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My Way...

Your typical diploma wielding, liturgy professor worshipping, Vatican II quoting, Redemptionis Sacramentum bashing, Summorum Pontificum hating, parish liturgist's theme song:
And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain...

I did it my waaaaaayyyyy!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Catholic priest does not care if someone mocks the Eucharist!

Better late than never.

Sent to me by a friend who cares.

Remember the furor over the Dolphy movie Fr. Jejemon, where the "host" accidentally falls into a woman's cleavage?

A priest rants why the furor over the scene. Yup. A "Catholic"..."priest"...wonders why Catholics are mad over the public mockery of the Holy Eucharist.

I have to post this even if the article was written a month ago.


Why the ruckus over Dolphy?
by Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino

I cannot, for the life of me, understand what all the furor over Dolphy’s latest caper is about. [Either you lived under a rock for the last century or you are playing dumb! Which obviously you are not being a Dean and all!] Angry text messages, full-length paid ads of condemnation, so-called prayer brigades of atonement—what mortal sin has he committed? All of the vitriol directed at him sounds so pharisaical, so hypocritical, and, at Christmastime, very “Herodian”! [Well, read Matthew 7:5 first! And get a mirror!]

In fact, Dolphy should be given by the Catholic Church an award. [He wants the Catholic Church to give an award to an actor who makes fun of the Eucharist.  And he has the audacity to be even called Catholic!]  For decades, he has made us laugh heartily over clean jokes, [uhh] sometimes naughty ones, a few bordering on toilet humor, but none really offensive except to the prudish. [Is he Dolphy's PR man or what?] And at all times, he has always endeavored to pass on a message, make a point for values, teach his audience a lesson or to [sic] about the things we hold dear and reverence. [Yeah, like having many wives?]  He does not deserve all this condemnation he is now receiving. [Yup.  He is definitely THE PR guy!]

What is so offensive about hosts falling in between cleavages or caught in dentures? [I'll leave the invectives to you folks.  Unprintable here!]  Technically, it was mere wafer that was involved, because I am sure Dolphy had no access to consecrated hosts—and he surely had equally good sense not to use them even if he had them.  [Sure.  Let's turn the table.  Let's take your photo and paint a swastika on your arm.  Or put a pitchfork and horns on your face?  How would that feel, eh?]  And do priests not joke about these matters, sometimes in even greener hues? [But do priests joke about it in public?  Do priests make movies about these?]  Certainly, the Lord in his greatness has a good laugh at Dolphy’s antics and only a scowl for hypocrites! [The Lord will laugh at Dolphy having multiple wives?  The Lord will laugh at the scenes of Dolphy's movie?  I heard a joke once that the Lord can play pranks on you but THIS IS RIDICULOUS!] “It is mercy I desire, not sacrifice!”— [You are a lawyer, Father so here is one for you!  NON SEQUITUR!] a declaration of priorities we would do well to remember at all times.

To be quite candid, I have enjoyed life more because of Dolphy’s amusing ways than because of the pontificating of bishops and their equally pompous priests and crusading lay leaders. [Why be a priest after all!] And since we are on the topic of liturgical propriety, I will dare a litany of what I consider offensive in liturgy:   [Now watch out for what this arrogant bas...says...]

Priests who don “tubeless” chasubles [he is making a mockery of the pianeta or Roman chasuble which has been in existence for hundreds of years]—with their bare, hairy arms sticking out of their chasubles, [he is offended by a man's hairy arms!] and dirty pants ending in equally dirty shoes, this is what is offensive. Please spare me the crap [spare us yours!] about the difficulties of parish work in far-flung areas [he hates working with people who haven't heard the Gospel.] because there is no logical connection between remoteness and sloppiness! Homilies that are a bizarre mix of naive catechism, pious belief, superstition and jejemon talk, this is equally offensive. [Darn!  I thought I will disagree with him completely!  Ok, one point for you.]  Priests who have lost the ability to read and who are incapable of serious study, who dish out crap that they pass on as ‘holy wisdom’ to their adoring congregations, this is truly injustice! [Are you talking about those who we see regularly on Sunday TV Mass?]  Bishops who identify their most unreasonable and unjust orders with the ”will of God”—this is truly blasphemous! [He is talking about the stand of the Church against artificial birth control.  He calls it blasphemous!]  Lay leaders who believe that being lector, or commentator or extraordinary minister of holy communion has put them in a class “above” the rest of sinful humanity —this is the new breed of pharisees. [Now that is just plain disrespectful!  How many did he meet that made him pass that judgement!  Well, just reading this DEAN's writing...he is soooo holy....soooo righteous....sooooooooooo.............]

And while “Simbang Gabi” is on—in fact about to end—let me add to this list, bishops, priests and their lay hatchet persons who make of religious feasts and celebrations fund-raising affairs, who boast of gargantuan structures and magnificent churches amid the squalor all around. [I guess he does not have a parish of his own that is why he can't have his own fund raising.  Boohoo!  Maybe being Dean of the College of Law is not a very rewarding eterprise after all!]  All these truly offend God. [He accuses of bishops trying to shove down our throats the 'will of God" and then he claims that what he claims as offenses like fund-raisers as "truly offend God."  Maybe he has an Unli-call load to his god.]  I too must confess guilt for many things I could have done, or done better or should not have done as a priest. [Well, start writing them down!  You'll need a lot of paper and ink.]

As for Dolphy, if such silly scenes from a movie are all that we have against him, let us beg for his forgiveness, and ask God to pardon our [your?] hypocrisy—and wish each other the humility of Mary’s heart who, rather than condemning the sinfulness of all around her who were not immaculately conceived as she was—rather magnified the greatness of the Lord!

I vote that Dolphy’s film be shown without cuts [I think he got unlimited passes.] —and let us all enjoy a merry Christmas!


For a lawayer and a priest, this guy misses EVERYTHING!

For all the filth that came out of your mouth, you should be thankful that you did not get the punishment that you so deserve that would have been meted out to you if you lived for about a century ago!

Pray for this man's soul!  Because by the looks of it, he does not believe in what it is to be a Catholic and a Priest of Jesus Christ.

He does not deserve to be a priest nor to be a Catholic.

With the logic, he presents like "it is not consecrated wafer" meaning it is not the Lord in the Eucharist but a representation, let us follow his "magisterium".

Let us paint a Nazi swastika on his face...

Let us upload a video of his photo printed on toilet paper, wipe our stinking behind nice and easy, then flush the damn thing down the toilet...

Let is print a big tarpaulin of his photo and let every Catholic who hates his vitriol spill every increment we can think of into it...



Let us see how you feel!

Then I'll write my post with this lead sentence:

"I cannot, for the life of me, understand what all the furor..."

Papal Envoy to UST's Quadricentennial Celebration

His Eminence Zenon Cardinal Grocholewski, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education

News courtesy of Zenit.


VATICAN CITY, JAN. 26, 2010 ( Benedict XVI is sending the prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education to represent him at the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Manila's Pontifical University of Santo Tomas.

Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski was named papal envoy in a Latin-language letter dated Nov. 27 and made public Jan. 20; the celebrations will take place Friday, feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of the university.

In his note, the Holy Father highlighted the contribution the university has offered for centuries "to the educational, cultural and religious development of young people," carrying out a valuable service to "spread and confirm the Catholic faith in Asia." [spread and confirm!  Powerful Words!]

The Pontiff reflected that the institution has furnished high-level instruction "to hundreds of presbyters and bishops, religious and faithful," who then went to many places "to build the Kingdom of God."

The school and the university constitute "a particular ambit of the encounter between the Word of God and culture," he added.

The Bishop of Rome praised "the constant faithful action and the merits" of the university, and expressed his hope that it will continue forward, "so that faith in Christ will obtain the first place."

Santo Tomas University is the oldest operating university in Asia. It was established under the initiative of Dominican Archbishop Miguel de Benavides (1552-1605), the third archbishop of Manila. He allocated his properties and personal library to the institution of a college for the preparation of seminarians.
The college was founded officially on April 28, 1611, with the name "Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary." Later, the name was changed in homage to St. Thomas Aquinas, and authorized to confer academic titles in theology and philosophy.

In 1645, Pope Innocent X elevated the college to the status of university. In 1681, Pope Innocent XI declared it a public university of general studies, authorizing the conferring of other academic titles.

In 1902, Pope Leo XIII conferred on it the title of "Pontifical University," and in 1947, Pope Pius XII named it the "Catholic University of the Philippines."

The university campus is 21 hectares (52 acres) in the district of Sampaloc. Among the projects to mark the fourth centenary is the establishment of two other campuses: in Santa Rosa, in the province of Laguna, and in General Santos City, in the province of South Cotabato.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Inculturated Eucharistic Adoration and Procession

This is how this priest and his followers do their Eucharistic Adoration, by incorporating cultural dance into it.

This was done in Rio de Janeiro for the Congress of new Catholic communities

Hold on to your seats my dear friends.

It will get veeerrryyyy UGLY.

When will this end?

When will it stop?!

If Mass is boring...

"Make them say good morning to each other!"

So goes a priest advising another on how to "spice up" the Mass.

Really? The bloody reenactment of the Sacrifice in Calvary, made less boring by having inculturation into our Masses.


Well, let's read the following article to get the real score of why Mass can become boring or long...

This is an old article I dug up in Zenit but still very relevant.


If Mass Is Boring
Interview With Prelate of Opus Dei
By Jesús Colina

ROME, APRIL 2, 2010 ( Holy Mass is about love, reminds Bishop Javier Echevarría Rodríguez, prelate of Opus Dei, when asked for advice for those who are sometimes bored by the Eucharistic celebration. [Not about the newest dance move that we'll see!]

Bishop Echevarría, who together with Bishop Alvaro del Portillo was the person closest to St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, has dedicated his latest book, "Living the Holy Mass," to this sacrament.

Bishop Echevarría is a member of the Vatican's Congregation for Saints' Causes and the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature; he is a consultor for the Congregation for the Clergy and an honorary member of the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas. His book is an attempt to rediscover love for the Eucharist, "which must be the center of our life," he explains in this interview with ZENIT.

ZENIT: What would you recommend to Catholics who say they are bored at Mass?

Bishop Echevarría: I would recommend that they participate with sincerity in the Mass, seeking and loving Jesus. In "The Way," St. Josemaría wrote: "You say the Mass is long and, I add, because your love is short."

Feelings must not be given too much importance: enthusiasm or apathy, desire or lack of it. The Mass is sacrifice: Christ gives himself out of love. It is an action of God and we cannot fully understand its grandeur, because of our limited condition as creatures. But we must make the effort, not only to be at Mass, but to live it in union with Christ and the Church. [And that does not mean inculturation!]

ZENIT: When did you discover the mystery that the Eucharist conceals and reveals?

Bishop Echevarría: Thank God, I try to rediscover it every day: in the Liturgy of the Word -- which helps to maintain conversation with God during the day -- and in the Eucharistic liturgy. We should always be ever more astonished before this reality that surpasses us, but in which the Lord allows us to participate, better said, invites us to participate. [And it does not involve dancing!]

In the Mass, not only is a descendent communication of the redeeming gift of God fulfilled, but also an ascendant mediation, man's offering of himself to God: his work, his sufferings, his griefs and his joys, everything is united to Christ -- through him, with him and in him. I cannot be silent about the deep impact that St. Josemaría made on me when he celebrated the Holy Sacrifice, on contemplating his daily Eucharistic devotion.

It profoundly moves us to think that in the presentation of the gifts, the priest asks God to accept the bread and wine, which are "fruit of the earth (or of the vine) and the work of men."  [The Offertory prayers of the Traditional Latin Mass is much profound in meaning.]  Man can offer his work in any circumstance to God, but in the Mass, that offer reaches its full meaning and value, because Christ unites it to his sacrifice, which he offers to the Father for the salvation of men. [Uh-oh.  Womyn is not mentioned!]

When the Mass is the center and root of the Christian's day, when all his tasks are oriented to the Eucharistic sacrifice, it can be affirmed that his whole day is a Mass and that his place of work is an altar, where he gives himself fully to God as his beloved son.

ZENIT: In his pontificate, Benedict XVI is stimulating a rediscovery of the enormity of this sacrament. What has most caught your attention in the words and gestures of the Pope on the Eucharist?

Bishop Echevarría: Especially important, it seems to me at this time, is his insistence that the liturgy is God's action and, as such, it is received in the continuity of the Church. [Continuity!  Not rupture!]

The Pope has written that the best catechesis on the Eucharist is the Eucharist itself well celebrated. [How can you catechize when you have dancers and a priest who loves cracking jokes!] Therefore, the first duty of piety for the priest that celebrates or for the faithful that participate in the Mass is the attentive, devout observance of the liturgical prescriptions: the obedience of pietas. [Just follow the RED and say the BLACK!  How hard can that be?!  Why insert words that aren't there?!]

Moreover, the Pope also insists that the Eucharist is the heart of the Church: God present on the altar, the close God, builds the Church, congregates the faithful and sends them to all men[Not what our liturgy director says!  Mass is where we are called together around the table of love to share one another, for fellowship, for love!  Aws, shucks!  CHURCH OF AQUARIUS!  Hooha!]

ZENIT: Something more personal. According to your memories, what was the Eucharist for St. Josemaría? What role did it have in his day?

Bishop Echevarría: I served Mass many times for St. Josemaría. At these times he would ask me to pray so that he would not get used to celebrating that very sublime and sacred act. In effect, I was able to verify something he once said: that he experienced the Mass as work -- at times an extenuating effort, such was the intensity with which he lived it.

Throughout the day, he would recall the texts he had read, in particular the Gospel, and many times he commented on it, in a perfectly ordinary tone, as food for his spiritual and human life.

