Friday, December 28, 2012


You think our Lady would approve of artificial contraception?

This is what you get with spoiled brats!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I was out for a few days because...

Not my photo but says a lot where I was.  :)

Glad to be back in Manila and Merry Christmas everyone!  :)


For unto us a Savior is born, Christ the Lord!  Alleluia!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dissenting nun must be shown her proper place!

Yes, that is the arrogant declaration of a pro-RH Maryknoll Nun named "Sr" Nenita Tapia of Miriam College, who is happily angry at the Catholic Church.

Look at her!

Here's how she puts it:

She believes the RH Bill provides free access to reproductive health services
-  But she wittingly dodged the issue that this involves artificial birth control methods!  When you talk to angry nuns like these the next question you get is "But the Philippines is not entirely Catholic!"  Yes, but are you still one?  What this so-called advocated think is that they forget that they are Catholics and possess a title "Sr." and "MM" for Maryknoll Missionary that not all Catholics possess.  She causes grave scandal for someone of her identity and stature to publicly albeit implicitly declare her support for artificial birth control methods.

She believes that RH is for the poor.
- What a way to single out the poor, no?  Admitting that the poor need RH simply means that a.) the government admitted how incompetent it is and b.) the poor are helpless to educate so they need artificial contraception or they keep multiplying!  Wow!  For a nun like you, that is unbelievable.  Fortunately, there are Catholic institutions and nuns to be exact who work to educate the poor on how to plan their families without using artificial contraception.  They EDUCATE because they see hope in people, including poor people.  They do not find the easy way out just like this dissident nun!  Ever heard of the late great pro-life champ, Sr. Pilar Versoza?

She is a Roman Catholic nun who believes in the primacy of conscience that transcends all religions.
- Yeah, she is a Roman Catholic......MY FOOT!  Conscience takes its primacy only and only if that conscience is well informed, educated and formed!  Her conscience is a biased one, filthied by her angry feminist views!  Catholic teaching states that artificial contraception is a big no-no and while she may probably know about this, her feminist conscience pushes the radical feminist agenda to justify the need to use artificial contraception and reasons out that it is based on her conscience!  You think Hitler and Mussolini did not tell themselves that they used their conscience to push their agenda?  CONSCIENCE MY FOOT!

Well, I guess she hates this book, too.  DUH!

She urges the legislators to use their conscience to help their constituents who are poor.
-  She thinks the congressmen don't go around to find what goes on in their constituencies.  Yeah, she knows better.  Typical angry nun.

"When we die we will face our God not our bishops."
- Who says we will face our bishops?  Where the heck did she get this idea?  But all dissident Catholics would definitely face the bishops, well, if the bishops do their job.  We all follow the commandments of God, from the Pope to the laity.  No exemptions.  Who does she think she is?  Queen Elizabeth???

"Now who is your God, the punishing God or the loving God?"
- BOTH! God is a loving God but God will also "come to judge the world by fire".  He will say to those who did not heed His voice "Depart from me you accursed ones!"  I think she uses bible of those who despise anything that which is written in the actual Bible.

If you still doubt whether this nun is just for RH and not for abortion, where here is your final proof!

Can you see the one on the right?  Yes that is so-called RH advocate, when in fact ABORTION PROMOTER AND PROVIDER, Junice Melgar, MD of abortion group Likhaan, which I still wonder why is not being prosecuted.

This is one MS. TAPIA I am not laughing with.

This one, though grumpy in character is funnier.

The old one needs to have either get a formal excommunication or get the biological solution.

Unless the bishops act fast, and in this case, the ever so slow Bishop Honesto Ongtioco, we will see more dissidents from Katipunan Ave. in his own diocese reek out more trash from their devilish forked tongues!

No wonder the exorcism prayer of St. Benedict is phrased this way. "Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!"

RH advocates promise you the heavens when in fact it is a short-trip to perversion and hell!

These types of nuns who think they live in Europe and the USA, who think that by changing that which is divinely revealed or that even nature itself set, is teaching us progress and development, must be disciplined IMMEDIATELY.

Well, I guess we can't expect much with Bishop Ongtioco....unless he actually does something!

PS:  Miriam College has more filth than what you have actually heard.  Stay tuned for more updates here at TPC as we unravel these dissident "c"atholic institutions and how some bishops would rather be fence sitters and watch how their sheep gets devoured by ravening wolves.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the night of December 12, 2012

When Congress voted to pass on second reading the RH bil....

Most of our bishops were at the Batasan doing this...

While our media darling, new cardinal was doing this.

Yeah.  NO joke,.

He found time to do this.  Read more about this here.

But not to fight RH in Batasan.

To his horde of mad fans, they say his words are enough.

But the bishops who were at the Batasan also did that.  They spoke against RH and they were with the faithful Catholics who were there at the Batasan.

Simple.  Shepherd leading his flock.

What was he singing?

"Bah bah black sheep...."

The best image of St. Pedro Calungsod


Someone probably read my blog post about the correct way to illustrate a martyr saint.

