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Self-proclaimed "Son of God" failed on his prophecy.

DAGUPAN CITY — Now that Aquino is president-apparent based on election results, did someone who calls himself the “Son of God” receive the wrong revelation from his “Father” and thus anointed the wrong “presidentiable”? [Pastor Apollo Quiboloy calls himself the Appointed Son of God.  I remember seeing the program when he gave a date wherein the "Father" will tell one of his members in his/her dream who he(Quiboloy) is and what his mission on earth really is.  Then one of his members called in on the "appointed date" to tell everyone on TV, national and streaming video, that he received a message from the "Father" in his dream.  And that dream said that Quiboloy is get the picture.]

These are among the questions posed by Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop emeritus Oscar Cruz in his online blog yesterday as he clarified that his comments were not meant to disparage someone who calls himself the “Son of God” or to criticize his millions of followers. [Really?  The archbishop is trying to be politically correct when in fact he is questioning the credibility of the one who calls himself the "son of god".  No that is not a typo.  I'll call Quiboloy that way because he is a blasphemer and an anti-Christ!]

Without outright naming Quiboloy, Cruz said he merely wanted to bring to the fore certain perplexities as well as some inquiries – all occasioned by the following recorded facts:

One, Quiboloy was approached by a good number of political candidates fondly called “presidentiables” for his eventual choice and anointing in order to win the recently concluded national elections according to Divine Providence.

Two, Quiboloy himself said that he needed time to consult his heavenly “Father” for the purpose of listening well to “Him” for proper guidance, knowledge and decision whom among the candidates to officially endorse.

Three, Quiboloy was eventually proved wrong in his identification and choice of presidential candidate as the anointed one. [Test if the Spirit is the Spirit!]               

Cruz said “without the least desire or design for people to doubt, much less to ridicule the same ‘Son of God’, reason and logic however are seeking clear answer to some plain questions.”

Did Quiboloy’s “Father” in effect commit a mistake and consequently proved wrong in “His” revelation to “His” own “Son”? Cruz wondered. [Isn't that disparaging?  I kinda like it!]

Was the “Son” instead in receipt of the wrong revelation, and thereby identified and anointed the wrong “presidentiable?”

And were the multi-million devotees and followers of the “Son of God” after all unwilling to listen to him and accept his official endorsement? – With Eva Visperas


If you want to know how the quick way to damnation, listen to what this nutcase has to say:

"But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them – bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping" (2 Peter 2:1–3)

Guadalupe Parish now a National Shrine

Photo courtesy of


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has designated the Archdiocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe a national shrine, the seventh in Manila.

The church located in Makati City becomes the only national shrine in the country dedicated to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe.

In a statement, the Archdiocese of Manila said church will be officially declared national shrine on May 31 [today!] coinciding the installation of its new rector Fr. Roderick Castro.

To declare a parish church a National Shrine is indeed a great honor,” the statement read.

The designation puts the parish on par with the EDSA Shrine in Ortigas and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Antipolo City and fifteen others across the country.

The archdiocese said the church will likely see a significant increase in the number of visitors to the shrine.

It added many Catholics may now view the church as a place of pilgrimage where they can have their spiritual lives nourished.

The process of declaring a parish church into a national shrine entails several steps and requirements. [This process most Catholics and surprisingly most priests do not know.  I know this for a fact.  I know one a priest who doesn't.]

First, the archdiocese said, it has to be already a diocesan shrine or archdiocesan shrine. It is reserve to the bishop of the diocese to pronounce a parish a shrine upon a petition from priests, parish councils, parishioners and frequent church-goers.

After several years, when devotion has grown deemed and it is possible, the faithful involved in the shrine may apply for its elevation to national level to the CBCP.

Msgr. Salvador Jose, attached priest of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, stated how intense the inquiry would be before declaring a church into a national shrine.

He said, as in their case, its application will pass through a lengthy investigation by three Commissions of CBCP; namely the Commission on Canon Law, where the application will pass through a legal consultation, the Commission on Liturgy, which will scrutinize the frequency of the shrine in rendering liturgical services, [uh-huh...This means you have to be friendly to the liturgical tastes of Frs. Chupungco and Diwa!  Ugh!  Has anyone noticed in the photo above that the tabernacle is located to the side?  Is this what Vatican 2's Sacrosanctum Concilium calls "a place of honor" for the tabernacle? But...the presider's chair is in the center!  I think the presider, in the minds of the liturgists, deserve more honor don't you think? Kinda sarcastic...But I digress.] and lastly, the Commission on Doctrine, to ensure the conformity of the shrine’s devotional practices to the teachings of the Universal Church.

The National Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe was declared a Archdiocesan Shrine by the late Jaime Cardinal Sin on August 15, 2002. On April 5, 2004, the petition to elevate the shrine into national level was made to Davao Archbishop Fernando Capalla, then CBCP President.

Tagbilaran Bishop Leonardo Medroso, then head of the Commission on Canon Law assigned Msgr. Romulo Vergara to head the investigative committee.

On January 23, 2010, the CBCP approved the petition and February 5 the decree of establishment of the national shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe was signed by the CBCP President Bishop Nereo Odchimar. (CBCPNews)


They have a Facebook group!  Click here to follow.

Year of the Priest in the Diocese of Kalookan

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iniguez Jr. gives the holy communion to her mother Emilia as he leads a Mass at a hotel in Manila, May 28, 2010. The liturgical activity also highlighted the prelate’s silver jubilee in the episcopacy and his mother’s 93rd birthday.


I was invited to this event but had no chance since I had a long weekend in the province. But I heard that it was a very nice event. The mother of Bishop Deo although weakened by age still has the energy that a proud mother shows.

Parents of priests of the diocese were recognized during the event. Each were given a beautiful statuette of St. John Marie Vianney, the patron of priests.  A friend priest who is a pastor of the diocese showed me his.  Very nice once.  Sad thing I forgot to take a picture of it.

There are no big hotels in the city of Caloocan that is why was held in a new hotel in D. Jose in Manila.  Here is the news story about this.


