Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The world has grown cold.

Vatican City, May 30, 2011 / 10:47 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Benedict stressed the urgency of evangelizing modern society, saying that Christians today face the task of reaching a world that grows increasingly apathetic to the message of the Gospel. [Isn't the attitude of just letting Catholics do whatever they like form of priests growing lazy on the job?]

The crisis we are living through,” he said, “carries with it signs of the exclusion of God from people's lives, a general indifference to the Christian faith, and even the intention of marginalizing it from public life.”  [Now are you wondering why we have grown so cold about issues about life, marriage or even faith in the public square?]

The Pope made his remarks on May 30 to members of the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization, as they prepare for their upcoming synod in 2012. During the meeting, which will take place Oct. 7-28 next year, bishops and other participants from around the world will discuss the late Pope John Paul II's vision of proposing the Christian faith in new ways.

Pope Benedict explained that “the term 'new evangelization' recalls the need of a new way of evangelizing, especially for those who live in a situation like today's where the development of secularization has left deep marks on even traditionally Christian countries.”  [No, not that inculturation trash.  And neither is that Earth Worship service in Euntes, MST and SVT.]

He noted that “proclaiming Jesus Christ, the sole Savior of the world, is more complex today than in the past, but our task continues to be the same as at the beginning of our history. The mission hasn't changed, just as the enthusiasm and courage that motivated the apostles and first disciples should not change.”  [And that Jesus is a real person, a historical one, who lived, died and physically rose and ascended into heaven.  Not an Avatar type of Jesus that Euntes, MST and SVT is preaching.  Oh, come on, don't deny it!]

The Church's message, he said, “needs to be renewed today in order to convince modern persons, who are often distracted and insensitive. That is why the new evangelization must find the ways to make the proclamation of salvation more effective, the salvation without with life is contradictory and lacking in what is essential.”

Pope Benedict observed a growing “phenomenon” of people in modern society “who wish to belong to the Church but who are strongly determined by a vision of life that is opposed to the faith is often seen.”  [Are the pro-RH people and even President Aquino like this?  Yes, your included Fr. Bernas.]

It is important to make them understand that being Christian is not a type of outfit that one wears in private or on special occasions, but something living and totalizing, capable of taking all that is good in modernity.”  [I guess Fr. Bernas won't agree with this unless his theologian friends say so.  Ha!]

He emphasized that the entire Christian community “is called to revive the missionary spirit in order to offer the new message that persons of our times are hoping for.”

The “lifestyle of believers needs real credibility, as much more convincing as the more dramatic is the condition of the persons to whom it is addressed.”  [Ouch.]

Pope Benedict expressed his desire to council members [No, it's not another Ecumenical Council.] that they outline “a plan to help the entire Church and the particular different Churches in the commitment of the new evangelization; a plan whereby the urgency of a renewed evangelization takes charge of formation, particularly that of the new generations, and is united to the proposal of concrete signs capable of making the Church's response in this particular moment clear.”


That is the reason why we need to stress the importance of the sacred in how we worship.  We completely lost if even if we have a world-renowned liturgist in our midst.

People have grown accustomed to jokes during homilies, to dancing, to some form of surprise numbers during the Mass, to clapping!  The Mass became a social event due to the over emphasis on the meal aspect of the Mass.  Liturgists deliberately took away the sacrificial nature of the Mass.  It is more of the "coming together" to share one another's company instead of sharing the sacrificial Lamb who shed His Blood for our salvation.  IT IS HIM WHY WE COME TOGETHER.  Not us coming together to make Him present!

No wonder nobody genuflects whenever they enter a church...

because they do not have a sense of the sacred anymore...

because they cannot find Christ at the center of the church and someone of something, like the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle, is put to the side or an inconspicuous place, you are telling people that the thing or the person is not important.  Try putting the president of the company or even of the country, during a big event, try having him seated to the side!

Why can't we do it to the Lord?  Why place the priest's chair in the center and the Blessed Sacrament to the side?  I just don't get it?

Well, I guess because the priest or liturgist that man is more important than God.

Well, what a great job our liturgists have done for the past 40 years!

World famous indeed!

GULP Alert: Guess what they are doing here?

Or better yet...

Guess what Christian denomination this group is!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Is Humanae Vitae infallible?

And as a follow-up to what constitutionalist Jesuit Fr. Joaquin Bernas claims as what his colleagues claim that Humanae Vitae and other teachings of the Church about artificial contraceptives, like Evangelium Vitae.

Let us see what Church AUTHORITIES have to say about this, and not some dissident Modernist theologians who rant in their little classrooms, yet are unafraid to come out and put in writing what they preach in their classes:

In "Humanae Vitae" the Pope taught, with the divine assistance he enjoys (cf. "Lumen Gentium", n. 25a), what the Church's ordinary Magisterium had always held to be true and right, and what had been reconfirmed by the extraordinary Magisterium of Vatican II. The arguments of those who claim to pass judgment on the basis of their knowledge do not stand up against this Magisterium: between the two teachings there is a substantial difference of quality and not only of degree. The teaching of "Humanae Vitae" is Magisterium - though ordinary - which contains decisions belonging to a divinely established authority (cf. canon 331; "Lumen Gentium" nn. 18a, 20c, 22b, 23c; "Christus Dominus" n. 2a) and exercised in order to interpret and teach (as in our case) the moral norms of human conduct. If he were not the Pope, he would lose his legitimate power and the intrinsic reason for his ministry; at most he could carry out a scholarly magisterium, which, however, would not be of use to the Church and to which he has not been appointed by the Church's Founder; he would lack the supernatural "virtus" of assisting and confirming his brethren in the faith and in the moral law (cf. Lk. 22:32, Mt. 16:29; Vatican I, Dogm. Const. "Pastor Aeternus", DS 3074)...

Archbishop Vincenzo Fagiolo, President of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts


I think he might have spoken to the theologians of LST.  One of them is a bishop, who is sooooooo silent about the RH Bill.  He made a video about this.

As a fellow Knight shared to me his observation, being a psychologist and all that:

"His expression betrays what he is saying."

Need I name the bishop?


Why Bernas is doing more harm than good.

Finally, I can blog about this.

Don't ask me why.


My Stand on the RH Bill
by: Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ

I HAVE been following the debates on the RH Bill not just in the recent House sessions but practically since its start. [He is reminding everyone that he knows what is going on.] In the process, because of what I have said and written (where I have not joined the attack dogs against the RH Bill), [but with what you have been writing, he almost looks like a double agent, or worse!] I have been called a Judas by a high-ranking cleric, [quite frankly I agree...with the high-ranking cleric.] I am considered a heretic [he is for openly dissenting against the magisterial teaching of Humanae Vitae.] in a wealthy barangay where some members have urged that I should leave the Church (which is insane), and one of those who regularly hears my Mass in the Ateneo Chapel in Rockwell came to me disturbed by my position. I feel therefore that I owe some explanation to those who listen to me or read my writings.  [I hope he clears things up.]

First, let me start by saying that I adhere to the teaching of the Church on artificial contraception [good!] even if [what?!] I am aware that the teaching on the subject is not considered infallible doctrine [It is as stated in the Responsum ad dubium by a cardinal named Joseph Ratzinger.] by those who know more theology than I do. [And there is a good chance that they know more dissent than you do, or do they?] Moreover, I am still considered a Catholic and Jesuit in good standing by my superiors, critics notwithstanding! [With your fellow Jesuits?  Uhmmm....ask Fr. James Reuter.  And with your superiors, including the bishops, hehehehe.]

Second (very important for me as a student of the Constitution and of church-state relations), I am very much aware of the fact that we live in a pluralist society where various religious groups have differing beliefs about the morality of artificial contraception. [No debate there.] But freedom of religion means more than just the freedom to believe. [Wow!  Nice segue that leads you to relativism!] It also means the freedom to act or not to act according to what one believes. [See?] Hence, the state should not prevent people from practicing responsible parenthood according to their religious belief nor may churchmen compel President Aquino, by whatever means, to prevent people from acting according to their religious belief. [Then why do you not get what the pro-life Catholics are cryin' out loud?]  As the “Compendium on the Social Teaching of the Catholic Church” says, “Because of its historical and cultural ties to a nation, a religious community might be given special recognition on the part of the State. Such recognition must in no way create discrimination within the civil or social order for other religious groups” and “Those responsible for government are required to interpret the common good of their country not only according to the guidelines of the majority but also according to the effective good of all the members of the community, including the minority.”

Third, I am dismayed by preachers telling parishioners that support for the RH Bill ipso facto is a serious sin or merits excommunication! I find this to be irresponsible. [If you publicly go up against Church teaching, what do you call these people?  I think playing politics is more irresponsible for a man who is ordained a priest of the Catholic Church, for someone who is seen as an intellectual heavyweight only to end up playing the "Obama card" of finding common ground.  There are simply no common ground on contraceptives in the Church.  None whatsoever!]