Now you have this image!

Photos are courtesy of Cebu Cathedral Lectorate Ministry Pilgrimage & Fellowship

Here is the wonderful image.

You can see the Emeritus archbishop of Cebu, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal sitting at the back.

Here St. Pedro Calungsod is shown holding the instruments of his martyrdom including the mortal wounds that sent him to God. You can also see the other elements shown in other representations of the teenage martyr like the palm and the Doctrina Cristiana.

His feet are also astride meaning he is on the move as he is a missionary catechist. Take note that he has two wounds, one of his chest and the other on his head, all based on eye witness accounts of his martyrdom.

Here is a close-up

Beautiful isn't it?

This is the right way to represent a martyr!

If I find commercial versions of this, I am definitely going to buy one and donate it to our parish church!

Ask your parish priest to have one like this!

RORATE MASS: Mark your calendars!

Thank you for standing up for what is right and moral to the very end

The 79 who voted NO to RH Bill. Thank you very much!

1.Abayon, Daryl Grace J. (PL Aangat Tayo)
2.Alcover, Pastor Jr. M. (PL ANAD)
3.Almario, Thelma Z. (Davao Oriental)
4. Almonte, Jorge T. (Misamis Occidental)
5.Alvarez, Antonio C. (Palawan)
6.Angping, Ma. Zenaida B. (Manila)
7.Antonino, Rodolfo W. (Nueva Ecija)
8.Apacible, Tomas V. (Batangas)
9.Aquino, Jose II S. (Agusan del Norte)
10. Arenas, Ma. Rachel J. (Pangasinan)
11.Arnaiz, George P. (Negros Oriental)
12. Arroyo, Diosdado Macapagal (Camarines Sur)
13.Asilo, Benjamin DR. (Manila)
14.Bagasina, Catalina C. (PL ALE)
15.Bagatsing, Amado S. (Manila)
16.Bataoil, Leopoldo N. (Pangasinan)
17.Bichara, Al Francis DC. (Albay)
18.Bonoan-David, Ma. Theresa (Manila)
19.Cabaluna, Salvador III P. (PL I-CARE)
20.Cabilao Yambao, Jonathan (Zambonga Sibugay)
21.Calimbas-Villarosa, Ma. Amelita A. (Occidental Mindoro)
22.Castro, Jane T. (Capiz)
23.Crisologo, Vincent ‘Bingbong’ P. (Quezon City)
24.Cua, Dakila Carlo E. (Quirino)
25.De Venecia, Ma. Georgina P. (Pangasinan)
26.Del Mar, Rachel Marguerite B. (Cebu)
27.Dimaporo, Fatima Aliah Q. (Lanao del Norte)
28. Durano, Ramon VI H. (Cebu)
29.Ejercito, Joseph Victor G. (San Juan City)
30.Ferrer, Antonio A. (Cavite)
31.Fortuno, Salvio B. (Camrines Sur)
32.Fua, Orlando B. (Siquijor)
33.Garbin, Alfredo Jr. A. (PL AKO Bicol)
34.Garcia, Albert Raymond S. (Bataan)
35.Garcia, Pablo P. (Cebu)
36.Golez, Anthony Rolando Jr. T. (Bacolod City)
37.Gomez, Lucy T. (Leyte)
38.Gullas, Eduardo R. (Cebu)
39.Javier, Paolo S. (Antique)
40. Labadlabad, Rosendo S. (Zamboanga del Norte)
41.Lico, Isidro Q. (PL Ating Koop)
42.Macapagal Arroyo, Juan Miguel (PL Ang Galing Pinoy)
43.Magsaysay, Ma. Milagros H. (Zambales)
44.Malapitan, Oscar G. (Caloocan City)
45.Mandanas, Hermilando I. (Batangas)
46.Marañon, Alfredo III D. (Negros Occidental)
47.Mendoza, Mark Llandro L. (Batangas)
48.Mercado-Revilla, Lani (Cavite)
49.Noel, Florencio G. (PL An Waray)
50.Nograles, Karlo Alexei B. (Davao)
51.Obillo, Reena Concepcion G. (PL Una ang Pamilya)
52. Pangandaman, Nasser C. (PL AA KASOSYO)
53.Panotes, Elmer E. (Camarines Norte)
54.Paras, Jesus Emmanuel M. (Bukidnon)
55.Payuyo, Ponciano D. (PL APEC)
56.Piamonte, Mariano Jr. U. (PL A Teacher)
57.Puno, Roberto V. (Antipolo City)
58.Rivera, Michael Angelo C. (PL I-CARE)
59.Rodriguez, Isidro Jr. S. (Rizal)
60.Rodriguez, Maximo Jr. B. (PL Abante Mindanao)
61.Rodriguez, Rufus B. (Cagayan de Oro)
62.Romualdez, Ferdinand Martin G. (Leyte)
63.Romualdo, Pedro P. (Camiguin)
64.Romulo, Roman T. (Pasig City)
65.Salimbangon, Benhur L. (Cebu)
66. Singson, Ryan Luis V. (Ilocos Sur)
67.Socrates, Victorino Dennis M. (Palawan)
68.Suarez, Danilo E. (Quezon)
69.Syjuco, Augusto Boboy, Ph.D. (Iloilo)
70.Teves, Pryde Henry A. (Negros Oriental)
71.Tiangco, Tobias ‘Toby’ M. (Navotas)
72.Ting, Randolph S. (Cagayan)
73.Ty, Arnel U. (PL LPGMA)
74.Unabia, Peter ‘Sr. Pedro’ M. (Misamis Oriental)
75.Unico, Renato Jr. J. (Camarines Norte)
76.Valencia, Rodolfo G. (Oriental Mindoro)
77.Vergara, Bernardo M. (Baguio City)
78.Violago, Joseph Gilbert F. (Nueva Ecija)
79.Yap, Arthur C. (Bohol)


