Christ!

WANTED: Attention please!

I promised myself not to make any post for the week but this makes the exception.


Sticker protester strikes outside church

President Benigno Aquino’s willingness to risk excommunication to push through a responsible parenthood bill [a misnomer...] has prompted a birth-control advocate to promote the reproductive health (RH) bill outside a church in Manila’s Quiapo district.  [I wish I was there to whack off the smirk out of the face of this sodomite!]

Controversial tour guide Carlos Celdran [sodomite, attention hungry walking tub of lard!  Hopeless case!  Made room reservation at Lucifer's hotel a long time ago!] distributed stickers to motorists outside Quiapo Church yesterday.

“RH [reproductive health bill] Now!” read many of the stickers. 

Retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz called Celdran a “big joke.” [Very big joke.  If I were pro-RH, Celdran is my best reason why!]

I think he’s a big joke because he shows no responsibility, he just says what he likes and he is boundless. He has no beliefs, no values,” the archbishop said.  [Walking filth!]

I don’t think people take him seriously. Imagine destroying a banner and carrying a placard around a cathedral? What is that?” added Archbishop Cruz.  [Her Facebook friends say that she has more than 34,000 likes.  Yeah Hitler and Mao had more than that.  And you think she has sense?  Bah! Humbug!]

Last year, Celdran disrupted a religious service inside Manila Cathedral by holding up a placard with the word “Damaso,” written on it, referring to a fictitious priest who fathered a child in a novel by national hero Jose Rizal.  [If you read the novel, the real villain is another priest.  Historians corrected him, I mean her on this, because obviously, the lard is a walking idiot!  I can imagine the tour he, I mean she, makes in Intramuros.  Betcha she does not even know the reason why ALL religous orders have churches in Intramuros when they are located a few meters beside each other.]

Last month, Celdran was caught on closed-circuit television removing an anti-RH bill banner from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines compound in Manila.  [He admitted to his vandalism after he learned that he was caught by a CCTV camera.  Wow!  Really manly.  And his FB fans call him "well-educated and highly respected."  Yeah, IN YOUR DREAMS!]

Archbishop Cruz described Celdran’s stunts as an attempt to grab attention.

“I understand him. I understand his Spanish blood which can probably be traced to Padre Damaso,” he said.  [She has human blood?!?!?  Que Horror!  Que barbaridad]

“I think he is trying to be popular. It’s OK. The poor man is trying to grab attention,” the prelate said.  [Archbishop, it's an IT or a SHE, or whatever.  Not a he. hehehehehehe!]


For all I care...

Business is not going well for this joke.

So he needs more attention.

Thank God his program on that god-awful channel is not generating any advertisers.

Serves you right!

Hope her boss who is a sodomite herself loses all the money she has so she can stop taking over businesses left and right.







New Bishop of Pasig!

Most Rev. Mylo Hubert Vergara, D.D.

San Carlos Seminary alumnus...

Thanks to Tita M for the tip.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mass by every priest

Imagine the number of Masses offered by priests at each of this altar EVERY SINGLE DAY than by seeing priests concelebrate just one Mass and seeing how the concelebrants just stand, hold their hands up and say nothing...

I still prefer each priest saying his own Mass.

Imagine the graces we receive because of the 10 Masses celebrated than just one concelebrated Mass.

Just imagine.

If concelebration were better than "private" Masses, then, in this age of technology...


Monday, April 18, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

GULP Alert: This should not be in a Catholic gathering

Did tambourine waving dancers like these happened before in the Catholic Church?

If our liturgists are so open to these Protestant innovations, then, why I pray tell (no not that dissident site)are our bishops and even liturgists, especially the so called imminent Filipino liturgist so afraid of the Traditional Latin Mass or the Extraordinary Form of the Mass?

Afraid of the sacred?


GULP Exam: What

The "United Nations" church has installed new LED lights to better enable the faithful about the exchange rate.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Documentary about Pinoy Exorcists

Here is the teaser trailer.

Watch it on Good Friday, April 22 at 4PM on ABS-CBN.

The video was produced by JesCom.


And I was surprised to see one of our fave blog topics to be even there. I was hoping that the clerics speaking would just be exorcist and not those who just, you know, speak!

Anywho, give my regards to JesCom for even considering to do a video about demonic possessions and the work of Pinoy exorcists and for ABS-CBN for airing this.

