Friday, August 31, 2012

From a TPC Reader: Putting the tabernacle to the side is reaally wrong!

And doing it this way is doing it even worse!

And to think that those who always put the tabernacle to the side always reason out that they must put the tabernacle to the side since "they do not want to put their backs on the Lord."

Sacrosanctum Concilium always reminds us that the tabernacle must be placed in a place of honor or in a separate chapel where He will be adored in prayer and silence.

Now look at this!

Do you even think that the priest who did this has any regard for the presence of the Lord?

Do you think he is giving the Lord the place of honor in this church?

Or do you think he just follows the trend...........BLINDLY?

"Oh come on, TPC, that photo does not even show the entire sanctuary!"

Oh come on!  Can you see that?  The image of the saint has a spotlight on it.  The tabernacles sanctuary lamp is nowhere near to be found?!?!

You do love HIM?

Prove it!


Bring back the tabernacle at the center of the sanctuary!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is your Obstetrician and Gynecologist truthful to you?

In matters about the artificial contraceptive?...........

And about what their society really thinks about the RH Bill?

I guess most are!

But it seems that the top brass of the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS)made a blanket statement of support for RH without even consulting its general membership which completely took them (the members) by surprise!

Read about this new explosive expose from the Pinoy Templars page!

Look who gets a free trip to Vietnam!

No other than the president of POGS!

Who paid for the trip?


Another Fake Roman Catholic Priest

Funny how a fake church is going against its own former priest who remains fake.


Just be warned folks.

A lot of them roam the streets, asking for money, and worst!.............

Send me a PM on my Facebook account and I'll tell you what.

I am online the whole day today.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From a TPC reader: Altar Arrangement and Communion in the Hand

Dear Pinoy Catholic,

Your blog is really good. [thank you very much!  A lot of work, a lot of enemies, but gained a lot of friends too.]   I have the same view as your in the communion in the hand. [Read the following horror!] I have seen the harm of it in my school one of the students is just putting the Body of Christ in his pocket and I am so gad I saw it and mad him consume it.  I have also seen liturgical horrors in the mass they would use song that are not appropriate. The more horrible thing is the drums and plenty of instruments it is like more of a concert than a mass and the actings in the homily.   Due to this reason I have been using doing all things that i can to make setting correct through my serving. I am putting the crucifix in the altar but sadly sometimes they would just remove it. I am also using the burse and the chalice veil.

Can you help me how to make the altar in a more reverent setting. It is just to candles at each side and the occasional crucifix. Can you also give me suggestion on altar serving to make it more reverent or add some thing from the EF mass to it? Thank you more power God Bless


First of all, thank you for writing.  I really do appreciate it.

Secondly, putting the cross and candles on the altar is the best that you can do to make the altar look, well, more like, uhm, an altar and not just any bare table.  Five-star hotels who set up a candle lighted dinner have candles on them.  Funny how these liturgists who always compare the ordinary meal with the Holy Mass refuses to put the candle on the table because, according to them "you don't have candles on the table when you eat."  DUH!

Read the General Instruction of the Romal Missal.  Follow the blog.  You'll find that altar arrangements are just the beginning of bringing back the sense of the sacred into the Mass.

Doing the "Benedictine" altar arrangement is laudable and is within the bounds of liturgical law.  It is NOT a liturgical heritage of the Church to put candles near the altar.  NEVER!  Whoever did that was just doing it out of novelty or worse, because they do not want the view of their faces obstructed.  Guess narcissists really want the attention of the whole world on them, eh?

And finally, I still have to find the benefits of having Communion in the Hand.


It did more harm than good.

For more resources against Communion in the Hand, click here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Look who is on the RH payroll!!!

Seems the honorable and objective media men who "expose" the anomalies in government are the ones who are really getting paid by the financiers of the RH propaganda to sweeten things up and make it appear that they are after the truth and your rights!

Yeah!  After they got their pay checks from those pushing RH!

 Click that link to find out more!

Just as I suspected.

Ever since Ces Oreña Drilon got into that kidnapping mess, I knew there was something wrong with that woman.

Turns out she is not the media personality we all hoped to be.

And I always had that stinking feeling that most in the that network are up for sale if!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Latin Mass!