They used to be 104.

Where are the rest?

Guess Benigno Simeon Marcos is using democratic dictatorship after all.

Sorry guys.

I voted for that Caesar!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Take my word for it

If RH becomes a law, I will be the first one to rebel against it.

I am more than willing to go to jail than implement it in my own company.

I will not use my own hard-earned money to finance the contraceptives of my employees!

Mark my word for it!

If you see me get sued in court, that is the proud moment I declare to the whole world that "I AM THE PINOY CATHOLIC"

Then Carlos Celdran can have a heyday

And I expect public dissenters can go party all night long like this lunatic.

She denied that God exists and has lambasted the Catholic Church for Her teaching about contraception saying the Pope did not say anything against it, conveniently forgetting, as she was taught by Maryhill School of Theology, that contraception is not taught by the Church as an evil and a sin.

Prepare for more Church bashing!

Now we will all know how it feels how it was in the days of the early Christians.

More persecutions ahead.

No, we won't be fed to the lions nor burned alive.

WE will continually be humiliated for BEING CATHOLIC.

PS: Bishop Ongtioco, Miriam Santiago lives in your diocese. Honestly, I do not expect you to do anything against her. I know you spend more time proving that you can be the next archbishop of San Fernando, Pampanga. Come to think of it, you may become one because quite frankly, incompetents get promoted.

Maybe you need a weekly TV program too.

Someone is missing in this picture!

Cardinal Tagle planned to say Mass in Malacanang on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012, right on the day when Catholic Filipinos were marching towards Batasan to pray for the death of the RH Bill.

Instead, he chose to come out with a "double speak" pronouncement against the RH Bill and stayed at Makati to watch how things went on in Batasan.

He was approached several times by pro-lifers, lay and politicians alike to come to Batasan or the Senate, but he did not budge an inch.

Tell me, what is the color of the cardinatial robes mean now that he cannot even fight boldly against that which the Catholic Church is fighting for all throughout Her existence?

What is the use of constant double speak in his talks when it always falls on deaf ears?  What has he been doing?  It's nothing but talk, talk, talk, talk....

Cardinal Tagle isn't doing anything concrete against RH.

If Cardinal Sin were alive, he would talk straight like what he did against Marcos and Estrada even naming them specifically in his pastoral letters and sermons. Not Cardinal Tagle who was all double speak in his messages and homilies, typical Jesuits psywar.

If Cardinal Sin were alive, he'd go to Edsa like what he did that precipitated Edsa 2.

Cardinal Tagle preferred to watch everything on TV and be holed in a place in Makati.

Great leaders walk the talk! They just don't talk and talk and talk....on TV!

Right Cardinal Tagle?

Stop being handled by JesCom!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Catholics must not listen to Vassula Ryden

Then why oh why, pray tell, is Lipa Archbishop Arguelles even hosting her?!?!?


Has Vatican rescinded the ban on Ryden?


Has the CDF transferred office to Lipa?


Then why is Archbishop Arguelles hosting Ryden for a series of talks here in the Philippines?!?!

A politician who has more Catholic bones than Bernas

Speech of Rep. Antonio C. Alvarez during the nominal voting on the RH Bill on December 12, 2012

Mr. Speaker:

Three months from now, I will be marking my 27th year of uninterrupted service as an elected public official.

In formulating my final vote in this House, I drew mainly upon my experience as mayor for 12 years and provincial board member for six.

For in my years here, that has always been my way of appraising proposals: to imagine the “implementability” of policies in a grassroots setting.

That is the best test because what I have discovered is that what is good on paper is not necessarily good in practice; what is good in the Batasan, is not always good for the barrios.

So far here are my conclusions:

All the purported things that this bill will do are already covered by a multitude of laws.

Thus, it is not a matter of legislation but implementation.

A barangay council can buy pills and even distribute them like confetti, but no barangay chairman will tell you that the same pills will cure poverty.

He will tell you instead that in the hierarchy of his constituents’ needs, schools, books, roads, water, and livelihood are far more important to them.

