Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The best image of St. Pedro Calungsod


Someone probably read my blog post about the correct way to illustrate a martyr saint.

Now you have this image!

Photos are courtesy of Cebu Cathedral Lectorate Ministry Pilgrimage & Fellowship

Here is the wonderful image.

You can see the Emeritus archbishop of Cebu, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal sitting at the back.

Here St. Pedro Calungsod is shown holding the instruments of his martyrdom including the mortal wounds that sent him to God. You can also see the other elements shown in other representations of the teenage martyr like the palm and the Doctrina Cristiana.

His feet are also astride meaning he is on the move as he is a missionary catechist. Take note that he has two wounds, one of his chest and the other on his head, all based on eye witness accounts of his martyrdom.

Here is a close-up

Beautiful isn't it?

This is the right way to represent a martyr!

If I find commercial versions of this, I am definitely going to buy one and donate it to our parish church!

Ask your parish priest to have one like this!


  1. Where can I buy this statue so that I can enshrine it in my parish here in the U.S.?

    1. I'll look Fr. Gary and if I see one, I'll email you. Send an email to my account please

  2. hi
    can i get ur number pls/ i want to buy the image im from cebu how much it wll cost/// pls contak me 09152887954