Friday, October 16, 2015

Two popes speaking out against clapping inside a Catholic church

“I am very glad to have come here. But if I must express a wish, it is that in church you not shout out, that you not clap your hands, and that you not greet even the Pope, because ‘templum Dei, templum Dei.’ (‘The temple of God is the temple of God.’)

Now, if you are pleased to be in this beautiful church, you must know that the Pope is also pleased to see his children. But as soon as he sees his good children, he certainly does not clap his hands in their faces. And the one who stands before you is the Successor of St. Peter.” (St. John XXIII)

In case you forgot, St. John XXIII was the pope who called that overly hyped Vatican Council II.

And this one of course.

Something interesting seen in the Manila Cathedral

See it?

Comment below.

This is a RARE sighting.

What every faithful Catholic MUST do

Or what every baptized and CONFIRMED Catholics MUST do.

We have forgotten the grace the Sacrament of Confirmation confects upon our soul!

So when a priest forces you to commit a sin, CALL HIM OUT!

When a bishop teaches something not taught by Jesus Christ, ignore his teachings and point out his errors!

There are so many of our youth who are ill informed of what "alter Christus" means.

Some say we cannot and must not correct a priest because he is another Christ.  How can you see Christ in a person who is FOUL MOUTHED, SLANDERER and ORIGINATOR OF MALICE, and CONTEMPT?

In other words, he is the CATHOLIC VERSION OF ELISEO SORIANO. Everything in Eliseo Soriano, just that he is Catholic.

Martin Luther was a priest.  If you were alive during his time, you wouldn't dare correct him just because he is a priest?

We have enemies inside the Church too.

When priests and nuns teach you to show "mercy and compassion" which has become code for "tolerating the sin of the person", then tell teach them the "truth in charity".

Don't be like other priests who are quick to draw the gun and curse you online with words like TANGA, BOBO, PULPOL!

We do not tolerate sin.

"We as Catholics have not properly combated (the culture) because we have not been taught our Catholic Faith, especially in the depth needed to address these grave evils of our time. This is a failure of catechesis both of children and young people that has been going on for fifty years. It is being addressed, but it needs much more radical attention... What has also contributed greatly to the situation is an exaltation of the virtue of tolerance which is falsely seen as the virtue which governs all other virtues. In other words, we should tolerate other people in their immoral actions to the extent that we seem also to accept the moral wrong. Tolerance is a virtue, but it is certainly not the principal virtue; the principal virtue is charity... Charity means speaking the truth. I have encountered it (not speaking the truth) many times myself as a priest and bishop. It is something we simply need to address. There is far too much silence — people do not want to talk about it because the topic is not 'politically correct.' But we cannot be silent any longer."    -     Raymond Cardinal Burke

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Grand Scheme of Things

My sources have confirmed the movement of ecclesiastics in the Philippines.

The hopes of another ecclesiastic to follow in the footsteps of his revered teacher are now going down the drain because of the powers at play from the distant corn field near the Valley, a prime lot and center of thinking run by a society of grand schemers.

I expect the movement of a powerful and cheerful and sometimes dramatic cleric to the echelons of power soonest.

The movement of a young up and coming rock star of a cleric to a neighboring mission to that darling of the media is an indication of things to come.

In the grandest scheme of things, was it the Holy Spirit working or the machinations of men who are more concerned of their liberal and careerist agenda?

It is true indeed.

The Church is holy, but its members here on earth are still fallible and mortal men struggling to follow the will of the Lord.

Pray unceasingly.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A storm is brewing in the horizon

There is a violent storm approaching and the one who holds the rudder naively steers the BOAT directly into the eye of the storm.

My only request for all of you dear brothers and sisters in the Faith is to pray unceasingly for the faithful Fathers of the Synod and for all who hold and stand true to the Catholic Faith that comes to us from the Apostles.

 A storm is coming. And the one steering the boat naively smiles. Or is he really that naive?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This is what Freemasonry has brought upon the world

They call it equality of religion or religious neutrality all in the name of RESPECT.

Watch out TPC readers.

It is coming to our shores soon.