Sa bawat araw na ginawa ng Diyos, kadami-dami ang natatanggap kong sulat at text na humihingi ng tulong, mga resolutions na nakikiusap ng pondo, pero ni minsan hindi po ako nakatanggap ng sulat na humihingi sa akin ng condom o pilduras o IUD.

In many areas of my District, the best form of contraception is not the one that is unsheathed, but one that is switched on—and that is electricity.

There are good provisions in this bill, I admit, like the improvement of health facilities, but these are mere reiterations of what a government must do, so whether a government is pro-, anti-, or deadma on RH, it is duty-bound to provide these services.

So whether a woman is carrying a baby on purpose or by accident, through artificial insemination or by immaculate conception, she deserves to have access to the best medical care which should be provided—without the need for an RH bill.

Mr. Speaker:

I vote NO to this measure, and Mr. Speaker, please allow me to cite my last reason for it is also the most important reason for me.

I know that a lawmaker’s religious beliefs must not solely guide his vote.

But I will take the risk of allowing my final vote as a congressman to be shaped in part by the teachings of my Church, not because I believe that they are infallible, [uhm...almost perfect!] but because my final act should be in fidelity with what my Church stands for.

This is also an act of solidarity with my Church as it has come under attack as regressive, as archaic, and as antiquated.

But its past and its present belie this slander.

This is the Church that fought against tyranny, ousted a dictatorship, struggled against repression, and defended human rights.

This is the Church which continues to educate our young, heal our sick, shelter our homeless, and comfort our poor.

This is a Church that treats people as the most important resource of a community. Unlike those pushing for this bill who treat them as liability. Let us never forget that the most precious capital of all is HUMAN CAPITAL.

This is the Church whose teachings form our social glue, provide our moral anchor, and whose celebrations, including Christmas, strengthen our bond as a community.

So pray, tell me my friends, with this heritage and record how can I vote against it?

I vote NO to this measure.


You'd mistaken him for a priest, no?

But hey!

Not all of our priests write or speak this way.

Like this joker!

Master and Servant

Now would you even hope hope for the liturgical agenda of Benedict XVI to even see the light of day in the Archdiocese of Manila?


Former papal master of ceremonies, let's hope he stays that way, Archbishop Piero Marini, with Archdiocese of Manila master of Ceremonies Fr. Carmelo Arada.

Thing in common?

Liturgical innovation.

I am sure he sent the well-wishes of his good friend Dom Anscar Chupungco.

Marini:  "So how's the Mass?  Make sure no Latin Mass in Manila, eh?  And keep up with the altar girls and dancing vestal virgins especially in MegaMall.  Luvin it!

Arada: "Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?!"

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Remember to thank these men and women in 2013!