He was conscious of the fact that in the Mass the protagonist is Jesus Christ, not the minister, and that the faithful fulfillment of the prescriptions enables the priest to "disappear," so that Jesus alone shines. Many people who attended his Mass -- also in the difficult circumstances of the Spanish Civil War -- commented later that his way of celebrating Mass had something that moved them profoundly, and that they felt invited to grow in their devotion to the Holy Sacrifice. I am convinced that what moved those who participated -- those of us who participated -- in his Mass was precisely that: that he let Christ appear and not his person.


If priests begin to draw attention to themselves by using the Mass, then we have a serious problem about it.  It is what we call "Priestly Narcissism"!

So if you get bored at Mass, ask yourself.

What is it that you seek?

Who is it you want to experience?

Why, in the first place, did you go to Mass?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Communion in the Hand Website

Nope. I am not supporting that practice! NEVER WILL!

But what I am driving at at this post is that a NEW WEBSITE dedicated to educate people about the proper way of receiving communion BY THE TONGUE AND KNEELING, if may, is now online.

No, it does not promote Communion in the Hand but rather the complete opposite!

It offers useful resources to educate the faithful about this UNUSUAL and IRREVERENT way of receiving communion. Knowledge is power. And knowing the issues about this practice will give you a sure defense against those omniscient liturgists who would bamboozle you with historical quotes that Communion in the Hand is the ancient and therefore CORRECT practice of receiving the Eucharist.

Well, what happened to thousands of years of communion in the tongue?

Read and become aware so you won't be fooled by liturgical hobbyists who think that they know it all in anything about liturgy since they associate with a has-been and thus become a walking and living 2nd class relic of their revered professor!

DO NOT BE FOOLED! Know the real issues! This is a matter of great concern!  Hosts have been found desecrated in various churches around the world!  This manner of reception has to STOP NOW!

Head on over to the site and sign up!

Don't forget to sign our own petition which you can find on the left side navi bar.

Thanks to the Golden Monstrance for the tip.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tshirt designs...if you like them!

 A friend sent me this and told me that these are t-shirt designs of the students of Fr. A.

I do not own this nor claim ownership to these designs, ok?   If you want to see more of the designs, click here.  There's free advertisement for you Fra Dave.

Sorry, but I am no fan of Fr. Anscar's work.  No fan of inculturation.  Never will.  

BUT...if he publicly celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass and lets a friend finish his dissertation without any undue pressure, THEN I MIGHT BECOME ONE.  

Yeah, I know.  I think Mike Velarde will be the first to hear Latin Mass than...

So?  What do I think of this?  The second one gave me a migraine just to see the name of Bugnini and Vagaggini with those of Guardini, Pius XII, and St. Ambrose!  Seriously, Frater?!  Those two with THOSE names? And...

To paraphrase the patron of this blog, St. Lorenzo Ruiz:

"Even if I had a thousand lives, I will NEVER, EVER WEAR THESE SHIRTS!"

Ugh! [shudder...]

PS:  I did not know that Fr. Chupungco's nickname is AJ.  Hmmm...

Dancing at Mass is NEVER permitted!

The liturgical books and the Holy See's legislation on any addition to what the liturgical books say or as Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University says it: an "overall prohibition on introducing elements not contemplated by the liturgical books"  is clear. In other words, if it does not say there, then DO NOT DO IT!

But considering that, this continues to happen each and every week and shown on national TV.  Mind you, dear TPC readers, that things that are outlawed, if unchecked and continuously done unchecked, becomes the norm.  The uninformed and easily gullible will be lead to believe that "it must be ok." because "priests do it and bishops are not outlawing it."

I guess someone is caught sleeping on the job!

It really bothers me, as a layman, why some priests just cannot follow what is in the liturgical books!

How hard can it be to just SAY THE BLACK AND DO THE RED?! (Thanks to Fr. Z for the expression!)

Dancing during the Gloria with tambourines?!?!

One hand raised in a form that, Lord knows what, has no Catholic heritage whatsoever?!?!

Overlay stole....

If I miss something, then I call God's Undercover Liturgical Police to spot the NOT!

And to those who believe that it is permissible to allow dancing at Mass, show me your proof!

Do not quote to me Varietates Legitimae, because clarifications about the subject matter of "liturgical dance" have been recently addressed like here and here and here.

So, don't give me that inculturation crap!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

See you all tonight!

From the post of my good friend, Gerald.


Tonight at 8pm we will be taping the Tridentine Latin Mass tomorrow's 7am Sunday TV Mass of SOLAR TV(channel 9). This is the form of the Mass prior to the reforms of the Second Vatican Council. For many years, almost everybody thought that this was already abrogated with the advent of the New Order of Mass of Pope Paul VI, the Mass ce...lebrated in all parishes today but in July 7, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI CLARIFIED in his apostolic letter Summorum Pontificum given motu proprio that the Tridentine Mass was NEVER ABROGATED and REMAINS SACRED and good for us.

I invite you to tune in tomorrow, January 23 at 7am at SOLAR TV (channel 9 aerial, channel 14 cable).

For those who would want to join us at the taping, this will be at 8pm at the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy, Maamo cor. Madasalin Sts. in Sikatuna Village Quezon City. This is a stone throw away from Save More Supermarket along V.Luna and Anonas Ext. Sts. This will be an anticipated mass.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Photos of the Canonical Installation of Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma

Many many many thanks to Fr. Jan Thomas Limchua for the photos. He is a young priest of the Archdiocese of Cebu and studies at the Colegio Sacerdotale Tiberino, Rome.

Here is a nice photo of Fr. Jan.

And here is another nice one.

The whole photo set of this Mass can be viewed here.

He was at the Installation Mass as one of the Masters of Ceremonies as you can see below.

Notice the Masters of Ceremonies of Cebu Masses are wearing the red amaranth cassock and a clerical rabat.  Even though these priests are not monsignori, they are entitled to wear the red amaranth cassock as they are serving a prelate during a Pontifical Mass.  By the way, red amaranth cassock and a clerical rabat for MCs...never seen done yet in the Archdiocese of Manila!  And laced surplice!  HA!

Fr. Limchua said that the event "was attended by over 800 priests and 70 bishops from all over the country."

Now here are excellent shots of that historic event courtesy of Needs and Solutions Photos and Videos.

Links for Needs and Solutions can also be found here and here.  They are the same group who took the nice episcopal photos of Archbishop Palma and Cardinal Vidal.  Fr. Jan is also in the photoset.  Click here.

Now back to the photos.

My brother Sir Knights preparing for the arrival honors

The cathedral was filled mostly by priests and religious!

Cardinal Vidal incenses the altar. Notice the Benedictine altar arrangement. Funny...I know a Benedictine who hates the Benedictine arrangement. He wants no cross in the center and the candles on the floor...why? Because we don't get to see the face of the priest. We came to worship not stare!

Cardinal Vidal on the beautifully ornate cathedra.
Compare it with the Manila's cathedra...