The devil does exist as a real being and not just a metaphor of the ills of society.

Will those who believe in this, please stand up?

Sit down MST and SVT!

You too Euntes!

Moral relativism is the prelude to Satanism

ROME, ITALY, April 11 (CNA) - A society dominated by moral relativism "fosters the spread of Satanism," an expert recently explained[Expert meaning an exorcist, an expert in demonic possessions and how to drive demons out of the body of a man being possessed.]

Carlo Climati told CNA on April 5 that Satanism "destroys those universal values that are written in the hearts of each human being." It creates "a society that is turned on its head, in which good becomes evil and evil becomes good."  [Hey, remember that group of intellectual bastards who say that what you think is right is already ok, like in the case of using contraceptives.  Yeah, right.  I will call them bastards even if they are clerics.]

Climati is the press director of the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome. [The university run by the Opus Dei.  So, if a cleric or angry nun with what the Opus Dei does, you can be sure that these are relativists and Modernists.  Stay away from them.]

He said young people become captivated "by the illusion of a life that appears to be free of all rules" [like what the RH Bill is fighting for.] and by a deceiving freedom that leads them "to a state of dependency and slavery."  [Hey, Lea Salonga and Jim Paredes!  Where is your pro-choice stand now, huh?]

"Unfortunately, modern society is often dominated by moral relativism. This fosters the spread of Satanism," he noted.

Climati explained that young people are often "the victims of terrible loneliness, the lack of communication and difficult family situations." They find the occult to be "an easy and quick fix for their problems" and they mistake it for a game. "In recent years young people have sort of been brainwashed into not being afraid of the occult world," he added. [Is Harry Potter any indication to you folks?]

"Certain forms of rock music could be considered 'diabolical' or anti-educational" and often become "a bridge between teens and devil worship."  [Remember folks that this priest is speaking not because he hates rock music but because he treats people who were possessed and have attachment to these forms of ....uhm....'art'.]

"Satanic rock" is easily recognizable for its violent and anti-Christian lyrics and for the "CD jackets that contain bloody and blasphemous images," Climati explained.   [Remember Guns and Roses?]

He said the internet and the media are often dangerous places for "psychologically fragile young people," who entertain themselves by practicing "rites they invent after surfing the web or after reading a book on the occult."

"Unfortunately," he added, "sometimes they end up committing acts of violence or murder."  [Where are the parents?]

Climati recently participated in the seminar, "Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation," held in Rome. It offered resources to young priests to differentiate between exorcism as a spiritual and theological issue, and Satanism.


Was SVT, MST and Euntes invited to the seminar?

I hope so....

Either to listen and learn...

And if they are so hard headed, be used as an experiment.
"Ok, the newbies will line up and use their training on these few men and women from these institutes in the Philippines.  The one that drives out the demon fastest from these dissidents and heretics, win a prize!"

"What's the prize?"

"You get to become the Dean of one of these schools!"


Hell's Bible on the attack again


Passion For Reason by Raul Pangalangan
[I think this is more passion against religion and against Catholics, if you ask me.  You'll later learn why.]

Last week I argued that there is a downside to ad boycotts. I warned of the dangers of moral majorities flexing muscle through the power of the purse, and raised several “what ifs” to test the wisdom of market-based censorship. Fellow columnist Conrad de Quiros [the greatest jackass of all time!] agreed, and we asked: What if the Catholic Church calls for an ad boycott to oppose reproductive health?

Well, as if by way of response, earlier this week the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines showed us exactly what it was capable of doing. The CBCP objected to a 30-second ad of McDonald’s showing a little girl asking a boy, apparently while they’re in a playground, if she could be considered his girlfriend. The boy said no, girls were too demanding. And the girl said all she really wanted was McDonald’s P25 French fries—and they traipsed happily soon after to a McDonald’s shop[Now you tell me if this is something that kids ought to learn and know.  Tell me, what is SOOO GOOD and CUTE about this?]

Fr. Melvin Castro of the CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Family and Life condemned the ad as “very shallow” and “superficial,” saying it cheapened human relations by equating love with French fries. “[A]ng human relationship ba ay French fries lang ba ang katumbas?”