Traditional Latin Mass returns to the Pontifical and Royal University

I can imagine someone shuddering to see this happen at UST.

Obviously, the one who is against the TLM, the one who is against the New Translation and the one who wants to control how a bishop runs his liturgical affairs in his own diocese!

Well, let him rant.  Let him claim whatever title he has.  Let him sell his books and say what he wants in his seminars.

Here are the facts that won't change:

  1. He is no bishop.  He can't do anything about it.  Makes me wonder why some bishops want to be harassed by a mere priest who occupies a non-canonical position.
  2. He is retired and let him stay that way
  3. He has no legal basis to say or do whatever he wants to
  4. Tradition has come back to the Church.  The train has left.  He can't do anything about it.
  5. Those who love Tradition are mostly the youth contrary to what he keeps on saying that only the nostalgic old are attached to the Traditional form.
  6. Only liberals listen to him.  Yup.  If you see those who love liturgical creativity masked as inculturation or liturgical animation, chances are these are liturgical/theological liberals who have a very lukewarm attitude towards the opposition of the Church towards contraception e.g. RH Bill.
Am I talking about one priest here or two?


In the meantime, feast your eyes!

Photos courtesy of our friends from the Varsitarian, the official student paper of the UST, and IMHO the proud Catholic student paper in the country. I have to see other school papers come out strongly in support of the Church....and Una Voce Philippines - Societas Ecclesia Dei Sancti Ioseph (SEDSI). The officers and members of SEDSI helped organize this momentous Mass.


So, what's next?

The Dominican Rite at UST and Santo Domingo and other Dominican Priories in the Philippines?  :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

GULP Alert: Lining up for a buffet?

(This photo came from one of our Undercover Liturgical Police.

Good job, brother or sister or father.....*wink wink*)

No.  It is for Communion.

And they are self-communicating.

Haven't I told you before that it has become common practice in recollections and retreat houses?

Remember, self communicating is a NO-NO.  We MUST receive the Eucharistic Lord from the hands of the minister of Holy Communion!  Not take Him for ourselves!...preferably on the tongue not by the hand!

And if you can, receive Him kneeling! 

Even the Pope does it.

A real life Mr. Bean tragedy?

Remember this scene from the first Mr. Bean movie?

Can't believe it will really happen in real life!

Another case of life imitates art?

Or life ruins art.


Why the living is called "Church Militant"

We continue to fight for our salvation!

We defend ourselves from the attacks of the lies of Satan and his minions!

We continue to teach, preach and witness to the teachings of Christ which Peter and his Successor, the Vicar of Christ on Earth, the Pope, together with the bishops, priests, deacons and religious who are in communion with him who teach the same Faith we all received from the Apostles.

That is why we care called CHURCH MILITANT.

And funny how some Filipino Jesuits and theologians at Maryhill School of Theology scoff at this term. Why? Because just like the quack theologian who faked her title Miriam Defensor Santiago said "Vatican II changed all of that!"

Oh, let's call them for what they are.


The "unbiased" Mainstream Media

"When a story doesn't fit the mainstream media's narrative (like the attack on the FRC), they WHITEWASH it!"

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The biggest reason why Maryhill School of Theology must be CLOSED!



The threat to charge 159 faculty members of the Ateneo de Manila University with heresy for expressing support for the reproductive health bill (RH) is an infringement of their constitutional right to academic freedom, which is also recognized by Vatican II, according to Sen. Miriam Santiago.  [Surprised with that rant from a looney tunes?]

“Academic freedom is enshrined in our Constitution. You cannot dictate to a professor what to teach. I think this is a backward-looking message,” Santiago reminded the Ateneo management and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), which had warned the faculty members they face possible charges of heresy. [Obviously her professors at MaryHELL School of Theology did not teach her about the Apostolic Constitution Ex corde ecclesiae?]

Santiago said the Vatican II ecumenical council already defined the changing role of the Catholic Church and society.

