Saturday, November 28, 2009

RANT TIME: Reaction to a reaction, Tobin vs. Kennedy

I got this reaction regarding my post about Bishop Tobin of Providence, Rhode Island and his banning of pro-abortion Catholic (what a misnomer!) Rep. Ted Kennedy from receiving Holy Communion.

Here is what the reader posted:

Bishop Thomas Tobin, Providence, RI
You SOB hypocrite. I am a devout catholic, [Wow! For a devout catholic you sure are! Is this the right way to treat a bishop even if you do not agree with his views?] and I do not share your view ex-communicating [he was not excommunicated. he was forbidden to receive Holy Communion UNTIL he repents of his public sin which is support for the murder of babies!] Rep Patrick Kennedy. Did the Pope sanction such ex-communication? [again it was NOT excommunication!  And it does not have to be the Pope to do such an action, if needed be.  That is the role of the local bishop.  That is why he is there in the first place, appointed by the Pope, to shepherd the flock of Jesus Christ so that they would not go down the road of perdition!] How dare you. You sure look like a Right Winger from the Republican Party. Why don't you leave the priesthood and join your fellow corrupt politician at the Republican party. If you are playing the novice stupid politician, remember that your job Sir is to preach the christian doctrine not play politics.


First things first.

Ted Kennedy criticized Catholic bishops for their strong opposition to certain provisions of the Health Care Bill among them is providing access to abortion at the expense of tax payers money.  Get it?  Kennedy was the first one to criticize.

His very own bishop, Bishop Tobin, reprimanded him for being a Catholic and being pro-abortion.  Kennedy responded by saying that he remains a Catholic in good standing EVEN THOUGH he supports abortion!  His bishop says no!  Repent first before you receive Communion.

The bishop is just doing his job: to take care of the spiritual welfare of his flock!  That is his first priority.  His action is now being construed as meddling with politics.  I dare say YES!  If bills being debated are inhumane, unjust and downright cruel, EVERY RELIGION has the moral obligation to stand up against such legislative action.

Sane and rational people need not be reminded that abortion is killing!

This is not a Democratic or Republican issue nor is it an issue of American, Asian or European!  It is an issue of civil human beings.

First things first.

Let us agree on this issue:


Then we can start talking about the job descriptions of a congressman and a Catholic bishop.






Request for Prayers

It is not for me but for a friend and her family.

Please say an Ave Maria and a Memorare for their intentions.

SNAPSHOT: Guess what these Pinoy priests are doing

A. Singing the National Anthem

B. Waiting for the soup to be served

C. Concelebrating

D. Bored.

Friday, November 27, 2009

G.U.L.P. Alert: Comparison of Rite of Blessing of Advent Wreath

God's Undercover Liturgical Police Alert!

The text below was issued by the Office of Liturgical Affairs of the Archdiocese of Manila.  This is the Blessing of the Advent Wreath.

Lord God, your Church joyfully awaits the coming of its Savior, 
who enlightens our hearts and dispels the darkness of ignorance and sin.
Pour forth your blessings upon us as we light the candles of this wreath;
may their light reflect the splendor of Christ,
who is Lord, forever and ever.

See anything wrong here?

Just like the Rite of Blessing of Salt and Water, the prayer does not directly bless the object that which is being blessed.

I do not know where the blessing below came from but it is posted in this website and I like it better than the one above.

O God, by whose word all things are sanctified, pour forth thy blessing upon this wreath, and grant that we who use it may prepare our hearts for the coming of Christ and may receive from Thee abundant graces. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

I also like this one posted in the liturgy page of Rev. Bosco Peters

Lord our God, we praise you for your Son, Jesus Christ.
He is Emmanuel, the hope of all peoples;
he is the wisdom that teaches and guides us;
he is the Saviour of every nation.
O God, let your blessing come upon our community gathered here before you.
Bless us (+) and our advent wreath (+)
May the light that shines forth from them illumine our way as we journey towards Christmas;
may the light that shines forth from them illumine our lives as we wait in hope for the birth of the Christ-child.
We ask this through Christ who is the Light of the World. Amen.

Notice that the priest is asking the Lord to "pour forth thy blessing upon this wreath" which should be the case since the wreath is the one being blessed and not the people present.

Now why in the world are our rite of blessings like the one above  Are the liturgists deliberately doing this so that the blessings we ask from God do not fall upon the objects we want blessed?  "Ask and you shall receive"

We aren't asking for it so naturally we won't get it, right?

Is this liturgical renewal or liturgical degradation?

You don't have to be a liturgist to see the difference.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Catholic Classics online

If you are looking for an a downloadable copy of Catholic classics, then go to:

They have a rich collection of Catholic classics every Catholic should read.

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich: The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (762 KB -- PDF format).

This ebook now includes: The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich

Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of Saint Therese of Lisieux
Letters of Saint Therese to Her Sister Celine
Prayers of Saint Therese
Counsels and Reminiscences

Saint Patrick of Ireland: The Confession of Saint Patrick
Saint Catherine of Siena: The Dialogue
Thomas à Kempis: The Imitation of Christ
St. Ignatius of Loyola: The Spiritual Exercises
Saint Theresa of Avila: The Way of Perfection

The Didache (web page) - an ancient Church document from the late first century (or early second century) A.D., also called The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles. [printer-friendly version]

I have copies of these. But for those who are looking for other classics like from St. Augustine, St. John of the Cross, St. Louis de Monfort, etc., just send me an email and will send it to you.

Don't worry. I am not a spammer!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

PROUDLY PINOY: Pinoy Catholic hailed CNN Hero of the Year

IMUS, Cavite, Nov. 24, 2009—A Catholic bishop said Asian youth should follow CNN Hero of the Year Efren Peñaflorida’s example of charity. [I am no fan of CNN but what the heck!  A Filipino Catholic was honored.]

Imus Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle said the greatest challenge facing the world today is building a world of peace and justice and ensuring the dignity of all people.

He said this can be achieved by following the example of Peñaflorida, “who has a great compassion for the poor.”

Like many people, according to Bishop Tagle, the new CNN hero suffered poverty and the harsh reality of life.

“But then he decided from his youth to do something for the young and so he started something which was quiet innovated—schools on cart for school children,” Bishop Tagle said.

“We resolve to follow his example by sharing what we have with those less fortunate than ourselves,” he added.

The prelate made the statement in a homily during yesterday’s Mass at the Imus Cathedral, formally opening the 5th Asian Youth Day before an estimated 2,000 people.

The mass was concelebrated by around over 200 bishops and priests from all over Asia, including Archbishops Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales of Manila and Angel Lagdameo, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

The opening Liturgical celebration began with a parade of national flags of 22 countries through the crowd of pilgrims around Imus town to the cathedral.

“Asian young people, be proud of your fellow Asian (Penaflorida). It is good to be Asian. To be Asian is heroic,” said Bishop Tagle.

Give yourself to the service of others, the service of the church, the service of humanity and all of the creation the way Jesus did,” he added.

The Asian youth gathering is currently being held in Cavite until Nov. 27 in Cavite, Penaflorida's home province, just southwest of Manila.

Peñaflorida, who started a “pushcart classroom” in the Philippines to bring education to the poor children as an alternative to gang membership, has been name 2009 CNN Hero of the Year. [I wonder how we earns his living.]