The papal bull announcing the appointment of Archbishop Palma to the See of Cebu is read and shown.

One of the readers in mantilla!  Nice!
Wear the mantilla Catholic women!

The two of the three cardinals of the Church in the Philippines
leads Archbishop Palma to the cathedra of the See of Cebu.

The archbishop is enthroned...

...and receives the crozier or pastoral staff and a hug from his immediate predecessor

Receiving the homage and obedience of the clergy

The seven candle bearers in black cassocks. Nice! Again,
you will not see this in the Manila Cathedral.
I am wondering though why the deacons weren't in dalmatic.

The final blessing. Notice the ICXC fingers! Nice!

The newly installed archbishop with his flock

...with his co-workers in the Lord's vineyard.

For more photos, click here.

Judging by the photos, I say it is a far cry from how Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales was installed, right?

I am happy that the noble celebration of the liturgy is gaining a resurgence in Cebu!

and Ad Multos Annos, Archbishop Jose Palma!

Cardinale Subito!

TLM Schedules

And of course, do not forget tomorrow's taping of the TLM!

Got the program back Mam Marilou! 

Deo gratias!

A nice video for theologians of St. Vincent, MST, etc.

And this is what Michael Voris referred to as the speech of Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Remember that he was the bishop who wrote the beautiful book, Dominus Est, which basically trumped any illogical and antiquarian reasoning to justify the sacrilegious Communion in the Hand [shudder].  I have a copy of that book thanks to my dear friend and brother Knight, Jay Balza of Veritatem Facientes in Caritate who gave it as a gift, the last time we saw each other.

Bishop Schneider says:
There is the need for a new Syllabus, this time directed not so much against the errors coming from outside of the Church, but against the errors circulated within the Church by supporters of the thesis of discontinuity and rupture, with its doctrinal, liturgical, and pastoral application.

Such a Syllabus should consist of two parts: the part that points out the errors, and the positive part with proposals for clarification, completion, and doctrinal clarification.

To read the entire speech of the great bishop, click here.

There is a Pinoy liturgical expert somewhere in the mountains who will surely be grumpy when this Syllabus ever comes out!

And I am sure that most theologians in a school somewhere in Katipunan, in Aurora Boulevard and Tandang Sora and in Zamboanga City would be ranting like hell about this.  Why?  These thelogians are so proud of themselves, they act as if they are the popes of their own church!  Omniscient and arrogant dissenters!

Bishop Schneider is an inspiration of this blog and the GULP!


Please do not forget!

A T.L.M. in P.L.D.M. will be offered on Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 8:00pm, to be shown on R.P.N. Solar 9 the following day, January 23, 2011.

Come one, Come all!

Here is the map of the church.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Milestone of John Paul II's pontificate

The concluding Mass of the 10th World Youth Day held in Manila in 1995 where I was a delegate was mentioned in the video.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How Pius XII viewed the early attempts to liturgical reform

 But it is neither wise nor laudable to reduce everything to antiquity by every possible device. Thus, to cite some instances, one would be straying from the straight path were he to wish the altar restored to its primitive tableform; were he to want black excluded as a color for the liturgical vestments; were he to forbid the use of sacred images and statues in Churches; were he to order the crucifix so designed that the divine Redeemer's body shows no trace of His cruel sufferings; and lastly were he to disdain and reject polyphonic music or singing in parts, even where it conforms to regulations issued by the Holy See.
Pius XII
Papal Encyclical "Mediator Dei"


Funny that some of our liturgists know better than Peter himself.

Oh, I know what they'll say.

Pius wrote Mediator Dei because...

  • He was old fashioned and the liturgical research at that time was not updated...
  • He did not read "What then is Liturgy".  Oh yeah, it was not yet published then.
  • He is not a member of the Philippine Academy for Liturgical Research 
  • He does not know inculturation
  • He was not yet smitten by the spirit of Vatican...
  • He does not know anything about the sense of community and belongingness
  • He does not eat the Meal of Love
  • He does not have any idea about the "pristine liturgy"
  • He is out of touch with the senses of the people
  • He is too much into clericalism
  • He is a pompous, hierarchical monarch who enjoys being carried around on a portable chair
And their rants would go on and on and on...

For as long as they have their own way in deciding what the Mass ought to be.

Other than those what Holy Mother Church GAVE us!

The Miracle Nun

No, not that one.

She is the nun who was miraculously cured of her Parkinson's disease due to the intercession of Venerable John Paul II, paving the way for the beloved pontiff's beatification.

From Yahoo! News

Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, stands next to a portrait of Pope John Paul II, during a press conference at Aix-en-Provence's archbishopric, Monday, Jan. 17, 2011. The pope has approved a miracle attributed to Pope John Paul II's intercession and set May 1 as the date for the beloved pontiff to be beatified. Pope Benedict XVI declared in a decree Friday, Jan. 14, 2011, that the cure of a French nun, sister Marie Simon-Pierre, who suffered from Parkinson's disease was miraculous, the last step needed for the beatification, in Monday, Jan. 17, 2011.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pope prays for flood victims and others



Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday (Vatican time) offered a special prayer for victims of floods in the Philippines and three other countries — Australia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.

During the praying of the Angelus at St. Peter's Square, the Pope dedicated the a special plea for the flood victims in the four countries.

May the Lord accept the souls of the dead, give strength to displaced persons and support the efforts of those who are doing their utmost to alleviate suffering and hardship," he said, according to a report of the Catholic news site Asianews.

In the Philippines, at least 51 people had been confirmed dead while 12 were reported missing as of Monday morning.

State weather forecasters warned that the cold front that brought heavy rains in parts of the country may move toward the north of the country this week.

During the Angelus, the Pope also lifted prayers for migrants and Christian unity.

Sunday was the World Day for Migrants and also the beginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian unity.

He said the formation of a family is "the goal of humanity's great journey through the centuries, of course with all the differences that enrich, but without barriers, recognizing all equally as brothers."

He lamented that family members at times have to be apart from one another. [This would not have happened if we have a government here in the country that is actually working.]

The Pope said migration "is sometimes voluntary, sometimes, unfortunately, it is forced by war or persecution, and often takes place, as we know, in atrocious conditions."

"Sometimes, unfortunately - he continued - Christians feel compelled to leave, with suffering, their land, thus impoverishing the countries where their ancestors have lived," he said.  [Especially in the land where the "Religion of Peace" is the most dominant...peaceful to their own kind but hungry for the blood of infidels!]

"On the other hand, the voluntary movement of Christians, for various reasons, from one city to another, from one country to another, from one continent to another, are an opportunity to increase the missionary zeal of the Word of God and allow the testimony of faith to circulate in the Mystical Body of Christ across the nations and cultures, reaching new frontiers, new environments," he added. [Except again in the land of the Religion of Peace!]