MANILA, May 28, 2010— With less than a month before the closing of the Year of the Clergy at the Vatican, the Diocese of Kalookan paid tribute to the priests’ parents for being part in the formation of pastors working in the Lord’s vineyard. [It all begins at home!]

Coinciding with Bishop Deogracias Soriano Iniguez Jr.’s silver jubilee in the episcopacy and his mother Emilia’s 93rd birthday, the diocese presented plaques of appreciation to the parents of about 35 priests working within the Diocese of Kalookan, guest priests and priests from the diocese currently working in other dioceses and religious congregations.

In his homily, Fr. Teofilo Rustia, a classmate of Bishop Iniguez at the San Carlos Seminary, said the affair is a fitting tribute to the priests’ parents as the Year of the Clergy draws to a close in less than three weeks.

He said the Year of the Clergy was made more meaningful with the Second National Congress of the Clergy with Fr. Raniero Cantalamesa, the papal household retreat master.

Fr. Cantalamesa told American priests gathered before the Second National Congress of the Clergy in Manila that the Holy Father has already allowed priests to marry,” Fr. Rustia said. [wait for it!]

He added the news was for priests aged 85 years old and above and should have parental consent. [HA!]

“In short, the simple message was ‘forget it’ because married life is not for priests because your faithfulness is anchored on the faithfulness of Christ,” he explained.

He underscored the value of parents in the formation of their children, some of whom have become priests.
Where would we be without our parents?” he asked the congregation. [That is why the vocation of a married man and woman is just as vital as the vocation of the ordained because ALL vocations start within a family.  So bloom where you are planted!]

Fr. Rustia said he has been orphaned early in life and had the pleasure to have a mother in the person of Bishop Iniguez’s mother Emilia who turned 93 years old today.

“She regularly visited us in the seminary and brought us foodstuff,” he recalled. The priests and their parents had special photo sessions and were treated to an early lunch at Manila Grand Opera Hotel along Rizal Avenue and Doroteo Jose at Sta. Cruz district, this city. (Melo M. Acuna)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back in the city

I just got back from a 9 day seminar-workshop cum marketing planning session in our company's farm. The wireless broadband is terrible and saying that I was wireless is really an understatement.

So I am back to blogging and reading my favorite blogs.

To all my readers, you are always in my prayers. Hope you keep me in yours. It means a lot to me.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Your rosaries are working!

Ben Vallejo, who wrote to us about his work on holding an Anglican Use Evening Prayer, sent me an update...
"Our plans to have the Anglican Use Evening Prayer is one step closer to reality! May I ask you to say another Rosary for our intention that the Catholic bishop we need to ask for permission grants an OK? Also allow me to invite you and your readers to join us in Evening Prayer. The details will be out soon"

Please continue saying a rosary for this intention...

Now let us storm heaven with our prayers, especially our Rosaries, for the Catholic bishop, that Ben and his friends are asking for permission to have this event possible.

Our prayers are working...

Have faith.


I learned that the Solemn High EF Mass which was supposed to be celebrated yesterday was cancelled at the 11th hour.

The Solemn High EF Mass will be celebrated next week for the Great Feast of the Holy Trinity

Friday, May 21, 2010

Solemn EF High Mass for Pentecost

The Traditional Latin Community of the Parish of the Lord of the Divine Mercy in Sikatuna Village, Quezon City will celebrate a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite on Sunday, May 23 for Pentecost Sunday.

Unfortunately, I am out of Metro Manila until the end of the month so I would appreciate my fellow Pinoy Catholics who are armed with their digital cameras to send the pictures of this blessed occasion.


My Lord!  I have Internet connection in the middle of nowhere!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snapshot: After the Wednesday General Audience

"Zhey can't zee me from here..."

Request for Prayers: 38th Wedding Anniversary

 Today is my parents-in law's 38th wedding anniversary.  Please offer your prayers (preferably the Mass you will be assisting) for their health, welfare and protection.

God bless them for being examples of true love!

We love you, Mama and Papa!

On the Road once again...

I'll try my best to update my blog and send news from my sources if the technology permits it.  It's not a matter of me looking for time.  I have the time.  But the wireless broadband is too jurassic!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Snapshot: New Papal photographers


Dutch condom company insults the Pope and the Church

AMSTERDAM (Reuters Life!) – A Dutch sex shop will be giving away 2,000 "Pope condoms" this weekend in a dig at the Roman Catholic Church.

De Condoomfabriek (The Condom Factory) said it wanted to make a point about sexually transmitted diseases, [which you get if you are promiscuous!] unwanted pregnancies [which you get if you are promiscuous and if married couples do not plan their births, the natural way!] and the Vatican's opposition to contraceptives.

The condom wrapper carries the image of a papal figure with an unmistakable general likeness to Pope Benedict, though the figure's face is removed. It bears the words "I SAID NO! We say YES!" framing the papal image.

The suggestion of a "pope condom" caused a diplomatic row last month when Britain's Foreign Office was forced to apologize for a memorandum by a civil servant that suggested Benedict launch a papal-brand condom on his pending visit to the UK. [we all know how that went.]


I read the comments about this article posted, and the pack of ravening wolves were exhilarated to read another attack on the Church.  Fortunately, one brave guy posted a challenge to the reactors and to the Dutch condom company.
OK wiseguy, let's see the Mohamed condems... what's the matter? Don't want your throat cut?

Can wait to see these "freedom of speech" zealots react to this!

Two Catholic authors defend the Pope

This interview appeared in the USA Today website.

Pope Benedict XVI's legacy will be shaped by his response to the explosive global clergy sex-abuse crisis, say two Catholic authors who detail and defend his record in a book published this week.

The Vatican and Benedict are accused of "acts of neglect, cover-up, and disregard for the plight of the victims," they write. Pope Benedict XVI and the Sexual Abuse Crisis: Working for Reform and Renewal [the book the two authors wrote] is their rebuttal.
Greg Erlandson, head of the Catholic publishing company Our Sunday Visitor, and church historian Matthew Bunson, editor of The Catholic Almanac, take a long view — tracing the church's confrontations with sinful clergy back to the fourth century.