In 12 years, he and a group of young volunteers have taught more than 1,500 children aged two to 14 reading, writing, math and English.

CNN's Anderson Cooper presented the award to Peñaflorida's in a ceremony held in Los Angeles Saturday night.

Peñaflorida, who will receive $100,000 to continue his work with the Dynamic Teen Company, was selected after seven weeks of online voting at More than 2.75 million votes were cast. (Roy Lagarde)

I learned in a newscast that Peñaflorida plans to give 90% of his prize money will go to his foundation's work and 10% to his parish church.

God bless Peñaflorida!


Bishops mourn Maguindanao massacre

DAVAO CITY, November 24, 2009—The Bishops Ulama Conference (BUC) issued a statement condemning in the strongest possible terms the abduction and killing of 36 relatives and supporters of Buluan Vice Mayor Datu Ismail “Toto” Mangudadatu in Maguindanao yesterday morning.

The statement, which was issued on behalf of the BUC by Davao Archbishop Fernando Capalla, said that Islamic and Christian faiths condemn in any way killings and abductions.

“This abominable sin was inflicted upon unarmed civilians whose only “crime” was to proceed to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office to file the Certificate of Candidacy on behalf of Mangudadatu, who is gearing for the gubernatorial seat in Maguindanao,” Capalla said.

“We grieve with the families of the victims, offer our prayers for the eternal repose of the innocent souls, and call upon the authorities to squarely address this atrocity,” he added. A number of journalists were likewise included in the massacre.

He also noted that the massacre which took place unprecedented in the province of Maguindanao mocks their humble but painstaking efforts to build harmony and understanding in Mindanao.

The BUC also called on the enemies of peace to stop the violence, end the midnless savagery and to respect human life. (Mark S. Ventura)


CBCP condemns Maguindanao carnage

MANILA, Nov. 24, 2009—The Catholic hierarchy called on authorities to bring the perpetrators of the Maguindanao hostage-taking turned killing spree.

Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, condemned the incident that claimed 36 lives, mostly women, including drivers and journalists.

“We join the appeal to rightful authorities to restore justice in the situation,” he said.

“We likewise appeal that the common good as well as respect for human life be uppermost in the campaign for political ends,” Archbishop Lagdameo said.

The outgoing CBCP head said that whether yesterday’s carnage was politically motivated or not, “it is still a crime against respect for life and peace and order in the community.”

“May this painful situation be a strong reason for further pursuing the ongoing peace process in Mindanao,” he added.

Analysts and investigators are still unsure who is responsible for the incident. But the details suggest the incident were politically motivated, and the military said the gunmen were loyal to the province’s incumbent governor.

Those killed include Ismail Mangudadatu, a gubernatorial candidate, and his wife and one of his sisters. The death toll also included 12 journalists.

Some of the bodies were beheaded, according to Maguindanao authorities.


Now where are the other bishops when you need them to issue statements?  They issue their own statements, right?

Paging Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz, Bishop Deogracias Yniguez, Bishop Antonio Tobias!

Now they are putting RI bishop on the defensive

From Yahoo! News 


PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters said Tuesday that Rhode Island's Roman Catholic bishop is not doing enough to protect children from pedophile priests even as he's taken on Democratic Rep. Patrick Kennedy for his stance on abortion rights.

A small group of protesters gathered outside Bishop Thomas Tobin's office in Providence two days after news broke that the bishop had asked Kennedy in 2007 not to take Holy Communion because he supports abortion rights.

"He claims that it's important that we protect the unborn. But it's equally as important to protect those who have been born and those young children who have been raped and sodomized by clerics and priests. But yet he seems to protect those clerics," said Ruth Moore, of Hull, Mass. [Is the bishop really protecting them?  Where were these people when Archbishop Wuerl gave Communion to pro-abort politicians, huh?  Did they say anything about pedophile priests?]

The group called on Tobin to publish the names of priests from the diocese who have been convicted of or admitted molesting children, or if a thorough investigation has turned up credible evidence of child molestation, even if no conviction resulted.

The diocese has said in court papers that 125 of its priests have been accused of molesting children. While many of their names are known from lawsuits and news accounts, others have never been released.

Mike Guilfoyle, a spokesman for the diocese, said some of those allegations were recanted, found to be false, or made after a priest has died, so he cannot defend himself. He said the diocese has taken extensive efforts to protect children, including taking out ads and encouraging people to come forward, as well as responding immediately to accusations of abuse and cooperating with law enforcement.

The protesters said they would like the names to be posted on the diocesan Web site, a suggestion that Guilfoyle said the diocese is open to considering.

Such a list could help parents keep their children away from molesters and help employers screen potential hires, the protesters said. Skip Shea, from Uxbridge, Mass., who was abused by a priest as a child, told of seeing his abuser working next to the children's section in a bookstore as he awaited trial for abusing children.

"There has to be some sort of safeguard to protect kids. I don't think it ends with removing them from active ministry and I don't think it ends with defrocking," he said.

Shea, who has left the Catholic church, says he doesn't understand why Tobin is targeting Kennedy. [Why not?  The guy is worse than his father!  A shame to the Knights!]

"Everybody, including these priests, deserve Communion. [Loon!  Go to confession first and be sorry for your sins BEFORE going to Communion!] Because that's the whole point of it. That's part of the point of the church. I don't think anybody should be disqualified from it," [LOL!  As if Communion is a game show!] he said. "It's politics. I think the bishop's playing politics." [Yeah right!  The politics of Catholic doctrine!]

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts called Tobin's action an "act of courage, fidelity and charity, intended to prevent scandal and sacrilege." [Right!  He is doing his job as a Catholic bishop.  Not like most Pinoy bishops who are busy with the environment and politics.  No wonder an old yapping archbishop resigned hastily after learning he might get the boot from Rome.]

"Bishop Tobin is being a good pastor by urging Congressman Kennedy not to commit the mortal sin of receiving Communion while in a state of grave sin," [BINGO!] said the league's executive director, C.J. Doyle.

Bill Nash of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests called on Tobin to use his authority as a spiritual figurehead to protect children.

"There are a lot of moral issues that he has to take leadership in, and the protection of children is a very important and critical area of moral leadership that he should be taking a more proactive stand with," Nash said. [No objection to that.  But would you agree that the bishop should also do his job of upholding Catholic doctrine to prevent scandal and sacrilege?]


These people are now using squid tactics to put the good bishop on the defensive end.

First things first.  Kennedy says he is still a good Catholic and can receive Communion even though he supports abortion rights and legislation.  His bishop says no.  A good Catholic must prove it with his works be he as a private citizen or a public official.  Kennedy stops answering the bishop.  Bishop Tobin bars him from Communion unless he repents.  Here comes the liberal media resurrecting the skeleton of sexual abuse, which is present in ALL church groups in the US.

First things first.

Kennedy, be a man!

As one famous Mason once said.  "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"  The Church, through Bishop Tobin will search for the lost sheep to bring him home to the Lord.  But it that sheep opts to travel the wide road instead of the narrow one, the Lord cannot force you to go His way if you do not want to, just as He did to the rich young man.

First things first.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another reason to be pro-life!

Read this amazing story courtesy of


For 23 years Rom Houben was imprisoned in his own body. He saw his doctors and nurses as they visited him during their daily rounds; he listened to the conversations of his carers; he heard his mother deliver the news to him that his father had died. But he could do nothing. He was unable to communicate with his doctors or family. He could not move his head or weep, he could only listen.