1. Abayon, Daryl Grace J. (PL Aangat Tayo)
2. Acharon, Pedro Jr. B. (South Cotabato and General Santos City)
3. Acop, Romeo M. (Antipolo City)
4. Alcover, Pastor Jr. M. (PL ANAD)
5. Almario, Thelma Z. (Davao Oriental)
6. Alvarez, Antonio C. (Palawan)
7. Angping, Ma. Zenaida B. (Manila)
8. Antonino, Rodolfo W. (Nueva Ecija)
9. Apacible, Tomas V. (Batangas)
10. Aquino, Jose II S. (Agusan del Norte)
11. Arago, Ma. Evita R. (Laguna)
12. Arnaiz, George P. (Negros Oriental)
13. Asilo, Benjamin DR. (Manila)
14. Bagasina, Catalina C. (PL ALE)
15. Bagatsing, Amado S. (Manila)
16. Bataoil, Leopoldo N. (Pangasinan)
17. Bichara, Al Francis DC. (Albay)
18. Bonoan-David, Ma. Theresa (Manila)
19. Cabaluna, Salvador III P. (PL I-CARE)
20. Cabilao Yambao, Jonathan (Zambonga Sibugay)
21. Calimbas-Villarosa, Ma. Amelita A. (Occidental Mindoro)
22. Cari, Jose Carlos L. (Leyte)
23. Castro, Jane T. (Capiz)
24. Climaco, Maria Isabelle 'Beng' G. (Zamboanga City)
25. Co, Christopher S. (PL AKO Bicol)
26. Collantes, Sonny P. (Batangas)
27. Crisologo, Vincent 'Bingbong' P. (Quezon City)
28. Cua, Dakila Carlo E. (Quirino)
29. Dalog, Maximo B. (Mt. Province)
30. De Venecia, Ma. Georgina P. (Pangasinan)
31. Del Mar, Rachel Marguerite B. (Cebu)
32. Dimaporo, Fatima Aliah Q. (Lanao del Norte)
33. Ejercito, Joseph Victor G. (San Juan City)
34. Fabian, Erico Basilio A. (Zamboanga City)
35. Ferrer, Antonio A. (Cavite)
36. Fortuno, Salvio B. (Camrines Sur)
37. Fua, Orlando B. (Siquijor)
38. Fuentebella, Arnulfo P. (Camarines Sur)
39. Garay, Florencio C. (Surigao del Sur)
40. Garbin, Alfredo Jr. A. (PL AKO Bicol)
41. Garcia, Albert Raymond S. (Bataan)
42. Garcia, Pablo P. (Cebu)
43. Garcia Pablo John (Cebu)
44. Golez, Anthony Rolando Jr. T. (Bacolod City)
45. Gomez, Lucy T. (Leyte)
46. Gonzales, Aurelio 'Dong' Jr. D. (Pampanga)
47. Gonzalez, Fernando V. (Albay)
48. Gullas, Eduardo R. (Cebu)
49. Javier, Paolo S. (Antique)
50. Lanete, Scott Davies S., M.D. (Masbate)
51. Lico, Isidro Q. (PL Ating Koop)
52. Macapagal Arroyo, Juan Miguel (PL Ang Galing Pinoy)
53. Madrona, Eleandro Jesus F. (Romblon)
54. Magsaysay, Ma. Milagros H. (Zambales)
55. Malapitan, Oscar G. (Caloocan City)
56. Mandanas, Hermilando I. (Batangas)
57. Marañon, Alfredo III D. (Negros Occidental)
58. Marcos, Imelda R. (Ilocos Norte)
59. Matugas, Francisco 'Lalo' T. (Surigao del Norte)
60. Mellana, Evelyn P. (Agusan del Sur)
61. Mendoza, Mark Llandro L. (Batangas)
62. Mercado, Roger G. (Southern Leyte)
63. Mercado-Revilla, Lani (Cavite)
64. Montejo, Neil Benedict A. (PL An Waray)
65. Noel, Florencio G. (PL An Waray)
66. Nograles, Karlo Alexei B. (Davao)
67. Obillo, Reena Concepcion G. (PL Una ang Pamilya)
68. Ong, Emil L. (Northern Samar)
69. Pacquiao, Emmanuel D. (Saranggani)
70. Panotes, Elmer E. (Camarines Norte)
71. Paras, Jesus Emmanuel M. (Bukidnon)
72. Payuyo, Ponciano D. (PL APEC)
73. Piamonte, Mariano Jr. U. (PL A Teacher)
74. Plaza, Ma. Valentina G. (Agusan del Sur)
75. Puno, Roberto V. (Antipolo City)
76. Ramos, Deogracias Jr. B. (Sorsogon)
77. Rivera, Michael Angelo C. (PL I-CARE)
78. Robes, Arturo B. (San Jose Del Monte City)
79. Rodriguez, Isidro Jr. S. (Rizal)
80. Rodriguez, Maximo Jr. B. (PL Abante Mindanao)
81. Rodriguez, Rufus B. (Cagayan de Oro)
82. Romarate, Guillermo Jr. A. (Surigao del Norte)
83. Romualdez, Ferdinand Martin G. (Leyte)
84. Romualdo, Pedro P. (Camiguin)
85. Romulo, Roman T. (Pasig City)
86. Salimbangon, Benhur L. (Cebu)
87. Sarmiento, Cesar V. (Catanduanes)
88. Socrates, Victorino Dennis M. (Palawan)
89. Suarez, Danilo E. (Quezon)
90. Syjuco, Augusto Boboy, Ph.D. (Iloilo)
91. Teves, Pryde Henry A. (Negros Oriental)
92. Tiangco, Tobias 'Toby' M. (Navotas)
93. Tieng, Irwin C. (PL Buhay)
94. Ting, Randolph S. (Cagayan)
95. Ty, Arnel U. (PL LPGMA)
96. Umali, Czarina D. (Nueva Ecija)
97. Unabia, Peter 'Sr. Pedro' M. (Misamis Oriental)
98. Unico, Renato Jr. J. (Camarines Norte)
99. Valencia, Rodolfo G. (Oriental Mindoro)
100. Velarde, Mariano Michael Jr. M. (PL Buhay)
101. Velasco, Lord Allan Jay Q. (Marinduque)
102. Vergara, Bernardo M. (Baguio City)
103. Violago, Joseph Gilbert F. (Nueva Ecija)
104. Yap, Arthur C. (Bohol)

The lies of ABS-CBN News

See how ABS-CBN News counts

Thousands of Reproductive Health (RH) Bill supporters hold a demonstration at the gate of the House of Representatives urging the passage of the controversial bill on Wednesday. Supporters and oppositors to the bill were set to have a showdown at the lower House on Wednesday night.

Hundreds of pro-life supporters march along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City towards the House of Representatives to voice their position against the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill on Wednesday. The lower house is expected to vote on the controversial bill Wednesday despite the vehement opposition from the Catholic church.


I guess payroll money from pharma companies and pro-abortion groups can whack your senses and make you forget basic arithmetic, eh?

That's world class journalism for you folks, WORLD CLASS!

And the bashing of the Catholic Church continues!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: A break from RH posts: Look who is on Twitter

Here is his tweet!