In two current examples in the headlines, the authors argue that Benedict was either unaware of the abusive priest or made a decision in favor of mercy ( by declining to defrock a dying Wisconsin priest decades after he abused 200 deaf children).

However, the book also includes a compendium of speeches, letters and documents so readers can draw their own conclusions. The authors discuss their findings (replies have been edited for length and clarity):

Q: You both rely on a Catholic, church-based readership. What if you found Benedict did something wrong?

Erlandson: If there were a smoking gun, it would be reported and it would be dealt with. I take my cue from Benedict, who says, "There is a need to tell the truth."

Q: Why can't Benedict just fire bishops who protected abusive priests and make new rules for the whole church?

E: The Catholic church is not a multinational corporation with bishops as branch managers that the pope can hire, fire and mandate actions. It's much more complicated. In history and canon law, bishops are descendents of the apostles. It would be like Peter firing James. ... But it's pretty clear that he is chiding the bishops as a group and individually. There's definitely some steel there.

Bunson: Look at Ireland where a number of bishops' positions became untenable as a consequence of their failures in office. You see the direct timeline between their February visit to the Holy See and (three) resignations in short order.

Q: Before he was pope, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, he headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Pope John Paul II and was steeped in reports of abuse that reached Rome. How much blame for failure to act sooner falls to him and John Paul II?

E: I'm wary of a tendency to throw John Paul II under the bus. ... He was taking steps, working with Ratzinger every week on this and certainly not clueless or insensitive to what was happening.

B: We remind readers that the U.S. bishops, in close consultation with Pope John Paul II, put together a program in 2002 that has proved remarkably successful.

Q: You say the U.S. bishops' approach — zero tolerance for abusive priests and clear provision for child protection — has worked well. Why hasn't Benedict pushed other nations to follow it?

E: What the U.S. bishops did was tough medicine — and controversial. As painful as it is right now, (global bishops) may need time to see this is what is needed.

B: We think (worldwide church law) based on the U.S. approach is coming soon, but each country in a church of more than 1 billion people has to deal with this in its own legal culture and society. [Inculturation, eh?]

Q: Benedict calls for both mercy and justice. But does the public want mercy for abusive priests?

B: The church always has to remember both. Church and civil law can be frustrating. Each has its process and requirements, and equal justice is still required regardless of how horrendous the accusations.
The word I think everyone is really looking for is accountability. We think this pope is demanding accountability. [Bingo!  Most Pinoy Bishops demand it from our local politicians...When can we the laity demand it from them?] What people really should know, and our book tries to tell them, is that the rules and guidelines (to prevent and root out abuse) were always there in church law, but many bishops just chose not to act on them.

E: We are in a really angry age. We are angry at everybody —Democrats, Republicans, the Tea Party, the coffee party, what have you. People want vengeance.  But sometimes the desire for justice cannot be met. The accused are dead or too old. The Catholic Church is about the salvation of souls. [which most Catholics forget!] The question becomes: How do you save a person's soul and at the same time show penalties? No one gets a free pass. [this ain't a monopoly game.]



I have been smelling something foul coming out of the dark corners of rectories here in the Philippines.

Before the wolves got wind of the news, start working on your own backyards, Excellencies!



I am a die-hard fan of The Sound of Music. I saw the movie back in the Betamax days. Ok, you can stop laughing now.

Ever since my dad popped that tape into the player, me and my brothers got hooked into the movie. Watching the movie run for more than 2 hours was really a fun treat for us.

And now that I grew up, I even enjoyed watching the scenes where the Mother Abbess, played by Peggy Wood, wearing what seems to be episcopal gloves, giving her blessing to the entire Nonnburg Abbey community.

Here is a screenshot:

Back in the old days of Hollywood, they are very meticulous to details and even in portraying Cathiolic Liturgy.  You can see the Mother Abbess giving her blessing.  At the left side of the screen, you can see a nun holding a crozier.  This is probably the crozier of the Mother Abbess.

The wedding scene is really a liturgical eye candy!  I did not appreciate it when I was a kid.  But now that I am older and a traddie...

And here are interesting photos from the Von Trapp children of the movie.  Thanks to Charmian Carr, who played Liesl in the classic movie for the photos. These appeared in her website,

Here they are lined-up according to their "age" in the movie, as you can see from the photo they are holding in front.

Here they are on the exact same location where they filmed the scene "Do-Re-Mi"

And here is their autographed group shot:

Here is Charmian Carr talking to the present and real Mother Abbess of Nonnburg Abbey.  She made the nostalgic trip back to Salzburg, Austria on the 40th Anniversary of the movie.

Do visit her website:

And here is a rare interview with "Maria and the children" 40 years after in Good Morning America.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Learning a new language can be...FUN!

See how the Japanese learn how to speak in English...

And see how the Americans do it...

Lesson to be learned...the hard way!

My stepfather told me of this story that happened a few days ago. 

He said he was with a group of friends having a friendly chat on the sidewalk.  A few meters from them are a group of young men talking loudly.  A few minutes later, they were surprised to see the young men fighting.   Then out of nowhere, a guy in white t-shirt and jeans tried to break up the fight.  The fighting youth soon vented their anger upon the guy in white shirt.  He was punched in the face!  He almost had his jaw broken. 

My stepfather's friend and the others who saw the commotion helped break the fight.  (My stepfather did not bother helping as he is physically unable after his hospitalization. )

His friend then realized that the guy who had his wits punched out of him, is the.....(DRUM ROLL PLEASE!) parish priest! 

They then asked the guys to apologize to the priest for what they did.  They obligingly said sorry and the priest was kind enough to accept them, trying very hard to muster another sound to come out of his almost dislocated jaw other than a grunt.

Moral of the story:  wear your clerical garb so you won't get sucker punched!

If policemen, security guards, doctors, nurses, firemen, etc. wear their uniform when they are performing their duties, why not a priest?  But hey Pinoy Catholic, you might say...the priest was off duty!  A PRIEST WILL NEVER BE OFF DUTY.  A priest will never know when the powers of ordination bestowed upon him will come into play.  And in this case, the mere presence of a man in robes would have silenced those wild guys.  Just a mere presence


In the photo below, with the same situation I mentioned above, who do you think would get sucker punched?