Fourth, I have never held that the RH Bill is perfect. [Who says you did?] But if we have to have an RH law, I intend to contribute to its improvement as much as I can. [And how is that gonna be?] Because of this, I and a number of my colleagues [dissenters?] have offered ways of improving it and specifying areas that can be the subject of intelligent discussion. (Yes, there are intelligent people in our country.) [Jesuits have a knack of looking themselves as the only intellectual being in the world.  As the Tagalog saying goes "Nagsabog ng katalinuhan..."  You don't have the kind of Ignatius Loyola and Francis Xavier like you used to.  The Jesuits we have today like to tell the whole world that they always stand up against the Pope, the bishops and the established norm.  Just to make them look, uhm,...intelligent.  "What does it profit a man if he gains the knowledge of the whole world but loses his soul in return...."]  For that purpose we jointly prepared and I published in my column what we called “talking points” on the bill. [Which are complete baloney!]

Fifth, specifically I advocate removal of the provision on mandatory sexual education in public schools without the consent of parents. (I assume that those who send their children to Catholic schools accept the program of Catholic schools on the subject.) My reason for requiring the consent of parents is, among others, the constitutional provision which recognizes the sanctity of the human family and “the natural and primary right of parents in the rearing of the youth for civic efficiency and the development of moral character.” (Article II, Section 12) [He did not even bother mentioning about what the Catholic Church teaches because either he knows and he does not care or he simply does not care.]

Sixth, I am pleased that the bill reiterates the prohibition of abortion as an assault against the right to life. Abortifacient pills and devices, if there are any in the market, [and you thought he is an intellectual!] should be banned by the Food and Drug Administration. But whether or not there are such is a question of scientific fact of which I am no judge. [Huh?!  Why the intellectual shyness all of a sudden?  Is it a way of dodging the bullet?]

Seventh, I hold that there already is abortion any time a fertilized ovum is expelled. The Constitution commands that the life of the unborn be protected “from conception.” For me this means that sacred life begins at fertilization and not at implantation[Ohh what a breather!  I thought he'd never mention that!  And I hope Angsioco, the Wiccans and FreeDumbers like Tani are reading this.  But, hang on...Great Scott!  He wrote in the previous paragraph there are no abortifacients in the market, yet the pills sold today are exactly doing what abortifacients do: kill the fertilized ovum!  Then, why, oh why, I pray tell, did Fr. Bernas not see this fact?!?!  Was it consciously done?  Or he simply does not know it?  But, hey, he's a Jesuit.  SURE HE KNOWS IT!]

Eighth, it has already been pointed out that the obligation of employers with regard to the sexual and reproductive health of employees is already dealt with in the Labor Code. If the provision needs improvement or nuancing, let it be done through an examination of the Labor Code provision. [Uhmmm... I prefer giving me the money to buy me food, medicine and education for my kids than for the latex.  No thanks!]

Ninth, there are many valuable points in the bill’s Declaration of Policy and Guiding Principles which can serve the welfare of the nation and especially of poor women who cannot afford the cost of medical service. [It does not even provide medical service for women!  It only advocates contraception and gives medical help for botched abortion!  For goodness sake, why not start improving our over-all health care services!  Holistic health care is not constrained in the organs between your legs!] There are specific provisions which give substance to these good points. They should be saved. [Uhm, no they do not.]

Tenth, I hold that public money may be spent for the promotion of reproductive health in ways that do not violate the Constitution. [He is not speaking as a Catholic and as a priest.  But can he do that?  Yes he did.  But is he supposed to do that?  No, he should not.  He is both a citizen of this country, a civil lawyer, a Catholic, a Jesuit priest and a public figure.  He should have thought of this first before he opened his mouth!] Public money is neither Catholic, nor Protestant, nor Muslim or what have you and may be appropriated by Congress for the public good without violating the Constitution.

Eleventh, I leave the debate on population control to sociologists.

Finally, I am happy that the CBCP has disowned the self-destructive views of some clerics.  [Well, I am not happy that you did not disown your dissent!]


After reading this, I won't be surprised if during the Gospel reading, Fr. Bernas begins it by saying:

"A reading from the Holy Constitution according to me!"

It seems all he cares about is the Constitution.

You are a priest for cryin' out loud!

What does the Church have to say about this?

He gave his comments about what the civil law says, but he gave a limp (no pun intended) defense of what the Church stands for in this RH debate.  He did not bother to comment on issues about population control and he left it to sociologist.

He is a priest right?  Why did he not comment on the moral and ethical side of the bill?  Remember that we turn to the Church on issues of faith and morals.  His statement about support of the Church's teaching about contraception while calling into question the infallibility of the teaching is almost like telling you to tell your kids:

"Hey, I am against pre-marital sex, but as long as you use a condom..."

Bernas says something to the effect of "I follow it even I am not required by law to do so."

If you have Catholic priests like that, who needs Martin Luther?!?!


I you want to hear what ordinary folks have to comment about this "learned" discourse from the "learned" Jesuit, click here and here.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tiara of Benedict XVI

So many things happened in the past days that this news just slipped me...


The close up photos of the papal tiara of Benedict XVI.  Click on the images for more details.

The photos are from the one who commissioned the tiara, Dieter Philippi.

And MANY THANKS to Mr. Philippi for making the tiara for the Holy Father!

I hope and pray he wears it for his next Urbi et Orbi message and blessing.  :)


Here is the news article from CNA

.- Pope Benedict XVI did not have a papal tiara until today. At the May 25 General Audience he was presented with one by the Catholics of his native Germany.

The man behind the project, Dieter Philippi, met with CNA before the handover ceremony.

“Well, we thought how every Pope in the past had a tiara. Even John Paul II had one. That was a present from Hungarian Catholics given to him in 1981. So we thought about making a tiara from German Catholics to hand over to the present Pope.”

Dieter is from Kirkel in the Saarland region of western Germany. By day he’s a chief executive of a telecommunications company. In his spare time, though, he’s an avid collector of religious headgear. In fact, he now has over 500 hats from numerous world religions.  [his website shows a LOT!]

And it was Dieter who commissioned the tiara from a workshop in the Bulgarian capital of Sophia.
“They specialize in Orthodox vestments and Orthodox mitres. So they have the knowledge and skill to make a tiara, because in other countries it’s now very difficult to find craftsmen and women with the knowledge of how to make a tiara. That’s because it takes such specialist skills.”

The metal used is a mixture of zinc, silver and brass. This made it very malleable when sculpting fine detail. The stones used are semi-precious. [So none of those liberation theologians in MST and SVT who cry out foul for wasting money instead of giving it to the poor!  Hey, didn't they copy that from Judas Iscariot?  No wonder...]

Milka Botcheva, who was part of the team that worked on the project, explained, “When we were working on it we never expected it would come this far, that it would come to Vatican.”

“So I’m proud of all of us, all the team. I believe this really is a miracle,” she said.

The papal tiara was worn by Popes at their coronation between the 14th and 20th centuries. The last Pope to have a coronation was Pope Paul VI, in 1963.

It seems there’s no absolute certainty about the symbolism but during papal coronations the following words were uttered as the tiara was placed on the Pope’s head:
“Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of Princes and Kings, Ruler of the World, Vicar of Our Savior Jesus Christ on earth, to whom is honor and glory in the ages of ages.”

Pope Benedict, of course, didn’t undergo a coronation. Neither does he have the tiara on his papal coat of arms. Dieter Philippi, though, would like to see some of the traditions surrounding the papal tiara revived.

“I think nowadays it would be very difficult because people wouldn’t understand the symbolism of a coronation … But from my personal view I would be very happy if we had a Pope who was crowned again like a king or a queen of any other country, yes.” [The pope remains the sovereign of the Vatican City State.  He is the King of that State.]

His more immediate concern is to find a home for the new papal tiara. There’s a possibility it might be put on display in at the birthplace of Pope Benedict—Marktl am Inn in Bavaria.

As for what Dieter planned to say to the Pope today?
“I will tell him that I’m very, very happy that I had the chance to hand the tiara over to him and that I’m very happy that a German Pope gets a tiara from the German Catholics.”


The tiara was a gift from Catholics and Orthodox!

Friday, May 27, 2011

This cracked me up...but then again No.

He admitted to the whole world that it was a mistake that he was born.

I won't be surprised if he felt helpless and useless, like how he sees people who have large families, he would just "contracept" and "abort" his own existence in this world.

All the more reason why we should not let the RH Bill pass!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

An RH Mantra? Why not?

Surprisingly from the PDI.


YOU WERE born yesterday. Your science is outdated. Your faith should be schizophrenic—leave it at your doorsteps.