“You can no longer punish Catholics for their freedom of conscience… That’s why it was called an ecumenical council because it abandoned all its previous strict conservative ways and is now more open to what can be called questioning concern,” said Santiago, a constitutional expert who has a master’s degree in theology.  [See that?  She is just repeating what was taught to her by her theology professors at MaryHELL School of Theology.  She is just being true to herself, give her that.  Liberal Modernist theologians insist that Vatican II created a NEW CHURCH.  All laws have been discarded.  BUT!!!!  If you read Vatican II, it does not say so!  Ask them from what document of Vatican this comes from......................You'll suffer the same way as I did when I kept waiting for the photo of Red Tani and his group. By the way, I confirmed this.  Miriam did not finish her Master's degree in Theology.  She hasn't presented nor defended her thesis.  So she does not have any right to claim that title.  Probably the writer of this report just want to fool us.  Wah?!]

The senator is one of the most vocal supporters of the RH bill in the Senate. Santiago, in fact, filed the first RH bill in the Senate in 1997.

The CBCP earlier called on Ateneo authorities to investigate the 159 faculty members who signed a declaration of support for the RH bill for allegedly going against Catholic dogma.

The Catholic hierarchy, the most vocal opponents of the RH bill, resists the idea of the government distributing artificial methods of contraception to poor Filipinos. Condoms and birth control pills are particularly anathema as they supposedly encourage promiscuity, especially among the young.

Ateneo president Fr. Jose Ramon Villarin, [the master of doublespeak!]  who supports the CBCP position, wrote a letter to the Ateneo community that was posted on the university’s website, telling those “engaged in the Christian formation of our students to ensure that the Catholic position on this matter continues to be taught in our classes, as we have always done.”

Santiago said the Ateneo and the CBCP are not allowed “to downtrod the academic freedom of all intellectuals of the country… To threaten these (faculty members that they) would be kicked out of the Catholic Church is in effect to impose sanctions on academic freedom.”  [Miriam does not realize that Catholic schools are ORDERED by Peter himself to teach only Catholic dogma.  If she wants her brand of Catholicism, she can just go and build her own.  Try the Iglesia ni Cristo.  Bunch of wackos.  Their founder a rapist!]

This is wrong theology because there is no dogma involved here, there is no specific dogmatic principle that has emanated from the Pope,” she reiterated.  [Wow!!! First she lectures the successor of the apostles, the bishops who most have doctorates in theology about what is right theology and then she lectures us that there is no dogmatic principle that emanated from the Pope even though Humanae Vitae of Pope Paul VI has been defined as a definitive statement on the issue of contraception!  This woman is overflowing with pride.  She sounds like the one who offered the fruit to our first parents, no?]

Only Pope Benedict XVI “can dictate” Catholic dogma “and that is only when he categorically claims that he is speaking ex cathedra in his role as Supreme Pontiff.”  [Ehhhh....the earlier Pope already......did.]

“The Pope never exercised that power with respect to reproductive health or population control or responsible parenthood so we are all agreed among the Catholic theological community that this is not a required position,” the senator said.  [She is not even a member of the "Catholic theological community".  Her community must be somewhere in Mandaluyong....Wah!]

Party-list representative Luz Ilagan (Gabriela), [the anti-Catholic partylist founded by a Catholic-by-name-only nun] who taught at the Ateneo de Davao for four decades, said it was the Ateneo professors’ right to make a stand on an important issue.

“That they view the RH bill as a piece of legislation that will help provide much-needed maternal and infant health services to Filipinos is a laudable demonstration of compassion, social awareness and a commitment for the poor and the marginalized,” Ilagan said in a statement.

The professors, in taking a stand for the bill, were also being true to the Ateno’s mission statement of social concern by being men and women for others, she said.  [Weh?  True to themselves even after the Ateneo president of doublespeak said otherwise.]

Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, one of the bill’s principal authors, said the Ateneo professors’ support for the bill does not go against Catholic dogma.  [Does he belong to the same "Catholic theological community"?  Didn't know Albay has this own wacko joint?]

“[It] does not offend or reject Catholic dogma because it adheres to the hallmark of the measure on the right to informed choice, [informed choice?  in Catholic dogma?] which negates both compulsion and reward, and promotes free will which is a cardinal principle of the Church,” Lagman said in a statement.  [I guess Maryhill School of Theology wrote this version of the Catechism.]