Thanks to Fr. Abe, CRS of wonderful blog, The Splendor of the Church for the photo.  You can see the rest of his photos taken from the 2nd National Congress of the Priest by clicking here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Robot priest to witness Japanese couple's "I dos"

Now this is just plain stupid!

The groom looked dashing, his bride resplendent in white, but all eyes in this Japanese wedding were on the priest, a four-foot tall robot with colorful, flashing eyes called i-Fairy.
The robot is usually used in museum and exhibitions to direct visitors, but with the help of a flower headpiece, and a new programme, it pronounced Satoko Inoue and Tomohiro Shibata man and wife at a Sunday ceremony. [Imagine gay couples buying their own robot to conduct their own ceremony!]

The event is being billed as the first ever wedding presided over by a robot, a fitting marriage for the couple who met through the machines. [So will they have robot babies?]

The bride, Inoue, works for the company that makes the i-Fairy, and her husband, Shibata, is a client.

"It's true that robots are what caused us to first begin going out, and as suggested by my wife, we decided that we wanted to try this sort of wedding," Shibata said after making his vows.

After saying "I do," the bride said that she wanted to use her wedding to show people that robots can easily fit into their daily lives. [NO!  They cannot replace what humans do!  Makes me remember the Robin Williams movie, Bi-Centennial Man and AI.]

"I always felt that robots would become more integrated into people's everyday lives. This cute robot is part of my company, I decided that I would love to have it at my ceremony," Inoue said.

Makers of the robot, Kokoro Ltd, said that while they are still selling the i-Fairy with the stated purpose of helping visitors, they're happy for the machine to help weddings cross the digital divide.

Japan is home to almost half the world's 800,000 industrial robots and expects the industry to expand to $10 billion.

It is also one of the world's fastest aging societies [and one with the highest number of suicides and abortions!] and experts say robots can help care for the growing number of elderly, and fill in for the lack of young people [Stupid!] willing to take on jobs as chefs, cleaners or caretakers.

Photos from the Ordination of Fr. Ian

That is Fr. Ian Mendoza together with my good friend Jay Balza posing after Fr. Ian's ordination at Oakland's Cathedral of Christ the Light. You can view more photos of the ordination at Jay Balza's blog, Veritatem facientes in caritate.


May you be faithful to your ministry!

Harvest more souls for the Lord!

Request for prayers: Bishops against Anglicanorum coetibus

Ben Vallejo, a regular TPC reader sent me the following message:
An Anglican Use parishioner from the US and now working in the Philippines is considering organizing an Anglican Catholic ecumenical Evening Prayer sometime later this year. [Wow great!] So far a traditionalist Filipino Episcopal priest is interested in leading the service. If this ever happens, this would be the first Anglican Use liturgy in the country (in the wake of Anglicanorum Coetibus). To be honest there has been resistance on the Catholic side. [No doubt about it!] We have to ask the Catholic bishop to grant us permission and a friendly Catholic priest advised us that it might be seen as another "EF headache". In the absence of an Anglican Ordinariate, the Anglican Use can only be celebrated outside the USA with permission from the local bishop.

Given the problems facing the Anglican Communion, I was told by the Episcopalians interested in the idea that their bishops are not enthusiastic at all. Well I get the impression that getting permission to hold the EF in Anglican churches may be easier than getting an OK from the Catholics to hold a Catholic traditional liturgy (which is legitimate) in their churches! [Oh yeah, Ben!  Try doing that to the Manila Cathedral and you'll see how Cardinal Rosales, Frs. Chupungco and Diwa would make a big fuzz about it!]

Please say a Rosary for our intentions here. And God bless you and your family.

 Things to be of note here:

The laity are the ones working towards REAL Christian Unity as envisioned and espoused by the Pope of Christian Unity.  And the bishops are the ones working against it.  It is happening in the US and it is also happening here in the Philippines.  Most Pinoy bishops are against Summorum Pontificum and no doubt they will be against Anglicanorum ceotibus.  How many bishops have voiced their support for both SP and AC?  Can you hear what I hear?  (Cue the crickets!)  Can you see the lighting speed our bishops issue statements anything about politics and social issues?  Faster than a speeding bullet...(Cue Superman March!)

Why, my dear TPC readers you might ask?  Let me answer that by quoting a bishop who told us "We are not working to convert these Muslims Catholics.  We are working to make them good Muslims."

Call it whatever you want but this is how modernist our bishops are here in the Philippines.  I find it crazy for a bishop to say this thing because:

1.  A bishop is concerned for the salvation of souls, Catholic or not!
2.  If I were a Muslim, and a Catholic bishop tells me he'd help me become a better Muslim, I'd raise my eyebrows and tell him "Who are you to tell me how to be a good Muslim when you are not one!"

Most missionaries these days are like that.  Ask them why they are missionaries and they'll tell you they want to create a better place to live in.  You'd be surprised.  You'd think they are aiming for the Miss Universe title!

Please pray for our Episcopalian and Anglican brothers and sisters who want to come back home to the Catholic Church.  Say the rosary for this intention and for Ben Vallejo...

Include in your prayers ALL our bishops for their conversion.  Offer up your Mass for their conversion.  As I have said a million times here at TPC, they need to rediscover their TRUE JOB TITLES AND DESCRIPTIONS.  And just like all bishops, priests and religious, we ALL need to rediscover our TRUE CATHOLIC IDENTITY.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pinoy deacon to be ordained priest in Oakland diocese

This is Deacon Ian Mendoza, of Bulacan, a graduate of the University Santo Tomas who will be ordained a priest for the Diocese of Oakland, the home diocese of fellow Pinoy blogger, Jay Balza.   The Most. Rev. Salvatore Cordileone will ordain him.

To read more click here.

Thanks to Patrick Devlin for the update.

Patriarch Quevedo?

I learned from a reliable source that Archbishop Orlando Quevedo of Cotabato who is also the Secretary General of the Federation of Asian Bishop's Conference is running the FABC as if it were his own diocese.  Sources told me that he fired those who were vocal with the way he runs the Federation.  One source told me that the archbishop puts his weight around especially during meetings of the Federation.