That, in recap, seemed to be what pro-RH Bill adherents are saying to those who oppose it. Watching ANC’s “Harapan” more than a week ago, the time has come for us to shift to what is not being said because these actually speak volumes. To get anywhere near the truth which precisely cannot be afforded any denial is what is owed to a public on the verge of making an informed decision. But by arguing with the “follow what I say, not what I do” mode?

Edcel Lagman, for instance, was clearly caught on the defensive when confronted with what he had repeatedly claimed, that the RH Bill is not a population measure. [Eh?] Lagman could not counter the fact either that the Philippine population growth rate has been steadily declining. Why the need for the bill? [And Bingo was his name-o!]

Esperanza Cabral did not deny saying that the pill can cause breast cancer. Yet that fact is slurred over by pro-RH advocates precisely because it will demolish their cause. [Time to revoke the license of this woman.  A doctor who gives you medicines that will cause you your death!] I am sure Cabral did not commit a boo-boo. She is a medical doctor and knows the truth and for that we must be grateful to her. In fact, we must now use her statement as a mantra. [Cabral says the pill causes cancer...Cabral says the pill causes cancer...Cabral says the pill causes cancer...Cabral says the pill causes cancer...Cabral says the pill causes cancer...Cabral says the pill causes cancer...]  The medical evidence on the link between contraception and breast cancer is well established. But in downplaying that fact of science, is that not lying?

Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel kept on saying “no name calling” yet could not stop colleague Carlos Celdran from making an unkind cut on the still-speaking Joey Lina by saying, audibly to televiewers, “liar!” [Brat or bitch, everything fits Celdran especially with a bodice the size of the Titanic.] Who started the Damaso trend of name-tagging anyway? Wow, so much integrity is indeed at stake here, let alone proper manners.  [And he co-own with a certain Tony Ahn a reputation management company!  Wow!  First client and results are catastrophic!]

A Thomas-Aquinas-quoting Sylvia Estrada Claudio [who spawned an agnostic educated and working at Ateneo, but hated everything Catholic except the Jesuits.] admitted she was no Catholic yet could not explain how the RH Bill could in fact impose its domination on those who deem it contrary to their faith. [Let's try doing that to the Muslims, huh, Claudios?  Let's see if you can reason with them.] Imagine an employer who is Catholic face the specter of jail if that employer refuses to make available contraceptive services to employees. [Lagman says, in an interpellation exchange with Cong. Manny Pacquiao that that provision has been amended.  Wha?  First reading is not yet over and you are saying that it is already amended?  Is Lagman playing dumb by being a liar or simply a liar?]

Again, the mikes picked up Carlos Celdran, muttering audibly without being asked, that “We have the Pulse Asia and SWS surveys behind us, where the respondents did not have to pay 2.50 to text in their answers.” Precisely, the inutile selectivity for surveys. We are pleased with them only when the results are in our favor. But when a soaring 65 percent is against the bill?

It is the taxpaying public who will pay the costs of the RH Bill, truly a bonanza to multinational pharmaceuticals. [Who do you think funds the pro-RH infomercials? Who do you think funds Celdrans...] Going base in denying the truth about contraception is a vicious approach at educating the public. That approach will be futile: the history of contraception is long. [that leads to abortion.  How did America or Europe started, huh?]

We have much to learn from one of the most astute contraception magistrates of the world. To Hillary Rodham Clinton goes that credit. At the G8 Foreign Ministers meeting in Gatineau, Canada, Clinton chastised the host Canadian government, a conservative at that moment, for focusing on maternal health by omitting discussions on contraception.

“I’m not going to speak for what Canada decides, but I will say that I’ve worked in this area for many years. [worked meaning murdering millions of babies.] And if we’re talking about maternal health, you cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.”

There you have it. A bogey it is not.

Besides the Cabral mantra we must now chant, add the Clinton mantra that contraception and abortion are, verily, conjoined twins. Thank you, Mrs. Clinton. [Contraception and abortion are conjoined twins...Contraception and abortion are conjoined twins...Contraception and abortion are conjoined twins...Contraception and abortion are conjoined twins...Contraception and abortion are conjoined twins...Contraception and abortion are conjoined twins...]

The US Secretary of State could not have skimmed over the fact that in Canada, the birth control pill was legalized there in 1969, the same year it legalized abortion. Just a year after, Canada Statistics reported 11,152 abortions. Today that number is a whopping 106,418, a ten-fold increase since 1970. [Those figures are murdered babies, folks!  MURDERED!] And yet how pervasive is contraceptive use in Canada? The World Health Organization reports that “among Canadian women age 15-44, 86 percent report using the pill.”  [And Lea Salonga says it would not lead to abortion.  Jasmine and Mulan is really cartoonish, ain't them?]

There is no culture or subculture in the world that has permitted contraception and then has not gone on to permit abortion,” writes Natalie Hudson in “The Contraception Misconception.”

As acceptance of contraception increases, so does acceptance of abortion. Why is this the case? Because at the root of contraception is the notion that a couple can engage in sexual activity and avoid its natural consequences. Couples who unintentionally conceive a child while using contraception are far more likely to resort to abortion than others[This was written before based on a minority report.  And that document was not well received by "experts" as well.  That document is called Humane Vitae which the highly intellectual Jesuits of Loyola School of Theology and the CICM of Maryhill School of Theology, and the Vincentian Missionaries of St. Vincent School of Theology deem "not magisterial" and not "ex cathedra".  Yup, what the pope says and writes is not for us to obey.  But theirs is.]

“Contraception alters our understanding of human sexuality by changing its purpose. The effects are far reaching and affect the way that we understand relationships, gender roles and the human person. Contraception has historically been promoted as a means of women’s emancipation, yet ironically it has led to a much greater objectification of women. Women’s bodies have become a testing ground for pharmaceutical companies to reap profits from the myth that the natural consequences of sex can be avoided; women are put out of touch with their bodies as their fertility cycles become chemically controlled; and contraception can also be used to hide the evidence of abuse that is sometimes perpetrated among young or marginalized women.”  [That is why gay groups want the RH because it legitimizes their immoral living.  That is why feminist groups, like Gabriela which was founded by a Asummption nun, is pro-RH because it "empowers" them to do with whatever they want with their bodies, including killing the live of their very own child while inside their wombs.]

“It is a sin to tell a lie,” medical doctor Rep. Janet Garin, [the wise medical doctor that says water is cancerous.] sworn to the Hippocratic oath, says. If my understanding is correct, I suppose the Garin Morality also covers not lying to the public that now has to make an informed decision on the RH Bill? Transpose that to a doctor not disclosing all the medical consequences to a patient. No wonder the ignorance is much[That was how Communist Russia did it.  And that is how Communist China is doing it.  That is how the Ampatuan clan of Maguindanao did it.  To make the idiots and the helpless cling to them.  That legitimizes their grasp on power.]

Now comes Death knocking on the Philippines’ doors. But chant the mantras.


If mantra chanting is bad according to our Faith...

I'll pass this one and let the fun begin.


Ooops wrong one.

I better memorize the ones I highlighted above.

But the last one isn't bad.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The devil hates JP2 and the Blessed Virgin Mary

ROME, Italy (CNA/EWTN News) - The chief exorcist of Rome is seeing a rising number of young people coming under the influence of evil, but he has found in recent years that Blessed John Paul II is a powerful intercessor in the battle for souls.

A small, unassuming office in south-west Rome seems a rather ordinary setting in which to play out a grand battle between good and evil. It is here, though, that Father Gabriele Amorth has carried out most of his 70,000 exorcisms over the past 26 years.  [The guy has the actual work as his credentials.  You know I think he did a lot of good than that liturgist...Okay never mind.  Can't help myself.]

"The world must know that Satan exists," he told CNA recently. [And the devil tells you he does not so you would think that everything that happens has a scientific explanation to it.  Someone getting possessed only needs Valium and stuff like that.  Denying the devil's existence is one of THE devil's work.  Hey, I know MST teaches that the devil is not a being but a metaphor to the ills of society.  So what does it make out of MST, huh?] "The devil and demons are many and they have two powers, the ordinary and the extraordinary."  [You must take tab of what Fr. Amorth says here.]

The 86-year-old Italian priest of the Society of St. Paul [One of the few I admire.  Thank goodness he is not that attention hungry, "orator" one you see on TV every week.  Mind you, I have seen that priest in almost every corporate event there is to have in Manila and Makati where I used to work.  Probably he always prefers those events as part of his apostolate, but I may be wrong.  Let us give him the benefit of the doubt.  After all, he is always on TV, right?] and official exorcist for the Diocese of Rome explained the difference.

"The so-called ordinary power is that of tempting man to distance himself from God and take him to Hell. This action is exercised against all men and women of all places and religions."  [Sounds like the work of MST and SVT, right?]