I am not surprised at the CBCP’s gumption to object to an otherwise innocuous ad on puppy love. An Indian version of exactly the same storyline ends with a peck on the cheek, horrors! [Idiot!  Indians and Filipinos have different set of moral values!]   But who after all wouldn’t be emboldened by the power of the anti-Willie Revillame ad boycott campaign? Power intoxicates, and unchecked power intoxicates absolutely[And idiocy intoxicates, well, idiots.  And idiots with a pen are well, dumb and dangerous!]

What proves this is the panicky response by McDonald’s, obviously wary of that it would unfairly suffer the same backlash that Revillame worthily endured.  [Wow!.....Really....w....o....w!]

A McDonald’s spokesman announced: “We recognize and respect the stand of the CBCP and have stopped airing the said commercial across all television stations as of noon today... We would like to inform the public that McDonald’s decided to pull out the commercial because we respect the call of Bishop Iñiguez and we will replace the spot with an old commercial.”

But the real clincher is the smug post-victory reply of the CBCP, as it were, a modern-day Padre Salvi licking his chops. It celebrates self-censorship. “Sana lang huwag nang dumating ulit sa ganitong punto. Sana on their own, ang kanilang sensitivity sa culture, sa faith ng isang bansa ay kilalanin.” I understand the call for sensitivity, but I am all-out against self-censorship.  [Of course.  For brash idiots like you who does not care about the people's cultural sensitivities, you would!]

Sensitivity is fine, but it can dampen our daring and creativity. [So what?  Creativity over sensitivity?  No surprise if this bastard is all for condoms!]  A blog commentator asked about the potential blasphemy of Lenten advertisements like “Fish be with you” and “Our Daily Shrimp.” Another commentator wondered about ads that feature Robin Padilla’s “laging handa” plug for Trust condoms. Advertising works by finding fresh ways to see the day-to-day; it thrives on taking risks, not on playing safe.  [Oh really?  And not about creating controversy to draw attention which is the primary purpose why you spend huge money to advertise in the first place?  You know Aida?  Guess not, because you are no advertising practitioner.  Fact check.  I am!  Ha!]

I object to self-censorship. The bishops’ test - “sana on their own”—is precisely the chilling effect that the Bill of Rights would guard against. [Bing! Bing! Bing!  And survey says....RH BILL!!!]  And even Ronald
McDonald quakes in his red boots at the threat of a new Inquisition.


When do you self-regulate?  When do you self-censor?

If this Pangalangan ends up in court and the magistrate tells him to shut the hell up because he is out of order, but he instead keeps yapping his old head off saying it is his human right to free speech...

Well, he can take his right to free speech behind bars and yack all day long while caressing the cold bars.

Pangalangan and his lot are typical people of go have sex all you want and cry your heart out and ask for taxpayers money, most of them from Catholic citizens of this country, after they get infected with a life threatening disease.

Then, you tell me not to practice self-control and censorship.

Dumb *ss!

Be there tomorrow!

I'll see if I can sneak in and join there anonymously. I hope SK RL won't alert his fellow Filipinos for Life about my presence there.

Manila Archdiocesan exorcist featured in Yahoo! News

Philippine priest in ancient battle with 'demons' [This is really how AFP really wrote this with quotation marks on the word demon. MST and SVT would love this. Euntes too.]
MANILA (AFP) – A blood-curdling scream echoes through the Roman Catholic chapel in Manila as Father Jose Francisco Syquia says a prayer of exorcism over a Satanic cult member believed to be possessed by the devil.

"It's very painful," the woman cries in an unearthly voice, her body contorting in an attempt to break free from the tight grasp of Syquia's assistants. After a few minutes she falls silent, her limp body exhausted.

The case is among hundreds documented on video and kept by Syquia, who heads the Manila Archdiocese's Office of Exorcism -- the only one that exists in the Catholic nation of 94 million people[Idiot!  Other diocese's have it but this "journalist" Jason Gutierrez did not do his job.]

"She would have levitated had she not been restrained," [Ooooo....Filipino Freedumbers would say that this is taken out of the Hollywood movie.] Syquia said of the woman in the video, portions of which were shown to AFP during a rare interview at his office in the basement of a seminary in Manila.

Syquia believes he is in the frontline of the battle between good and evil on earth.

"There is a great dramatic increase of possessions right now," said the 44-year-old priest. "More and more the demons are gaining a foothold into this society."  [Are the RH people listening?]

While non-believers often joke about the devil, and demonic possessions are trivialised by Hollywood, Syquia insisted the torment suffered by those he had healed was real.