First things first, the FABC is not a diocese.  It is a consultative body.  I and the people at FABC are getting the impression that Archbishop Quevedo is acting as if he is above other Asian bishops.

My source described in one word how the Archbishop runs the FABC:  "DISASTROUS!"

So, I think that takes him out of possible candidates for the Sees of Manila and Cebu, eh?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Future appointments to Manila and Cebu

Based on my sources from FABC and CBCP, here are the possible appointments in the soon to be vacant sees of Manila and Cebu

The Archbishop of Cotabato, Most. Rev. Orlando Quevedo, OMI
 He is also the current Secretary General of the Federation of Asian Bishop's Conference.

 The Archbishop of Lipa, Most. Rev. Ramon Arguelles

He was the past Military Ordinary of the Philippines and the immediate successor of Cardinal Rosales of Manila to the See of Lipa.

These two archbsihops are the front runners to the Cardinatial Sees of Manila and Cebu.

As in the past, these are whispers in the chancery and anything can change...

Pope turns down invite to the Philippines for the 3rd time

MANILA, May 13, 2010—The Supreme Pontiff is not attending the 400th founding anniversary of the Philippines' only Pontifical and Royal University.

The Apostolic Nuncio in the Philippines, Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams, has informed the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines that His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, cannot attend the grand quadricentennial anniversary celebration of the University of Santo Tomas that will culminate next year.

In his May 7, 2010 letter to CBCP president and Tandag Bishop Nereo Odchimar, Adams said the Holy Father cannot come to Manila to attend UST’s historic event. The Apostolic Nuncio’s letter however failed to disclose the reason for the Pope’s announcement[I can think of a reason why but I'll keep it to myself but I believe my fellow traddy Pinoy Catholics think the same reason as I do.]

"The Holy Father will not be coming to Manila for the anniversary, but given the importance of the quadricentennial celebrations of the university, His Holiness will be sending for the occasion his special envoy, whose name will be published in L'osservatore Romano the afternoon of Saturday, 27 November 2010," Adams said.

As of press time, UST officials declined to comment on Adam’s announcement, saying Fr. Rolando dela Rosa, who is currently out of town, should be the one to officially comment on the issue being the university's rector.

It was the third time that Pope Benedict XVI is expected to visit the Philippines since his installation to the Papacy in 2006. The Holy Father was invited to grace the Asian Youth Day held in Cavite last November and the 2nd National Congress of the Clergy held at Pasay City last January.

Founded on April 28, 1611, UST holds the distinction of being the oldest existing university in the Philippines and in Asia. Being under the authority of the Holy See as a pontifical university, UST has been visited by Pope Paul VI on Nov. 28, 1970 and by Pope John Paul II on Feb. 18, 1981 and January 13, 1995. (Kris Bayos)


Don't worry your Holiness. Just don't look. The martian cross will be smelted, asap.

Lord, what is that thing?

Does that "cross" give you a sense of the sacred?  There is room for modern art but this goes out of hand.

SNAPSHOT: Yellow ribbon at Fatima

Sister! Did you vote for Noynoy?

Just got back.

Would you believe it?

I just got back from a two day trip to Lucban, Quezon and I just got back.  I was not able to update my blog because of my wireless service provider's excellent connection speed.  Yes, there was sarcasm in there.

Take my advice.  Don't waste your money.  Leave your body untouched!  DON'T PAINT YOUR BODY!!!

If you get what I mean?  (wink)

No, that's not the part I was asking for you to believe.

I was already there for the annual Pahiyas festival which I attended last year but I have to go back to Manila ASAP.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The presidential election and a feng-shui master

My boss, even though raised a Catholic and educated in prestigious Catholic institutions here in the Philippines is a devoutly (pun intended) Feng shui follower.  Yeah, that's right.  Catholicism and geomancy don't mix.

He is a regular customer of Mr. Charlie Chao (pictured above), a renowed feng shui master here in Manila.  If I am not mistaken, he charges around P2,500 per hour of site inspection.  This means, Mr. Chao went around the property to "investigate" the proper energy flow, whatever that means.

Anyway, after his CSI work, we had lunch with him.  During lunch we talked about a lot of topics one of which is the coming general elections.

Using his expert feng shui opinion, he said that candidate Noynoy Aquino will not win because his facial features are not presidentiable.  He also said that Noynoy Aquino's chi and his birthdates do not assure him that he will become the next president.

He also said that the next president will be Gilbert Teodoro.  My boss then said, "He never fails in his predictions."

I told myself  "I can't wait for the election."

And the winner is...

Well, Monday's election proved that feng shui is nothing more than those who are willing to pay the price to tell them that they will be lucky and successful in life.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let Papa Benny be your text mate!

ROME, MAY 10, 2010 ( If you want to let Benedict XVI know you're supporting him, but you can't make it to Rome, send him a text.

The Italian public television channel Rai Uno reported over the weekend that they are launching a mobile phone number that the faithful can send text messages to, and that all of the texts will be passed onto the Pope.

The initiative will serve as a lead-up to a gathering in St. Peter's Square on May 16 organized by Italian Church groups to show their support for the Pontiff, who has been the subject of criticism in the media for his handling of the sexual abuse crisis in the Church.

The messages will also be featured on the Sunday morning television show "in His Image."

Rosario Carello, programming director for Rai Uno, told Agence France Presse, "It's a truly unique event, because with this number everyone can show their solidarity without being physically present in St. Peter's Square."

--- --- ---

To send a message (international texting rates apply): +39 335 18 63


What are you waiting for?


Snapshot: Getting ready for the Papal Mass in Fatima

AHA! Now I'll get the early bird award!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I fulfilled my duty to my nation...

I voted...

I wish I could show my right index finger with the indellible ink but my internet connection is faster than a snail.  Ha!

I'll show it tomorrow.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

40 hours of prayer launched in Rome for honest elections in RP

From CBCP News


ROME, May 7, 2010—The Philippine Embassy to the Holy See in coordination with the Pontificio Collegio Filippino and the Sentro Pilipino Chaplaincy has launched the "Quarant'Ore" or forty hours’ prayer before the Blessed Sacrament for honest and peaceful elections in the Philippines. [Eucharistic adoration and devotion is still very strong among Filipinos.]