As for the extraordinary powers used by Satan, Fr. Amorth explained it as how the Devil acts when he focuses his attention more specifically on a person. He categorized the expression of that attention into four types: diabolical possession; diabolical vexation like in the case of Padre Pio, who was beaten by the Devil; obsessions which are able to lead a person to desperation and infestation, and when the Devil occupies a space, an animal or even an object."  [That is why in the old ritual, before the liturgical revolution of Vatican II engineered by the liturgist Abp. Annibale Bugnini, whose excellent work as a liturgist, got promoted, according to Fr. Chupungco, to a diplomatic post in Iran.  Ok, curial official for so many years, gets "promoted" by being sent as a nuncio to a radical Islamic country.  Ok, got it.  Promotion. Ok, got it.  Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  Even in the old ritual, objects are exorcised to drive away any hold the devil has on them.  Read my post about the blessing of Holy Water, comparing the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form.  You will really wonder why they have to take out the exorcism of the salt and water.  Is it because the liturgical framers do not believe in the power of Satan over objects or maybe, just maybe, they really do not believe in Satan's existence anymore.]

Fr. Amorth says such extraordinary occurrences are rare but on the rise. He's particularly worried by the number of young people being affected by Satan through sects, séances and drugs. He never despairs though.

"With Jesus Christ and Mary, God has promised us that he will never allow temptations greater than our strengths." [Beautiful!]

Hence he gives a very matter-of-fact guide that everybody can use in the fight against Satan.

"The temptations of the Devil are defeated first of all by avoiding occasions (of temptation), because the Devil always seeks out our weakest points. And, then, with prayer. We Christians have an advantage because we have the Word of Jesus, we have the sacraments, prayer to God."

Not surprisingly, 'Jesus Christ' is the name Fr. Amorth most often calls upon to expel demons. But he also turns to saintly men and women for their heavenly assistance. Interestingly, he said that in recent years one man - Blessed Pope John Paul II - has proved to be a particularly powerful intercessor.

"I have asked the demon more than once, 'Why are you so scared of John Paul II and I have had two different responses, both interesting. One, 'because he disrupted my plans.' And, I think that he is referring to the fall of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. The collapse of communism." [Communism is the work of the devil, get that Ka Satur and Rissa Hontiveros?  That is why the Virgin at Fatima requested for the consecration of Russia.]

"Another response that he gave me, 'because he pulled so many young people from my hands.' There are so many young people who, thanks to John Paul II, were converted. Perhaps some were already Christian but not practicing, but then with John Paul II they came back to the practice. 'He pulled so many young people out of my hands.'"  [So contrary to critics of Bl. John Paul, his rock star image actually drove back a lot of the youth to come back home.]

And the most powerful intercessor of all?

"Of course, the Madonna is even more effective. Ah, when you invoke Mary!" [And you wonder why the other sects like the Iglesia ni Cristo so much hates our Blessed Mother.  Simple arithmetic.  The INC hates Mary.  Lucifer hates Mary.  Duh!]

"And, once I also asked Satan, 'but why are you more scared when I invoke Our Lady than when I invoke Jesus Christ?' He answered me, 'Because I am more humiliated to be defeated by a human creature than being defeated by him."  [Satan is sexist!]

The intercession of the living is also important, though, says Fr. Amorth. He reminds people that exorcism is a prayer and, as such, Christians can pray to liberate a soul or place from the Devil. However, three things are needed.

"The Lord gave them (the Apostles) an answer that also for us exorcists is very important. He said that overcoming this type of demon, you need much faith, much prayer and much fasting. Faith, prayer and fasting."  [Carrying a bottle of Holy Water. Take note of the blessing used.  Just a suggestion.  And a Medal of our Lady, the medal of St. Benedict which carries a powerful exorcism prayer, a medal of St. Michael the Archangel and the prayer to the Chief of the Heavenly Hosts and a rosary with a crucifix on it.  Not just a cross folks.  Catholic tradition teaches us that these are powerful weapons against attacks of the devil.  I have all of those always with me by the way.]

"Especially faith, you need so much faith. Many times also in the healings, Jesus does not say in the Gospel it is me who has healed you. He says, you are healed thanks to your faith. He wants faith in the people, a strong and absolute faith. Without faith you can do nothing."


I have talked to an exorcist who says that demonic possessions happen to those who are not only into New Age stuff and Demon worship.  It even happens to those who engage themselves in role-play witchcraft and wizardry, no thanks to Harry Potter.  Some get possessed by botched exorcisms by pastors, who just held up a Bible and begins the ritual.

Exorcisms are not for the amateur folks.  Leave it up to the experts lest you hurt yourselves.

And take not that devil hates hearing the names of those who humiliated them.

Like telling Miriam Santiago the name of Fidel Ramos over and over again makes her turn crazy into the highest power.  It is so easy, like turning on a switch!  Sorry, I had to put that in.

Anywho, don't go out of your house without your weapons cache full of supplies.

My KofC rosary looks like this one by the way.

So, stack up and be on the active defensive stance!

The next time you see the devil walking, fat, loud, obnoxious with a top hat... or a fat wrinkled politician...or a crazy loony woman haunting the Senate...

Sprinkle them with Holy Water!


Just stack up on the supplies!

Or maybe, pray the St. Benedict exorcism prayer while seated in the gallery of both Congress and Senate.

Not a bad idea, eh?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catholics for RH is NOT CATHOLIC

Finally, the CBCP comes out with a statement about this bogus group which is obviously being funded by Planned Parenthood and the Legionnaires of Eugenics!


MANILA, May 20, 2011
— The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) disowned a supposed ‘Catholic’ group advocating for a measure on contraceptives.

CBCP President and Tandag Bishop Nereo Odchimar has warned that the “Catholics for Reproductive Health bill” or C4RH is an organization unknown to the Church[I was hoping her said "unsanctioned".]

We wish to make it clear that the Church does not recognize this group to be an authentic Catholic association or group since it espouses and supports a stand contrary to the magisterial teachings of the Church,” said Odchimar in a statement.  [I hope the CBCP also says the same thing to dissident theologians and teachers of Catholic schools!]

The Church, the CBCP head added, does not identify C4RH as a genuine Catholic organization in accordance with the Canon Law[There are processes where an organization gains the recognition or approval of the Church.]

He stressed that to uphold the dignity of the person is the Church’s “uncompromising stand” [we are talking about man and woman only folks and no grey areas!] and to protect life from conception to natural death “has always been a constant teaching of the Church.” [And the bible toting INC is good at this, right?  Oops. No.]

“Public espousal of measures that directly undermine these non-negotiable principles of the Catholic faith is a sharp wedge that cuts the unity of the Church,” he said.  [Those words are the key words folks.  Don't forget that!]

“Any Catholic who freely identifies himself or herself with this group gravely errs,” said Odchimar. (CBCPNews)


Uhm, I wish the CBCP came out with a stronger stance on dissidents.

In civil law, a man caught breaking the law gets his day in court.

When will these dissidents, who are so bold and passionate in their attacks of the Church and brazenly challenging the authority of the Pope and the bishops, be BRAVE ENOUGH to face a court tribunal?!

When will the CBCP discipline these people?


Stay tuned.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Celdran rants on his FB wall

Actually, it was hilarious!




What else?

After reading that post, I had the impression that Bishop Iniguez sounded like David Letterman.

A killer one-liner that was.

Boom! Where it hurts the most!

And I thought he is courageous to fight for what is right?

Huh, Humpty Dumpty?

Afraid of the great fall?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pope to Space Station! Come in Space Station!

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.The 12 astronauts circling the Earth received a blessing from Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday in the first ever papal call to space.

The pope addressed the crews of the linked space shuttle Endeavour and International Space Station from the Vatican, making special mention of the U.S. commander's wounded congresswoman wife and the recently deceased mother of one of the two Italian astronauts on board.

The historic communication — "extraordinary" in the pope's words — took place just a couple of hours after the shuttle astronauts finished inspecting a small gash in Endeavour's belly to ensure their safety when returning to Earth. It is the next-to-last flight in NASA's 30-year shuttle program.

Seated at a table before a television set tuned to NASA's live broadcast from orbit, Benedict said the space fliers are "our representatives spearheading humanity's exploration of new spaces and possibilities for our future." He said he admired their courage, discipline and commitment.

"It must be obvious to you how we all live together on one Earth and how absurd it is that we fight and kill each one," [Beautiful words!] the pontiff said, reading from prepared remarks. "I know that Mark Kelly's wife was a victim of a serious attack, and I hope her health continues to improve."

Kelly, who's Catholic, thanked the pope for his kind words. His wife, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, [who is pro-abortion by the way.] had surgery to repair her skull Wednesday, four months after being shot in the head at a political event in Tucson, Ariz.

The shuttle commander told the pope that borders cannot be seen from space and noted that on Earth, people usually fight for resources. At the space station, solar power provides unlimited energy, "and if those technologies could be adapted more on Earth, we could possibly reduce some of that violence," he said.  [And you wonder who controls the cost of solar panels, huh?]

