Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some Pinoy nuns, priests and bishops do this!

"The Pope is wrong, we are right!"

Thus says the Magisterium of the "Vatican 2 Catholics" if there is ever such a thing.

The Pope's Warning

This is true even like some Filipino nuns, priests and bishops who work from tearing the Church apart from within!

Like echoing the words of St. Pius X.

And I tell you this...

in 2011...

One by one I will expose Filipino nuns, theologians, priests and bishops who are wolves in sheeps' clothing! Heretics masking as Catholics!

It is our right and duty to protect Holy Mother Church, whom He saved with His Precious Blood from these vermin who wittingly or unwittingly work to be the Devil's agents.

Stand Firm brothers and sisters...

The attack on the Faith is from every direction.

We are at war!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FSSP in Manila for TLM Conference

My dear friend Jay Balza beat me to the "bloggin punch" once again by posting this wonderful news.

Go on over to his wonderful blog to read the details.

In the meantime...

Uh-oh, someone is getting fidgety!

I am getting a hang of this thing!


Uh-oh...someone's really gonna be pissed!

Shawn Tribe of the New Liturgical Movement recently posted an interesting interview in Il Giornale, by Andrea Tornielli of Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship: entitle "Basta con la messa creativa, in chiesa silenzio e preghiera (Enough with the Creative Mass, in Church, Silence and Prayer).

The title alone speaks for itself.

The Cardinal admitted that "Catholic liturgy lives "a certain crisis," and Benedict XVI wants to form a new liturgical movement that brings back more sacrality and silence in the Mass, and more attention to beauty in chant, sacred music and art."

In it the Cardinal confirmed that "a new division in our congregation dedicated to "Art and Sacred Music" at the service of the liturgy. This will lead us to offer soon a criteria and guidelines for art, song and sacred music. As well we offer as soon as possible criteria and guidelines for preaching."

Will we see less of creativities?

less of candles on the floor and crucifixes and tabernacles on the side?

Uh-oh...someone's liturgical agenda will certainly go down the drain!

What about the Liturgical Research?

What about the Liturgical Inculturation?

What about the books?! The books! They won't sell anymore!


Uh-oh. Someone's too fidgety!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Catholics once again Muslim jihadists!

MANILA, Dec. 25, 2010—An explosion ripped the roof of Sacred Heart of Jesus sub-parish in Astunas, Jolo while the Christmas Eve Mass was being celebrated at about 7:15 p.m. on Friday.

The blast which took place near the altar left several people injured; but individuals believed to be responsible for the blast are yet to be identified.

Jolo Bishop Angelito Rendon Lampon, OMI told CBCPNews it was not a grenade that exploded at the roof of the church but an “improvised explosive device,” a locally-made explosive capable of wounding and killing unsuspecting individuals.

“The explosion wounded several persons including the priest who was reading the Gospel and damaged the ceiling of the sacristy,” the 60-year old prelate said.

The sub-parish is near the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Cathedral where the Christmas Eve Mass was scheduled to be said at 8:00 p.m. on Friday.

Asked if he was alarmed of the latest incident, the bishop said “Yes” as Jolo's history has been marked with killings and kidnappings, believed to have been perpetrated by various lawless elements. (Melo M. Acuna) [Oh come one!  Cut the political correctness crap!  Everybody knows it I am just saying it!  These are the work of Muslim jihadists!]


VATICAN CITY – Lasagna, veal and cake were on the menu Sunday as Pope Benedict XVI invited about 250 poor people to join him for a post-Christmas lunch and denounced as "absurd" new attacks on the faithful around the globe.

Also joining the pope and his guests were 250 nuns, seminarians and priests of Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity order, which runs soup kitchens around Rome.

Last year, Benedict traveled to a Rome soup kitchen to join the poor for lunch after Christmas. This year he wanted to invite them to his home and to pay homage to Mother Teresa, whose birth centenary is being celebrated this year.

During the lunch, held inside the Vatican's main audience hall, Benedict told his guests about the virtues of Mother Teresa, who dedicated her life to serving the sick and poor.

"To those who ask why Mother Teresa was famous, the answer is easy: she lived her life in a humble and hidden way, for the love of God and in love with God," Benedict said.

The feast included lasagna with homemade Bolognese sauce, veal chunks with roasted potatoes, traditional yellow Christmas cake with chocolate bits and Chantilly cream, and coffee.

Before the meal, Benedict delivered his traditional Sunday blessing from his studio window, denouncing Christmas Day attacks on the faithful in the Philippines and Nigeria and a suicide bombing in Pakistan that killed 45 people at an aid center.

"Once again, the earth is stained by blood," he lamented.

A bomb exploded during Christmas Mass at a police camp chapel in the southern Philippines, wounding a priest and 10 churchgoers. Also Saturday, six people died in attacks by Muslim sect members on two churches in northern Nigeria. [At least AP News has the b***s to write it as it is!]

"I express my heartfelt condolences to the victims of this absurd violence and once again repeat my appeal to abandon ways of hatred and find peaceful solutions to conflicts" so that people can live in peace and security, he said.

Benedict noted that the Sunday after Christmas traditionally celebrates the family, taking the birth of Jesus as its cue. Underlining his rejection of gay marriage and abortion, the pope stressed that every child deserves a mother and a father who will love them and welcome them as a gift.

"This is what gives children security and, as they grow, lets them discover the sense of life," he said.


Can we hear from those crappy peace advocates like Fr. Jun Mercado about this latest atrocity of Muslims following the command of their book?

Brick by brick in Calbayog

As I have posted before, faithfulness to liturgical norms is a dream still to be seen as a reality in the Archdiocese of Manila as long as we have an archbishop who just follows everything that Frs. A and G tell him to do.

We will never see this altar arrangement in the Cathedral of Manila

That is Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Joseph Adams, incensing the altar of the Calbayog Cathedral on the occasion of the diocese's centenary.

Note the Benedictine arrangement.  Please note that the altar cross is on the side of the altar and NOT on the altar.  While some traditionalist might sneer at this, let us be thankful that the candle arrangement is in tune with the wishes of our Holy Father.

Unlike those of Frs. A and G where candles are on the floor near the altar and NOT on the altar simply because they reason out that you do not put candles on the altar.  Just that.  No other reasoning whatsoever.

I think it is more of ideology rather than faithfulness to liturgical tradition that these men put these things out.

Whom do we follow?  The Pope or these two liturgists who claim they know more than the pope?