The Quarant’Ore devotion was launched May 6, with a Eucharistic celebration at the Basilica Santa Pudenziana, Sentro Pilipino Chaplaincy in Rome. [It is the National Church of the Philippines in the Eternal City.]

The Rome launching was timed to synchronize with a Eucharistic celebration held at the EDSA Shrine in Manila organized by the Center for Peace, Asia which is following the Quarant’Ore prayer for their members and other religious groups in Metro Manila.

After the inaugural mass at the Basilica Santa Pudenziana, the Quarant’Ore prayer will be continued by different religious congregations/communities who belong to the Association of Filipino Priests, Religious and Seminarians in their respective oratories. Some Filipino migrants’ communities and individuals have also signed up to join this activity in their respective churches.

Josephine Bantug, assistant to the Philippine Ambassador to the Holy See, has encouraged the participants to pray the Holy Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the “Prayer for Philippine Elections” from May 6 at 6:00 p.m. to May 8, 9 p.m.

The Quarant’Ore devotion was started in Milan and spread to other parts of Italy in the middle of the 16th century. In the context of threats against the Church that time, Pope Clement VIII commended this practice of unwearied prayer in the different churches in Rome.  [Why not say WHO started the devotion?  ST. PHILIP NERI!]

It is in the same spirit of prayerful supplication before the Blessed Sacrament that Mercedes A. Tuason, Philippine Ambassador to the Holy See; Fr. Romeo Velos, CS, Chaplain of Sentro Pilipino; and Bishop-elect Ruperto Santos, Rector of Collegio Filippino; have invited all Filipinos in Rome to ensure that this chain of prayer will not be broken, so that, in the words of Pope Clement VIII “the incense of prayer shall ascend without intermission before the face of the Lord". [Beautiful words!]
Filipinos in Rome are also invited to attend the Eucharistic celebration at the Basilica Santa Pudenziana on May 9, to pray for honest, peaceful and credible elections in the Philippines on May 10. (Fr. Jose V.C. Quilongquilong, S.J.)


Be united in prayer in this important moment in the history of our beloved country!

Pray the Rosary!

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet!

Spend an hour in the presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament!

Thursday, May 6, 2010





The May 02, 2010 Sunday interview of the Cardinal at Manila Cathedral produced so much adverse reactions to the answer given, when someone asked if a certain candidate loses, there will be people power. The Cardinal gave the answer, having in mind that the present situation, more than a week before Election Day, does not yet warrant any plan for mass movement of people. He was not against People Power, by itself, against dictators and injustices, for which he prayed much during the first EDSA 1986. [Hmmm...] The interview words he used should have been well reflected on, words he (lately and now) admittedly did not mean (much less to hurt the sensibilities of others). [The words were: "Come on, let's use our head. These are two different things. That's just crazy, crazy, crazy."]

He believes that the people are to participate in a free election, for this is their right; to freely choose their leaders. [This is a non issue to begin with.  The comments about a People Power were not along these lines.] But should there be, in the actual process of voting, proven massive cheating, the use of violence and massive election fraud, then this is the time to respond to whatever the people’s mass movement could justly claim; and this would be supported. That was the tradition turned to us by our predecessors, and that was what was enshrined in the constitution[But will His Eminence be ready to step up to the plate this time?]

As reported, there is a growing distrust of Government Commissions, Departments and Tribunals, which does not augur well for good governance and the good of the people. Let us help to recover that lost respect and trust, by keeping close watch [We keep watch because we don't trust.  That's the logic behind poll watching.] of these Commissions or Departments and publicly identify the wrongdoers.

Since already the whole nation is primed for and actually preparing for the electoral practice of choosing leaders, the Archbishop is in favor of not hurriedly circumventing the election process, before a renowned mass movement remedy is assumed.

Thank you for the kind reading of this clarification, and much blessings for the healing of more acrimonious remarks. God Bless All.


Archbishop of Manila
05 May 2010


See why I still miss Cardinal Sin?

From Jewish to Protestant then all the way back home...

 This is the story of Rosalind Moss, born and raised in a Jewish family.  In her adulthood, she converted to Evangelical Protestantism, later earning a master's degree in Ministry from Talbot Theological Seminary. She had a successful 15-year business career as an executive with corporations in New York and California.   Later she set out to find if the Catholic Church is indeed the only Church Christ founded 2,000 years ago. After 18 years as a Protestant, she went back home to the Catholic Church at Easter 1995.

Now, she founded a religious order of sisters called Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope.  Take note of her cross.

 And, in case you are interested, she loves attending the Traditional Mass.

She is a regular contributor and apologist of Catholic Answers.  Here is her profile in that website.  Here is an interview with her at St. Louis Catholic.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another opinion for another People Power

From Neal Cruz


IF YOU SEE MASSIVE CHEATING IN NEXT Monday’s elections, what would you do? Would you sit back, fold your hands and do nothing as a prince of the Church has suggested? No, it is your duty to protest, to show that you will not take the cheating sitting down. It is your duty to see to it that truth and justice be done. It is your duty to join another people power if one is called.

Doing nothing is not only irresponsible, it is cowardly. It is being afraid to do what is right. It is closing your eyes to injustice. [Exactly my point!]

But there are legal remedies, said Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales.

What legal remedies? The Commission on Elections? The Supreme Court? The Presidential Electoral Tribunal?

We have already seen that these agencies are not only very slow but are no longer independent. Even assuming that they consider the “legal remedies,” the presidential term may already be over by the time they come up with a decision. Look at the plunder cases against the Marcoses, the terms of four presidents are already over but they are still far from over. At the rate the courts and the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) are going, Imelda Marcos’s congressional terms, including two reelections, will be over by the time the cases against her are decided. Justice delayed is justice denied, and justice is being denied the people.

Had the people not followed Jaime Cardinal Sin’s call for People Power in l986, we would still be reeling under the dictatorship of the Marcoses, and Cory Aquino could not have been President. If People Power was correct under Cardinal Sin, why is it not correct under Cardinal Rosales? [Dictators and opportunists both in politics, in school, and in companies gain their power and influence from people who do nothing in the face of evil!  It happens even within the corporate world...even in our own homes.  Remember that!]