Benedict also asked about the future of the planet and the environmental risks it faces, and wanted to know what the astronauts' most important message would be for young people when they return home.

Space station astronaut Ronald Garan Jr. spoke of the paper-thin layer of atmosphere "that separates every living thing from the vacuum of space." And shuttle crewman Mike Fincke described how he and his colleagues "can look down and see our beautiful planet Earth that God has made."

"However, if we look up, we can see the rest of the universe, and the rest of the universe is out there for us to explore," Fincke said. "The International Space Station is just one symbol, one example, of what human beings can do when we work together constructively."

Near the end of the 18-minute conversation, Benedict expressed concern for astronaut Paolo Nespoli, whose 78-year-old mother died in northern Italy at the beginning of May while he was serving on the space station.

"How have you been living through this time of pain on the International Space Station?" the pope asked.

"Holy Father, I felt your prayers and everyone's prayers arriving up here where outside the world ... we have a vantage point to look at the Earth and we feel everything around us," Nespoli replied in Italian.

Nespoli will end his five-month space station mission Monday, returning to Earth on a Russian Soyuz capsule.

He will bring back with him a silver medal that shuttle astronaut Roberto Vittori took up with him aboard Endeavour, that was provided by the pope. It depicts Michelangelo's "Creation of Man," the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. [What?!?!  Not WOMYN?!?!]

Vittori floated the commemorative coin in front of him, then gently tossed it to Nespoli, positioned on the opposite end of the front row of astronauts.

"I brought it with me to space, and he will take down on Earth to then give back to you," Vittori told the pontiff. He added that he prays in space "for me, for our families, for our future."

The long-distance papal audience was arranged by the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. NASA provided technical support from Mission Control in Houston.

Inside the ancient frescoed halls of the Vatican — where email wasn't even in wide use until a few years ago — the call was received with visible awe.

The 84-year-old Benedict chuckled when one of the astronauts began floating up at the end of the transmission. He waved to the crew at the beginning and end of the call.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the call was evidence of the pope's desire to communicate with people however possible, be it sending a text message with a prayer of the day or a YouTube channel playing church teachings.

Pope Paul VI sent a greeting to the moon with Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969, but it was in a silicon disk that contained goodwill messages from numerous countries and was left on the Sea of Tranquility. "I look up at your heavens, made by your fingers, at the moon and stars you set in place," said Paul VI, quoting from Psalms 8......


Well, the INC Executive Minister isn't that special to send a message to space.


Maybe one of the spires in the Central Temple will shoot him up to space? 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A lying bastard continues to lie

I have received a lot of emails about this stupid claim and this is what I found out after my own investigation.

It turns out that the link leads you into a site where the ones who posted the Pro-RH video superimposed a screen shot of the homepage of the Couples for Christ official website.

So if you do not think twice, like this idiot who runs a Reputation Management company, you'd believe it hook-line-and-sinker!

Imagine that!  Couples for Christ turns to the dark side!  Good luck there Carlos!


Hey as far as I know, using another group's webpage, or just an image of it, and then putting a message especially a controversial one, making it appear that it is the group's message without the group's approval....  That is a lie isn't it...and...and...


Makes me love to see him stroking the cold iron bars!


Friday, May 20, 2011

WARNING about bogus priest: "Fr." Mark Bunag

PASIG CITY - A letter was forwarded by Fr. Noel Ormenita, Episcopal Vicar of the the Catholic Church of East (Holy Family Catholic Church) at Imus, [No, they are not in communion with the Catholic Church.] Cavite to Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, informing that "Jose Mark Robinson Bunag, also known as Mark Bunag or Fr. Mark Bunag, residing at Kruz na Ligas, U.P. Diliman, is not a validly ordained priest and is not incardinated neither with us in the Catholic Church of the East nor is he incardinated in any Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church."  [I think it the THE Roman Catholic Church that need to say that, isn't it?]

Further explained in the letter, "We are sending this letter for your information and for the information and guidance of the Roman Catholic faithful and those who belong in our Church. We fervently request your Eminence to this information be disseminated in the parishes, schools, and religious institutes, as Mark Bunag carries with him an invalid celebret, and according to the last report, "offers Masses"

The circular was sent by Pasig Chancellor Fr. Mar Baranda to all clergy, religious, and school heads in the Diocese of Pasig.


I am very sorry to learn how this guy went from Traditional to completely insane!

He used to serve in EF Masses all around the country even instructing young boys how to serve at those Masses.

He used to be Franciscan, then SSPX, then diocesan, then so-called Catholic Church of the East, and then renegade.

Just beware of him and don't fall for his trap.   Don't give him any money nor let him be anywhere hear your chapels, churches or schools.

He plays priest.  Just like that.  Role playing like in kindergarten.

I have heard a lot of things about him but I'll just leave this post as it is.

He is a fake priest and has excommunicated himself automatically.

Pray that he comes to his senses and comes back home.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catholics for RH?!?!

SAN PABLO CITY, May 17, 2011—Laguna Bishop Most Rev. Leo M. Drona has warned his Roman Catholic constituents throughout Laguna or the Diocese of San Pablo not to be misled and to avoid any involvement with a group that purportedly introduce themselves as C4RH or Catholics for Reproductive Health (RH) Bill as they directly oppose authentic Catholic teachings.

The prelate issued a Clarificatory Note dated May 10, 2011 on C4RH following recent media reports identifying a certain C4RH or Catholic for RH Bill as supporting the Reproductive Health Bill now renamed Responsible Parenthood and claiming to be a Catholic association or group.  [You see the term wolves in sheep's clothing isn't cliche' anymore.]

Drona said, “we are thus compelled to issue this clarificatory note for the guidance of all Catholics so that they may not be deceived or misled by this group purporting to call itself C4RH or Catholics for Reproductive Health Bill.”  [We hope that fellow Pinoy Catholics and other bishops and priests would get their guards up!]

He said, “The Church, particularly, the Diocese of San Pablo does not consider nor recognize this group to be authentically Catholic association or group since it espouses and supports a stand contrary and in direct opposition to the magisterial teachings of the Church. While we recognize an honest and sincere diversity of opinion in matters open to such legitimate differences, we must also be cognizant of the limitations of such disagreement. In faith and morals where principles are well settled, we expect unity and assent to the truths proposed by the Magisterium.”  [Hear that Ateneo professors and priests?  Don't call yourself Catholic if by your word and deed you are not!  And if you cannot agree with the teachings of the Church, get yourself a new church!]

The prelate, through the Commission on Family and Life of the Diocese of San Pablo also clarified that “The firm and uncompromising stand of the Church to uphold the dignity of the person and to protect and respect life from conception up to natural death have always and everywhere been the constant teaching of the Holy Mother Church.” [That is the starting point of the debate about the stand of the Church against contraceptives and abortifacients.  The Church is pro family planning not pro contraceptives.]

“The public espousal of measures that directly undermine these non-negotiable principles of the Catholic faith [TAKE TO HEART THOSE WORDS FOLKS!] is a sharp wedge that cuts the unity of the Church. Hence, any faithful who joins or affiliates himself or herself in the C4RH which claims to be a Catholic association, endangers his own spiritual well-being,” Drona warned.  [If the bishop used the "E" word, imagine the chagrin of Celdran!]

The bishop finally reminded all catholic lay constituents including the members of the Clergy in Laguna that the “Diocese of San Pablo does not recognize the so-called Catholics for the Reproductive Health as a genuine Catholic association or organization in accordance with canonical rules. Any Catholic who freely identifies himself or herself to this group gravely errs.” (Fr. Romy O. Ponte)


Remember how the Democrats used the same tactic to get the so-called Catholic vote for Obama during the 2008 US Presidential election?

Weird the same thing is being used here.

Remember that Planned Parenthood, the so-called women's rights based organization, is here in the country as well supporting the group Likhaan.  And PP is pro-abortion.  They call abortion as part of Reproductive Health.

Learn that.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finally! A TRUE Jesuit stands up for the Truth and for Life!

MANILA, Philippines—Faculty members who support the Reproductive Health (RH) bill have no right to teach in Ateneo de Manila University, Jesuit priest James Reuters said, according to a Radyo Inquirer report aired Tuesday.  [compare that to the lame-duck statements of his fellow Jesuits talking about conscience and common ground!]

Reuters was quoted as saying that the RH bill violates what a Catholic institution like the Ateneo stands for, because he claimed the bill promotes abortion. He said the basic law in a Catholic school is simple: follow the rule of God.

He added that freedom of speech was not absolute. [Freedom entails responsibility and I hope these Ateneo professors know the repercussions of their actions.]

The report said that Reuters had advised the Ateneo administration to investigate teachers supporting the bill.  [I doubt the Ateneo administration will do anything about this.]

In 2008, a group of professors from Ateneo de Manila University threw their support for the RH bill.