Pinoy KofC Grand Knight ordained a priest!

ROXAS City, Dec. 23, 2010— A Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus was ordained to the priesthood by Capiz Archbishop Onesimo Gordoncillo on December 13.

Seminarian Anthony O. Aguason, 27, a Grand Knight of College Council No. 13997 based at Sancta Maria Mater et Regina Seminarium in Roxas City, was ordained to the priesthood during a solemn ceremony held at the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral.

Aguason was ordained deacon last July 28 this year also by Archbishop Gordoncillo at the Seminarium Chapel.

The newly ordained priest is the first Grand Knight of this college council which was organized and instituted as a new council on February l7, 2006 with 32 members.
Since then most of the pioneer members have graduated from the seminarium and are assigned in various parishes in the archdiocese of Capiz.

Aguason is now assigned at the archbishop’s residence in Brgy. Lawa-an, Roxas City.

The new priest is the son of Felipe Aguason of Brgy. Dumolog, and Bebing Onayan of Sapian, Capiz. (Bienvenido P. Cortes)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Biretta Sightings

Some photos of Pinoy clerics wearing the biretta...while in the Philippines.

These are wonderful photos of wonderful priests of the Archdiocese of Cebu, a wonderful Archdiocese.

Again as I have said before...You will NEVER EVER see priests wear this in Manila!  NEVER EVER!

Why?  Because they will be ridiculed and even persecuted.

And I base this on actual experience.

PS:  You might notice something in this photo.  I'll let you guys point it out.

The Liturgical Magisterium of A and G!

I made this the title of this post because I read in Fr. Z's blog that Papal Masses starting this Christmas Eve Mass WILL NEVER EVER DISTRIBUTE COMMUNION ON THE HAND!

Ever...never ever ever ever ever!


More reasons to sign the petition against Communion in the Hand!

And the title suggests that because in the liturgical dominion of the Philippines, only two names come up usually.

And they dare go against what the Holy Father wishes on liturgical matters.

Yes, these two priests have their own liturgical magisterium.

Thank God not all dioceses follow them!

Take the case of the Archdiocese of Cebu.  This is the altar arrangement in the Cebu Cathedral.

BUT....You will NEVER EVER see this altar arrangement in the churches in the Archdiocese of Manila.  Because the "liturgical master" does not want it!

Their liturgy is places more importance in seeing the face of the priest rather than fixing our eyes on the Lord!

As I have said before...Tick Tock Tick Tock!

Time is against Frs. A and G.  Once we have a new archbishop of Manila who is more faithful to tradition...

We'll see

Christmas Greetings and Blessings!

Praying for all my dear followers...

Peace, Good Health and Prosperity on the most wonderful time of the year when  we recall how the Lord of the Universe became one like us except sin!

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

The priest consultant of Fr. Jejemon

Drum roll please!

I have just received reports, and it is confirmed, that the priest whom the producers and scriptwriters of the movie in question "Father Jejemon" where they showed two blasphemous scenes, is none other than...

Drum roll please!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen!

Now are you surprised for THOSE blasphemous scenes?

What do you expect from a "former" Dominican who is not incardinated to any diocese in the Philippines...

Whose morality is in question?

Why oh why is this man not defrocked and dispensed?!?!


God help us.

One of my favorite bishop resigns

The Holy Father has accepted the resignation of Pasig Bishop Francisco San Diego from the pastoral care of the diocese.  He is the first bishop of the diocese.  The pope accepted the resignation in accordance with Canon Law's age limit for sitting bishops.  His Holiness appointed Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales as Apostolic Administrator.

Now this leads me to ask:

Cardinal Rosales is waaay beyond the canonical age requirement.  In fact, he will turn 80 next year, which means he will be no longer Archbishop of Manila because this is the limit canon law sets for bishops.  The pope waived off the resignation of the cardinal when he turned over his resignation after his 75th birthday.  But on the 80th, he must go.  Further, on the side, he will be ineligible to future papal conclaves.  Why is the cardinal's retirement delayed and why is Bishop San Diego's immediately accepted?  Why was the Vicar of the diocese not appointed?  Just asking.  I know the pope has the authority.  I am not revolting.  I am...just...asking.

The Diocese of Pasig is one of few dioceses in the Philippines that allows the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.  Cardinal Rosales is well-known to prohibit the celebration of the Traditional Mass in open defiance of the pope's motu propio, Summorum Pontificum, no thanks to a Filipino liturgist booted out of San't Anselmo by Cardinal Ratzinger himself!  Now...will this mean that the traditional liturgy will also be suppressed now that the cardinal IS the Apostolic Administrator?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Priest was consulted for Father Jejemon?

This was according to the actor and producer of the movie, Dolphy himself.

If so...

Who is that priest?

I bet you.  That priest would need more than to go back to his seminary!

Agents of Death would surely throw a nutty after this!

For related articles, click this from Rorate

On the road


That is the reason for the low blogging the past days.

I am somewhere down South. So I'll post some of my 'discoveries" here which I may not be a canon lawyer, but I sure ain't dumb.

Two demoted.


Hold on.

I'll reserve this for the days ahead.

Meanwhile, I am happy that things are going the way we intended it to be.

...for atheists, born-against Catholic supposed-to-be-Catholic scriptwriters, to have their rude awakening about making a serious mockery of our Lord on film.

Remember folks that it all started with the laity and not with our clergy.

Not that it is a bad thing or it says something awful about out clergy.


It is about telling these Catholic haters that in a nation made up of 85% Catholics...we cannot take this s*** sitting down.

We will defend our Faith...when push goes to shove!

Vivat Jesus!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vigilance pays...

A post I made days ago has been generating the buzz I intended it to...


I am sure a couple of my loyal and dear TPC readers know what I am talking about.

Do not sit there and be concerned that our reactions will be just simple knee jerks...or being politically correct...or drawing unnecessary publicity...

It is the Faith that we all received from our parents, our ancestors, from the Apostles...

and we have every duty and responsibility to defend it just as we must treasure and defend the memory and name of our family or prevent a theft of a family heirloom.

"For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be."  (Matthew 6:22)

Imagine, if there is but one chance for you to PROVE what a REAL CATHOLIC you are...when the Faith and the LORD Himself is mocked and made fun of and you do not do anything about it, would you be more concerned about being politically correct?

IMAGINE...standing before the throne of the Almighty...and He asks you what you did for the Faith...and will you tell Him "I do not want to hurt the feelings of other?"

