Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Liturgical Vestments in Manila

The Archdiocese of Manila website posted photos of the Blessing of Liturgica, a shop that sells Catholic liturgical items in SM Megamall.

The text of the invitation for the blessing of the shop, signed by Fr. Genny Diwa, the archdiocesan Minister for Liturgical Affairs.  Weird that the online letter says he is the Director Archdiocesan Office of Communications.  I think someone forgot to edit the pro-forma letter, eh?

Fr. Diwa blessed the shop.

Well, anywho, here is the message of the letter:

It has been our experience at the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission to receive inquiries and calls from priests, religious and lay, from our archdiocese and from other arch/dioceses in the country, on where they can get some needed liturgical item. [Huh?!  I guess they did not know about a LOT of tailors and metal workers who do great works in liturgical arts.  Maybe the Commission does not want them to go to these stores?  Hmmm?  Dan Brown conspiracy?  Nahhh.  More of this later.] We are glad there are places and shops that we can refer them to [I am not sure if the shops I will refer later are those that they actually refer.] but we have also come to realize that more shops of this sort are needed.

It is in connection with this that we invite you to the blessing of LITURGICA, a shop or house where various liturgical items can be obtained such as liturgical vestments, books, publications [BOOKS!!! PUBLICATIONS!!!! LITURGY!!! ANSCAR!!!!] and CDs on the liturgy, and other paraphernalia used in the liturgy. It is touted as a one-stop shop. [One stop shop? Of anything liturgy?  So does this include items of the traditional Mass?  We'll see.]


So now let's look at selected photos of the shop courtesy of  Why do I get this feeling that the Liturgy Commission is running the Archdiocese's website?

  The inside of the shop and the people who attended the blessing.

Wow!  Beautiful retablo for a chapel.  Beautiful altar!  Beautiful lectern!  Classy chairs.  Processional cross modelled after the Paul VI/John Paul II ferula and... WHAT THE?!?!?!

The Tabernacle is on the side AGAIN!!!  I does not have the Lord in it.  But this set-up says a lot!

Can you not see how the liturgists try to make a parallelism between the presider's chair and the Tabernacle?  Geez....after the Year of the Priest and naming St. John  Mary Vianney the model for all priests on loving ministry and the Eucharistic Lord, you would think THIS would not happen again?  Hah!  Wishful thinking Pinoy Catholic!

Busts of laughing Christ and a Christ showing His Sacred Heart with a crown of thorns on the Sacred Head.  Hmmm...Never seen this before.  I can't make out of this.  First, the smiling and the suffering Christ...Nuff said.  Then the Sacred Heart with the crown of thorns.  Never have seen this before.

Drab vestments!

Ho-hum overlay stoles.  The St. Joseph the Worker stole is nice, though.  
Guess when this will be used?  Duh!

White Chasuble with an overlay design most oftentimes mistaken as a stole or what some would call "pallium stole" or "center stole".   There is no such thing folks.  According to the GIRM, stoles are worn under the chasuble.  Only in exceptional cases should it be worn over the chasuble.  This overlay designed-stole can still be used provided that an inner stole be worn inside.  Looking at the embroidery and the design, it is a nice handiwork and the material is probably the same used in a Barong Tagalog.

Ho-hum chalices and patens.  Well, better than the water goblet!
As I mentioned above, there are some shops who do excellent liturgical vestments.
Here they are: 
 Talleres de Nazaret 
You may visit their website.  Actually some of their work is sold at Liturgica but these are the ugly ones.  Go to their website and you can find excellent Roman chasubles.  I have personally seen the Roman chasubles and maniples and traditional copes they make and they are EXCEPTIONAL!  BUT!

Talleres is VERY PRICEY and the craftsmanship is not as excellent as I have seen done by smaller shops, staffed and owned by la people.   The people who work there need something to buy their daily bread, no?  Here is a screenshot of the chasubles.

Next is 
  Paulus Fine Liturgical Vestments

They have their own website also.  Click here.

Here is the profile of the company according to their website:
Paulus is a family-owned company started by the late Gerardo S. Salazar(†) in 1999. It started as Ecclesia Manila and was changed to Paulus Fine Liturgical Vestments following Jerry's untimely demise in 2006.

Today, our family steadfastly pursues the lifelong interest in embroidery, art and design together with a love of worship sparked by Jerry during his life as a designer and servant of the church. Paulus is now being managed by Marcela S. Salazar.

You can come to custom tailor your vestments in our studio located at 5421 Marcelo H. Del Pilar Street, La Huerta Paranaque City, Philippines. Or you may contact us directly through this website.
Here are sample works of Paulus:
Traditional Y Cross Gothic Chasuble.  Simple, traditional and beautiful!

With a detachable collar.  Very fine embroidery!