Here is the video of the pope sending the tweet.

Hmmm...The Holy Father got his Twitter account.  I don't have one!  Ha!

RH: No matter how you look at it

RH Bill is precursor to many more EVIL LAWS



Four months ago, a Catholic Church official explained to me why the Church was fighting tooth and nail against the passage of a Reproductive Health Law even though it would force no one to use contraceptives and would simply inform and give couples free choice of family planning methods.

Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines secretary general Joselito Asis said: "If the RH bill becomes law, the D.E.A.T.H.S bills will follow next – Divorce, Euthanasia, Abortion, Total Reproductive Health, Homosexuality or gay marriages, and Sex education."  [The sex education that Western countries have is NOT for a pro-family country like the Philippines.  Their typical sex education is the one you'll find in men's and women's magazine.]

The prelate [?  It is Msgr. Asis.] pointed out that in fact a divorce bill is now pending in the House. But he did not explain what “Total Reproductive Health” meant; or why enactment of the “D.E.A.T.H.S. bills would follow next; or why sex education was bad.  [Hello?!  Look at the West!]

If enacted, the Reproductive Health Law – that is now pending in Congress – aims to provide free information and health care services to Filipinos to enable them to plan their families to the size they want. [Huh?  The DOH is doing that already!] There is no compulsion for anyone to use artificial birth control; [Huh?  But the government is compelled to spend P13B annually to purchase contraceptives!] no limits to the number of children a family can have; and no mandated population targets.  [Huh?  Then why is Cong. Edcel Lagayman always blocking all means to take out any reference about RH being a population control measure?  The reporter is injecting her own ideas into the report.  This is what the likes of Lagayman have been LYING about for months!]

The law will, for the first time, enable the state to provide free health care services and information on how to plan according to the number of children couples want. Unlike in China, the law does not dictate the size of the family and does not set a population target. It also reiterates the ban against abortion.  [Have you seen the DOH budget for family planning services?  P500M annually!  THIS REPORT IS A BUNCH OF LIES!]

A senior government official separately told me that no less than the Vatican has hit the panic button on the RH issue. [Huh?  Let me guess.  That senior government official is a member of communist Church-hating AKBAYAN.] The Philippines is the only predominantly Catholic country today without a divorce law. It is one of the few such countries without any law institutionalizing free distribution of condoms and other contraceptives by the state to those who want them.


Old wash-out has-been singer Jim Paredes once wrote that the Anti-RH group is well funded.

If the pro-life movement is well-funded then pray tell, why can't we even FUND the media?

I guess not being on the spotlight anymore makes you nutty.

The writer spent most of her time injecting her own thoughts and opinion rather than presenting just the interview.

Excellent journalism there folks.  Hey, no wonder!  It's pro-RH paid hack Raissa Robles who wrote this!

Yeah, I am being sarcastic.

The logic and LIES of Edcel Lagman

Make sure when you see the name LAGMAN as a candidate in 2013, especially in Albay and Quezon City, DO NOT VOTE!

The Jesuit educated President of the Philippines

...because the Jesuits taught him to respect one's conscience and freedom of religion.  That is why he is forcing lawmakers to vote on a measure that runs contrary to their beliefs.

That is why he is using the pork barrel to pressure the lawmakers.

The Jesuits must be happy right now....except for one Jesuit I admire and I believe does not think like his brothers in Katipunan, Zamboanga and Davao.

PNoy and Cayetano's priorities

Their solution to all of these is CONDOMS.

One reason why anyone who supports RH must not be elected to public office in 2013.


This is what we get for voting Noynoy Aquino into office!

For those Catholics who support contraception and abortion

Another partylist group we MUST NOT VOTE in 2013

The pro-RH, pro-contraception, calling all forms of natural family planning unnatural, the obviously idiotic masonic group called the Iglesia ni Cristo, but obviously preaching a different gospel other than Christ, the gospel of the convicted rapist, self-proclaimed angel Felix fittingly to be called Iglesia ni Manalo....this rabid anti-Catholic sorry excuse for a lawmaker, the UNHONORABLE RODANTE MARCOLETA of ALAGAD PARTYLIST.

Remember those names in 2013.




Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To be or not to be....a Cardinal of the Church

Someone sent me this photo of the cardinal after his pastoral visitation to one of the parishes in the archdiocese.

Yes, I have heard stories of him taking the public transport even while he was Bishop of Imus.  Even saw him in one mini-bus.

How about this?   When will you join your brother bishops, dear Eminence, in Batasan and in the Senate to fight the RH Bill?

Retired Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal was there, and he'll return to Batasan.  How about you?  When will you show yourself there?

I definitely bet you that if Cardinal Sin were alive, he'd do more than just go to Batasan.

His question.  Learned it from his Jesuit mentors.

But is being a bishop and a cardinal all boils down to just being simple?

How about publicly defending the Faith?

Red is the color of the cardinatial robes, to signify the cardinal's resolve to shed even his own blood in defense of the Church.