LIVE AND DEFEND THE FAITH!  It is what the Church expects Her children to be...

As the Baltimore Catechism taught us...

Q. 686. What is meant by anointing the forehead with chrism in the form of a cross?
A. By anointing the forehead with chrism in the form of a cross is meant that the Christian who is confirmed must openly profess and practice his faith, never be ashamed of it; and rather die than deny it.

Q. 687. When must we openly profess and practice our religion?
A. We must openly profess and practice our religion as often as we cannot do otherwise without violating some law of God or of His Church.

Q. 688. Why have we good reason never to be ashamed of the Catholic faith?
A. We have good reason never to be ashamed of the Catholic Faith because it is the Old Faith established by Christ and taught by His Apostles; it is the Faith for which countless Holy Martyrs suffered and died; it is the Faith that has brought true civilization, with all its benefits, into the world, and it is the only Faith that can truly reform and preserve public and private morals.

This is the reason why the Patron Saint of this blog and the namesake is none other than the First Pinoy Catholic raised to the honors of the altar.

We are called to be like him and Him.

St. Lorenzo and the Lord Himself!

To my fellow Pinoy Catholics, who was not caught sleeping and who spread the word and Word...

Mam Marilou and Mam Baby...

"And your Father who sees in secret will repay you." (Matthew 6:4)

We still do not know what will happen with what we are fighting for in this battle...

But we will be in the forefront of this War against the Faith!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

O Radix Jesse

O Radix Jesse

LATIN: O Radix Jesse, qui stas in signum populorum, super quem continebunt reges os suum, quem gentes deprecabuntur: veni ad liberandum nos, iam noli tardare.

ENGLISH: O Root of Jesse, that stands for an ensign of the people, before whom the kings keep silence and unto whom the Gentiles shall make supplication: come, to deliver us, and tarry not.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

O Adonai!

O Adonai

LATIN: O Adonai, et Dux domus Israel, qui Moysi in igne flammae rubi apparuisti, et ei in Sina legem dedisti: veni ad redimendum nos in brachio extento.. 

ENGLISH: O Lord and Ruler the house of Israel, who appeared to Moses in the flame of the burning bush and gave him the law on Sinai: come, and redeem us with outstretched arms.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Heart to Heart: A Must!

Please do not forget to watch Heart to Heart over at NBN Channel 4.  Sister Baby Nebrida- Ballesty, my fellow Miraculous Medal devotee, will be discussing along with her distinguished panelist, the continuing education of Catholics about the RH Bill. 

This is Part 2 of " Understanding the RH Bill"  at HEART TO HEART TALK  aired every  Saturday, 8pm at NBN4. 

This is very important for all of us Pinoy Catholics to know the real TRUTH about the RH Bill, and its dangers to our Faith.

Do not forget to watch!

Black Fascia: Perfect Christmas gift for Pinoy priests

Here is a wonderful photo of Pasig Bishop Franciso San Dieo and Fr. Mark Sese, one of a handful of priest who celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite aka the Traditional Latin Mass.

If you look closely, Fr. Mark is wearing a black fringed fascia, which is part of the ecclesiastical garb of priests of the Latin Rite.  It has not been outlawed so it is perfectly legal for priests of the Latin rite to wear one.

Here you can see Cardinal Ranjith, before his elevation to the cardinalate, with some of his clergy.  Notice the black fascia.  The man on the left maybe a lay brother or a priest of a religious order, that is why he is wearing a white fascia.

Before, if clergymen were in the presence of the Holy Father for an audience, they are required to wear the ferraiolo like this photo below of Pope John XXIII with some bishops.  Look who the first bishop on the left is. 

 It is Papa Luciani!

Bishops and Cardinals still wear them at formal occasions like state functions.  The photo below shows Cardinal Jaime Sin wearing his ferraiolo for the swearing into office of Gloria Arroyo in 2001.

Apart from that, I am glad to see Fr. Mark wear the proper garb of his office.  Kudos too to Bishop San Diego for raising priests in his diocese like Fr. Sese!

Wear black cassock dear Fathers!

Wear the black fascia!

Black fascias can be purchased in the Philippines through Talleres de Nazaret!

(Warning though, the Talleres website plays a nasty tune.  Very irritating especially if you are in the office or you easily get spooked.  Really, I am not joking.  Can someone tell them to shut the thing off?)

Go check them out.  The fascias are on a made to order basis.  I am not sure if other liturgical shops sell or make fascias.  The one in Megamall?  Not sure.

Buy one as a gift for your priests.

Pope: Christians are the most persecuted

Will we ever heard human rights fighters like those fighting for RH Rights to fight for religious freedom and liberty in the Middle East?

I have been asking some of my "catholic" friends who are so rabidly pro-RH to also push this "human right" in the faces of Middle Eastern ambassadors in the country.

All I got was this .

Yup. A period for silence.

Now, ain't that convenient for them?

O Sapientia!

LATIN: O Sapientia, quae ex ore Altissimi prodidisti, attingens a fine usque ad finem, fortiter suaviter disponensque omnia: veni ad docendum nos viam prudentiae.   

ENGLISH: O Wisdom, who came from the mouth of the Most High, reaching from end to end and ordering all things mightily and sweetly: come, and teach us the way of prudence.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

GULP Alert: "Black?! AHHHHH!!!!!"

No, that's not me screaming.

I know the "expert liturgists" who publicly deride the liturgical reforms of Pope Benedict XVI would cringe at seeing these wonderful photos of the Installation of the Altar Servers at the Cathedral Shrine of the Good Shepherd of the Diocese of Novaliches.

They would be the ones screaming, I suppose, not me.


In fact, I would love to see our priests wearing black cassocks with fringed fascia!  Haha!


The Mass was held during Gaudete Sunday and the Ordinary, the Most Rev. Antonio Tobias, DD offered the Holy Sacrifice and installed the new altar servers and received their commitment of service.  I am beginning to be a liturgical fan of the good bishop.  Remember that he is the first sitting bishop to celebrate a Solemn Pontifical High Mass after the issuance of Summorum Pontificum!

Take note that ALL Altar Servers are wearing BLACK!  Huzzah!!!

Here are some wonderful photos of the Mass.

The entrance procession.  
Look!  Real candles, not kerosene lamps disguised as candles!  HA!
 Some of the new altar servers before the formal investiture

Bishop Tobias showing a curt smile while blessing the surplices of the newly installed altar servers.