He said academic freedom as provided for in the Constitution extends to professors of Catholic universities. The essence of such a freedom also includes searching for truth in various disciplines and revealing this, unhampered by prior restraint or reprisal from authorities.

Lagman also said that since bishops and their supporters invoke freedom of expression in opposing the reproductive health bill, the Ateneo professors should also be given the same freedom to support the measure in good conscience as Catholics.


All about freedom of expression and academic freedom?

Nobody talks about the Apostolic Constitution Ex corde ecclesiae which DIRECTS Catholic school to adhere to the teachings of the Church and to ensure that no contrary doctrine is taught there.

You walk into a McDonalds you expect to be served with a Big Mac if you order one, not a Pizza Hut!

You go into a Catholic school, you expect your child to be educated by and come out a better Catholic.

Not a dissident.

Not an arrogant useless politician like Edcel Lagman, whose family fought against the Marcos dictatorship and US meddling in PHL politics which ironically he supports the US-backed RH Bill.

Nor a wacko like Miriam Santiago.

Nuff said.

From a TPC reader: An important Announcement: TLM in Agoo, La Union

From Laurence.......

"Bro...the community in Agoo will have their inauguration mass for the regular celebration of TLM to be officiated by Msgr Cosalan on Sept 8"

That is for the birthday celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

As I have heard, this group is affiliated with Una Voce Philippines.

Am I right?t

RH: The Ring of Power!

A beautiful piece from the Monk's Hobbit over at his Facebook page:

What does the RH Bill promise us? It is the great Ring of Power: it will reduce poverty, promote responsible parenthood, and lead to good governance–the high and ultimate purpose that our country has striven hard to accomplish only to be derailed by the Catholic Church and the Anti-RH groups. The RH Bill promises us a “choice”–to order our married life as we will. We can bide our time until we are financially and emotionally ready to have children. We can justify to ourselves that we are obeying our conscience whenever we use the condom or the pill, and ignore many things that pester our thoughts, such as the possibility of getting pregnant, because the unwanted child that can easily be disposed by morning-after pills or abortion. Each child should be a child we want to have and not a child by accident. And as we use the pills more and more through the help of RH Bill, our power over our bodies will also grow, and we shall be like the gods who define what is good and what is evil through three criteria–me, myself, and I. We can forget about what the Catholic Church says–it’s a Medieval institution out of touch of the modern-day Filipinos. Mortal sin? There is no sense of talking about ”a sin whose object is grave matter and which is also committed with full knowledge and deliberate consent.” These are scholastic definitions and modern man has no need for such rubbish. And if the government passes the RH Bill, millions of dollars from UN and US will pour into the Philippines. The poor shall be no more. There will be a high quality of life for all. By embracing the RH Bill, we remain as Pro-Life as ever. There need not be, there would not be, any real change in our designs, only in our means.

Wonderful words befitting of Saruman the Wise. But his voice has already lost its charm: the end does not justify the means.

That is the allegory of the Ring of Power as told to us by the Catholic J.R.R. Tolkien (who died attending the Latin Tridentine Mass).

Absolute power corrupts absolutely...

The RH Bill promises to be a magic silver bullet...the Ring of Power that will give you everything you want, right Smeagol?...They are all GOLLUM!

This is her eventual fate.  Love her looking like this.

Jabba da Hut?  Yeah........Gollum din.  Hungry for power...........and money.
Smeagol lonely.  Smeagol can't find Precious...(The commission from pushing RH.)

Sing with me!  "There's a zombie on your lawn...There's a zombie on your lawn...."

Sylvia Claudio:  Smeagol wants babies torn to pieces, because Smeagol wants rights of women to abortion!

Dr. Esperanza Cabral:  "Smeagol sucked as DOH Secretary so Smeagol wants to make up for Smeagol's screw ups!"
Dr. Junice Melgar:  "Smeagol knows where you can have abortion!  Smeagol shows you where!  It's in Quiapo.  But Smeagol only promotes RH.  But if you want abortion, Smeagol shows you where.  But Smeagol doesn't promote abortion, only RH.  But if you want abortion, Smeagol shows you where............"


GULP Alert: What in the world are those?!?!

from a TPC reader, Kurt.