People Power, where we ousted a dictator without a shot being fired, was the greatest glory the Filipinos ever achieved. It earned for the Philippines the admiration of the world. Many countries under the yoke of dictators made it their model for their own peaceful revolutions. Now a prince of the Church whose duty it is to look after his flock, to see to it that truth and justice be done to them, does not want another People Power. How times have changed.  [Personally, I think he is to be blamed why the Arroyos and their cohorts are running this country like their own piggy bank.  But that is just me.]


"The pointed tip of the bishop's crozier symbolizes the obligation of the prelate to goad the spiritually lazy; the crook at the top, his obligation to draw back those who stray from the faith; and the staff itself his obligation to stand as a firm support for the faithful."

See why I miss Cardinal Sin?

Pray the Rosary for priests

Sex scandals hurt image of priesthood, prelate says

Courtesy of CBCP News


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, May 4, 2010—The recent media play-up of sex scandals involving some priests and bishops across the globe has somewhat tainted and damaged the image of priesthood, according to a prelate.[This is the first time a Filipino bishop addressed this issue! As far as I could recall.]

Delivering his homily before a jam-packed Cathedral of St. Augustine in Cagayan de Oro on April 30 during the ordination of Bishop Jose Cabantan, Surigao Bishop Antonieto Cabajog said the media coverage of the issue have led some people to lose their faith and respect for the clergy. [Making mountains out of molehills.  But concrete steps must be undertaken to prevent this from happening.  But I digress.]

Cabajog lamented that people seemed to forget “that majority of the ordained ministers are serving seriously, wholeheartedly and joyfully the people of God.” [Bingo!  The magic word!] The anti-Catholic media who have an agenda to undermine the moral authority of the Church in society will attack the Church on this front.  Stay informed and know the facts.  There are those who will inflate a condom of lies, if I may use the term.]

What adds great damage to the scandal is the irresponsible handling of the issue by people in the media and by some groups who are unsympathetic to the Catholic Church,” the prelate said.

Cabajog said the celebration of the “Year for Priests,” is an opportune time for the Church to acknowledge “in a special way the services of faithful and holy priests.”

He then cited the significant contribution of Bishop Jose Araneta Cabantan in the archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro serving in various capacities as a member of the clergy.

Fr. Joe, as called by his friends, served as parochial vicar, parish administrator, seminary formator and later on as vicar general of the ecclesial province and recently Director for the ad extra ministry of Cagayan de Oro.

“For more or less 20 years, Fr. Joe fulfilled his assigned tasks silently, diligently and lovingly and in spite of his high educational attainment and noble status in the archdiocese, Fr. Joe remains a simple, humble and faithful servant of God,” the prelate from Surigao said.

Cabajog said the people also recognized the sacrifices of priests in large and small parishes, in mission areas, in schools, in hospitals, in monasteries, retreat houses, the military and in other various ministries.

“For all shepherds of souls who, without counting the costs and with no personal interests, are serving God’s flock untiringly, thank you very much,” he added.

He said there is no better way to express the people’s gratitude to these dedicated priests than “to support them in their struggle towards spiritual perfection through our daily prayer for their sanctification.”

The prelate from Surigao said the “Year for Priests" provides the clergy the opportunity to make a personal, deep interior conversion in order to make themselves credible ministers of God’s people.

Quoting Pope Benedict XVI, the prelate said “the effectiveness of a priest’s ministry particularly depends on his spiritual strength.”

Cabajog said human weaknesses including laziness, mediocrity, selfishness, lust and pride [which are some of the seven deadly sins, which unfortunately are not being taught in Catechism classes nowadays.] could easily impede a priest’s desire to serve as the Church encourages all ordained ministers to “rekindle their ideals of the priesthood” and to “once again give their best efforts to observe the promises and vows they had made during their ordination day.”

Many have an inadequate or wrong understanding of priesthood as there are people who consider the priesthood as “a way of improving one’s status in life,” Cabajog said. [Ouch!  I know a lot some of them media hungry ones.  "Can you say good morning to the one seated beside you?"  I often suspect these types of priests who use the Mass as their own variety shows to have questionable lifestyles.  Okay before you even bring out your pitchforks and demand that I be burned at the stakes and call your own Torquemada, I know all of these priests.  Some of them struggling to stay faithful to their ministry and some are just plain too lukewarm.  They couldn't care less for what they do even if they live their flamboyantly scandalous lives right under their own parishioners noses.  Some are too scandalous, I would not dare post it here.  Thank God we do not have our own New York Times here, though the Philippine Daily Inquirer is trying to be one, attacking the Church at whim.  But these men should just go quietly and leave the ministry if they cannot be faithful to their vocation.  They do more harm than good to the Body of Christ.  Once again, before you demand for my head on the stake, I KNOW THESE MEN PERSONALLY.  Pray for them that they make the right decision in life.  The Church does not need another Maciel!]

They look at the priest as somebody who is economically rich, politically influential and socially high above the others, he added.

“There are also others who would like to reduce the priestly ministry to the dispensation of sacraments, while others would merely equate it with community leadership,” he emphasized. [Dispensation of the Sacraments is the primary reason for ordination.  No matter how Protestant pastors and clergy of questionable orders wave their hands or sprinkle buckets of water on you, all of these are not sacramental.  I am not against community leadership but as I always say, Basics First!  Some priests spend more time in the streets and in their offices and boardrooms rather than in the confessional or at the altar, then that is a red flag for the superior and/or bishop.  But I digress.]

He said during the “Year for Priests”, the people should increase their knowledge of the priesthood “in the light of the priesthood of Christ, who came not to be served but to serve because the priesthood of Christ is rooted in the love of God and is practiced by way of teaching, sanctifying and shepherding.”
Bishop Cabajog with the pope

 He further said Pope Benedict XVI used the words of St. John Vianney who once said “Priesthood is the love of the heart of Jesus.” [There is also a reason why St. John Vianney was made Patron of all Priests, because I believe the Pope wants all priests to be like St. John Vianney,  TO STICK TO THE BASICS!]