For the full radio report, listen to the DZIQ 990AM voice clip.—Danica Hermogenes,


The agnostic Ateneo educated and Ateneo employed blogger Lisandro Claudio wrote: "On a personal level, I also really love the Jesuits; I look to them as the most forward-thinking of Catholics. It is my sincere hope that they help reinvigorate what for me is becoming an increasingly benighted Church."

Let's see what he has to say about what the revered Fr. Reuters just said. Ha!

As I have continuously blogged in the past that we cannot separate our identity as Catholics from who we are as Filipinos and from our profession.  We just cannot.  We carry that identity in our person.

A Catholic who teaches at a Catholic university cannot invoke academic freedom and freedom of speech by telling the whole world that "I am a Catholic but I dissent from the teachings of the Church."

You just cannot do that.

Either shape up or ship out!

Thank God we have Fr. James Reuters who has the guts to tell the Truth and be crystal clear on this issue.

And to his other fellow Jesuits who cannot do the same...

Know who you are and if you cannot do your duty as a Jesuit and as a Catholic...

Either shape up or ship out!

The idiocy of the pro-Death Bill

This is available in Carlos Celdran's Facebook page.

Well to answer that, I'll show these men and women of the Catholic Church.

The little known nun is feeding the hungry.

Caritas Manila staff distributing relief goods to Ondoy victims

Boac, Marinduque Catholics busy stacking food items for the hungry.

To answer the challenge of letting the Catholic Church feed the hungry, let me sum it up:


Now my turn to ask:



Pro-abort politician and Holy Communion

I heard about this yesterday and quite frankly am glad that the Inquirer wrote about it.

Remember that debate about Democrat Party presidential nominee "Catholic" Sen. John Kerry presenting himself for Holy Communion even if he openly supports abortion?

Now here is a news item about the renewal of marriage vows of the eccentric Miriam Santiago, who is the principal author of the Senate counterpart of the RH Bill which will force government to fund the purchase of abortifacients.


MANILA, Philippines--Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago isn’t worried her advocacy of the reproductive health (RH) bill will torpedo the renewal of her marital vows in a Catholic church.

The feisty former judge and former Interior Undersecretary Narciso Santiago Jr. are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on June 19 with a Mass at Manila Cathedral to be officiated by Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales[Here we go!]

President Benigno Aquino III is the best man, while actress Heart Evangelista is the maid of honor.

“Cardinal Rosales on my appeal has already said he will not excommunicate me. [uhm...] Otherwise, I will risk embarrassment during my wedding anniversary when I attempt to receive communion. He’s not going to deny me. [Did the cardinal really say that?]  I guess he’ll turn a blind eye. Besides I’ll be so covered with make-up, [yuvk.] I’ll be unrecognizable,” Santiago told reporters, chuckling.

As the word war between the Church and RH advocates escalates, Santiago issued this appeal to the Catholic bishops: Listen to reason. [Do ya?]

“We just have to appeal to reason because of the principle of the separation of the Church and State,” said Santiago, who, according to her website, was a candidate for a master of arts degree in religious studies at the Maryhill School of Theology in Quezon City[Now you know where she gets all her trash!]

She said the debate over the RH bill all boiled down to the issue of “freedom of conscience.”  [Indeed which in the long run would force Catholic laymen to go against their Faith and which Catholic employers like Catholic schools will be forced to provide abortifacients and contraceptives to their employees or risk getting sued!  Where is freedom in that?  This whole freedom junk is all from Planned Parenthood!]

“We are created in the image of God because we have freedom of conscience. So for me, seriously speaking, this is an issue of freedom of conscience. Are you free to act according to the dictates of your conscience?” she asked.  [Have we properly informed the people of the consequences of their actions?  Remember of how we were taught that we are free to do whatever we will.  Even God Himself cannot force us to do something against our will.  BUT...we have to be ready for the consequences.  Holy Mother Church teaches us that the use of contraceptives and abortifacients is a grave moral evil.  EVIL.  Period.  Do we still have to discuss about freedom to choose when you are told that that thing you are about to us is EVIL?]

While respecting the people’s right of free speech “across religious boundaries,” Santiago said she had to stand for the “principle in the democratic governance that the Church cannot dictate to the State.”  [Have you told that to the Iglesia ni Manalo?  Nah.  I don't think so.]

“So the State, meaning to say the Congress in this instance, must always argue in favor of free speech and free conscience,” she said.  [Are members of the INC free to do whatever they want?  Nah!  I don't think so.]

Santiago said she expected floor debates on the RH bill to begin after Mr. Aquino delivers his State of the Nation Address in late July.

“As the author of the bill in the Senate, I am prepared. I’m preparing my battle gear,” she said.  [How about your medications?  Ha!]

“We’re going to debate this on all fronts not only political front, but also economic, democratic, theological, and medical, meaning to say scientific … I can debate all of them on any of these topics. They can sit in one row and I can sit all alone by myself. And then defend the bill because the merits of the bill will ensure victory.”


Honestly, I know a kid, a high school graduate who can trump this loud mouth for all that she brags about in her Bill.  That would be my dream debate.

And what about Cardinal Rosales?

Isn't he remiss in his duty as shepherd of souls in the Archdiocese of Manila?  He is no ordinary bishop.  He is a Cardinal and the Primate of the Philippines.

Has he forgotten this:

2. The Church teaches that abortion or euthanasia is a grave sin. The Encyclical Letter Evangelium vitae, with reference to judicial decisions or civil laws that authorize or promote abortion or euthanasia, states that there is a "grave and clear obligation to oppose them by conscientious objection. [...] In the case of an intrinsically unjust law, such as a law permitting abortion or euthanasia, it is therefore never licit to obey it, or to 'take part in a propaganda campaign in favour of such a law or vote for it’" (no. 73). Christians have a "grave obligation of conscience not to cooperate formally in practices which, even if permitted by civil legislation, are contrary to God’s law. Indeed, from the moral standpoint, it is never licit to cooperate formally in evil. [...] This cooperation can never be justified either by invoking respect for the freedom of others or by appealing to the fact that civil law permits it or requires it" (no. 74).

5. Regarding the grave sin of abortion or euthanasia, when a person’s formal cooperation becomes manifest (understood, in the case of a Catholic politician, as his consistently campaigning and voting for permissive abortion and euthanasia laws), his Pastor should meet with him, instructing him about the Church’s teaching, informing him that he is not to present himself for Holy Communion until he brings to an end the objective situation of sin, and warning him that he will otherwise be denied the Eucharist.

Folks, contraceptive pills and devices are abortifacients! They kill the one-second old human being inside what is supposed to be the safest place on earth, the womb of his very own mother!

And the guy who wrote about those statements above became pope. Click here to read more.

And the great Jesuit theologian, Avery Dulles also commented on this issue.

So what happens to this pro-abortion politician? She'll receive communion?

What do we do with a cardinal who publicly voiced opposition against the Bill but as a cleric of the Church would not prevent a public sinner from receiving Holy Communion? I think we have a term for that. SACRILEGIOUS!

Will you do what most US bishops did back in 2004 to Kerry and to Sen. Edward Kennedy before he died, Your Eminence?

Not a good example Your Eminence!

Dissidents are pissed

The liturgical dissident blog Pray Tell of that cry baby Benedictine has posted this report about reactions to Universae Ecclesiae


The German Bishops’ Conference declared that the Instruction contains “no fundamental innovations”; [uhm, it does.] furthermore, interest in the old Mass in Germany is slim. [sure about it?  If then, why not have one EF Mass at every parish and have every priest and seminarian get a training.] The secretary of the German Bishops’ Conference, Hans Langendörfer, emphasized that the document would have no great effect upon church practice. At the present time, the old Mass is celebrated in only 128 places in Germany out of 11,383 parishes.  [yeah, right.  Then why be troubled?]

Professor Helmut Hoping of the University of Freiburg praised the new document. Much is clarified that was previously unclear. He expects that the old form of the Mass will now be celebrated more frequently in those 150 places where it has been celebrated up until now.  [Precisely!  Priests are afraid to openly celebrate the EF Mass because their bishops are silently dissenting against the pope and have their sights against the traddies.]

Benedikt Kranemann, chairman of the Association of Catholic Liturgists, (Arbeitsgemeinschaft katholischer Liturgiewissenschaftler), lamented that the criticism from bishops’ conferences and theologians of the introduction of two parallel forms of the liturgy was “not taken into account at all.” [Yes it was.  You were just not reading it or you do not care at all.]  The document misses the real problems of the church in Germany. “What is really important to the majority of people doesn’t even appear in this discussion.”  [Uhm.  Wrong topic!  On second thought, it really does!  Returning the sense of the sacred?  Ring a bell?]