"It is imperative that Christians, although scattered throughout the world and, therefore, of different cultures and traditions, may be one, as the Lord wishes. And this is the purpose of the 'Week of Prayer for Christian Unity,' [Pope Benedict is the Pope of Christian Unity! as Fr. Z would always say it.  Amen to that!]  which will take place in the coming days, January 18 to 25," the Pope said. – VVP, GMANews.TV

Two Papal Rings

Did you know that Pope Benedict XVI chose two designs for his papal ring before the Inaguration Mass in 2005?

Here are the rings from the designer himself, Claudio Franchi

It's a no brainer why the Pope chose the present ring.  Look at the other one!  I know Piero Marini would like THAT one!

See the photo of the ring in the box during the Papal Inauguration.

Now here are close ups of the Papal Ring

To read more about the interesting trivia about the 2 rings, click here.

GULP Exam: Charismatic Healing Mass

From a "Healing" Mass...

I am no fan of priests who claim they have healing powers unless the cures are really verified to be miraculous.  Otherwise...

Well, that is another topic for another blog post.

Well here is one courtesy of Miguel.  Another one of those "healing" masses in our favorite places to hold Mass...the Mall!  By our "charismatic" priest, Fr. Mario Bije, S.V.D., who is also the Deliverance Minister under the Office of Exorcism of the Archdiocese of Manila.

We're on Rorate Coeli

Thanks to CAP and New Catholic for adding us up on the blog roll of the world famous blog!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blessed John Paul II

Ora Pro Nobis!

Going gaga over the Ordinariate!

The 3 former Anglican bishops will be ordained to the Catholic priesthood...and they have an online magazine!!!


Visit the online magazine by clicking here.

The Ordinariate also has its own blog:


3 Anglican Bishops to Be Ordained Saturday

LONDON, JAN. 13, 2011 ( The first responses to Benedict XVI's 2009 invitation to Anglicans in "Anglicanorum Coetibus" are beginning to take shape.

Today, former Anglican Bishops Andrew Burnham, John Broadhurst and Keith Newton became Catholic deacons, and on Saturday [today, January 15, Feast of St. Arnold Janssen founder of the SVD Family] they will be ordained Catholic priests.

The first "personal ordinariate" is being born, though its official birth awaits a decree from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith and the Holy Father's naming of an ordinary.

The possibility of this ecclesiastical structure is outlined in "Anglicanorum Coetibus." It is designed for groups of Anglicans and Anglican pastors who wish to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church. It is expected that further ordinariates will be established around the world to respond to the desire of those Anglican communities who also seek full communion with the Catholic Church. [In the Philippines....nah!]

A free monthly online magazine is following the birth of this first ordinariate.

Titled The Portal, the magazine will be published on the first of each month, and is designed for those in the U.K. ordinariate, those Anglicans who are interested in the ordinariate, and all Catholic friends of the ordinariate. It is receiving financial support from The Catholic League and Cost of Conscience, and it defines itself as "an independent review in the service of the ordinariate."

The first issue is now available online.

The 12-page review features a profile of Deacons Burnham, Broadhurst and Newton, as well as an interview with Auxiliary Bishop Alan Hopes of Westminster, a former Anglican priest who became Catholic 17 years ago, and who has been charged with setting up the ordinariate. It announces that future issues -- "hopefully from February onwards" -- will include a reflection from the ordinary, whom the Pontiff has yet to name.

Contributors Jackie Ottaway and Ronald Crane -- described in the staff box as "Anglicans exploring the ordinariate" -- spoke with Bishop Hopes. He told them he expects between 50 and 60 priests and 30 and 40 groups to "move over." But, he added, "We are not in the numbers game."

Father Peter Geldard, Catholic chaplain of the University in Canterbury, will write a column for the Portal. He notes how he served as a priest in the Church of England for 23 years and worked with Cardinal Basil Hume, late archbishop of Westminster, to try to create a possibility for groups of Anglicans to be received into full communion with the Catholic Church. That possibility only became a reality with Benedict XVI's document, and Father Geldard, and those who shared his views, were received individually into the Catholic Church.

Drawing from his personal history in the process of Anglican-Catholic relations, he calls the beginning of the ordinariate the "most exciting ecumenical event to have ever occurred in my lifetime."


This is the TRUE aim of Ecumenism.

Not to make our Catholic beliefs and rituals, Protestant!

Get that St. Vincent School of Theology?

Get that Euntes?

Get that Maryhill School of Theology?

Now can we here something from the CBCP about this?


Those dots would go on and on and on because they simply DO NOT CARE!

John Paul II's beatification

He will beatified on May 1st and his body will be moved into the main basilica from its present burial place.

But his body will NOT be exposed.  It will remain inside the triple coffin when it was buried in the Vatican Grottoes.


VATICAN CITY, JAN. 14, 2011 ( John Paul II's remains will be moved from the Grotto located beneath St. Peter's Basilica to a chapel in the main Church, the Vatican revealed.

"The transportation of the coffin will take place without exhumation," reported the semi-official Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, "hence Pope [John Paul II's] body will not be exposed."

The newspaper reported that the body of John Paul II will be "enclosed" and that the placement of his body will be marked "by a simple marble stone engraved with: Beatus Ioannes Paulus II."

The Pope's body will be placed in the Chapel of St. Sebastian, which is located between the Chapel of the Pieta and the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament.

The chapel houses the remains of Blessed Innocent XI (1676-1689), and is named after the main figure in the mosaic above the altar, which was completed by Pier Paolo Cristofari. Statues of Pius XI and Pius XII flank the right and left sides of the altar, respectively.


This is the view of the Altar of St. Sebastian.

Here is the shot of the altar with the body of Blessed Innocent XI.  I wonder where in the chapel they will place the coffin.

How Catholic is Seton Hall University

Thanks to FS2 for asking...

I dug this up...

Yup, Seton Hall is joining the Obamaniac hype for Same-Sex "Marriage".

Will things change now that a Pinoy Catholic is president?

Wait and see...

Friday, January 14, 2011

FLASH: Filipino American appointed first layman president of Catholic University!

Dr. Amado Gabriel M. Esteban has been appointed the 20th president of Seton Hall University, the first layman to occupy the post.

Read more here.  Here is his CV from Seton Hall's website.


Something dissenting theogians at St. Vincent, MST and Euntes WOULD NOT DO!

St. Vincent School of Theology "Mass" with wine in a wine bottle (how appropriate) and a 'bread' that looks like Piaya.  I did not know that wine and piaya go together?!  Hmmm...
Martin Luther is jumping in his heretic grave right now!

Profess this!!!



(Formula to be used by the Christian faithful mentioned in Canon 833, nn. 5-8)

I, N., in assuming the office of __________, promise that in my words and in my actions I shall always preserve communion with the Catholic Church.

With great care and fidelity I shall carry out the duties incumbent on me toward the Church, both universal and particular, in which, according to the provisions of the law, I have been called to exercise my service.

In fulfilling the charge entrusted to me in the name of the Church, I shall hold fast to the deposit of faith in its entirety; I shall faithfully hand it on and explain it, and I shall avoid any teachings contrary to it.