Doctors presumed he was in a vegetative state following a near-fatal car crash in 1983. They believed he could feel nothing and hear nothing. For 23 years.

Then a neurologist, Steven Laureys, who decided to take a radical look at the state of diagnosed coma patients, released him from his torture. Using a state-of-the-art scanning system, Laureys found to his amazement that his brain was functioning almost normally.

"I had dreamed myself away," said Houben, now 46, whose real "state" was discovered three years ago, according to a report in the German magazine Der Spiegel this week.

Laureys, a neurologist at the University of Liege in Belgium, published a study in BMC Neurology earlier this year saying Houben could be one of many cases of falsely diagnosed comas around the world. He discovered that although Houben was completely paralysed, he was also completely conscious — it was just that he was unable to communicate the fact.

Houben now communicates with one finger and a special touchscreen on his wheelchair – he has developed some movement with the help of intense physiotherapy over the last three years.

He realised when he came round after his accident, which had caused his heart to stop and his brain to be starved of oxygen for several minutes, that his body was paralysed. Although he could hear every word his doctors spoke, he could not communicate with them.

"I screamed, but there was nothing to hear," he said, via his keyboard.

The Belgian former engineering student, who speaks four languages, said he coped with being effectively trapped in his own body by meditating. He told doctors he had "travelled with my thoughts into the past, or into another existence altogether". Sometimes, he said, "I was only my consciousness and nothing else".

The moment it was discovered he was not in a vegetative state, said Houben, was like being born again. "I'll never forget the day that they discovered me," he said. "It was my second birth".

Experts say Laureys' findings are likely to reopen the debate over when the decision should be made to terminate the lives of those in comas who appear to be unconscious but may have almost fully-functioning brains. [Imagine the screams of the others who were subjected to euthanasia!]

Belgian doctors used an internationally-accepted scale to monitor Houben's state over the years. Known as the Glasgow Coma Scale, it requires assessment of the eyes, verbal and motor responses. But they failed to assess him correctly and missed signs that his brain was still functioning.

Last night his mother, Fina, said in an interview with Belgian RTBF that they had taken him to the US five times for reexamination. The breakthrough came when it became clear that Houben could indicate yes and no with his foot.

"Powerlessness. Utter powerlessness. At first I was angry, then I learned to live with it," he tapped out on to the screen during an interview with the Belgian network last night, AP reported.

Laureys, who is head of the Coma Science Group and department of neurology at Liege University hospital, has advised on several prominent coma cases, such as the American Terri Schiavo, whose life support was withdrawn in 2005 after 15 years in a coma. [Was Terri hearing all of the debate around her?]

Laureys concluded that coma patients are misdiagnosed "on a disturbingly regular basis". He examined 44 patients believed to be in a vegetative state, and found that 18 of them responded to communication.

"Once someone is labelled as being without consciousness, it is very hard to get rid of that," he told Der Spiegel.

He said patients suspected of being in a non-reversible coma should be "tested 10 times" and that comas, like sleep, have different stages and need to be monitored.

Houben hopes to write a book detailing his trauma and his "rebirth".


Makes you wonder why some would love to hasten the death of their loved ones who are in a vegetative state.  This is personal to me since my father lie in a vegetative state for 13 months after suffering a stroke.  Almost everybody was begging us to pull the plug on our father but we said no and hoped for a miracle.

Our resources were almost drained because of the medical bills and true friends and family stepped up during those times when it matters the most.  Guess gold really is tested by fire.

My father died after Mass was celebrated on his bedside, after getting anointed.

Imagine if we gave in to their advice.  Imagine what we could have felt if ever there is the chance that my dad could hear us and hear his friends and siblings talk about putting him to rest?

We are glad we didn't.  For up to this day, whenever we see his photo, remember him on his birth and death anniversary, visit his grave, we are happy and proud that we did everything to have him back.  We did everything out of love.  Not out of concern that we'll go bankrupt.  But that we love him no matter what.  We shared with our mom their marriage vows:  In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer...  Despair and Death were never options.  Only Hope and Life were!

We are glad that we found hope in the Lord and trusted in His Will.

It was always His Will and who are we to ever doubt His decision for us, of what is good and bad for us?

Unfortunately, or should I say tragically, some people think they know more than God.  Playing God, like abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, cloning, etc.

Ahh the prize of Modernism.  A world devoid of God and the exaltation of Man, what he wants, what he thinks is all that is important.  Have you ever heard someone tell you "It is what you think that makes you happy that is important and let no one tell you otherwise or stop you from reaching that dream."

Remember what the devil told Eve in the Garden?

But the serpent said to the woman, "You will not die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."

Monday, November 23, 2009

Request for Prayers: Intentions of Father Z

Father John T. Zuhlsdorf does the Catholic world a great deal with his wonderful blog and PodcaZt.  He is now requesting us to pray for his intentions.

Please say an Ave and a Memorare for him.

AVE MARIA, gratia plena, Dominus tecum. Benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Iesus. Sancta Maria, Mater Domini nostri, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

MEMORARE, O piissima Virgo Maria, non esse auditum a saeculo, quemquam ad tua currentem praesidia,
tua implorantem auxilia, tua petentem suffragia, esse derelictum. Ego tali animatus confidentia, ad te, Virgo Virginum, Mater, curro, ad te venio, coram te gemens peccator assisto. Noli, Mater Verbi, verba mea despicere; sed audi propitia et exaudi. Amen.

Pope John Paul 'would whip himself before he ordained priests'

From the Mail Online 

Pope John Paul II regularly whipped himself in 'remorse for his sins', a nun has revealed.

Pope John Paul, who died in 2005, is being considered for sainthood by the Catholic Church - the ultimate accolade and a tribute to his holiness.

As part of the Vatican's investigation, thousands of documents have been collected and examined by officials from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Among them is the testimony of Polish nun Tobiana Sobodka, of the Sacred Heart of Jesus order, who worked for Pope John Paul in his private Vatican apartments and at his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo near Rome.

Sister Sobodka said: 'Several times he (Pope John Paul) would put himself through bodily penance.

'We would hear it - we were in the next room at Castel Gandolfo. You could hear the sound of the blows when he flagellated himself. He did it when he was still capable of moving on his own.'

The flagellation is also confirmed by another bishop who has given testimony, Emery Kabongo, who for several years was a secretary for Pope John Paul.

He said: 'He would punish himself and in particular just before he ordained bishops and priests. Before passing on the sacraments he wanted to prepare himself.' [If you were ordained by JP2, you start to wonder.]

'I never actually saw it myself but several people told me about it.'

Sister Sobodka's leaked statements were published in Italian newspaper La Stampa and are part of new book on Pope John Paul II by its Vatican correspondent.

Self-flagellation is sometimes used by devoted Catholics as it reminds them of the whipping endured by Christ at the hands of the Romans before he was crucified.

It is still common in the Philippines and Latin America, some members of strict monastic orders and some members of the lay organisation Opus Dei - [take note!  the journalist said lay organization] who feature in the Dan Brown blockbuster The Da Vinci Code. [quackery!]

