Friday, May 20, 2011

WARNING about bogus priest: "Fr." Mark Bunag

PASIG CITY - A letter was forwarded by Fr. Noel Ormenita, Episcopal Vicar of the the Catholic Church of East (Holy Family Catholic Church) at Imus, [No, they are not in communion with the Catholic Church.] Cavite to Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, informing that "Jose Mark Robinson Bunag, also known as Mark Bunag or Fr. Mark Bunag, residing at Kruz na Ligas, U.P. Diliman, is not a validly ordained priest and is not incardinated neither with us in the Catholic Church of the East nor is he incardinated in any Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church."  [I think it the THE Roman Catholic Church that need to say that, isn't it?]

Further explained in the letter, "We are sending this letter for your information and for the information and guidance of the Roman Catholic faithful and those who belong in our Church. We fervently request your Eminence to this information be disseminated in the parishes, schools, and religious institutes, as Mark Bunag carries with him an invalid celebret, and according to the last report, "offers Masses"

The circular was sent by Pasig Chancellor Fr. Mar Baranda to all clergy, religious, and school heads in the Diocese of Pasig.


I am very sorry to learn how this guy went from Traditional to completely insane!

He used to serve in EF Masses all around the country even instructing young boys how to serve at those Masses.

He used to be Franciscan, then SSPX, then diocesan, then so-called Catholic Church of the East, and then renegade.

Just beware of him and don't fall for his trap.   Don't give him any money nor let him be anywhere hear your chapels, churches or schools.

He plays priest.  Just like that.  Role playing like in kindergarten.

I have heard a lot of things about him but I'll just leave this post as it is.

He is a fake priest and has excommunicated himself automatically.

Pray that he comes to his senses and comes back home.


  1. Don't be too harsh with the Catholic Church of the East. Even if they are not in communion with us, at least we can be quite certain that they have standards for their clergy. They have expressed ecumenical courtesy to inform the Roman Church of this priest-pretender! Of course the Roman Church knew this faker all along!

  2. Dear Mr Pinoy Catholic

    Check this link

    Mr Bunag is in the photo in alb and stole!

  3. If they are associated with the Assyrian Church of the East, then they should be a sister church with valid sacraments and hold the same Eucharistic faith we do. Catholics may be able to receive the sacraments from their clergy if they are unable to get it from their ministers and/or are in danger of death.

  4. Honestly, this is where I divide the line Doc Ben.

    First, Mr. Bunag's "bishop" did not extend ecumenical courtesy when he took in a Roman Catholic and ordained him.

    Second, them issuing a warning? Did they exercise prudence before they laid hands on him? The Catholic Church did that is why Mr. Bunag went on "seminary shopping", if I may use the term. The guy wants the status NOT THE VOCATION.

    Third, since they did issue the warning, it looks like the guy is doing something very inappropriate that tarnishes the image of the Catholic Church of the East. They should have known better when they took the guy in in the first place.

    Lastly, valid or licit, ALL ORDERS in my opinion come from Jesus Christ Himself to perpetuate His salvific work on earth. Now, if a guy walks around claiming to possess "valid orders" but does not live in communion with Christ's Vicar, or to put it bluntly, is obstinately disobedient to St. Peter's Successor, then what are his orders for? Bishops, priests and deacons are here to continue Christ's work. Not to build churches separate from the One True Fold!

    1. The problem with the Roman Catholic Church is that it lost its temporal empire over 100 years ago, yet it insists on proclaiming its spiritual hegemony over the entire earth. Here are a few facts you may not want to hear. Jesus did not establish the Roman Catholic Church. During the period of the Seven Ecumenical Councils there were considered five primary sees: Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria, known as the Pentarchy. Each see was independent of the others. The Mother Church, is not the church in Rome, but the church in Jerusalem. Whatever your opinion may be on whether or not Fr. Bunag has valid priestly orders, the Vatican has ruled that under certain circumstances, churches not in communion with Rome may still possess valid Apostolic Succession. The Eastern Churches are different, yet Orthodox faithful are allowed to partake of Communion from a Roman Catholic priest. Doing so, however, would result in excommunication from the Orthodox churches. Not all Catholics are Roman. Indeed, there are churches that are Catholic that come from Anglican, Orthodox, and Old Catholic sees. You are quick to condemn, but you are slow to listen to your own Pope.

  5. The "Catholic Church of the East" as they call themselves now (the founder is an ex-Catholic who was putatively ordained in the Polish National denomination) also has had warning issued about it by various Conferences of Bishops. Just read their website (above mentioned) to get a load of their conflicting statements.

  6. Thanks Ben for Posting The Link Ahead of Me!

    Vivat Anglicanorum Coetibus!!!!

    BTW,Are You A Convert?

  7. i hope u can furnish a copy of the letter and post it here.


  8. why are there some people against in other orders? and why is roman catholic always having starting this kind of nonsense issue? we can be all priest as long as you accept Lord Jesus Christ teachings. Let me ask you this way, do our Lord Jesus ask Peter to have this what so called license/celebret or degree of STL or STD? of course the answer is not. It all comes by having faith with Him. Jesus said " Those who praise My Father using my name, I am with them." not only roman is catholic, there are so many of them. What romans being afraid of? the people will be divided? If this is all for our God we need to interrogations but we must reunited. and if you cannot accept them, respect their teachings.