Monday, January 24, 2011

Tshirt designs...if you like them!

 A friend sent me this and told me that these are t-shirt designs of the students of Fr. A.

I do not own this nor claim ownership to these designs, ok?   If you want to see more of the designs, click here.  There's free advertisement for you Fra Dave.

Sorry, but I am no fan of Fr. Anscar's work.  No fan of inculturation.  Never will.  

BUT...if he publicly celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass and lets a friend finish his dissertation without any undue pressure, THEN I MIGHT BECOME ONE.  

Yeah, I know.  I think Mike Velarde will be the first to hear Latin Mass than...

So?  What do I think of this?  The second one gave me a migraine just to see the name of Bugnini and Vagaggini with those of Guardini, Pius XII, and St. Ambrose!  Seriously, Frater?!  Those two with THOSE names? And...

To paraphrase the patron of this blog, St. Lorenzo Ruiz:

"Even if I had a thousand lives, I will NEVER, EVER WEAR THESE SHIRTS!"

Ugh! [shudder...]

PS:  I did not know that Fr. Chupungco's nickname is AJ.  Hmmm...


  1. If you follow that logic, "Liturgist in the order of AJ Chupungco" then names are enumerated, do they mean Ambrose, Augustine, Cyril, et al belong to the "Order of AJ Chupungco?" It makes it appear that they look at Father "AJ" as superior to the saints they have enumerated.

  2. Actually, Jose Maximo, those are two separate designs.

    But after reading your comments, it does make sense, eh?

  3. Attend seminars on liturgy in RCAM or talk to parish liturgists. You will immediately notice that it is as if they "worship" Father Anscar Chupungco. It is as if Father Anscar is the greatest liturgist that has ever lived.

    With that T-SHIRT design, it is as if he is far more greater than all those names combined because the one who designed and approve this concept make it appear that all those names belong to "The order of AJ Chupungco."

  4. I am not surprised at all if liturgists in RCAM and surrounding dioceses worship Fr. A. All of the liturgists want to grow up just like him. Remember that old commercial "pag laki ko, gagayahin ko ang tatay ko."