A view of the Benedictine altar arrangement.  
It has 7 candles.  The two are standing at the sides of the altar.
The crucifix is in the reredos.

The altar servers, now vested, making their pledge.

I wonder if they were installed as acolytes as well.  

I know liturgists who would and hate black cassocks for altar servers.  For whatever reason they hate black cassocks, I bet you a dollar and a dime who these liturgists are.  Two letters, A and G.  And their fans in surrounding dioceses in the NCR.

Two many letters eh?

GULP Exam: What is sooo wrong in this picture?

The GULP Exam is back and we have another "mystifying" photo.

I know you know the answer to this one but it just baffles me why the Lord Jesus who is present in the appearance of bread is of the same level as that of the Bible?!?!?!?

And there are others in this photo.  Go spot the not!

This is a photo of Our Lady of Grace Parish Church in Grace Park, Caloocan City.  This is the biggest church in the city.

Christ is offensive!

The politically correct "Catholics", those who work for "peace" and "human rights" are so...offended if we speak out against the errors of heretics, of dissidents, of apostates!

Christ was offensive! And He was and IS discriminating...TO THOSE WHO REFUSE TO REPENT THEIR SINS!

He did that to the Pharisees and the scribes whom He called "white-washed tombs".

So, are we like minded Catholic bloggers OFFENSIVE and POLITICALLY INCORRECT if we point out the falsehoods that some bishops, priests, nuns and laity spread while still claiming to be Catholics?


Christ was offensive and for the right reasons...

So should we!

Stop being silent!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Pope remembers Bl. Teresa of Calcutta on her 100th birthday!

The Final Message of the Lady of Akita

"The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres (other priests). Churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

"The demon will be especially implacable against the souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them."

". . . Pray very much the prayers of the Rosary. I alone am able still to save you from the calamities which approach. Those who place their confidence in me will be saved."


I have blogged about bishops, priests, nuns and laity claiming to be Catholic but who teach a completely different Gospel.

Who do you think signs their paychecks?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Manila Film Fest movie that Pinoy Catholics MUST NOT watch

I watched a movie the past week.  As usual they played the trailers of coming movies before showing the movie that I paid to watch.  Since Christmas is just around the corner, Metro Manila cinemas are heavily promoting movies that will be shown during the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

Among the movies that caught my attention, was the movie of Pinoy King of Comedy, Dolphy, entitled Father Jejemon.

No, I do not intend to watch the movie.  The trailer did not entice me to watch it.

The title of this post says it all.

Because there are scenes in the movie showing what is presumed to be "funny" things happening while the character of Dolphy who is a priest in the movie, is distributing Holy Communion.

Folks, I tell you, it is downright blasphemous.

One scene shows Dolphy giving communion to a voluptuous woman who knelt to receive communion on the tongue.  So far so good, eh?  Communion...kneeling...on the tongue?

But, to give it a "funny twist",  he accidentally drops the "host" on a woman's cleavage. The other "funny part" is the host getting stuck on an old woman's dentures.


Imagine if something like that were done on...hmmm...let's say....the Koran?

Let us see who gets the last laugh?  Why always the Catholic Church, huh?  WHY?

This is an obvious bias towards Catholicism folks and the MSM just love to make our religion the laughing stock of pundits and movie makers.



Monday, December 13, 2010

Anglicanorum coetibus might incite violence against Catholics

Well, that was based on the assessment of the British ambassador to the Vatican after the release of Anglicanorum coetibus. And this was also based on the document uploaded by Wikileaks.

The report below is according to the Telegraph.


The Pope's offer to Anglicans to convert to Catholicism risked inciting discrimination and even violence towards Catholics in Britain, according to leaked US diplomatic cables.

The confidential reports claimed that the British ambassador to the Vatican believed relations with the Holy See as being at "their worst crisis in 150 years".

It followed Pope Benedict XVI's special dispensation to disaffected Anglicans who are against the ordination of women priests to turn to the Catholic faith. He said they could convert in groups while retaining their own leadership and some of their rites in a body called an Ordinariate.

After a meeting between the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, in November 2009 British ambassador Francis Campbell told a US diplomat that "Anglican-Vatican relations were facing their worst crisis in 150-years as a result of the pope's decision".

He also described the meeting between the two men as "at times awkward".

The claims were among the latest tranche of cables to be published by whistleblowing site WikiLeaks.

Mr Campbell, a Catholic, made his comments during a conversation with Julieta Valls Noyes, the American deputy chief of mission to the Holy See.

He was speaking to her at a dinner held in the Archbishop's honour attended by senior Vatican officials following his meeting with the Pope.

A cable sent shortly afterwards relayed his remarks.

Mr Campbell also said: "The crisis is worrisome for England's small, mostly Irish-origin, Catholic minority. There is still latent anti-Catholicism in some parts of England and it may not take much to set it off."

He warned: "The outcome could be discrimination or in isolated cases, even violence, against this minority."

The cable continued: "The Vatican decision seems to have been aimed primarily at Anglicans in the US and Australia, with little thought given to how it would affect the centre of Anglicanism, England, or the archbishop of Canterbury. [You think?] Benedict XVI, Campbell said, had put Williams in an impossible situation. [Well, Williams is doing the impossible...NOTHING.] If Williams reacted more forcefully, he would destroy decades of work on ecumenical dialogue; by not reacting more harshly, he has lost support among angry Anglicans."

The cables are among a number of dispatches from America's Vatican embassy which have been released by the website WikiLeaks.

They also disclosed that the Vatican was angry that officials had been called from Rome to testify before an Irish commission investigating child abuse by priests and had refused to allow them to go. [You think?]

The reports also claimed the Pope was responsible for the Vatican's resistance to Turkey joining the EU and wanted a reference to Europe's "Christian roots" included in the EU constitution.  [I am getting tired at this....YOU THINK?!]


Even if the pope did not issue Anglicanorum coetibus, life of being a Catholic is hard these days.

Do you agree?

Well, personally, I live in the Philippines, a Catholic country, but I work with a boss who boasts of being educated by Jesuits, but who hates going to Mass and would rather golf on Sundays, and would openly criticize the moral authority of the Church. And worst of all, he would claim that our image of who God is, the makings of theologians who have nothing to do with their lives.

As a Catholic and a Knight of Columbus who's personal motto as a knight is "Credo, ego sum.", how do you expect I am feeling right now?

With a media soooo up against the neck of the Church, you think faithful Catholics are not facing a form of harassment and violence these days?