In the film - which was condemned by the Vatican - murderous Albino monk Silas, who is a member of Opus Dei, [which the dumb Brown says that Opus Dei does have a branch of monks!] is seen in a brutal scene whipping his back and drawing blood as he prays on his knees.

A Vatican spokesman said: 'The investigation and documentation is still secret and as such we can make no comment on it until the final report is published.

'I know that the nun in question has returned to Poland and she would have spoken with the Congregation as she was with an order that worked in the apartments of Pope John Paul.'

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints has been investigating the case for Pope John Paul since he died and has approved the late pope's 'heroic virtues' and the paperwork has been sent to his German successor.

The late Polish pope's beatification is expected to take place sometime next year, perhaps in April, to coincide with the fifth anniversary of his death or in October to coincide with his election in 1978.

Beatification is the first step in becoming a saint and, in order to be granted, evidence of a miracle performed by praying to the candidate in question has to be proved and verified by the Vatican.

In the case of Popes, the procedure is usually much longer because the Vatican must examine much more material given the mass of responsibility and decisions taken by them as leaders of the Catholic Church.

However, Pope Benedict XVI has put John Paul II's beatification cause on a fast track, waiving a rule requiring a five-year wait before the start of the process.

Following his death in 2005 the vast crowd that gathered in St Peter's Square carried banners bearing the slogan 'Santo Subito' (Saint Immediately).

New reports of miracles attributed to John Paul II's heavenly intervention are said to arrive in Rome every week.

The key one being examined at the moment is the case of French nun Sister Marie-Simon Pierre, 47, said to have been cured from Parkinson's Disease - the same illness suffered by Pope John Paul II - after praying to him.


Recall the words of the great John Paul in his apostolic letter, Salvifici Doloris:
"Christ did not conceal from his listeners the need for suffering. He said very clearly: "If any man would come after me... let him take up his cross daily, and before his disciples he placed demands of a moral nature that can only be fulfilled on condition that they should "deny themselves". The way that leads to the Kingdom of heaven is "hard and narrow", and Christ contrasts it to the "wide and easy" way that "leads to destruction." Christ does not explain in the abstract the reasons for suffering, but he states: "Follow me!". Come! Take part through your suffering in this work of saving the world, a salvation achieved through my suffering! Through my Cross. Gradually, as the individual takes up his cross, spiritually uniting himself to the Cross of Christ, the salvific meaning of suffering is revealed before him. ...It is then that man finds in his suffering interior peace and even spiritual joy."

Rowan Williams: Pope hurt me ego! Boo Hoo!

Pope’s bid to win over Anglicans bruised my ego, says Archbishop

The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted that the Pope’s offer for disaffected Anglicans to convert to Rome left him with a “sore ego” and put him in an “awkward position”. [You put yourself into it!  And you had it coming!]

Dr Williams told the BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme, that the meeting with the Pope “went as well as I could have hoped”, and that dialogue under the Council for Christian Unity would continue as usual. This week, leaders of the Churches will discuss the third phase of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission. Dr Williams said that the Pope was extremely enthusiastic about the next stage in ecumenical dialogue”. [You think?]

Dr Williams denied that the Anglican Ordinariates were a departure from ecumenism. “It’s a pastoral measure for certain people, certain groups; it is not a new ecumenism.” [Now he sounded like he a PR guy.]

The Holy See described the meeting as cordial. The Pope gave the Archbishop a pectoral Cross, an indication that he recognises his episcopacy — in spite of a 19th-century papal bull under which Anglican orders are deemed “absolutely null and utterly void”. [Hmmm.  Not a good move from the pope if you ask me.  BUT!  Cardinal Ratzinger affirmed Leo XIII's Apostolicae Curae.  Read here.]

Before the meeting, Dr Williams told the Financial Times that he had been left with a sore ego [drama queen.] by the manner of the announcement. “I did have very short notice. I think that was a pity. It would have been good to discuss it a bit more. But I don’t think it’s a deadly blow, by any means.[PR guy!] There are people who we knew were very likely to become Roman Catholics if the Church moved ahead with ordaining women as bishops here.” [And a lot more likely who will if same sex marriage and gay ordinations push through!  But is it only a matter of numbers?  Is that how you govern your Communion?  Oh yeah.  No wonder Dr. Williams is hurt.  He lost a large chunk!]

But after meeting the Pope at the Vatican this weekend, Dr Rowan Williams insisted that relations between the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches were back on track.

Dr Williams told the Pope of his embarrassment at the way the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith announced an Apostolic Constitution to set up Anglican Ordinariates for those who refuse to accept women priests and bishops. He had had only a few days’ notice, and made a late-night telephone call to the cardinal who heads the Council for Christian Unity, to find out what was going on.

Speaking to Vatican Radio yesterday, Dr Williams said: “Clearly many Anglicans, myself included, felt that it put us in an awkward position for a time – not the content [of the constitution] so much as some of the messages that were given out. I needed to share with the Pope some of those concerns. I think those were expressed and heard in a very friendly spirit.”


I can imagine what they must be talking about.

Pope Benedict:  Your orders are null and void.
Mr. Williams: You hurt my feelings!
Pope Benedict:  A large number of Anglicans are converting!
Mr. Williams:  You hurt my feelings!

Yeah we can see that.

Oops wrong, Rowan.

Oops wrong photo.

Ok, there it is.  Got it.

Eco-feminism at work

Yeah, the work of these nuns and their "eco-friendly" bishop, Auxiliary of Manila Broderick Pabillio, against things the government does and does not do for the protection of the environment is laudable. Their recent success is the suspension of a government permit to proposed nickel mining project of a Norwegian company that would cover 11,218 hectares and span four towns in Mindoro Oriental and Occidental.

But at the end of the day...

Will you see these nuns teach children basic Catechism?

I think Bishop Pabillo and these nuns' schedules are filled up with so many things social, political and geological and nothing Catholic at all.

You begin to wonder where these efforts are based upon.

Are they working towards salvation of souls? Yeah I've heard the aggiornamento hurrah of "building the kingdom on earth" But how about saving souls? Unless these nuns and their bishop still believe in the need for the salvation of an immortal soul.

When the pope or a bishop calls for a 40 Hour Devotion, will we see these sisters in bended knees, too?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

FLASH REPORT: Pope to beatify Cardinal Newman

From the Mail Online

The Pope is to waive his own rules so he can preside in person over the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman during the papal visit to Britain next year.

In an unprecedented decision, Benedict XVI will take charge of the ceremony which will confer the title 'Blessed' on the Victorian convert from Anglicanism.

The Pope has previously insisted that all beatifications - the last step before sainthood - are carried out by a Vatican official in the diocese in which the candidate died, which in Newman's case is Birmingham.

With one rule already set aside, Vatican officials may now agree to the ceremony being held in London, the city of Newman's birth, rather than Birmingham, say Roman Catholic sources.

This would enable the beatification to take place at Westminster Cathedral - or even before a congregation of 80,000 in Wembley stadium.

Vatican sources say the Pope will preside over the ceremony in September.

The beatification comes as some fear the Church of England is breaking up over the ordination of women bishops and homosexual priests.

And the timing will prompt speculation that it is designed to persuade Anglicans to follow Newman into the Catholic Church.

But Father Ian Ker, a biographer of Newman, said: 'The problems in the Church of England are nothing to do with it.