I shall follow and foster the common discipline of the entire Church and I shall maintain the observance of all ecclesiastical laws, especially those contained in the Code of Canon Law.

With Christian obedience I shall follow what the Bishops, as authentic doctors and teachers of the faith, declare, or what they, as those who govern the Church, establish.

I shall also faithfully assist the diocesan Bishops, so that the apostolic activity, exercised in the name and by mandate of the Church, may be carried out in communion with the Church.

So help me God, and God's Holy Gospels on which I place my hand.

(Variations in the fourth and fifth paragraphs of the formulary, for use by those members of the Christian faithful indicated in can. 833, n. 8).

I shall foster the common discipline of the entire Church and I shall insist on the observance of all ecclesiastical laws, especially those contained in the Code of Canon Law.

With Christian obedience I shall follow what the Bishops, as authentic doctors and teachers of the faith, declare, or what they, as those who govern the Church, establish. I shall also — with due regard for the character and purpose of my institute — faithfully assist the diocesan Bishops, so that the apostolic activity, exercised in the name and by mandate of the Church, may be carried out in communion with the Church.


NOTE: Canon 833, Nos. 5-8 obliges the following to make the profession of faith: vicars general, episcopal vicars and judicial vicars; "at the beginning of their term of office, pastors, the rector of a seminary and the professors of theology and philosophy in seminaries; those to be promoted to the diaconate"; "the rectors of an ecclesiastical or Catholic university at the beginning of the rector's term of office"; and, "at the beginning of their term of office, teachers in any universities whatsoever who teach disciplines which deal with faith or morals"; and "superiors in clerical religious institutes and societies of apostolic life in accord with the norm of the constitutions."


I know a lot of pastors, rectors, professors who HAVE NOT taken this Oath publicly!

Who the ensures that THEY DO SO?

New Archbishop of Cebu enthroned!

From the Philippine Star


CEBU, Philippines - Bishop Jose Palma arrived yesterday for his installation as the new archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cebu today. [It should have been 'archbishop' since he was archbishop of Palo before he was transferred to the See of Cebu.]

On board Philippine Airlines Flight PR 857, Palma landed shortly before 3 p.m. at the Mactan Cebu International Airport, where he was welcomed by Cebu Auxiliary Bishop Julito Cortes, Msgr. Achilles Dakay and Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza.

At the airport’s Most Important People (MIP) area, Palma was met by Msgr. Cayetano Gelbolingo, Rev. Fr. Augustine Polong, Fr. Jaime Duero, Cebu City Mayor Michel Rama, Central Command chief Lt. Gen. Ralph Villanueva and Regional Police Director Ager Ontog.

When Palma emerged from the MIP main door, he was bewildered to see a group of men and women from the Visayan Forum Foundation Inc. chanting his name to welcome him.

In proceeding to the Archbishops Palace, Palma’s convoy passed waiving schoolchildren and parishioners along the way.

The motorcade passed with ease through the major thoroughfares of Mandue City. Classes of schools along Palma’s route momentarily stopped as students went out to welcome him.

Some establishments also stopped their operations to let their employees join in welcoming Palma. [Imagine the aghast of the "freedumbers'!]

Yesterday’s 3 p.m. session of the Mandaue City Council was delayed for awhile as Mayor Jonas Cortes and the councilors met Palma, who made a three-minute stop at the city to mingle with Mandauehanons.

Students of St. Joseph Academy also presented a Sinulog dance in front of St Joseph Parish to welcome Palma.

Palma, in a statement after a brief talk with Cortes, said he was overwhelmed by the crowd that gathered to welcome him. His caravan then proceeded to Cebu City.

When Palma’s convoy passed Barangay Mabolo, hundreds of students from Mabolo Central School and parishioners headed by Fr. Joselito Danao gathered to great him.

The bells of Mabolo Parish Church rang as a sign of his arrival. [that is why we need to put back bells in our churches!]

Palma’s convoy arrived at the Archbishops Palace where he was welcomed by his predecessor, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, at the St. Joseph Chapel.

Upon entering the chapel, Palma was handed a crucifix which he kissed as a symbol of his strong faith. He then blessed the faithful and himself with holy water.

Vidal opened the ceremony with a prayer asking God to guide and bless Palma as “as pastor of Christ” and to “watch over” his flock.

Following a deacon’s reading of a gospel, Palma knelt down and professed his faith through the Nicene Creed.

Palma then delivered his “oath of fidelity” in Latin, placing his hand on the Book of Gospels as an act of loyalty to the pope with the promise to protect the church. [Click here to view the Oath.]

Towards the end of the ceremony, Palma blessed the faithful which include members of the clergy, the parishioners and the media.

Palma said: “Nagasalig ako nga kita mga Cebuano magkahiusa kita ug magbuligay kita, mag inabangay aron atong probinsya ug simabahan motubo ug molambo.” [My Cebuano is a bit rusty... basically he trusts in the Cebuanos to unite and help each other so that the province and the Church would grow and spread.]

He is confident that he will have no problem adapting to his new place because he knows the capabilities of Cebuanos.

In his speech after dinner at the Sacred Heart Center, Vidal said: “I thank the Lord that he has given me the opportunity to welcome my successor, to install him in his cathedra and to wish him all the Lord’s blessings as he assumes office as archbishop of Cebu.”

“It is my wish this spirit of gratitude that I welcome Archbishop Joe Palma to his Archdiocese…Cebu might be a dynamo of progress in the Philippine but as you will see later in your first fiesta señor as Archbishop of Cebu, it is also a dynamo of faith,” Vidal said.

While Vidal is leaving his seat to his successor, he said he is not worried as he believes that Cebuanos will always help Palma.

Lawyer Pat Acabodillo, who will represent the entire lay community at Palma’s installation today, assured the new archbishop of full support of the lay community.

Today at 9 a.m. at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Palma will be installed and the new archbishop of Cebu.

Expected to attend are members of his family from Jaro, Ilo-ilo and friends from former assignments in Palo and Calbayog, Leyte. [Cardinal Jaime Sin was also na Ilonggo from New Washington, Aklan.]

Only pre-identified personnel are allowed to occupy the front pews of the cathedral, which are reserved for Palma’s family, friends, Cebu clergymen, bishops and guests.

The highlight of the installation will be when Palma is escorted by Vidal to the cathedra, which will symbolize the transfer of seat.

After the three-hour installation rites, Palma and guests will proceed to the Cebu International Convention Center for a thanksgiving lunch. — With Flor P. Perolina/LPM (FREEMAN)





Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pro-Life 2011: Michael Voris in Manila!

Take NOTE of all of these, folks!

Yup, THE Michael Voris!

And Jason Evert of!




February 6: Pro-Life Sunday
Eucharistic Celebration
Mass Celebrant : Rev. Fr. Leonilo Mangussad (Chaplain)
Venue: Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace (Our Lady of EDSA)
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City
TIME: 9:30 AM
[I know Fr. Nilo and...I like him.  He has the full support of The Pinoy Catholic!]