Having altar girls is bad enough!

But having those on their shoulders?!?!

Come on, Father!  Are you thinking of the Fantastic Four?

Kidding aside... remember folks!

Altar Servers have always been males?  Why?

Because altar servers are inspired by their service at the Altar to consider priesthood.

How would you expect these little girls when they grow up when they felt so inspired to remain at the altar?

The movement to have altar girls sprang up only recently on the moves of liberals to force women ordination.

And that's a fact!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If St. Pius X were alive today

The heads of LST, MST, SVST professors would have rolled a long time ago!

St. Pius X, hammer of heretics and modernists, pray for us!

Ateneo, MST and Bishop Ongtioco

You might as well have read all that there was a group of Ateneo professors, who even though they said they do not speak for the Ateneo, they still used the name of the University in signing a declaration of support to the RH Bill which seeks to force government to add more money to the purchase of abortifacients.

The CBCP president, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, rightfully reminded that Catholic schools who continue to defy Catholic teaching, can be sanctioned and lose their title of being a Catholic university.

Now here is the response of the Ateneo president


Ateneo de Manila University


20 August 2012

Memo to: The University Community

Subject: HB 4244

Together with our leaders in the Catholic Church, the Ateneo de Manila University does not support the passage of House Bill 4244 (The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Bill). [Off to a strong start!] As many of these leaders have pointed out, the present form of the proposed bill contains provisions that could be construed to threaten constitutional rights [religious freedom?  not spelled out in this letter but I guess he mean by that.]  as well as to weaken commonly shared human and spiritual values.

Now that the period for amendments is about to begin, I enjoin all in the Ateneo community to continue in-depth study of the present bill, and to support amendments to remove provisions that could be ambiguous or inimical from a legal, moral or religious perspective [sounds like Fr. Bernas wrote this line, eh?]

In connection with this, I call attention to the 192 members of our faculty who have grappled [grappled?!?  did they grapple?  most of those who signed already were calling for it!]  with the underlying issues in the context of Catholic social teaching, and who have spoken in their own voice in support of the bill. [A clear defiance of the the Catholic Church's teaching!] Though the University must differ from their position for the reasons stated above, I appreciate their social compassion and intellectual efforts, and urge them to continue in their discernment of the common good.  [Discernment?!?  What the?  The professors already made up their mind!  What discernment are you talking about?]   As there is a spectrum of views on this ethical and public policy issue, I ask all those who are engaged in the Christian formation of our students to ensure that the Catholic position on this matter continues to be taught in our classes, as we have always done [How?  Can these professors be trusted?  Some of them are sociologist, others are philosophers and worse others are theologians?!  How can you trust them to teach the Catholic position on this matter when they have publicly dissented against Catholic teaching?  This is absurd!]

Should the bill with whatever amendments be passed, we should neither hesitate to bring to the judiciary whatever legal questions we may have nor cease to be vigilant in ensuring that no coercion takes place in implementation.   [WE?  As in the Ateneo community would do that? Do we have this commitment from them?  I seriously doubt it.]

If there is no easy answer to the concerns that the proposed bill raises or no facile unanimity among divergent views, this only proves the complexity, depth, and sensitivity of these concerns. Nevertheless, Catholic tradition has always taught that reason and faith are not enemies but allies in the service of God’s truth. From this tradition, we can draw strength and compassion in our often tortuous journey as persons in community toward the greater glory of God and the service of God’s people.

Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ


Fr. Villarin did not even reprimanded the professors who have placed the Ateneo and the Jesuit community in a very precarious position.  Now the CBCP is looking into this whole mess!

To put it straight, this letter is a simple tap on the hand!  UTTERLY USELESS, FORCELESS!

Classic Jesuit ambiguity.  For all I care, the Jesuits really were the ones who taught these professors to dissent!

They are supposed to be the defenders of the Church, now look at what they are doing!  It is happening in almost all Jesuit universities worldwide!  Dissent is being taught by the Jesuits!

And quite eerily, Bishop Ongtioco is dead silent on this issue!

Ateneo and the dissenter factory, Maryhill School of Theology are all within his diocese!  And he has done little to nothing at all to address the dissent that has long been brewing in these schools!