The traditionalist Society of St. Pius the X greeted the paper: Benedict has placed “necessary reins on the arbitrary suppression” of the rules by many bishops. [Which I agree.  Remember what the Archdiocese of Manila did for blatantly regulating the implementation of Summorum Pontificum?]

Bishop Friedrich Weber, delegate for Catholic affairs of the Lutheran Church in Germany, expressed criticism. From the evangelical Lutheran viewpoint, [as if it matters!  Remember that these heretics despise the EF Mass because this very Mass expresses what they do not believe in!]  comprehensibility is an essential criterion. When the liturgy is incomprehensible, it become nothing but an external performance and no longer fulfills the urgent requirement of engaged participation.  [Speaking like the honorary Lutheran I know.  Ha!  And the "comprehensible", like what we suffered for the last 40 years was not an "external performance and fulfills the urgent requirement of engaged participation"!  No wonder a lot of great saints were nourished by THAT incomprehensible liturgy and it did not engage them.  Really?  Puh-leaazzze!]


After UE, next work for the pope I guess is to clean up the mess these dissidents.

No not their mess.

The dissidents themselves.

First example is that neck tie wearing Australian pro women's ordination, general absolution bishop.

It is a sign that dissidents will be treated the way they are supposed to be treated!

Monday, May 16, 2011

You cannot do your own Mass!

From Msgr. Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesiae DeiThanks to Fr. Z!
Blessed John Paul II in his own turn recalled that “Sacred Liturgy expresses and celebrates the one faith professed by all and, being the heritage of the whole Church, cannot be determined by local Churches in isolation from the universal Church” (Encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia, n. 51) and that “Liturgy is never anyone’s private property, be it of the celebrant or of the community in which the mysteries are celebrated” (ibid. n. 52). [The two highlighted statements can't help but bring to mind how I once witnessed a Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino.  Makes you think "Is this still a Catholic Mass?"] In the Conciliar Liturgical Constitution there is affirmed moreover: The Sacred Council declares that holy Mother Church holds all lawfully acknowledged rites to be of equal right and dignity; that she wishes to preserve them in the future and to foster them in every way” (n. 4). Esteem for ritual forms is the presupposition of the work of revision from time to time becomes necessary. Now, the two forms, Ordinary and Extraordinary, of the Roman liturgy are an example of reciprocal growth and enrichment. Whoever thinks or acts to the contrary, [public liturgical dissenters, in act or in word!  You know who you are!  We have blogged about you priests and liturgists many times before!] undermines the unity of the Roman Rite which must be tenaciously protected, does not carry out an authentic pastoral activity or correct liturgical renewal, but rather deprives the faithful of their patrimony and their inheritance to which they have a right.


Nuff said!

I still wish that liturgical dissenters are disciplined...immediately!

Interesting notes about Universae Ecclesiae

I have received a lot of emails about the Instruction about Summorum Pontificum, "Universae Ecclesiae".

I have read it and think it is spot on.  But like the great Fr. Z, I found some provisions of the Instruction having, I think, a teeny-beeny pinholes where liberals can still squeeze in a little dissent, like the following:

20. With respect to the question of the necessary requirements for a priest to be held idoneus (“qualified”) to celebrate in the forma extraordinaria, the following is hereby stated: ...

b. Regarding the use of the Latin language, a basic knowledge is necessary, allowing the priest to pronounce the words correctly and understand their meaning.  [The dissenters might say that some priests know how to pronounce Latin but do not know the meaning of the words.  Think crazy but these dissenters might even set up a "screening process" to know who indeed has 'basic knowledge'.  A bit paranoid, no?]

21. Ordinaries are asked to offer their clergy the possibility of acquiring adequate preparation for celebrations in the forma extraordinaria. This applies also to Seminaries, where future priests should be given proper formation, including study of Latin and, where pastoral needs suggest it, the opportunity to learn the forma extraordinaria of the Roman Rite. [A more forceful term should have been used like: Ordinaries must ensure to set-up a program to train their clergy in the forma extraordinaria.  That'll leave no room for: "But, eh...the Instruction says we "are asked" not required.  'Where pastoral need suggests it" is a loophole and an excuse for liturgical dissenters to say that the diocese's pastoral need does not suggest it.  Because most bishop's see as their "pastoral need" is more "animated liturgy".   You know, stuff like that.]


There are a ton of useful notes about Universae Ecclesiae over at WDTPRS.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Second year

Wow I did not realize that I am already in my second year of blogging!

It is taxing but it is worth it with your comments and suggestions.

Keep the Faith!

When will our bishops do the same?

Thanks to the heads up from Tita M. lover of the Traditional Mass.


German cardinal revokes license of theologian
Cologne, Germany, May 9, 2011 / 01:41 pm (EWTN News)

Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne, Germany has revoked theologian David Berger’s license to teach theology.  [And you know why?]

The Archdiocese of Cologne said on May 5 that Cardinal Meisner decided to revoke Berger’s “mission canonica,” that is, his license to teach religion classes in schools.

The cardinal “was forced to take this step because Dr. Berger, through his publications and statements to the media, has established that he does not agree with the teaching and the moral and juridical norms of the Church.”  [There is no such thing as freedom of speech in the Church if you speak about heresy and all the bad stuff you'll find outside of the one true fold.]

As a result, the archdiocese continued, Berger “has destroyed the trust that is essential for the mission of evangelization, and therefore the archbishop believes he is no longer qualified to carry out religious instruction in the Catholic Church[Read that?  TRUST!  Priests, brothers and nuns, catechists are co-workers of the bishop in shepherding the flock entrusted to them in their own dioceses.  And their mission is to "keep them into the Faith".  Remember Christs commissioning of Peter:  "Feed my lamb, feed my sheep."  Christ fed His Apostles with His Body and Blood, and with His teaching, which we call the Catholic Faith.  If the likes of Dr. Berger feed us with a Gospel different from what Christ and the Apostles taught us, then we can be sure that what he fed us is riddled with E-coli and Salmonella, faithwise!]

For this reason, the revoking of his license to teach the doctrine of the Church is unavoidable.”  [Simply because he is not teaching the doctrine of the Church.  The license is a public affirmation of the Church that you are trustworthy to teach the true doctrine.  By his actions, he told the whole world that he does not need the license.  Remember that Fr. Kung?]

The French daily “La Croix” noted that in 2010, Berger was removed from the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas because of an article he published in the German newspaper Frankfruter Rundschau, in which he “deplored a ‘limited’ approach of the Church toward homosexuals.” [Good grief.  Imagine if it became limitless.]

Berger also wrote a book titled, “Der heilige Schein (The Holy Apparition),” “in which he openly criticizes the teachings of the Church.”

The Catholic teaching on homosexuality is summarized in paragraphs 2357-2359 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, [which we must read and not some theologians who want attention by teaching "something new that Vatican 2 wanted".] which state that homosexuals “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.”
Homosexuality, as a tendency, “is objectively disordered,” and “constitutes for most of them (homosexuals) a trial.”

“Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that homosexual acts are intrinsically disorderedThey do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved,” the Catechism teaches.


It is the act that is condemned, my dear friends, not the person; the sin not the sinner.

Christ said that to the adulterous woman " Go and sin no more."  He forgave the woman but told her not to do it again.  The sin, not the sinner.

Remember that was taught to us in Catechism class?

Oh yeah, I forgot.  The "Christian Living" education we get in our "Catholic" schools now don't teach these things because they are, uhm, "old and outdated and have been changed by Vatican 2".

And we all know that that is NOT the case.

Which leads me to ask:

I know the CBCP's plate is full of anti-contraceptives and abortifacients right now but:



What are we waiting for?

If there is a book burning party, like they did during the Middle Ages, to be done in the near future...but this time books from MST, SVT, Euntes and some from theologians at LST...


I won't let my loved ones get a hold of those heretical literature!

Which again leads me to ask...



I JUST had to put that in.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank the Lord!

A lot of you might be wondering what happened to me and the blog.

It was not me.

Nor was it the blog.

It was BLOGGER!!!

The free service of Google was not working for almost 3 days and that my posts after Wednesday were temporarily deleted but are now back again.

Hey, what am I complaining.  It's free!  HA!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

RH supporters rally at a posh hotel

Do you have any idea guys how much that would cost to launch that project?

Who paid for it?

I am sure the fat guy did not shelve out a centavo from her pocket!

Maybe the corrupt old man with a cigar did considering he siphoned off billions when he was in power?

Maybe the has been artists really need attention too after the example of Humpty Dumpty?

Maybe the once pride of the country cannot break into Hollywood like Charice that is why she needed the publicity?

Or maybe Planned Parenthood sent the checks?

Garin needs a dose of her water, right?

Such an idiot!

Pathetic!  Just say it Congresswoman Garin.  We'll do a Piso para Pasig for you and match whatever Planned Parenthood is giving you.

Geez!  And she is a medical doctor and a lawmaker.