"I have seen scratches suddenly appearing on their skin, of inverted crosses on the forehead. These persons would be conscious at the time, and they tell me its like razor cutting from the inside of the skin," he said.  [I hope the Freedumbers see actual exorcisms.]

Demons could manifest themselves in many ways and could enter the human soul through occult and New Age teachings that were becoming increasingly popular in the general community, Syquia said.  [well, we have to stop on being taught in seminaries and in theology schools Father.]

The Catholic Church's exorcism ministry has throughout history tended to operate under a cloud of controversy and secrecy. [Huh?]

Syquia said a conspiracy of silence had permeated the church in the past, with its leaders wary of being branded as mediaeval as modern science tended to classify possessions as medical conditions[Demons do not know time or space.]

But Pope Benedict XVI had recently issued fresh guidelines encouraging more exorcisms and for the church to be more open about the issue, he said.

There are about 10 Filipino priests authorised to perform exorcisms in the Philippines, but only Syquia has a fully operational office that is backed by a staff of eight, including a lawyer and psychologists. [He wrote before that it is "the only one" in the Philippines.  Now he got it right.]

In his office, a bookshelf is stacked with tomes [tomes! what is this?  Are we playing Diablo here?] on the paranormal, while a glass-encased cabinet contains his tools for spiritual warfare -- his vestments, holy water, the crucifix, and a saint's holy relic.

The most potent among his weapons is a copy of the Roman Ritual for Exorcism, a compilation of prayers used by all the saints to expel and defeat demons through generations. [Is it the 1999 one?  Diocese of Rome exorcist Fr. Gabriel Amorth says that one is useless.  Demons laugh at it.]

A figurine of St Michael the Archangel trampling Lucifer sits on a shelf, a graphic reminder of his extraordinary job[Whose job?  This one here is not clear.  But if you ask me it is both Fr. Syquia's and St. Michael's job!]

Syquia was ordained only 11 years ago, after he had already obtained a degree in psychology at one of the Philippines' leading Catholic universities. [Uhmmmm....]

The second of four sons of a former diplomat, he said he left a comfortable life in one of Manila's exclusive, gated communities and employment in a family-owned business after he heard God's call to serve the church.

Growing up in a modern household, he and his four brothers did not believe in possessions -- which were made famous in the 1970s Hollywood film "The Exorcist".  [Because of Modernist hippie priests who can't get over the 60s.]

But Syquia said he had always been fascinated by paranormal activities and devoured entire books on the subject.

After he was ordained in 2000, Syquia said he was posted at a Manila church where, outside its premises, occult practitioners -- including spirit mediums, oracles and faith healers -- also thrived.  [Quiapo is an example!]

His first case came when a man singled him out from a group of priests and asked for deliverance after confessing that he had been deep into occult practices.

How the man knew his name was a mystery to Syquia, although he said deep in his heart he knew -- just a week earlier he had begun studying a book on exorcism that he had bought long ago.  [One indication of demonic possession...]

Syquia sought guidance from the the local bishop, who promptly granted him the authority to carry out an exorcism guided by his knowledge of psychology.

"I realised God was leading me to this path. I have treated hundreds and hundreds of cases since then," he said.  [Fr. Syquia is himself a psychologist so he knows which case is a nut job and which is a real demonic possession.  But if you ask the priests and psychologists of that "leading Catholic university", everything is just a nut job that needs counseling and intervention.  No devil, no possession.  Next!]

Syquia recalled an accomplished female doctor who said she was befriended by demons that had appeared to her as benign dwarves that showered her with good luck in the form of financial rewards.

Her troubles began when she decided to return to the Catholic Church and offer all her blessings to God.

Soon after, the demons took over her body for hours at a time, while unexplained paranormal activity began terrorising members of her family, Syquia said.

"When the time came to bless her with holy water a voice that wasn't hers shouted for us to stop," he said.

"What really scared me was that this was the first time that I saw something very alien in her eyes. I was looking at something else. It was totally evil."

The voice taunted Syquia and told him to return to his mansion and rich family, personal details that were unknown to those in the room, he said.  [That is why exorcists go through a retreat and confession to cleanse their soul of their sins because the devil will use it against them.]

"We will never leave her," the demon said, according to Syquia.

Syquia said a barrage of prayers eventually forced the demon out, with the woman now a good friend and church volunteer.