Traditional Banner for the Mother Butler Guild

Paulus has its share of liturgical horrors too...

I also know of one from Bulacan who makes very great vestments also.  I cannot find her contact details.  I will post this as soon as I get them.

UPDATE December 28, 2011

Try this one instead!  You can have the best traditional vestments here.

Neumann Liturgical Vestment
Ronnie C. Lominoque 
(Liturgical Art Designer)
63 9167153435

And for your sacred vessels!

Mamerto Pingol Metal Craft Manufacturing
1631 Felix Huertas Street, Sta. Cruz Manila
Telephone Number
+ 63 2 711-8216

+ 63 2 711-8880

and/ or

63 2 473-2431

They really do good work. And the insides of the chalices are gilded in REAL silver and/or  gold.  Excellent attention to details also!


  1. The one in Bulacan is CHEZ LES SAINTS of Tito Santos. Website is

  2. Super thanks for your blog!! I've been searching on the net for a gift to give to our Parish Priest here in Bellevue, WA and found only one really good source-- YOURS! Thanks a whole lot.

  3. I'm Tito Santos of Chez Les Saints liturgical vestment from Baliuag, Bulacan. Thank you for the kind words you have for my business.

    If you would want to see more of my designs, please visit The designs featured in my website are all original creations that were exhibited at the largest and biggest liturgical exposition in the world in Vicenza, Italy last April 2009 for the KOINE expo. I was fortunate enough to be the only Asian delegate in this prestigious exhibition.

    You can visit my showrooms at the following addresses:
    225 F. Vergel de Dios St., Concepcion, Baliuag, Bulacan (Main)
    Tel No: 044-7660486 and

    56 Mahabagin St. cor Matimtiman St., Teachers Village, QC (Manila Office)
    Tel No: 02-3325182

    You can also reach me through email at

    My vestments are likewise available at the following establishments:
    Catholic Trade in Tayuman, Manila
    Seminary Store in Christ the King, E. Rodriguez, QC
    Libreria de San Pablo (St. Paul's) in various SM department stores
    Archbishop's Residence in Jaro, Iloilo City
    Catholic Center in Hongkong
    Katong Bookstore in Singapore

    Again, thank you and God bless.

  4. Tito, thanks for commenting. I visited your website the moment I got the comment from Willie.

    I say they are good designs. Unfortunately, I have forgotten to blog about it.

    I will make a post of it in the future.

    Thanks again for commenting.

  5. Please be a little kinder in making criticisms. The vestments you called "drab" were made by the same shop you endorsed - Talleres de Nazaret!

  6. Actually, Fr. Aris, I mentioned that Talleres has their share of vestments that need more "attention to detail" if I may say.

  7. I have also ordered from Neumann Liturgical Shop located in Tatalon, QC a block from Quezon Ave & Banawe St. I have ordered before from Tito Santos of Chez les Saints and Paulus Liturgical vestment. I like traditional designs. I only ordered once from Tallares de Nazareth because it's pricey & the detail of the designs are not good. My parishioners here in Maryland are always surprised that I always wear beautiful vestments from the Philippines.

    1. I agree with that observation Fr. Gary. The price of the vestments from Talleresis ridiculously high! I might edit this post...hmmmm....

    2. TPC, where is Relobin located, I am bringing some chalices & paten to be regilded/replated. Does he have a website or e-mail?

    3. You are right Fr. Gary! The number is not working. I'll get back to you on this one and edit this post.

  8. Hi. I was trying to look at chez les saints' website but it seems like it doens not work anymore. can you help me with this please. thanks

  9. Thanks for this article! Very helpful!

    I wonder if you also know of a shop where I can get beautiful veils? Now that I've tried wearing one during mass, I can't live without a veil anymore. I'd like to give them as gifts to my friends, but I can't find anything in the Philippines except of the very ordinary ones at St. Paul's.

    1. Thanks for reading the article Joyce. :) You better have one made for yourself. You won't be able to find any good valued veils in stores today.

    2. Joyce, better buy a cloth na "pang-kurtina" in Divisoria or in any fabric store and a lace. Better get some pattern in the net and show it to your neighborhood dressmaker. Although it will be a bit pricey, but worth it. Pagawa ka ng lima to save you on labor costs.

  10. if they are selling religious items that have been Blessed, it is against Canon Law and is a sacrilege (if they are Catholic) and they are banned from receiving Holy Communion. However, most folk aren't Catholic and couldn't care about whether they are selling anything like this. Please, try to get many people to buy these items that are Sacred and Blessed so they aren't used in black masses and/or voodoo, and other evils.

  11. Please visit our site for Liturgical Vestments. God Bless you..

  12. tanung ko lang po kung saan pwede makapagpagawa ng chalice sa cubao. malapit daw po sa victory liner

  13. san po pwede makakita ng gumagawa ng chalice sa cubao?