And no thanks to bishop, priests and nuns who dress like Catholics but are like termite who works to tear the Church up from the inside...

Geez, what a rant filled Monday!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oratio Imperata for the Protection of Human Life

Shared to me by an avid defender of life...

We hope our Pinoy bishops issue this Oratio Imperata to be prayed at our churches.



God, our loving Father, Creator and lover of all life, You created every human person in Your own image and likeness..

We thank You for this gift and for the freedom to appreciate it. Grant us the eagerness to recognize You in every person so that respect for all human life becomes our way of life.

Give us also the strength and courage to defend and protect the right of all, to live as You have ordained, from conception, at the moment of fertilization, to the natural death.

We pray for Your divine healing, comfort, and peace for all those affected by past abortions. Grant to them forgiveness, comfort, and strength. Help us serve actively in alleviating the sufferings and troubles of all women who find themselves pregnant and are in difficult situations. We pray as well for all men that they be responsible and have genuine love towards their spouses.

We pray for all our leaders and legislators. Let Your Spirit enlighten their minds and open their hearts. Guide them, O Lord, by Your Truth and Your Wisdom. May they love and protect the Family, safeguard and respect Human Life.

May Mary, our most loving Mother, intercede for the Filipino Family. To Her, we entrust this cause and advocacy for the protection of Life.

To You, O Lord, through Her, we consecrate the Filipino nation. Grant that all who believe in Christ, Your Son, may proclaim the Gospel of Life with sincerity and love to the people of our time. We make our prayer through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

O Mary, Mediatrix of All-Grace and Queen of the Family, pray for us.

St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus and Chaste Spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pinoys in the Vatican Nativity Scene!

No not literally living Pinoys but Filipino elements will be added to this year's Nativity scene.

Click the video for more details.

Now, folks, this is the right kind of inculturation!  Not within the Liturgy as some would want it to be.

There is no such thing as a Filipino inculturated Mass or an American inculturated Mass.  The Mass is the Mass is the Mass wherever part of the world you go.  That was how it was before Vatican II, but sadly it was radically changed after liturgical experts who unabashedly trumpet their diplomas around saying "I am the liturgist.  You are not."

Creativities and inculturation are done OUTSIDE OF THE MASS not within.

Take the example of the Senakulo or Passion Play.  The Sinulog Festival and other similarly related rituals unique to Filipinos.  It was done outside of the Mass!  So LEAVE THE MASS ALONE!

A salakot tip to my good friend Jay Balza of Veritatem Facientes in caritate blog for the tip.

What Benedict's Reform is all about

I have blogged about these theology schools.

And they are more "popish" than the Pope. They teach as if they have the keys with them.


They are not sitting on Peter's Chair, so shut up!


What this blog is about

I too get similar hate mails like Michael Voris because of this blog. Yes, I get them all from the Freemasons, the Facebook friends of Carlos Celdran and even the Iglesia ni Cristo wanting a televised debate. And even to followers of Father A. Yup, I get them all. They have branded me as "hateful, arrogant and stupid." Yup, I get them all.

But this blog is not about labeling people and hating people. It is about hating ideologies and philosophies that threaten MY FAITH, the Faith that our Lord Jesus Christ handed down to the Apostles, which countless martyrs have died for, which missionaries who left a life of comfort have trod the ends of the earth to proclaim and share so that others might be in Heaven, and which my parents have lovingly taught me not to hold and cherish until I die. And my mother even told me that when I get married, I can marry anyone I want, just as long as she is Catholic, because my mom knows what a mixed marriage.

And I could not agree with Michael Voris even more.

We will hate and condemn the sin, not the sinner!

It is about helping one another get to Heaven.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who could answer this?

What event is considered the FIRST Eucharistic Procession and Adoration?

The answer...Later!  Guess first.

The Immaculate Conception in the Vatican Frescoes

China's nationalistic bull

I have had to deal with this same bull each and everytime I meet a Chinese from the mainland. They would not even want you to talk about the word "mainland". And as if I did not have any of these, I have to work with these communists who take pride in their nation's communism. Yup they have a working economy, but communism is communism and in a humane society, it is unacceptable.

Their government does not allow any form of intrusion into their internal affairs.

How about picking bishops? Isn't that a matter for the head of the Roman Catholic Church to decide?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Traditional Anglican leader expects 150 clergy to become Catholic

EWTN News posted the news about the deluge of Traditional Anglicans who will cross the Tiber to take advantage of the Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum coetibus, and how Primate John Hepworth expects 150 Anglican clergymen to join the Ordinariate.  Their departure was caused by the Anglican Communion's decision to ordain women even if Christ Himself did not do so!  And add to that the Anglican Communion's decision to ordain an openly gay bishop.

This is the true ecumenism folks!  Pope Benedict IS the Pope of Christian Unity!

And I wonder why the CBCP is silent about this.  Last I heard was that an old liturgist, who sells books and conducts Liturgical Research, wanted us to be more Lutheran in liturgy than Catholic in the way the Mass should be celebrated.  Hey, he called Martin Luther, a heretic, "the great reformer"!

But as I see it, the Anglicans want to be Catholic in Faith but Anglican in liturgy and life.

This is the way to go!

New Header

You might notice that I redesigned my header.

Yup.  I know Photoshop.

And a little trivia...I am in the header.

Look for me.

Give this post to the Death Eaters so they can look for my photo and identify me.

Professional Catholic Dissidents

Shall we include some Pinoy Jesuits, Euntes, Maryhill, Dr. Jose de Mesa, our Deal-or-No-Deal priest, and Bishop Ch...?

Catholic Apologetics: The Immaculate Conception

Catholic In Name Only (CINO) Awards

Yup there is a site that devotes it to those people who you know...

The nominees are...
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Doug Kmeic
  • Joe Biden
  • National Catholic Reporter
  • America Magazine
 Go, click here and vote!

Maybe we should have it here in the Philippines are well, eh?

Security on for Simbang Gabi; You-Know-Who rants

From GMA


With the Simbang Gabi (Dawn Masses or Misa de Aguinaldo) about to begin on December 16, Manila police have readied measures to secure churchgoers. [The Police force goes on full alert during this season.  Our own KofC Council will provide security to churchgoers.  We do this every year.  And believe me, we have seen it all...except the attention hungry, overweight, gay...]