Many popes have been anxious to canonise Newman. They look to him as a man who welcomed modernisation but in fidelity to Church authority.

'By breaking his own rules Pope Benedict clearly shows he regards Newman as a completely exceptional case, one of the great theologians of the Catholic Church.'

Pope Benedict announced the beatification in July after Vatican theologians ruled the healing in 2001 of Jack Sullivan, an American with a severe spinal condition, was a miracle brought about by praying to Cardinal Newman.

Newman was born in London in 1801 and converted to Catholicism at the age of 44 after leading a movement to try to unite Anglicans with their Catholic roots.

He was made a cardinal by Pope Leo XIII in 1879 and died at the age of 89.

New probe into Virgin Mary’s apparition in Lipa set

From the Asian Journal comes this wonderful news!


MANILA - Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles [A great bishop!] has formed a new commission to revisit the series of apparitions of the Virgin Mary at the Carmel monastery in Lipa, Batangas, in 1948.

The commission was created in a decree that Arguelles issued on Nov. 12, the same day the archbishop issued another decree, formally lifting the 1951 Church ban against the public veneration of the image of the Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Grace, in Lipa. [Alleluia! Our Lady promised that the last great Marian dogma that will be proclaimed is about her being declared Co-Redemptrix, Advocate and Mediatrix!  You can see a religious image in the petal.]

Nov. 12 this year was the 61st anniversary of the last of the series of apparitions that occurred from September to November 1948 in Lipa.

In 1948, the Virgin Mary reportedly appeared 19 times to Teresita Castillo, a novice in the Carmelite convent. Rose petals with holy images reportedly fell from the sky. In her last apparition to Castillo, the Blessed Virgin identified herself, saying, “I am the Mediatrix of All Grace.” [The apparitions pre-dates the apparition of our Lady of All Nations in Belgium.]

Although the veneration of Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Grace was allowed by the then Bishop Alfred Verzosa, the Church hierarchy declared in 1951 that “there was no supernatural intervention in the reported extraordinary happenings including the shower of rose petals in Lipa.” [Reportedly there was something controversial that led to the bishops' decision on this.  The future cardinal, Rufino Santos, was part of the commission.

Verzosa’s successor, Rufino Santos, ordered that “no petals be given to anyone by the Lipa Carmelite community and the statue of Our Lady of Mediatrix be withdrawn from public view.”

The ban was lifted 40 years later by Arguelles’ predecessor Archbishop Mariano Gaviola in 1991.

Arguelles said his decree lifting the ban was merely a “reiteration” of Gaviola’s 1991 order and that he was doing it because “there was nothing wrong in praising apparitions” and was aware of “the love of the people for the Blessed Mother.”

“The Blessed Mother has [protected] the country from calamities,” he said.

Despite the ban, Arguelles said the faithful have unceasingly gone on pilgrimages to the Carmel monastery in Lipa to pray and ask for favors from the Blessed Mother. [The case of the Lipa apparitions cannot be compared to what happened to Medjugorje.]

There has been an increasing number of pilgrims to the monastery, “making penitential processions and praying almost every day but most of all on first Saturdays and every twelfth day of the month,” he said.

A repeat of the shower of rose petals is said to have occurred some years ago but the Carmelite nuns have kept a low profile. Some people still have petals in their possession. [We received some from friends back in 1994.  The 1951 commission even claimed that the sisters used medals to make impressions on the petals!  Imagine the bishops claiming this!  They even said that the sisters installed a huge blower on top of the monastery to create the shower of petals witnessed by hundreds.  How can the sisters place the blowers on top of the monastery?  How can the sisters find all these rose petals which according to botanists, were not endemic to the Philippines.  It was said that the roses were native to Russia!  And lastly, if the sisters used medals to impress the images on the petals, why are the veins of the petals not bruised or broken?  See the photo above and more below.]


The image made according to the instructions of the visionary

I found this interesting series of articles about the apparitions. I suggest you right click on the link and choose open in new window or tab.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

And for a timeline of the events of the Lipa Apparitions, click here


How can I forget not to include this classic of a video.  134,832,980 views and still counting!  WOW!

Thanks to Church Defender for reminding me.

Friday, November 20, 2009



If you won't laugh with this kid, then something's wrong with you!

Proof that the brain is still working even while sleeping!

This must be how Bruce Lee was when he was a baby.

A future superstar of Hollywood!

And the future of British politics

Is the INC a crony church of two deposed and corrupt Philippine Presidents?

Thanks to Save the Rainforest for the wonderful post!


The inside story:The Fall of Joseph Estrada: The Inside Story - a book by Amando Doronilla

INC's role in bringing the crowd to the EDSA 3 rally [page 223-224]
[This is the mob rally that went to the Edsa Shrine and desecrated the church.  The angry mob then went to the presidential palace to stage a coup and re-instate Estrada who left the presidency in disgrace.  None of the instigator politicians were charged.]

MEMBERS OF THE IGLESIA NI CRISTO (INC), a religious sect that has supported Estrada since he was a mayor, accounted for much of the turn-out at the EDSA shrine - 70% to 75%, Mendoza reported at the National Security Council meeting called by President Macapagal-Arroyo on the fifth day of the protest. The INC denied ordering its followers to EDSA. Although the INC leadership has always supported candidates fairly openly during an election, the INC said it was up to its constituents to decide whether or not to join the pro-Estrada rally at the EDSA shrine. [Yeah right.  They threaten expulsion to members who would not follow their bloc voting rule!]

But an INC official, who agreed to be interviewed for this book on condition of anonymity, told a different story. While there may not have been an order directing INC members to go to EDSA, they were not discouraged from going, he said. A less subtle signal of which side the INC was on, he said, was in fact sent to some local pastors: on the first night of the protest, calls came from the central office urging them to go, and the pastors in turn passed the word down to the ranks. [Which is how they REALLY communicate.]

But the obvious manifestation was the non-stop coverage of the rally by the INC's radio and television stations. Net 25, a cable television channel, and radio station DZEC [this is a crappy station.  My mom used to wrok here but left when she was being forced by her bosses to convert.  My mom chose her Faith over their crappy salary!  A confessor!] in fact had the event to themselves because the other networks, accused of bias, were kept away by harrasment. Previously, Net 25 had only shown sectarian and other non-political (shopping, computer technology) programs. [When John Paul, a head of state, died, they did not show it in their news programs.  When Benedict, who is a head of state got elected, they did not report it.  But you see the news of other world leaders dying and getting elected.  If you do not call that biased journalism, then you may call Obama pro-life!]  Now it had only EDSA pictures with DZEC providing the annotation and commentary.

According to an INC insider, the leadership supported the rally because it felt that the government had gone over board in its quest for justice. INC leader Erano Manalo, [Erroneous Manalo] the informant said, was convinced that the administration was humiliating Estrada in public because it wanted to destroy him once and for all. "Patung-patong na ang kaso against Erap, [they piled the case against Estrada] and it seemed the government was not content with that. They are saying that he would be investigated for a possible violation of the Comelec gun ban. And then the mug shots and the fingerprinting were shown on nationwide TV. Sobra na raw 'yon. Aping-api na si Erap," the insider said, explaining Manalo. The INC commentators took turns in agitating their audiences by picturing Estrada as the underdog, the government and the media his tormentors.