GULP Alert: What is seriously wrong in this photo

I am seriously pissed after seeing this photo!

Send in your comments first before I blow my head off ranting at this!

Special gesture?!?

from the official twitter account of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office.

Was caught with this caption:

Earlier, during homily, in the spirit of Sec. Robredo, priest stood away from the pulpit, closer to the people.

Most probably the one who wrote the caption did not know that some priests usually do this, which is liturgically incorrect.

GULP Alert: Avocado?

What in the world is that chasuble?!?!?!

RIP Jesse Robredo

His stint as mayor of Naga City was one for the history books.  Truly an honorable man!

Eternal rest, grant unto him O Lord and let Your perpetual light shine upon them May they rest in peace (Amen)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blogger who "exposed" Sen. Tito Sotto gets EXPOSED, BIG TIME

Alfredo Melgar of the atheist group Filipino Freethinkers, who does anything but think, is "credited" for finding out that the speech of Sen. Tito Sotto contains copied material from an obscure blogger in the USA.

Turns out, Mr. Melgar is on the payroll of the pro-abortion, RH advocate group Likhaan, as you can see in the scanned image of the document below.

Mr. Melgar is a research coordinator of Likhaan.

So, what is this post all about?

Yeah, Sen. Sotto and his team screwed up big time.  Boohoo!  You got your shot.

Now it's your turn.

Why not answer the charges brought up by Sen. Sotto?

Why did the media bury the issue that the pro-RH groups like Likhaan Center for Women's Health, Reproductive Health Advocacy Network, Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines are in fact ALL PRO-ABORTION?

That photo and the run-down on the ABORTION Agenda of Mr. Melgar and LIKHAAN CENTER FOR WOMEN'S HEALTH are exposed in the blog, Pinoy Templars

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cong. Janet Garin is lying.....

...I knew it since day 1!

She is a doctor and she lies about the lethal side effects of the artificial contraceptive pill!

She is a lawmaker and she lies about the real intentions of the RH Bill...

She lies!

All the time!

People of Iloilo!

Do us a very great favor!

Do not vote this woman or any of her kin into public office in 2013!

She lies!



And she does not deserve our trust!

You know why?

Because she lies!


And all the time...


Thursday, August 16, 2012

TLM Lectures in Manila!!!

ANOTHER UNA VOCE MILESTONE: Stressing a point on THE CEREMONIES OF THE TRIDENTINE MASS to an attentive audience at the Campus Ministry air conditioned Multi-Purpose Hall, PONTIFICAL & ROYAL CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS.

This is in preparation for the Traditional Latin Mass on 24 August 2012, 6PM, at the Chapel of St. Dominic, UST Manila. [I hope the small liturgist does not do anything nasty against this!]  In the words of Friar Eric; "I ENJOYED TONIGHT's TALK MUCH MORE! MAKE SURE {talking to Una Voce officers} I AM ABLE TO GO BACK TO UST WHEN I RETURN TO MANILA."

UST served merienda to ALL the participants after the talk, and a special dinner for Rev. Fr. Eric Forbes, OFM Cap. {Vegetables only for the dear friar! No meat, pork, or chicken. Fish is steamed, not fried} and the members of Una Voce Philippines, plus the esteemed Theology Professors of the University.

* An image of St. Dominic and a generous stipend was given to the Friar after the talk.

The series of talks was organized by UNA VOCE PHILIPPINES (UVP).

Una Voce Philippines is a member of Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce, an international federation of Catholic lay organizations attached to the Tridentine Mass. Una Voce Philippines is the recognized Philippine organization.

Carlos Antonio Palad, of UVP is a member of FIUV Council.

More photos of the Una Voce Philippines activities coming soon!

Great News!!!

(Catholic Herald) A traditionalist group based on an island in Scotland has been formally established as an institute within the Catholic Church.

The Congregation of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer, also known as the Transalpine Redemptorists, was erected today, on the feast of the Assumption, as a Clerical Institute of Diocesan Right.

The community, which has about 15 members, has been in limbo since 2008 when it announced that it wished to enter into full communion with Rome.

The group’s decision was a response to Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, which allowed priests to celebrate the traditional Latin Mass freely.