The police said the measures include keeping an eye on pro-reproductive health (RH) advocates after a known RH supporter, Carlos Celdran, held a protest inside the Manila Cathedral in September. [Oooooo....Death Eaters!  Maybe the Manila Police should call themselves...Aurors?  Nice eh?]

Manila Police District (MPD) head Chief Superintendent Roberto Rongavilla said they will watch out for possible confrontations between pro-RH and anti-RH groups during the Dawn Masses. [if you are starving for attention, they will do these stunts.  But Lagayman, Dona Consolacion and her Death Eaters must be forwarned.  Catholics may not be so forgiving once push comes to shove.]

Radio dzBB's Carlo Mateo reported on Tuesday that the MPD will set up random checkpoints and start their "Christmas duty" on the night of December 15. [Will check points include frisking for Damaso shirts, condoms and boards written with profanities?]

Rongavilla said they will tighten security and deploy K-9 teams near major Catholic churches, including the historic Manila Cathedral, and churches in Quiapo, Malate and Sta. Ana.

He also said he instructed police teams to watch out against fraternities who might make trouble during the Dawn Masses.

According [?  According?  What you did not report it?  What's us with this website?] to the website of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Celdran held a protest on September 30 inside the Manila Cathedral while an interfaith prayer service was going on.

On that day, Celdran, dressed [badly, ghastly] as the Filipino national hero Jose Rizal, shouted inside the cathedral that the Catholic Church should stop meddling in government affairs, especially in its birth control programs. [Hey, he looked fit in that costume.  Too fit the buttons are cryin' out for help!  Ha!]

Celdran is a known advocate of the controversial RH bill and is usually seen distributing condoms to residents of Intramuros in Manila. The Manila Cathedral is also in Intramuros.

Celdran held a sign that read "Damaso," referring to Padre Damaso, the antagonist priest in Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere.

After yelling "stop getting involved in politics," he was taken away by Manila police for violating Article 133 of the Revised Penal Code, which prohibits "offending religious feelings."

Article 133 says "the penalty of arresto mayor in its maximum period to prision correccional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon anyone who, in a place devoted to religious worship or during the celebration of any religious ceremony, shall perform acts notoriously offensive to the feelings of the faithful." [Can't wait for him to get what he deserves.] – VVP, GMANews.TV


Lorenz  commented in another post that You-Know-Who is another of those rich, uncared for, gay kids left to fend for themselves whose parents just look after the mess they make.  You-Know-Who thinks maybe this time that will happen again as You-Know-Who keeps on posting on his Facebook wall about a possible out of court settlement while still keeping that brash, condescending attitude of his/her/it!

Go to Mass for nine days.  Keep vigil with the Virgin as she awaits the birth of Her Beloved Son.

And keep Herod's minions out of the Church.

Learn from the 3 Wise Men.

They are not called "wise" for nothing.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You-Know-Who wants to settle out of court?

Look at the utter hypocrisy...

The other hand seeks mercy and forgiveness while the other holds a knife with which to supplant the Church!

To the Manila Cathedral authorities...

Give him what him deserves best!

Another Pinoy Jesuit speaks about the RH Bill

The famed Fr. Manoling Francisco, the composer of the famous "Hindi Kita Malilimutan", wrote an article about his take on the RH debate in the Philippine Star.


A mother was in a quandary as to what to serve her children for dinner. The eldest demanded, “As an animal activist I refuse to eat meat. Haven’t you seen how they mercilessly slaughter cows, pigs and chickens? It’s obviously immoral to eat meat! And any rational person can see that.”

But the other son protested, “I don’t care about the feelings and rights of chickens. As a body builder, I need all the protein I can get and so I expect meat to be served in this house.” [Since when did animals, who have no intellect and free will, enjoy rights which only humans deserve?]

Then a daughter interjected, “And I will only eat organic food products. Don’t you all realize how harmful fertilizers are to the earth and to our bodies?” [NOT TRUE!]

The youngest daughter asserted, “But most of those organic foods are imported and expensive. As a nationalist, I will eat only what has been produced locally.” [Honestly, I am for this.]

We all yearn for the peaceable kingdom where wolf and lamb, leopard and kid, calf and young lion lie down together.[he is using an Old Testmaent allusion to the state in the Kingdom of God.  This should not be used in the world where we live in.  There can never be a perfect society.  There will always be disagreements and differences but we hope for a peaceful coexistence.]  In a pluralistic society of Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and many others, we desire to be protected by the State and to co-exist harmoniously.[Remember that term folks!]

With regard the RH Bill controversy, I am gladdened that so many Catholic groups are raising their voices, expressing their moral convictions. But I am afraid that many of us Catholics have difficulty navigating, on the one hand, being faithful to our religious beliefs, and, on the other hand, living in a pluralistic democracy. [Now he is saying that it is hard to be a Catholic in a pluralistic society!]

Various religious communities in our society have varying moral compasses. [Look at Katipunan!] While the Catholic Church disallows the use of artificial contraceptives, which I do affirm, we must reckon with the fact that mainstream Protestant communities, such as the Methodists and Episcopalians, leave it up to married couples to decide whether to use artificial contraceptives or not. Such Christian communities uphold the conscience decision of married couples among their flock. [Ahhh.  Conscience Decision.  The god of some Pinoy Jesuits.  The almighty whom they profess obedience.]

On the other hand many Evangelical Protestant communities forbid the use of artificial contraceptives. Like the official Catholic stance, their position is that the prevention of conception when possible is immoral.

But there are many other moral issues that divide us. The dietary customs of Muslims forbid them from eating pork, which may seem trivial to Filipino Catholics who will never give-up on lechon and crispy pata. However, for devout Muslims and Jews, maintaining interior purity by avoiding anything deemed unclean, food particularly, is a serious moral issue.  [He is getting somewhere here.]

As a final illustration of our religious differences regarding moral issues, Seventh Day Adventists, popularly known as Sabadistas, consider the practice of blood transfusion immoral. Many Sabadistas will refuse blood transfusion for their child suffering from dengue fever, even though the child’s platelet count drops to a critical level — out of religious and moral convictions.

What happens when we all impose our moral convictions on the State, on Congress particularly, to legislate laws that are in accord with our respective moral frameworks? What if Muslims Filipinos demand Congress to illegalize the sale and consumption of pork? What if Seventh Day Adventists pressure Congress to illegalize blood transfusions? Living in a religiously and culturally pluralistic society demands respect of the other from each and everyone.  [What happens if you impose laws that are immoral for a particular religious group?  What if you legalize the eating of pork to support the local hod industry?  How do you think the Pinoy Muslims would react?  What happens if you legalize blood transfusion for life threatening cases even if the Adventists refuse it?  Will you jail the spouse, parents or guardians who would refuse the transfusion?]