The INC was well known for its support of the dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, and they were not present at Edsa during the 1986 People Power Revolution that send Marcos and his cronies into exile.  They did not support Cory Aquino when she was in power.  They supported Danding Cojuangco, a Marcos crony and Cory's estranged cousin, when he ran for the presidency in 1998.  When Estrada ran, they supported him.

A horde of political opportunists who would love to associate themselves with politicians of ill-repute!

Whose your true king?

The king of do-it-yourself Christianity.

The king of Change for Abomination and Murder

Our true King, King of our lives and King of the Universe!

Thanks to Philip Gerard Johnson of In Caritate Non Ficta for the inspiration.


PS:  I have a follower who is an Iglesia ni Cristo.  Really.  I guess he thought the last photo would be of the Pope.  Hmmmmm.

Asian Apostolic Congress on Mercy opens Friday

MANILA, Nov. 19, 2009— An international gathering of promoters and devotes of Divine Mercy will open on tomorrow in Manila. [Why this was announced just yesterday, I can't really find the reason why?!  Is this on an invitation basis only?]

Organizers said the Asian gathering is a follow-through to the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy held in Rome last year.

The congress will be formally started with a concelebrated Mass to be presided by Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros.

Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, outgoing president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, will then give a welcome message to the participants after the liturgical celebration.

After which, the participants will go on a pilgrimage to the international image of the Divine Mercy at the National Shrine in Marilao, Bulacan.

Special Masses, conferences, testimonies and missionary festivals and shows are also scheduled the following day at the St. Therese’s Diocesan Shrine, Villamor Airbase in Pasay City.

The congress will conclude with a “Missionary Festival” on Sunday, Nov. 22 that will also coincide with the launching of the Divine Mercy Youth for Asia at AMVEL in Sucat, Paranaque.

This year’s theme “Mercy: The Face of the Son of Man in ASIA” was derived from the Papal Exhortation and Post Synodal Document “Ecclesia in Asia” integrated with the most recent Synodal Document in 2008 on the “Word of God” coinciding with the Anniversary of St. Paul and his missionary endeavour as an Apostle.

Msgr Josefino Ramirez, coordinator of the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy for Asia and the Oceania, said the theme highlights Christoph Cardinal Schonborn’s message at last year’s Congress “Be Apostles of Mercy.”

He added prominence shall also be given on the scriptural foundation of the Message of Mercy as well as its socio-pastoral dimension in the context of the Church in Asia and its current issues and challenges “Mercy as a Way of Life” and “Mercy as Devotion” in the Liturgy and Sacraments centered on the Eucharist.

Among those expected to attend the congress are the Asian and Oceanian Bishops as well as the Spiritual Directors for the Divine Mercy, Lay Coordinators and delegates representing the various arch/dioceses of each country. (Kate Laceda)


Again there is something wrong with how the Congress was organized.

I am a church worker.  I am a Knight of Columbus.  WE DO NOT KNOW OF THIS!  Again is this on an invitation basis only?

Why not organize it during the Feast of Mercy?

Why oh why?

ND theology professor appointed by the Holy Father

Dr. John C. Cavadini, professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame at South Bend, U.S.A., as a member of the International Theological Commission.

WHAT?!?!?!  Dan Brown's adviser, Richard McBrien is not appointed?!?!

Let's wait and see what the National Comfort Room (NCR) has to say about this.



Here is the professor's profile from the ND website.

John C. Cavadini
Associate Professor of Theology, and Chair

(B.A., 1975, Wesleyan University; M.A., 1979, Marquette University; M.A., 1981, M.Phil., 1983 and Ph.D., 1988, Yale University)

Cavadini is a scholar of patristic and early medieval theology, with special interests in the theology of Augustine and in the history of biblical exegesis, both Eastern and Western, as well as in the reception and interpretation of patristic thought in the West from the sixth through the ninth centuries. His publications include three books, Miracles in Christian and Jewish Antiquity: Imagining the Truth, (University of Notre Dame Press, 1999); Gregory the Great: A Symposium, (University of Notre Dame Press, 1996); and The Last Christology of the West: Adoptionism in Spain and Gaul, 785-820, (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993). His articles have appeared in such journals as Theological Studies, Religious Studies Review, Traditio, Augustinian Studies, and American Benedictine Review.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Request for Prayer: For my sister in law and her newborn baby girl

Please include in your prayers my sister in law and her newborn baby girl.  Pray especially for the baby who was found to have an infection.  The doctor recommended that the baby stay at the hospital for a week.

Please ask the intercession of St. Raymond Nonnatus, patron of newborn mothers and babies for their intentions.

From our family, thank you very much and may God reward you in his bountiful Mercy.

Prayer to Saint Raymond Nonnatus

O Blessed Saint Raymond Nonnatus, so loving to all your devotees, I being last of them all, I am happy to know that through the infinite goodness of God, He has deigned to make you a Saint, adorned thee with special graces and help, for which I am most thankful. On the Most Holy Trinity, and you my adorable patron saint, through your merits and those of the blood poured by our Savior Jesus Christ, and through the Immaculate Conception of Mary, I most humbly beg thee, deign to intercede from the most sublime God, protection for the holy Mother Church, that through your prayers, God's wrath be taken away, see the progress of true faith, defeat the wrong doctrines, the peace and understanding of all Christians, peace of the whole country and the redemption of the Christian captives.

I am humbly begging you my devoted saint, that you be may be my intercessor. Since for many hours you did not die of the womb of your dead mother an you were successfully delivered from her side, to be the joy of the world, and that my soul may live in grace in this earthly world, may I imitate your live and exemplary holiness, so that when the hour of my death comes, I may detest all evil thoughts and temporary wealth of this world, so that with the burning love for God, my soul may reach heaven and together with you and the angels and all the saints, praise God Almighty forever.

Deign to grant me most amiable father the favor I am asking in this novena (mention the request). I firmly believe most amiable father that you will be my protection since you are merciful to any one imploring thy help. But if the favor I am asking will not be for the glory of God and the good of my soul, then beg from God that I will be resigned to his Divine Will, so that I may have the peace of soul while I live, till the hour of my death and that I enjoy true happiness in heaven.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The walls of the cloister can't keep sister out of the Internet universe.

Can't you see it in her expression?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's the greed, stupid!

From times online.


Pope Benedict XVI today told a United Nations world food summit that "the Earth can sufficiently feed all of its inhabitants" despite the "devastation" caused by global warming, and blamed the "greed" of speculators in cereals markets for aggravating world hunger. [Just like what happened in the Economic Depression of 2009.  Greed has become the world of the year, aint it?]

In a speech to the opening day of the three day World Summit on Food Security organised in Rome by the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), the Pope said that "even if there are some regions where climate change has devastated production, globally speaking there is enough food to satisfy demand now and for the foreseeable future".  [Add gluttony to the list.  Some parts of the world are grossly overweight while others cannot even eat one meal a day!]

He added: "These data show that there is no cause and effect relationship between population growth and hunger, and therefore is another proof of the deplorable trend to destroy food chains for profit". [I wish I had a copy of the data Papa Benny is talking about.] He condemned "greed which causes speculation to rear its head even in the marketing of cereals, as if food were to be treated just like any other commodity." [It seems that we are slowly having a roll call of the seven deadly sins.]