I think this is what we call "crunch time" dear Eminence.  Yes, you called for the Vigil.  But why not be there?  Prayer and Presence, isn't it?

Will you take the padyak to Congress?

We have a few hours left.

Some bishops even would not go to a big event of a diocese up North just to be in Batasan.

We need our shepherds to defend us from ravening wolves.  Isn't that what the crozier means?

If you are a regular reader of Fr. Z's blog, you'll know what this means.

We need this for some of our bishops!

Or is it simply a matter or your silent support for the RH Bill?

Was Atty Joaquin Bernas right after all for name-dropping you in one of his articles?


Makes me recall my days at........

The Big Fat Lies of Edcel Lagman

Click the image for a bigger view.

Well, Lagman is Big.....Fat....and a chronic LIAR.

So what do you expect?

Make sure when you see a candidate with a surname of LAGMAN in next year's election, especially in the Bicol Region and in Quezon City.....DO NOT VOTE THEM!

Noynoy Aquino sold his for 30 pieces of silver

From Facebook

received at 7:35am today:

received at 12:16am today:


For everyone who cares about upholding life and freedom in our country! --

Since last night toward the end of the plenary session, there have been indications that the pro-RH solons may be inclined to push the RH bill to a vote today, despite the commitment they -- including the House Speaker -- made to do the voting tomorrow, Wednesday.

Besides one other text message I received, which contained a message from Davao Rep. Karlo Nograles saying that the vote is definite today, Tuesday, one of my friends received these:

received at 7:35am today:

received at 12:16am today:


It looks like all of us make the trip to the House of Representatives TODAY. Wear RED.

Monday, December 10, 2012

About the Mass last Saturday

Last Saturday was the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, right?


Have you attended Mass?

In the morning or at night?

When you attended it at night, was the Mass for the Immaculate Conception or the Anticipated Mass for the 2nd Sunday of Advent?

If the Mass last Saturday night was for the Immaculate Conception, then you have fulfilled your obligation for the Immaculate Conception.  But you did not fulfill your obligation for the Second Sunday of Advent.

You had better attended either an anticipated Mass or went to Mass yesterday.

That is the opinion of the "Supreme Court of the Church Chief Justice" my fave cardinal, Leo Raymund Cardinal Burke, said in a post from Fr. Z, about the conversion a priesf-friend of his had with the cardinal.

Honestly, I do side with Cardinal Burke on this one.  Same Mass different liturgies like attending a Funeral Mass.  You cannot possibly say that it is the same as that of fulfilling your Sunday obligation when you attended a Funeral Mass done on a Sunday.

Different readings, different hymns, different intentions.

I remember Cardinal Rosales issuing a pastoral directive saying that you fulfill your Sunday obligation with your Immaculate Conception obligation when you attend the same Mass.  Actually I found it weird the first time and I still find it weird.  The Mass is the Mass, right I get it.  But the readings and the liturgy for a specific Mass is different from another Mass.  The Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception has a different tone than the one for the Second Sunday of Advent.

We had this discussion with our parish priest and the know-it-all Worship Ministry who got their uhm training in MST.  They said the same thing as what Cardinal Rosales mentioned.  One Mass fulfills both obligations.

Then what is the need for different readings, for different liturgical colors?

See my point?

Now, share what you did last Saturday and if you thought of attending just one Mass to fulfill both obligations.

What RH would do to us.

Friday, December 7, 2012

GULP Alert: What's the occasion?

Where and what are these priests doing?

Are they at Mass?

At a party?

Trying new kinds of stoles?

Really baffling.

Not even dressed properly for the occasion.

No offense meant dear father, but you show us the bad way to dress for Mass!

Pia Cayetano fights for pleasurable sex

She vigorously fought to maintain that RH involves the State guaranteeing that every couple, it was not even mentioned if the "couple" is married or not, but that it ensures that couples have a "safe and pleasurable sex."

And this Bible thumping politician has the audacity to tell us that no one has the right to impose on us what we should be doing in the privacy of our bedrooms.



Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Cayetano siblings' real intent for RH

They vigorously defended the term "safe and pleasurable sex" in the RH Bill.

This is where our tax money goes to....legislator who want to ensure that you feel good in your bedrooms...YET!

They are the same ones who tell us that no one, NOT EVEN THE CHURCH, can tell us what we should be doing inside our bedrooms.

Double speak!

No wonder the devil has a forked tongue!

And these two call themselves Bible-believing Christians.