Previously, the community had been a part of the worldwide Society of St Pius X (SSPX), the estranged traditionalist group currently in dialogue with Rome.

This evening the community were to make a public profession of vows at their home on Papa Stronsay, a tiny, windswept island in Orkney, off the north-east of Scotland. The profession will be celebrated by Bishop Hugh Gilbert OSB of Aberdeen, who, as their diocesan bishop, granted them canonical recognition.
Bishop Gilbert was ordained as Bishop of Aberdeen exactly a year ago, taking over from Bishop Peter Moran, who had retired.

Altar Girl Fail!

Big pectoral crosses!



Simple altar girl failure!

Why we still have these baffles me!


Are we really overpopulated?

from the Inquirer


“We are not poor because we are plenty; rather we are plenty because we are poor.”

Women do not beget children on their own. So it is unfortunate that throughout the raging controversy over the Reproductive Health bill, no one seems to be paying attention to Filipino men, especially the poor. [RIGHT!  Men are left out of the equation as if ALL men are a bunch of horny stags who just impregnates and leaves a woman!  As if the woman was not into it as well.  What is this rape all the time?] Virtually all arguments from both sides seem to focus on the protection of women and children alone. But we must get to the root of the problem. Why do husbands continue to force themselves on their wives despite their inability to support large families?

Based on experience from working with the poor,  [The author knows where he is coming from.  This is good because pro-RH groups always use this argument as if they are the only ones who work with the poor.]  it is due to our individual and collective greed and lust. Our poor menfolk, whom nature designed to be providers for their families, lose their sense of dignity and turn “predatory” when they are jobless or woefully underpaid. Their depressed condition is exacerbated by the vulgarization of sexuality in all forms of mass media [Media will not admit that making women as objects of sex are causing this to men.]

The RH bill is therefore not a real and lasting solution because it only addresses the symptom of overpopulation among the poor. [If we are even growing too much.]  The end does not justify the means, especially if it is harmful and immoral. Rather, the true and real solution is to promote morality, specifically the virtues of charity and chastity, the values of caring and sharing to overcome greed, and the values of purity and modesty to overcome lust. The late US President Ronald Reagan said it so eloquently, “Economic growth is the best contraceptive.” Metro Manila is overcrowded, but the Philippines is not overpopulated. This is only because we have failed dismally to develop our agricultural sector and provinces, which could have sustained rural families instead of driving them to become illegal settlers in Metro Manila. They are not poor because they are plenty; rather they are plenty because they are poor. Make our poor rich and they will have less time and energy for irresponsible parenthood. Then our rich will only become wealthier because better-paid workers are more productive workers, and they are also more affluent consumers who possess higher purchasing power to buy products and services sold by the rich[SPOT ON!]

No to Reproductive Health. Yes to Reproductive Wealth, where wealth begets more wealth because the rich help the poor and the poor help themselves through various forms of profit-sharing—not forcible land reform or mandatory wages. Workers who are part-owners will drive revenues, cut costs and conserve cash on their own. And how can we acquire the virtues of charity and chastity? Through personal discipline and self-control (not birth control), and most of all through prayer and sacrifice, because the virtues of charity and generosity, chastity and self-control are fruits of God the Holy Spirit.

Of course, all this must start with the nation’s top leadership. Enough of self-centered leadership. We demand God-centered leadership because we deserve God-centered leadership. Nothing more. Nothing less. P-Noy says “Kayo ang boss ko,” but let us remind him, “ngunit ang Diyos ang boss nating lahat!”



Kudos to Mr. Arcilla!

Additional info.

The UN set the annual population growth rate of a nation to be sustainable to 2.1 percent.

The Philippines currently has a 1.98 percent.

The NEDA Chief was caught tongue tied and obviously trying to hide the fact that we do not need a population control method.

Read this about it here.

So?  The moral of the story?

The Philippines is not overpopulated.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GULP Alert: Jesuit Liturgical Abuse

As you can see that the photo is not mine.  Visit the blog.

Tons of abuse here.

Not sure if the bread used was even unleavened.

And this was during the elevation.

Why is the bread already broken into pieces?

Well, is it even valid matter?