Pope Benedict criticised "those forms of aid that do grave damage to the agricultural sector" and "approaches to food production that are geared solely towards consumption and lack a wider perspective." He also warned against resignation or indifference towards the problem of world hunger. [The corporate world's greed knows no bounds.  What matters is the targets set for the year and how these would be met by hook or by crook.  It's what the figures that matter to those in the board!]  

He said there was a "tendency to view hunger as structural, an integral part of the socio-political situation of the weakest countries, a matter of resigned regret, if not downright indifference. It is not so, and it must never be so." [I agree.  Liberals and pro-death advocates use this argument to push their culture of death.] 

The Pope told delegates: "The weakness of current mechanisms for food security and the need to re-examine them are confirmed by the mere fact that this summit has been convoked. Even though the poorest countries are more fully integrated into the world economy than in the past, movements in international markets make them more vulnerable."

He said that "food production methods impose upon us the need to carefully analyse the relationship between development and environmental protection. The desire to possess and to use in an excessive and disorderly manner the resources of the planet is the number one cause of environmental damage. Environmental protection, then, is our challenge for today; to guarantee that our development proceeds harmoniously, and with respect for God's creation, and of course, in a way which safeguards the planet." [AMEN!]

He insisted,however, that in making these remarks he was not taking a political stand. "The Church has no intention of interfering in political choices. Respect for knowledge and scientific results, as for rational choices and decisions when made with genuine and authentic human responsibility, can come together with the overall effort to defeat famine and hunger in the world." [Unless we end the greed, nothing will suffice for our need!]


Remember this parable?  The rich man and Lazarus...

Tells the story of what really went wrong with the world economy. Right Bernie Madoff?

Deo gratias!

My sister in law delivered a healthy baby girl through Caesarean section.  Both mother and baby are doing great. Baby weighs 8lbs and 5oz.!

Thanks for keeping her and the baby in your prayers.

Deo gratias!

Request for prayers

My sister-in-law is in the hospital now in labor for their fourth child.  The doctor suspects that the umbilical cord is tied around the baby's neck so they might have to go for an operation.

Say the Memorare and Ave Maria for her.

MEMORARE, O piissima Virgo Maria,
non esse auditum a saeculo, quemquam ad tua currentem praesidia,
tua implorantem auxilia, tua petentem suffragia,
esse derelictum.
Ego tali animatus confidentia,
ad te, Virgo Virginum, Mater, curro,
ad te venio, coram te gemens peccator assisto.
Noli, Mater Verbi,
verba mea despicere;
sed audi propitia et exaudi.

Áve María, grátia pléna, Dóminus técum. Benedícta tu in muliéribus, et benedíctus frúctus véntris túi, Iésus.
Sáncta María, Máter Déi, óra pro nóbis peccatóribus, nunc et in hóra mórtis nóstrae. Ámen.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A few more days!

Just a few more days before I get my whole regalia set!

And I'll be looking like them...

Take note.  The Sir Knights in front with the white chapeau, white cape and white handled sword are Faithful Navigators, or the leaders of Assemblies, the organization of 4th degree knights.  Sir Knights who are part of the Color Corps or Honor Guard wear a red cape and white chapeau and carry a black handled sword.

Some say you join the Knights of Columbus because:

1.  You are retired because you are old.


2.  You are rich and you do not know what to do with your money.  So you join an "old boys club"

Hey, I did not make this up!  I heard it said to me by both family and friends.

Now, I proved them wrong!  How?

I am not old.

I am not retired.

And I am not filthy rich!


I'll be blogging about the Knights' Regalia in more detail later.

Tons of work at the office...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Learn one of the reasons for Fr. Sinnott's release

This is just plain weird.

Fr. Michael Sinnott was sharing a conversation he had with one of his abductors.  He tells the story of how one of the kidnappers admitted that they want him released so they the boxing match of Manny Pacquiao!

Read more here.

Just weird.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Please pray...

It is not known in the Catholic blogging world but my good friend and fellow Filipino blogger, Carlos Antonio Palad of Rorate Caeli, was a victim of the horrible typhoon and flooding that hit the metro last month.  I found out about this weeks ago when we saw each other after the regular Sunday EF Mass at the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy in Sikatuna Village.  I asked him why New Catholic was the regular one to update the famous blog and I rarely find his name.  He told me that his house was submerged in water and nearly lost everything including his rare Catholic books, which made my heart ache even more.  (Yeah, I am a book junkie but not a bookworm though.) He says that he was still trying to recover from the loss.

I am glad to see him back blogging.

I told Carlos that I'll blog about this but he begged that I not.

Well, sorry for disobeying you Carlos.

A little post asking others to say a special prayer for you won't be harmful.  In fact, it will be more helpful.

An Ave and a Memorare!

Rocker Popes?

I saw this from a friend.

And I gave him this one.

And this one.

Just for laughs.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tax collectors learn from them!

The Philippines has a big problem with its tax collection. I am pissed since I work hard and the government taxes me hard and all I get is lousy government service while you see corrupt officials like those worthless congressmen who'll be spending "their money" (which is actually tax payers' money) to watch Manny Pacquiao's fight in Las Vegas.

If the Bureau of Internal Revenue has problems on how to hit its tax collection target, maybe they can ask the help of this group. They are very good in collecting money from their members.

Nobody beats them when it comes to collection!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


If you are looking for a gift for your parish priest or even seminarians, then this book is a definite must for the Year of the Priest!

I cannot find a bigger online image of the book. But the funny thing is I have an autographed copy of this book from none other than Fr. Franz Josef Eilers, SVD. Great and holy priest.

He selected from the writings of the popes and from his experiences as a spiritual director to compile this beautiful book on the Priest.

You can order it here. The book is at the bottom of the page.

I once gave a copy to a priest friend. A week after giving him the copy, I asked him of his impressions of the book. He said "Too traditional."

Well, can't blame him. He is a young priest during the maddening years of V2 and its hoopla on "fresh air" and aggiornamento.

But those priests who I know who have a great devotion to priestly ministry like sacraments and parish life are appreciative of the book.

I can clearly see the glaring difference.

Fr. Sinnott released early today!

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Since we are in the topic of creating groups, I will start this "campaign" if I may use the term, to encourage Catholics to frequent the Sacrament of Penance or Reconciliation.

I can recall what Fr. Jojo Zerrudo said in his homily during one of his Sunday Missa Cantata that I attended.  He lamented the fact that a lot of Mass goers receive Holy Communion but only a few receive the Sacrament of Penance.

So, to encourage Catholics to frequent the Tribunal of Mercy, I am starting this campaign.




You know who's inside...waiting.

I'll start this Facebook group soon.  By the way, I got this brilliant idea during one session in the ZChat.

Thanks to JoyfulMom and DominiSumus.


I recently joined this Facebook Group.

SLAP (Survivors of Liturgical Abuse in Parishes).  They too have a website but it is still under construction.

For those who hate the Polka Mass, Nuns in Pants church of the spirit of Vatican II, this is the group to be!

And for those who love the TLM, then join the  Monseigneur Gilles Wach.  This was recommended by my good friend Jay Blaza of Veritatem facientes in caritate

One of the Facebook Groups I joined is this one.


The number of members is at 230,845 and growing.  You get the point for this group.  Unfortunately, there are still similar groups out there.  These are classified under the group type "Just for Fun".  I think I can hear Hitler say, "Hey, let's murder a million people...Just for Fun!"