More about the RH shenanigans at Congress

From Congress, Dec.4,2012

We started the day with hopes that more pro-life congressmen will show up to lessen the 7 vote margin of the other side. We soon learned that "suspending the session" yesterday was a ploy so that no journals and no written records of how the voting went the day before would be available to the lawmakers. The ante deluvian thumbs up or down for ayes and nayes are very difficult to track and record since the pro RH-Anti Life Congressmen's thumbs up or down are not in view for people to see.  Even some Congressmen doubted the authenticity of the counting of votes.  Amendments regarding non violation of religious tenets and on the beginning of life were nominally voted upon which Pro RH and anti life congressmen used as a forum to insult the Church. Slowly we saw the prolife base eroded. The voting on beginning of life was the last straw. The count for the quorum was the minimum 146 required but when the count showed 57 ayes and 81 nayes Cong Magsaysay stood up to question the quorum. Then Cong. Janey Garin [paid for by the Devil!] as Maj Floor leader suspended the session and at the same time Cong Socrates moved for adjournment. Dep Speaker Tanada was so confused he could not make a ruling and eventually left the podium. Some 400 strong prolifers under the leadership of Bishop Gabby Reyes did not want to leave for fear that the Speaker with his minions could just come back to resume the session and approve the bill to law. It was a stand off!!! We didn't go until Cong Rufus Rodriguez verified that the Speaker and his minions had gone home. Congress is cheating and we are all a witness to that. IS THIS DAANG MATUWID??? We call on all to be vigilant. Congress is cheating the Filipino Nation. Please go to Congress and witness for yourself.Witness also theRepresentatives of our people who with their twisted minds attacks our Faith and morals with their hair raising and nauseating words.


Last report I read was that D-Day is on December 12.

Don't you find it weird that this Machiavellian scheme is not even being covered by the media, live?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ms. Universe 2012!!!

Candidate number 1 is.........


This is a church!!!!!!!!!!!

And some said, it is the former cathedral of the new cardinal!

What happened here?!?!

PS:  The Virgin Mary will always be the eternal Beauty Queen.  But that does not mean we'll have a sanctuary looking like this.  What's that thing at the back of Our lady's statue?!?!

We need more of this Jesuit

No, not this joker.

Especially after he finally admitted his support for the RH Bill, all masked under the pretenses of respect of each individual's right to choose.

Yeah, he defends an individual's right to choose as if it were Bible truth.  And did I say he is a stauch defender of the Constitution?

Well, how about him being a staunch defender of the Catholic faith, more particularly about Paul Vi's ordinary magisterial teaching about artificial contraception?

Yeah, he questions the infallibility of that one.

Well, when it comes to civil law, it is hook line and sinker for this one.  For Church law, he asks if its infallible.

Well, Duh! far as I can hear from the grapevine Mr. Constitutionalist was wondering why the religious brother from the Green University got a cabinet post while he is still stuck as emeritus at the Blue University.

Biological Solution soon!

This one I mean!

Knows who he is in the eyes of the Church and of the people.

Yup, that is Fr. Tim Ofrasio, SJ, one of the few Jesuits I admire like how I look up to other great Jesuits, like this one.

Nice eh?

The first one who I call Mr. Constitutionalist and who I know call Wacky Berns, does everything contrary to what his Society stands for, what St. Ignatius meant it to be.


I think they completely changed it.

Let us pray for the the Jesuits that they put to heart their fourth vow and be imitators of their revered founder.

Yeah, the prayer is for Mr. Constitutionalist.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Call to Prayer and Action

National Day of Prayer and Fasting against the forces of EVIL!

MANILA, Dec. 2, 2012— With Malacañang going the extra mile to pass the “reproductive health” (RH) bill, the Catholic Church on Sunday called for days of prayer and fasting against the controversial measure.

Antipolo Bishop Gabriel V. Reyes said all believers are called to discover the weapons of prayer and fasting to uphold the sanctity of life.

Let us beseech God to protect life, family, marriage and the youth in our country,” said Reyes, chairman of the CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Family and Life (ECFL).

The CBCP official made the statement ahead of a meeting in Malacañang between President Benigno Aquino III and his allies in Congress to take place on Monday.

Church officials believe that Aquino will push for a vote on the population control measure.

Reyes also said that Congress will discuss the “substitute” RH bill on the same day and vote on it.

“Let us pray and fast on Monday and the following days so that our lawmakers will not pass the bill,” he said.

Aquino earlier admitted his scheduled meeting with lawmakers but said he would not pressure [TELL THAT TO MY FOOT MY PRESIDENT!!!] his allies to vote for the passage of the RH bill, which proposes the taxpayer-funded, State-guaranteed purchase and distribution of artificial contraceptives.

Fr. Melvin Castro, ECFL executive secretary, also claimed that Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile may be ousted from his post for opposing the RH bill.

“We have also received a report of moves to oust Senator Enrile as Senate President because of (his) opposition to the RH bill,” he said. (CBCPNews)

National Day of Prayer and Fasting December 3, 2012


Pray at noon time especially during the Angelus when the Lord was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary when she said her Fiat to the Archangel Gabriel.

That is the most opportune time to call on Heaven to defeat this Bill!

Bishop Reyes also called for the nominal voting should the House of Representatives be able to railroad the measure.  They still opt for a viva voce or live voice voting of the measure.

This is an obvious way to hide the names of the congressmen who will vote in favor of the RH Bill.

And I thought there is no such thing as a Catholic vote?

And I thought that they are not afraid of the Church?