February 10 (Thursday): Healing Mass
(Blessed Margaret of Castello Movement)
Mass Celebrants: Rev. Fr. George Moreno,OP & Rev.Fr. Vicente Cajilig,OP
Venue: Santo Domingo Church,
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Time: 5:00pm- 7pm onwards

February 13 (Sunday): Subic Marian Regatta Prayer Rally
Venue: Boardwalk, Subic Bay,Olongapo City
Time: 2:00 PM

February 25 (Friday): Pro-Life Conference for the Laity
Guest Speakers: Michael Voris
Venue: Insular Life Auditorium
Insular Life Drive Filinvest Corporate City,
1781 Alabang, Muntinlupa City
(Limited seats: Reservations via email or phone call)
Time: 8:00 am- 4:00 pm
[This is a holiday!  Edsa People Power Revolution!]

February 26 (Saturday): Pro-Life Symposia for the Youth & Church Leaders
Speakers: Mr. Jason Evert
Catholic Answers &
Theology of the Body Institute, USA
Guest: Michael Voris of
Venue: Ynares Stadium, Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City
Registration Fee: P200.00 (exclusive of meals)
*there will be concessionaires available for lunch and snacks
Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Procession for LIFE
Eucharistic Celebration at Holy Family
Parish Church, Baryo Kapitolyo, Pasig City

February 27  (Sunday) : Pro-life Phil. National Convention & Election of Board of Trustees 2011-2013
Guest Speaker: Michael Voris
"Filipinos, Unite for Life"
Venue: Pope Pius XII Catholic Center,
1175 UN Avenue Ermita, Manila.
Time: 8:00 am – 12:00 noon
Registration Fee: 300.00

Please organize activities to promote our pro-life mission…defend and care for all human life, such as prayer rallies, forums, contests and signature campaigns. For more information, contact Pro-life Phil office at 7337027 or 7349425 or email us at

Note: Pro-Life Month celebration is mandated by Proclamation No.214 titled Respect & Care for Life Week” by the late Pres. Corazon C. Aquino dated February 1988.


Kudos to Ishmael Fischer Ahab for the heads up!
A salakot tip for you my friend.Hope to meet you personally, soon!

GULP Alert: Guess where they are and what they are doing

Ever wonder why the tabernacles of our churches are not in the center?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It is not OUR Mass


Get it!

Location Map of the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy

Thanks to Joel for asking for the map of the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

You may click on the image for a much larger view.

Thanks to Gerald of Pro Deo et Patria blog for the very useful map.

This will be helpful for those who would want to attend the taping of the Traditional Latin Mass which will be shown on Solar RPN 9.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oratio Imperata for the Sanctity of Life!

MANILA, January 10, 2011—Prayer power against attacks to the sanctity of life is in force as the Catholic hierarchy battles against the passage of controversial population control measure.

For the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, there is no doubt that the only way to thwart any laws that attack human life is to pray to God for help[That should have been the first step!]

Since last month, churches from across the country continue to recite an obligatory prayer, issued by the CBCP, “for the respect of human life” during Sunday Masses.  [Huh?  Since last month?  We did not have it in out parish?   Did you have it in yours?]

Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life said the praying of the Oratio Imperata was started last December 16 during the dawn Masses. [Huh?  Never had one in our parish!  WAIT!  Is out parish still Catholic?]

He said there is no specific date until when the prayer would be recited as the decision to stop it or not depends on the respective dioceses.

“It depends with the diocese. In Tarlac, Pampanga, Iba and Balanga it is being recited every Sunday,” said Castro. [Where is Novaliches and Manila?]

Part of the prayer reads: “We pray for all our leaders and legislators who must deliberate assiduously on this critical present issue. May they be guided by the grace of the Holy Spirit to act responsibly for the good and well-being of all. May their competence be always steered by humility and fear of the Lord.”

Castro said the obligatory prayer, issued by the CBCP to all the dioceses, is not only for controversial measure but for the protection of human life in general.

“On the contrary… More than anything it’s the prayer that will count a lot. This is just to create awareness among the people,” said Castro.

“I think the people are more pro-active because they are now aware because we are praying for the legislators,” he said. (CBCPNews)


We have posted an Oratio Imperata for Life before.

I do not have a copy of the Oratio issued by the CBCP so I am not sure if this is the same.

By the way, I included THIS intention in my prayer at Quiapo Basilica.

The Sign of Peace at Mass

The great Fr. Z is running a poll about making the sign of peace during the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

Here is the poll question:

What do you think about the "sign of peace" during Mass in the Ordinary Form?

Head on over to Fr. Z and vote. No registration needed.

I already voted but I won't share my vote.

I am happy with my vote.

Catholic Tradition: Feast of the Epiphany


Since the Middle Ages there has been a tradition that on (or near) the feast of the Epiphany we pray for God’s blessing on our homes, marking the entrance with chalk (an incarnational image reminding us of the dust of the earth from which we were made). We mark the main door of our home with the initials of the Magi and the numerals of the new year, connected with crosses:

20 + C + M + B + 11

The initials remind us of the legendary names of the Magi – Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar – and also stand for the Latin motto: Christus mansionem benedicat, “May Christ bless this house.” In the Book of Exodus, the Israelites marked their doors with blood so that the Lord would pass over their homes; but in this ritual, we mark our doors with chalk as a sign that we have invited God’s presence and blessing into our homes.
It is traditional to write the inscription on the lintel, above the door, but it can be written anywhere near the entrance. The following prayer may be said while the entrance is marked:

The three Wise Men,
C Caspar,
M Melchior,
B and Balthasar followed the star of God’s Son who became human
20 two thousand
11 and eleven years ago.
++ May Christ bless our home
++ and remain with us throughout the new year. Amen.

May this Epiphany Blessing be a reminder that Christ is incarnate in the love and care we manifest to each other in our ordinary daily lives together.

Text from St James the Great, Haydock, UK, via St. Paul’s, Pawtucket.

In addition...

The crosses represent the protection of the Precious Blood of Christ, whom we invoke, and the holiness of the Magi who adored of the infant Jesus. The inscription is made above the front door, so that all who enter and depart this year may enjoy God's blessing. The month of January bears the name of the Roman god Janus, the doorkeeper of heaven and protector of the beginning and end of things. This blessing "christens" the ancient Roman observance of the first month.

Here is the traditional blessing of chalks:

Blessing of Chalk

V. Our help is the name of the Lord.
R. Who made heaven and earth.
V. The Lord be with you.
R. And with your spirit.

Let us pray.

Bless, O Lord God, this creature chalk to render it helpful to your people.
Grant that they who use it in faith
and with it inscribe upon the doors of their homes the names of your saints, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar,
may through their merits and intercession enjoy health of body and protection of soul.

Through Christ our Lord.

And the chalk is sprinkled with Holy Water.

Here is the prayer to be said when writing the chalk on the door frame:

As you are writing, pray one of the following prayers:

May all who come to our home this year rejoice to find Christ living among us; 

and may we seek and serve, in everyone we meet, that same Jesus who is Lord, forever and ever. Amen.