If you have doctors and legislators like this, who needs Dr. Kavorkian?


PS:  Carlos Celdran said that "people who matter" were at the pro-RH rally, like rich people, celebrities, politicians, media men...

And what about those who do not matter like those he meets at the streets of Tondo who receive the free condoms he gives away?  I thought they are the reason why we need the RH Bill?

Oh, yeah, stoopid me.

People "who don't matter "get killed and aborted!

Right Der Fuhrer?


My blog is being hacked.  Someone tried to change my profile name.

Trying to fish in the desert, eh, RH folks?

Well, this is one dude you will never ever abort!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BREAKING!!! Summorum Pontificum Instruction to be issued on Friday the 13th

Don't fret.  Special documents from the Vatican are issued on very special days.  This Friday the 13th is no superstitious thing.  It is a religious thing as it is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

New Liturgical Movement blog is reporting all about this.  Click here for this wonderful news.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When playing coy can lead you to perdition.

I got this from a tip from pro-life champions and fellow Pinoy Catholics AJ and Cocoy.

The article is from the Inquirer written by Jesuit Fr. John Caroll and the "Note from me:" is from his fellow Jesuit  Fr. JBoy Gonzales.


Note from me: This is to further your education, so that informed, you may be able to form your conscience. [Uhm.  What are you there as priests for?  Aren't you the one's to tell us what is right and wrong and then we decide and we know the consequences if we do not do what is right, right?  Isn't that the lessons we learned in school cathechism?] Doing so, you will be able to make your own decision on the matter. It is good that you get different opinions and perspectives. I have worked with Fr. Carroll SJ in Payatas and I can attest to his holiness, sincerity and credibility.  [Wow!  That really sets the tone.  His intro of the article and his Welcome Remarks for the Keynote Speaker.  As if I did not work there at Payatas too. Ha!]


AS I watched Christ’s faithful gather symbolically in the Upper Room on Holy Thursday, around Calvary’s cross on Good Friday, and at the empty tomb on Easter Sunday, a wave of joy flowed over me. Swept up like a chip of wood on the surface of a boiling wave by the power of the community singing, I recalled the unity in faith and hope of the millions who gathered 25 years ago at Edsa. But still there was an undercurrent of sadness, sadness due to the realization that the official Church no longer stands with a united people but with one part of a nation divided; and that the struggle is carried on, no longer in the respectful manner of the crowds at Edsa, but in an atmosphere of personal animosity and demonizing.  [Now here is where his argument falters.  He twisted the facts of history.  Remember that it was the Church, through the CBCP that condemned the massive cheating at the 1986 Snap Presidential Elections.  It was the Church, through Manila Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin, who rallied the people to go to Edsa.  It is the Church, through her brave and faithful bishops, who shouts that what is happening with the RH Bill is driving a wedge amongst Catholics.]

The sadness is made deeper by the sense that in the debate over the RH bill, the Church seems to have backed itself into a no-win situation. [What win situation are we talking about here?  Your talking about contraceptives and abortifacients!  Life will never win with that.] If the bill passes over the total opposition of the hierarchy, there will be gloating in some quarters and a sense of “Who’s afraid of the big bad Church?” If it is defeated by the opposition of the Church, I fear a powerful backlash at the Church’s “interference in politics” and “reliance on political power rather than moral suasion”—the beginnings of an anti-clericalism such as has overwhelmed formerly Catholic bastions such as Spain and Ireland. [So....we are more concerned with the PR ramifications of standing up to what the Magisterium teaches us?]

With all due respect for the position of the Philippine bishops, I do not see that total opposition to the bill necessary, once one gets past the polemics. First of all, the bill does not legalize contraceptives; they are already legal and may be purchased in any drugstore. What the bill proposes to do—rightly or wrongly—is to subsidize the cost of contraception as well as natural family planning to the poor. [Which the Church still opposes since contraceptives is a moral evil that MUST NOT BE funded by tax payers' money!] Neither does the bill legalize abortion; on the contrary it reaffirms the constitutional prohibition. [Obviously, he did not read the Bill.  Most contraceptives are abortifacients which the manufacturers of these contraceptives admit in their label packaging.]  It is highly probable in fact that if contraceptives become more available to the poor, the scandalous number of illegal abortions performed annually will be dramatically reduced. [There you have it folks.  This Catholic priest sees contraception, even though it has been condemned by Humane Vitae, as the solution to end abortion.  Those contraceptives themselves induce abortion!  And what if the contraceptive fails, what do you do with the unborn baby?  Have you ever asked why those women who had "unsafe abortions" decided to have one?  Because the contraceptive failed!  Why do I know this?  I worked where you are working Fr. Caroll.  You might not know me but I know you.]

On the tricky scientific question whether the IUD and some contraceptive pills may prevent the implantation of a fertilized ovum in the mother’s womb and so destroy a human life, the current draft of the bill passes the responsibility to the Food and Drug Administration, which should ban any such “contraceptives” from drugstores throughout the country. [Just read the frickin product label and other scientific studies.  Have you tried Filipinos for Life? Or you just pretend to turn a blind eye?  He is agreeing to the Bill's position that we let loose these abortifacients first, even if they have been proven that these are, and let the FDA of the Philippines test them later.  How many babies have been aborted by then, huh?]

On the matter of sex education in the schools, the same draft allows parents to “opt out” for their children, i.e. to have them exempted from such classes. This is an improvement, although it would seem better to allow religious schools to develop their own programs. It may be still possible to negotiate for this. There is a graded set of modules on sex and population education already available, prepared by teachers of Catholic schools under the leadership of the Office of Population Studies Foundation of the University of San Carlos, and bearing the imprimatur of Ricardo Cardinal Vidal. [Honestly, this is a good point.  I don't trust that fat blob named Lagay-man to design this for my children.]

Other improvements may still be possible. One might be to strengthen the “conscience clauses” protecting health workers and teachers whose religious values conflict with certain aspects of the bill. Another could be representation of religious bodies on an oversight committee to make sure that freedom of conscience is fully respected in the field.

A sticking point for many is that the bill would subsidize the distribution of contraceptives to the poor. The Catholic Church, while recognizing the fundamental moral difference between contraception and abortion, still insists that the former is wrong. [Do you believe in this Fr. John?] It debases the most sacred act which a husband and wife can perform: cooperation with the Creator in bringing into existence a new human person destined for eternity with God. Here it would seem more consistent for the Church to initiate a vigorous program of family life and natural family planning education for its people, helping them to form their consciences and make responsible decisions on this matter, rather than trying by political means to keep them away from “temptation.” [He does not want the Church to speak out in the public square.  How sooooo European!]

Which brings up what to me seems to be the most important issue here, namely, the family and family values. The charge is made that the RH bill will destroy the Filipino family. On the basis of more than 25 years of pastoral and social work in Payatas, and some seven years sponsoring natural family planning programs, I can say that the family is already at great risk—and not because of contraceptives.  [Here comes the CV!]

While the dedication of many young people—our scholars and former scholars—to helping their families, and the sacrifices that they are willing to make, are sometimes overwhelming, these are often one-parent families abandoned by the fathers who have gone on to father second and even third families. Or no-parent families abandoned by both father and mother and being raised by grandparents. Moreover, one main reason why only some 20 percent of the women who take our seminars on natural family planning actually practice it is precisely the unwillingness of the husbands to cooperate.  [And adding contraceptives to the list won't worsen the situation?  Yup.  Great one Father!]

Our family-life seminars [Uhm.  Been to one.  Rubbish.]  seem to be much appreciated. If only the effort and resources being now invested in opposition to the RH bill were being used for serious family-life education and family support services, [Do I hear an implicit promotion of the Ateneo's program here?  Huh? Hmmmmmm......?]  there might be little reason to oppose the bill. And our Holy Week services might be true celebrations of unity, mutual respect and love.


Priests and bishops are ordained to dispense the graces of the Almighty through the sacraments.  And they are also ordained in order to preserve us in the Faith, instruct and guide us, and to keep us within the fold.

That is the reason why bishops carry a shepherd's crook, to keep the wayward within the fold and to protect the sheep from the attacks of the wolves.

If you have priests like the Jesuits of the Ateneo giving you a load of grey-area crap, with "common ground" dialogue and letting you informed and let you decide on your own...

Imagine Felix Manalo jumping for joy in the fires of hell for seeing Catholics being confused from within by their own shepherds.

Dear Ateneo Fathers,  all we want is you to tell us what to do?  Maybe you can have an idea of what we want when you recall seeing one of these bracelets.

On second thought....


I'd even trust Pro-Life Philippines and Filipinos for Life on this issue.   We'd rather listen to the Holy Father and the bishops than you, because quite frankly, you are neither pope nor bishop.  I don't owe you my allegiance

So, please, stop writing and be quiet.  You are not helping at all

We don't need your noise.

In God's name, please stop!