If you are looking for worthwhile Facebook groups, then these are the ones you should be joining!

If you have other interesting Facebook Groups or other groups with similar intentions, please alert me.

Have you visited the CBCP website recently?

Visit the CBCP website and notice how conspicuously it does not mention...



Shows the priorities?

And genuine ecumenism is not one of the?

Along with Benedictine Liturgical Renewal...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stories and statements of political correctness?

From the Telegraph


Father Federico Lombardi, the Pope's official spokesman, spoke out following the recent announcement that the Pontiff would allow traditional Anglicans to "move to Rome" - which was seen as a possible shift in policy on the celibacy of priests.

In the Roman Catholic Church, priests are not allowed to marry or have sexual intercourse and Father Lombardi made his comments after the Vatican published a guide for Anglicans who want to convert called "The Apostolic Constitution".

Father Lombardi said: "This is not an initiative that came from the Holy See" but "a generous response by the Holy Father to the legitimate aspirations of some Anglican groups.

"It is not an initiative by the Pope to attract new members," he said, stressing that dialogue with the Anglican Church would not be affected. [Well, what do you call it?  When the TAC members join us, how do you call them Father Lombardi?  Old or new?  Cut as some slack.  They are NEW members since they do not belong to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and they want IN!  He clearly echoes what Cardinal Kasper said.]

He added: "The institution of this new structure is in full harmony with a commitment to ecumenical dialogue, which continues to be a priority for the Catholic Church."

The Apostolic Constitution or Anglicanorum Coetibus, [Or group of Anglicans in Latin] to give it its official Latin title, allows Anglicans to become Catholics while retaining some of their traditions and practices.

It comes as a response to a demand from some conservative Anglicans, unhappy with progressive developments including women bishops and gay clergy, [which some are now saying as the Anglican experiment] for an easier and larger-scale way to convert.

In the document, the Vatican said: "In recent times the Holy Spirit has moved groups of Anglicans to petition repeatedly and insistently to be received into full Catholic communion individually as well as corporately. The Apostolic See has responded favourably to such petitions."

It added: "The possibility envisioned by the Apostolic Constitution for some married clergy...does not signify any change in the Church's discipline of clerical celibacy."

The Catholic Church has previously approached the issue only on a case-by-case basis and only a handful of Anglican priests have become Catholics in recent years.

They are allowed to stay married, though bishops will only be allowed to join if they are single.

The Apostolic Constitution lays out formal procedures for unmarried bishops, married and unmarried priests and other members of the Anglican Church to join the Catholic Church.

Several hundred unhappy Anglicans are reported to be mulling a "return to Rome".

A conservative Anglican group called Forward With Faith has said many of its members are eager to convert because the Church of England was becoming "the church of political correctness". [or what I call the "religion of Obamanation", led by "Bishop" Nancy Pelosi.]

One of its leaders, Father Geoffrey Kirk, said they objected not only to the ordination of women but also to "many attitudes on human sexuality" including divorce and homosexuality.

The Church of England is regarded as the "mother" of all the other churches in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

With some 77 million members, the Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian communion in the world after the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

The English church was under papal authority for nearly a thousand years before splitting from Rome in 1534, when King Henry VIII was refused an annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon so he could marry Anne Boleyn. [The Anglican Church was founded by Henry VIII and supported by bishops who are "politically correct" at that time.  Ask St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher.  They paid for it with their lives for being not too politically correct.]

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sense of Propriety Anyone?

MANILA (UCAN) -- Politicians should save the money they plan to spend on ringside seats for Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao's boxing match in Las Vegas next week and give the money to the poor instead, Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales of Manila says.

"Of course we are also happy that our fellow Filipino is carrying the country's name abroad but they (politicians) can show their support by merely watching TV. They don't need to go to America," Cardinal Rosales said on Radio Veritas 846.

"They should just donate the money ... to the poor."

Pacquiao is set to challenge Puerto Rican World Boxing Organization welterweight champion Miguel Cotto for the title at the MGM Grand on Nov. 14.

Tickets for the fight cost between US$150 and US$1,000. [FYI. $150 is for most Filipinos a month's worth of salary.]

Pacquiao is a sensation in the Philippines but the fight comes as thousands of his countrymen are struggling for survival in the aftermath of a string of typhoons which have hammered the country in recent weeks.

"It is not wrong to watch boxing but maybe...during this time of crisis we should think what would be the best for all of us," the cardinal said. [Some are just plain insensitive to what others are going through.  Maybe power does numb your senses, your values and your entire being.]

Pacquiao, 30, of General Santos City, southern Philippines, is the favorite to win the challenge. He has been undefeated in 49 out of 54 fights, winning 37 of them by knock out.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo told reporters on Nov. 3 that Pacquiao fans in the Cabinet did not need reminding about overspending to watch their boxing idol.

They are "mature and responsible individuals and they know what their priorities are," she said. [Are they mature and responsible? Really? If they are, then why are in such mess?]

But she said "everyone has the right to go abroad and watch Manny Pacquiao if they want to, as long as they do not compromise their jobs and their agencies." [Is this an issue of personal rights or propriety and public accountability?]

Some of Pacquiao's biggest fans in the government include Environment Secretary Joselito Atienza and Deputy National Security Adviser Luis Singson who have followed the boxer on most of his overseas matches.


In the midst of the people's suffering, some politicians really have the gall to even spend money.

For all I care, they are not there to "support" Pacquaio. They are in Vegas and what does one do in Vegas? Right. GAMBLE. They travel on tax payers money. Oh yeah. Who's to prove that they are using their own money for their air fare?

And worst of all, they are there with tax payers money, to bet on the match.

Is this how power corrupts?

I just can recall what happened here.


Knights in Action: P100K for construction of home for aging priests

GUIUAN, E. Samar, Nov. 7, 2009-- Knights of Columbus, a fraternal organization of Catholic men, [the largest lay organization in the whole world!] presented a check for P100,000 to the Diocese of Borongan at a ceremony held here recently.

KC regional deputy of the Knights of Columbus for Easter Visayas [Sir Knight] Bro. Dalmacio Grafil said the organization is undertaking various activities including social engagements.

The deputy assured that the organization would enhance further activities to support social and church services in the region.

The donation was received by Borongan Bishop Crispin Varquez from Grafil on Oct. 4 during the Feast Day of the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary in Guiuan town.

Grafil said the amount was taken from funds of the KC Fraternal Association of the Philippines (KCFAPI), the insurance agency of the organization, for the construction of the diocese's “Home for Aged Priests” in Borongan town.

Also present during the turnover were Senior Board Member [Sir Knight]Generoso Yu, the provincial deputy of the KC Eastern Visayas along with [Sir Knight] Bro. Eldito Nabong, KCFAPI Area Manager for Eastern Visayas, and [Sir Knight] Bro. Rufino Homerez, Faithful Navigator of the Don Jaime C. de Veyra Assembly, Tacloban City. (CBCPNews)


In service to one, In service to all.

Join the Order of the Knights of Columbus and put your Faith into Action!

Installation Mass of Archbishop Socrates Villegas

I was looking at the installation Mass photos of Archbishop Rosales of Lingayen-Dagupan when I chanced upon this photo.

See the Sir Knights in action? Drawn swords?

Sir Knights in full regalia...Liturgical eye candy