Lord God of heaven and earth, you revealed your only-begotten Son

to every nation by the guidance of a star.

Bless this house and all who inhabit it.
Fill us with the light of Christ, 

that our concern for others may reflect your love.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Lord our God, bless this household.
May we be blessed with health, goodness of heart, gentleness, 

and the keeping of your law. 
We give thanks to you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and for ever.


Televised Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite aka the Traditional Latin Mass will be celebrated at the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy on Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 8:00pm, and to be aired on R.P.N. Solar TV 9 the following day, January 23, 2011 at 8:00AM.

The last time I saw a televised TLM was on NBN Channel 4 where the Mass was celebrated at the Parish of St. Jerome Emiliani in Alabang.


Priests who would want to attend are most welcome! I suggest Reverend Fathers that you come in choir.

You may get in touch with Rev. Fr. Jojo Zerrudo, parish priest of the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy, and blogger of Sense of the Sacred, for further details.  Fr. Jojo is also the official exorcist of the Diocese of Cubao.  YUP!  O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L!  He has ALL the papers to prove it.

So to the liturgists of the mountains of Bukid...who have nothing to do but rumor monger while you think ways of destroying the Mass, which you call 'creativity', shut up and stop everything you are doing!  [Ain't that a misnomer.  They destroy the Mass and call it creativity.  HA!]

Going back....There is also a Facebook event group for this Mass.


Thanks to Fr. Jojo for the nice photo.

Words of Wisdom: The Angelic Doctor and dissenters

The Church has ever proved indestructible. Her persecutors have failed to destroy her; in fact, it was during times of persecution that the Church grew more and more; while the persecutors themselves, and those whom the Church would destroy, are the very ones who came to nothing. Again, errors have assailed her; but in fact, the greater the number of errors that have arisen, the more has the truth been made manifest. Nor has the Church failed before the assaults of demons: for she is like a tower of refuge to all who fight against the Devil.

- St. Thomas Aquinas, OP


Kudos to 100% Katolikong Pinoy Facebook group for the photo and quote!

Nice episcopal photo

 Would you think it would be better if both prelates were wearing cappa magnas?

I know it is asking too much.

But still, it is a beautiful photograph with the Santo Niño of Cebu at the back.

The current sitting bishop and the one who will take his place.

Monday, January 10, 2011

And the bastardation of the Mass continues!

Here are more pictures of a Vincentian priest making a mockery of the Catholic Mass with his own interpretation of liturgical inculturation and his own liturgical magisterium!

Thanks to the Golden Monstrance for the tip!

"Children's Mass" or should I say Children's Mess.  Well, it is actually the mess of this priest.

This does not look like a Mass.  More of an excursion and a picnic.  Now where is the roast pig aka lechon?

Now this is plain stupid and outright disrespectful.  Let's have a fun nature walk...Ooo!  What a nice looking rock!  Let's have Mass.  Anyways, Christ is the "stone rejected by the builders, that has become the cornerstone!"

Here is the background of this priest who loves to clown around with the Mass.   This came from the website of that "Catholic" theology school of dissent.


Daniel Franklin Pilario is a member of the Congregation of Mission (CM) Provincial Council Philippines. He is currently the Dean of the Saint Vincent School of Theology and a member of the Board of Trustees in Adamson-Ozanam Educational Foundation. He is a founding member and former president of DAKATEO (Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines). He is also a Formation Team member of the De Paul House in Quezon City and a guest minister in Parokya ng Ina ng Lupang Pangako [in Payatas, Quezon City]. Aside from teaching at St. Vincent School of Theology, he also teaches as a guest professor at the Seminario Mayor de San Carlos (Cebu City), St. Louis University (Baguio), Euntes (Zamboanga) and other places. [Huh?!  Would you see this in a professors CV?  Imagine all the life in peace YooHoo..oooo!!!]  He is also a professorial lecturer at the Department of Sociology in the University of the Philippines Diliman. [Ain't that a sunny place for Marxism.] For several years, he has been involved in several conferences where he presented his papers and lectures locally and internationally. [Wow!  With a mind like that, you think he is not capable of doing anything stupid!] He has been a co-convenor and animating team member of the Asia-Pacific Vincentian Studies Institute (Adamson University) (2004 - ) and a convenor in the South Manila Consortium (Theology and Religious Educators’ Group) from 2005-2006. When in Europe, he has been granted scholarships; one for his graduate course in theology granted by Missionswissenschaftliches Missio, e.V. of Aachen, Germany and the other by the Research Council (Onderzoeksraad) in K.U. Leuven, Belgium. He has published in different theological- philosophical journals like JahrbuchfürkontextuelleTheologien, Questions Liturgiques, Bijdragen, Asian Christian Review and Chakana. His doctoral dissertation which became an award-winning book Back to the Rough Grounds of Praxis (2005) is now being used as a reference book for students of philosophy. [!]Much of his research studies cover fundamental theology, inculturation, theological anthropology and sociology, methods of theological research and political-social theory.  [My boss once said that you get your brains all screwed up if you get a doctorate.  I do not subscribe to this but seeing what this "priest" does, I have to say YES.]


Let us then turn to what Holy Mother Church in the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches:

1122 Christ sent his apostles so that "repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached in his name to all nations."41 "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."42 The mission to baptize, and so the sacramental mission, is implied in the mission to evangelize, because the sacrament is prepared for by the word of God and by the faith which is assent to this word:

The People of God is formed into one in the first place by the Word of the living God. . . . The preaching of the Word is required for the sacramental ministry itself, since the sacraments are sacraments of faith, drawing their origin and nourishment from the Word.43
1123 "The purpose of the sacraments is to sanctify men, to build up the Body of Christ and, finally, to give worship to God. Because they are signs they also instruct. They not only presuppose faith, but by words and objects they also nourish, strengthen, and express it. That is why they are called 'sacraments of faith.'"44
1124 The Church's faith precedes the faith of the believer who is invited to adhere to it. When the Church celebrates the sacraments, she confesses the faith received from the apostles - whence the ancient saying: lex orandi, lex credendi (or: legem credendi lex statuat supplicandi, according to Prosper of Aquitaine [5th cent.]).45 The law of prayer is the law of faith: the Church believes as she prays. Liturgy is a constitutive element of the holy and living Tradition.46
1125 For this reason no sacramental rite may be modified or manipulated at the will of the minister or the community. Even the supreme authority in the Church may not change the liturgy arbitrarily, but only in the obedience of faith and with religious respect for the mystery of the liturgy.

1126 Likewise, since the sacraments express and develop the communion of faith in the Church, the lex orandi is one of the essential criteria of the dialogue that seeks to restore the unity of Christians.47

With his type of inculturated Mass, the one being championed by Fr. A at Malaybalay looks more "decent".

For this we know, by his word and deed that this priest is the POPE of his own church!

Arrogant and disobedient!

You are a shame to the Church, Fr. Pilario!