On the other hand, does the recognition of the diversity of religious and moral views imply tolerance of any and all actions? Are we to embrace relativism and turn a blind eye to what is morally offensive to us in order to live peaceably with the other? Or does our Constitution as a nation enshrine common ground, such as the inviolability of human life? In this regard, no major religious tradition condones abortion; neither does our Constitution. Hence, the issue is to certify that the sale and use of medically ascertained abortifacients be declared illegal.

The bigger problem has to do with moral issues beyond the scope of our common ground, such as the use of artificial contraceptives by married couples. Whose voice is heard or ignored? Who dominates the public deliberation? Who imposes its moral stance on the State or Congress? On the part of the State, whose moral position is it to favor? The majority’s? The most influential religious group’s? How is the State to serve all its citizens of varying religious persuasions? How is the State to uphold the separation of Church and State? [So is this a numbers game now, eh?  Yup.  Time may come that it may do so.  This is the price of democracy.  What the majority wants may not be moral and sinful.  But that does not make it right!  Remember that divorce, even if the Lord Himself forbids it, is legal in a lot of countries except the Philippines.]

As Catholics, we still yet have to learn to negotiate living in a religiously-diverse and democratic society. Each of us desires that what we deem immoral be legislated as illegal, so that the laws of the nation prove consistent with our moral principles. [He is tempering our emotions here as if to tell us that it may come sooner or later.] Easier said than done, for various communities within the nation, each with rights and obligations to the State and other citizens, have certain common non-negotiables, but also varying and conflicting moral positions.

To end, this does not imply resignation to religious and moral differences among ourselves. Rather, we are all called to know, appropriate and live out the moral teachings of our respective faith communities. Second, our religio-moral convictions compel us to articulate and defend them, which includes denouncing State laws that are contrary to ours. Third, but we will also have to grant others the same right to live out and defend their religious and moral convictions. Fourth, through deliberations with other religious communities and the State, we ideally arrive at common moral principles. Nonetheless, there will always be areas of conflict and difference. Lastly regarding our differences, the challenge pertains to remaining true to ourselves, while allowing others to similarly remain faithful to their own religious convictions; that is, proclaiming and witnessing to our faith convictions without coercing or imposing on others. [that is coded language for what the anti-RH bill proponents like the CBCP.]

* * *
Fr. Manoling offered us some points to reflect about how to go about the debate.  And he also pointed out that medically ascertained pills are abortifacient and illegal under our Constitution which the other Jesuit did not even point out. 

But as a Catholic theologian and a priest, he did not give us a strong defense of why the Church is against artificial contraception which for me is a great disappointment.

He wrote about reaching common ground, co-existing harmoniously...

When will see the Pinoy Jesuits write about the Catholic ground?

Tomorrow is a Holy Day of Obligation

We declare, pronounce and define that the doctrine which holds that the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the first instant of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace of the Omnipotent God, in virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind, was preserved immaculate from all stain of original sin, has been revealed by God, and therefore should firmly and constantly be believed by all the faithful.
—Pope Pius IX, Ineffabilis Deus, December 8, 1854

 Tomorrow is the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Principal Patroness of the Philippines!

Do not forget to go to Mass, go to confession and receive Holy Communion.

Viva La Virgen!

Tota pulchra es, Maria,
et macula originalis non est in te.
Vestimentum tuum candidum quasi nix, et facies tua sicut sol.
Tota pulchra es, Maria,
et macula originalis non est in te.
Tu gloria Jerusalem, tu laetitia Israel, tu honorificentia populi nostri.
Tota pulchra es, Maria.

You are all beautiful, Mary,
and the original stain [of sin] is not in you.
Your clothing is white as snow, and your face is like the sun. You are all beautiful, Mary,
and the original stain [of sin] is not in
You are the glory of Jerusalem, you are the joy of Israel, you give honour to our people. You are all beautiful, Mary.

Religion of Peace

To all those who describe that THAT religion as such...

You can kiss my [bleep]!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Assumption of Mary

Yup this is a beautiful picture of the Assumption of Mary, but there is a problem.

You may be wondering why there are different flora and fauna surrounding the Blessed Mother. She looks like a nature nymph or a mythological goddess of nature.

Let us see how this photo was captioned:
Happy Feast of the Assumption! The body of Mary glorified, not only anticipates
the resurrection of all Christians but the redeemed state of the cosmos.
What the?!  Redeemed the cosmos?  Looks like it came from the writings of Teilhard de Chardin, eh?  It did.  For the late Jesuit cosmologist, Jesus is the Savior of the Entire Universe bringing order and balance to nature.  He is for these paganistic "Christians", the Avatar.  No wonder the Assumption of Mary has been interpreted by these apostates as the expression of the redemption of the cosmos.

Christ came into the world to redeem us from our sins and bring us to the Kingdom, the Heavenly Jerusalem NOT NATURE and NOT TO BRING ORDER TO THE COSMOS!!!

Our precious immortal souls are more precious to him!

This form of belief is a work of modernist theologians who aim at hybridizing Christianity and Gaia worship, a pagan religion.

This photo and caption came from...wait for it...a Catholic nun. Pinoy at that! Ugh!

GULP Alert: More liturgical dissent answers

You remember these photographs?


Novus Catholicus Romanus was right.  These were taken at Euntes Mission Center in Zamboanga City.

What you have seen dear folks is....(drum roll please!)...


A prayer service masking as a Mass but the prayers all are about praising the Spirit of Creation.

Yup, dear folks!  Wiccan worship in a center disguising as a Catholic center.

And you think that the Age of Aquarius is dying?

Think again!  The men and women whom we call priests and nuns are the very ones working to destroy the Church from within with their pagan worship!

Heretics and apostates!  Leave the Church!

Visita Iglesia: Ina ng mga Walang Mag-Ampon,Mahal na Birhen Ng Marikina

A friend has shared to me a lot of photos of the Shrine of the Mother of the Abandoned, Virgin of Marikina (Ina ng mga Walang Mag-Ampon,Mahal na Birhen Ng Marikina).

And here are some that I would like to highlight.

 The facade of the Church

The Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

The Altar of Repose

Posters hanging on the church fence. 

Lay Catholics making themselves heard and expressing their Catholic Faith in the public square!