Cabajog said it is a fitting reminder for priests that in doing their ministry, they are to embody and carry the love of Jesus for his people and in this way, a priest is really to be called alter Christus or another Christ in the midst of God’s flock.

The prelate from Surigao said many would look at Bishop Jose Cabantan as someone going up the ladder of the hierarchy with his elevation to the episcopacy.

“[But] Bishop Joe, in the Christian community, you are actually going a step lower in order to serve more people,” Cabajog said.


Beautiful sermon!  Hope we can get the full text.

Huzzah to Bishop Antonieto Cabajog

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reminder of Papa Benny on the 44th World Communications


Maybe Papa Benny learned of some priests who love to hug the media spot light to draw attention to themselves rather than to the true nature of their media ministry...Christ Himself!

The Fathers of the First Vatican Council

That is a screen shot of the online book of the pope, Bl. Pius IX and the fathers of the First Vatican Council sent to me by Miguel, one of our newest GULPs.

You can view the e-book by clicking here.

Trivia:  Click the photo of the cardinal, on the fourth row from the top, second column.  He is a soon to be pope.

I cannot find Cardinal Newman in the book.  Tons of photos.  Maybe some of the Fathers here were either beatified or canonized.

Maybe you can help.

Word war about a new People power

MANILA, May 3, 2010—The head of Manila’s Catholic Church has gained criticism for saying that holding of massive street protests if the elections are wracked by fraud are “irresponsible” and crazy.”

A top official of the influential Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines on Monday said Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales’ comment was wrong and worth-opposing.

“With due respect to cardinal, I disagree very vehemently with what he said. I think doing nothing (against poll fraud) is more irresponsible,” said Sr. Mary John Mananzan, AMRSP co-chairperson. [I am no fan of Sr. Mary John especially in most of her "street protests" but this time I agree with her and will go to the streets of need be.]

Rosales yesterday said he will not support any mass movement of people and to call for another people power these days is no longer needed. [With all due respect, Your Eminence, did you ever EVEN speak out against the wrong-doings of the government?  If by just lip service you cannot fulfill your moral obligation as shepherd of a million souls in Manila, how in the world can we expect him to take to the streets?]

He said the situation in 1986, when millions of Filipinos took the streets to oust a dictator was totally different from the country’s present condition. [Yes but it is heading that way because YOU are NOT DOING ANYTHING!]

He added that if the elections will be marred with cheatings, calling for street protests are unnecessary since there are still legal recourse that people could take. [How can the legal recourse be taken when even the Judiciary's reputation is even being questioned?  How can this be a recourse when an election protest would last the entire term in office?  How many times have we seen the real winner in a congressional protest get sworn into office only to serve the less than 1 week remaining days in office?  The Filipino people will never be comfortable taking a legal recourse!]

For Mananzan, however, if the cardinal is still looking at an honest-to-goodness kind of the government, the Arroyo administration is an exception.

“Most institutions in the government are severely compromised,” she said in a press conference. “So where are we going now?”

For me really, it would be irresponsible if we are not going to do something,” Mananzan reiterated. [Which the cardinal has been doing ever since he assumed the archbishop's throne!  He is busy trumping the implementation of Summorum Pontificum and collecting coins for his Pondo ng Pinoy.  More about this alter.]

Fr. Joe Dizon, for his part, said that the people must be open to all possibilities if only to ensure that President Arroyo would no longer stay beyond June 30.

“People should act if there will be failure of elections because this would in turn result Arroyo’s further holdover to power. Enough is enough,” said Dizon. (Roy Lagarde/CBCPNews)


I once attended a conference of Catholic Communicators at St. Paul's Quezon City.  The great fr. james Reuters, SJ invited the newly installed archbishop of Manila to speak to the group.  He talked about his social advocacy Pondo ng Pinoy.  What he said blew me...

He said something to the effect of..."the quick way to heaven is not the rosary, devotions, the Mass or the sacraments.  It is by giving to Pondo ng Pinoy!"

I am not making this up and I wish he was joking. We laughed when he said it, but he didn't.  He was serious.  It was all part of his "theology of the crumbs:.


This administration has been running this country as if it were their own kitchen cupboard.  I have been a witness on so many occasions of  the rampant corruption in government.  Who am I to speak up against these goons?   Where was the Church in all of these?  yes, there were the nuns, priests and some bishops.  But the biggest voice of them all has decided to shout his deafening silence.

A simple reminder...

Sitting on your collected 25c coins, while the whole country tears each other apart because of politics.


With this troubling thought and with his seeming apathy towards the Philippine political situation...

How we miss Cardinal Sin.  He may have been too political...

But in a time when we need someone to tell our politicians to do the right thing...

Whenever we, as a Filipino nation, needed someone to guide us in turbulent political times, his was the voice that guides us, assures us and comforts us.

How I miss Cardinal Sin.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Snapshot: Singing in the Rain

Rain, rain go away.  Come again anozher zay!

New Diocese in the Philippines

MANILA, May 1, 2010—The Vatican has officially erected the Philippines’ 58th Catholic diocese on Saturday.
Pope Benedict XVI elevated the Prelature of Ipil to a full diocese, in Zamboanga Sibugay, and appointed as its first bishop, Julius Tonel, until now Bishop-Prelate of the same jurisdiction.

According to Saturday’s communiqué from the Philippine nunciature, the news was officially announced in Rome at 12:00 noon today (6:00 p.m. local time.)

Ipil, a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Zamboanga, is the 11th diocese in Mindanao. It has a population of nearly 600, 000 of which 65 percent are Catholics.

It also occupies an area of 4,850 square kilometers extending from the boundary of Zamboanga del Norte on the north to Olutanga Island on the south, from the town of Tungawan on the west to the town Margosatubig on the east boundaries.

The diocese-erect also has 19 parishes, 32 priests and 31 religious sisters.

To date, the country now has a total of 16 archdioceses, 58 dioceses, 7 apostolic vicariates, 4 territorial prelatures and one military ordinariate. (Roy Lagarde/CBCPNews)

GULP ALERT: Compare and contrast