Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ateneo, MST and Bishop Ongtioco

You might as well have read all that there was a group of Ateneo professors, who even though they said they do not speak for the Ateneo, they still used the name of the University in signing a declaration of support to the RH Bill which seeks to force government to add more money to the purchase of abortifacients.

The CBCP president, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, rightfully reminded that Catholic schools who continue to defy Catholic teaching, can be sanctioned and lose their title of being a Catholic university.

Now here is the response of the Ateneo president


Ateneo de Manila University


20 August 2012

Memo to: The University Community

Subject: HB 4244

Together with our leaders in the Catholic Church, the Ateneo de Manila University does not support the passage of House Bill 4244 (The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Bill). [Off to a strong start!] As many of these leaders have pointed out, the present form of the proposed bill contains provisions that could be construed to threaten constitutional rights [religious freedom?  not spelled out in this letter but I guess he mean by that.]  as well as to weaken commonly shared human and spiritual values.

Now that the period for amendments is about to begin, I enjoin all in the Ateneo community to continue in-depth study of the present bill, and to support amendments to remove provisions that could be ambiguous or inimical from a legal, moral or religious perspective [sounds like Fr. Bernas wrote this line, eh?]

In connection with this, I call attention to the 192 members of our faculty who have grappled [grappled?!?  did they grapple?  most of those who signed already were calling for it!]  with the underlying issues in the context of Catholic social teaching, and who have spoken in their own voice in support of the bill. [A clear defiance of the the Catholic Church's teaching!] Though the University must differ from their position for the reasons stated above, I appreciate their social compassion and intellectual efforts, and urge them to continue in their discernment of the common good.  [Discernment?!?  What the?  The professors already made up their mind!  What discernment are you talking about?]   As there is a spectrum of views on this ethical and public policy issue, I ask all those who are engaged in the Christian formation of our students to ensure that the Catholic position on this matter continues to be taught in our classes, as we have always done [How?  Can these professors be trusted?  Some of them are sociologist, others are philosophers and worse others are theologians?!  How can you trust them to teach the Catholic position on this matter when they have publicly dissented against Catholic teaching?  This is absurd!]

Should the bill with whatever amendments be passed, we should neither hesitate to bring to the judiciary whatever legal questions we may have nor cease to be vigilant in ensuring that no coercion takes place in implementation.   [WE?  As in the Ateneo community would do that? Do we have this commitment from them?  I seriously doubt it.]

If there is no easy answer to the concerns that the proposed bill raises or no facile unanimity among divergent views, this only proves the complexity, depth, and sensitivity of these concerns. Nevertheless, Catholic tradition has always taught that reason and faith are not enemies but allies in the service of God’s truth. From this tradition, we can draw strength and compassion in our often tortuous journey as persons in community toward the greater glory of God and the service of God’s people.

Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ


Fr. Villarin did not even reprimanded the professors who have placed the Ateneo and the Jesuit community in a very precarious position.  Now the CBCP is looking into this whole mess!

To put it straight, this letter is a simple tap on the hand!  UTTERLY USELESS, FORCELESS!

Classic Jesuit ambiguity.  For all I care, the Jesuits really were the ones who taught these professors to dissent!

They are supposed to be the defenders of the Church, now look at what they are doing!  It is happening in almost all Jesuit universities worldwide!  Dissent is being taught by the Jesuits!

And quite eerily, Bishop Ongtioco is dead silent on this issue!

Ateneo and the dissenter factory, Maryhill School of Theology are all within his diocese!  And he has done little to nothing at all to address the dissent that has long been brewing in these schools!


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  1. Please give the local ordinary time to digest all that has happened. The Cubao diocese has a lot of things to take care of and has to tread very carefully! You mention the dissenting theological schools but fail to mention that the schismatic SSPX's principal church is within a stone's throw of Bp Ongtioco's cathedral! The bishop is a very understanding man.