"With God by your side, you can do no wrong," he said.  [Freedumbers!  Where are you now huh?  Yup, possessed.]


I had a conversation with my boss and with his American friend who is a Deist.  And since they know that I am a devout Catholic and a Knight of Columbus, they began asking me a series of questions about demonic possessions.

The American said that in this day and age, such thing isn't anymore possible.  Technology can prove things otherwise, like what most agnostics and atheists believe.  I told him that the supernatural is not limited by time and space.  And so things that happened in the Bible can happen a hundred years ago and can still happen till today.  He answered that this thing is not true and that there are no video evidence to prove this.  I told him to go to YouTube and there are TONS of exorcism rituals of the Church that is documented.  And then he said that it is a 'Catholic thing' and that other religions don't have it.

My answer...YouTube.  Evangelicals, Protestants, Orthodox even Muslims have video evidence loaded on YouTube about exorcisms.

The American said "I am losing on this one."


The devil exists, right Carlita?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pope Benedict's Papal Mitre?

Do you remember Pope Benedict's Coat of Arms?

Here it is.

The silver mitre with the triple gold bands replaced the traditional Papal tiara and as an addition, the pallium with the red crosses, deviating from the traditional black crosses.

Now, Mr. Dieter Philippi, of the Philippi Collection made a mitre looking like the one in the papal crest.


You can visit the rest of the Mr. Philippi's clerical headgear collection by visiting his blog.

Your thoughts on this one?

You think Papa Benny will wear one?

I still want him to look like the photo below.

This made my day...

And made me sleep like a baby.

Imagine that!  Those smiling faces staring back at you in your dreams!

Creepy...for those who think everything started with a POP!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why the brand of ecumenism we have is STUPID!

Go on over to sign up for a free account and see the documents Michael Voris is talking about in the video.

The bishops are willing to let a pro-abortion lesbian speak in a Catholic University but will not let a Catholic apologist who "tells it like it is" to do the same thing.

What? Those who support the killing of babies inside their mother's womb must be treated with political correctness while those who publicly condemn these murderers are themselves publicly condemned by CATHOLIC BISHOPS!!!

The world has gone crazy folks!

God help me with what I will do if a Pinoy Roman Catholic bishop does this here!

Take a closer look...

These are the members of the Order of the Knights Templars of the York Rite of Freemasonry, the highest degree of that rite.

Now take a look at these men.

Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Honor Guards of Council 6010 with Bishop Wester.

The 4th degree is the highest degree of the Knights of Columbus.

Notice something?

Both degrees wear naval chapeaus, carry ceremonial fraternal swords, wear office bearer jewels and miniature jewels representative of the awards they received.

The difference.  One is masonic, the other Catholic.

Fr. Michael McGivney our Venerable founder, established the Knights of Columbus to encourage Catholic men to form a fraternity to support one another and to keep them away from the Masonic Association.

Simply put, Ven. Fr. McGivney was saying...You can play the same toys and not be banned from receiving Holy Communion!

Be a Knight of Columbus and....stay safe!


Mark you calendars again!


You do not have to pay an extravagant amount for a flimsy meal just to attend like that bird hole for Apostates in Freedom Avenue!  (Go decode that. Ha!)

I always told my friends who have questions about the Faith:

If you are feeling sick, who do you talk to? A physician or a veterinarian?

If you want to know why we make the sign of the cross, who do you talk to? A Catholic who knows why or a rabid Manalo worshipping Iglesia?

If you want answers to your question about the Faith, who do you talk to? A faithful priest, nun or catechist who knows the tenets of the Faith by heart or a liberal pro-contraception, cafeteria Catholic who attacks the Faith in public and ridicules Church authorities pretending to be human rights activist when in fact was just out for a cheap publicity stunt to promote her stupid tour business, pretending to know history?

The Collect for the Commemoration of Bl. John Paul II

The prayer and closed comment are courtesy of the great Fr. Z.

O God, who are rich in mercy [a reference to Dives in misericordia]
and who willed that the Blessed John Paul II
should preside as Pope over your universal Church, 
[like the classic collect for a Pope]
grant, we pray, that instructed by his teaching,
we may open our hearts to the saving grace of Christ, 
[Echoing his "Be not afraid" sermon.]
the sole Redeemer of mankind. 
[reference to Redemptor hominis, 1st encyclical]
Who lives and reigns...