Are you ashamed to be Catholic?

If not, wear your Faith!

Wear a cross/crucifix necklace!

Wear a medal of Our Lady, wear the Brown Scapular!

Whatever it takes to tell the whole world that you are a Catholic and Proud to witness to your Faith!


Agents of Sodom and Gomorrah

And they call themselves Christians...

And mind you, there ARE Pinoy priests and nuns who think like these people.  And they have the audacity to call themselves...Catholic.

Shed the pretenses!

Yup.  That is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named with the top hat.

And he champions human rights, respect and tolerance...


Nope that was not a typo.  The term is a hybrid of a hypocrite and an overweight animal.

FYI.  We are not Europe or the USA.  So try hard but we will fight against that kind of lifestyle you want for our country.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Request for Prayers: For my son

Please pray for my son who was diagnosed with a serious but not life threatening condition.

Trusting my son in the hands of our dear Mother.

Ave Maria
Gratia plena
Dominus tecum
Benedicta tu in mulieribus
Et benedictus fructus ventris
Tui, Jesus
Sancta Maria
Mater Dei
Ora pro nobis peccatoribus
Nunc et in hora mortis nostrae

MEMORARE, O piissima Virgo Maria, non esse auditum a saeculo,
quemquam ad tua currentem praesidia,
tua implorantem auxilia, tua petentem suffragia, esse derelictum.
Ego tali animatus confidentia, ad te, Virgo Virginum, Mater, curro, ad te venio, 

coram te gemens peccator assisto. 
Noli, Mater Verbi, verba mea despicere; sed audi propitia et exaudi. 

SUB tuum praesidium confugimus, Sancta Dei Genetrix. 

Nostras deprecationes ne despicias in necessitatibus, 
sed a periculis cunctis libera nos semper, Virgo gloriosa et benedicta. 

Caption this!

He-She-It (whatever you want to call this) posted on his Facebook Wall about getting excited to join this day's march of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Surprisingly, it was deleted!


In the meantime, here is You-Know-Who in his natural state.

Charming isn't it?

Continue praying the Rosary for his conversion so he'll lose those horns and come back Home. He keeps on posting on his FB wall about how excited he is for the grand Marian procession in Intramuros. Those attending, watch out for stunts from his degenerate horde. There are a lot of people and the Damaso wearing shirts love the attention.

Hope springs eternal. Even St. Paul who murdered a lot of Christians converted and became one of the greatest saints.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Watch out!

Perversion will happen tomorrow.

The gates of Sodom and Gomorrah shall be opened and they shall walk the streets of Manila.

Mark my words.

Follow your conscience?

The Illinois Governor, who calls himself a Catholic, will sign into law a "civil union" act that would make same sex know the picture.

The governor's bishop, Springfield Bishop Thomas Paprocki fired back at Gov. Quinn after the governor said that his faith was a principal motivation for backing the legislative effort.

The bishop said:
“If the governor wishes to pursue a secular agenda for political purposes, that is his prerogative for which he is accountable to the voters. But if he wishes to speak as a Catholic, then he is accountable to Catholic authority, and the Catholic Church does not support civil unions or other measures that are contrary to the natural moral law,” Paprocki said.

Then the politician retorted:
“I follow my conscience. I think everyone should do that. I think that’s the most important thing to do in life, and my conscience is not kicking me in the shins today,” the governor told reporters.

FYI. The governor graduated from Georgetown University.

And after pledging to support same sex "unions", he can still muster the energy to sleep sound at night believing that he follows God's commandments and the natural moral law.

Conscience...Jesuits...Public Square...seeing a pattern here?

"Throw out the Bible and the Catechism! You have your conscience."

No.  That's not me talking.  I can here them give that advice.

Do "Catholics" like these, lay or cleric, know who REALLY is talking to them?

Atheists had it coming

From the New York Post


Take that, atheists.

New York Catholics, furious about an atheist-sponsored billboard calling Christmas "a myth," lashed out with a counter-attack today — a billboard of their own that defends the celebration of the birth of Christ.

The billboard erected by the Catholic League went up near the New York side of the Lincoln Tunnel, at Dyer Avenue and 31st Street, in a bid to offset the anti-Christmas billboard at the tunnel’s New Jersey entrance.

"We decided to counterpunch after a donor came forward seeking to challenge the anti-Christmas statement by American Atheists," said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League.

The new billboard, measuring 26-feet by 24-feet, carries an image of Joseph and Mary looking down on baby Jesus in his manger. "You know it’s real: This Season, Celebrate Jesus," the sign proclaims. "Merry Christmas from the Catholic League."

"So after Christian motorists have had their sensibilities assaulted as they exit New Jersey, they will experience a sense of joy, and satisfaction, as they enter New York City," said Donohue.

The league’s billboard was prompted by a 14-foot by 48-foot sign that was posted above the New Jersey entrance to the tunnel on Nov. 22 by the organization, American Atheists, which plans to keep it there for a month. [Here is the rubbish.]

Atheists also included a depiction of a baby in a manger with its parents looking on and the slogan, "You know it’s a myth. This season, celebrate reason!" [Myth?  Really?  Where's your proof?  Countless of evidence from Christian and non-Christian sources are produced about the historical Jesus.  And just because you hate celebrating the season because of His Birth, you call it a myth?  Now that's the myth.  Since atheists want to celebrate Reason, then go ahead and give us your evidence!  Reason it out folks.]

The Catholic League’s sign was a welcome sight for two New Jersey women driving out of the tunnel with the new billboard in full view.

"We agree, Jesus is the reason for the season," said Antonique Smith, who was driving into Manhattan with her sister Yolanda Smith. [The Knights launched a similar campaign years ago to counter the commercialization of the season. The billboard below is an example.]

But Michael Gerber, 27, a Catholic from Hoboken, said he doesn’t see the need to one-up the atheists[Lukewarm.  Doesn't care.]

"It doesn’t need to be plastered on a billboard," Gerber said of the pro-Christmas message. "I should be able to celebrate in my own way. And if it’s tit for tat, it defeats the spirit of Christmas." [I wish I had a dollar every time I hear and read that.]

Donohue said the billboard bolstering Christmas as a celebration of Jesus’s birth would will be in place for a month. The $18,500 cost was paid for by an anonymous donor who was upset about the athiest message in New Jersey.

"He called me and said I want you to do something about it," Donohue said of the donor, who he would only describe as an 80-year-old New Yorker.

"I have nothing against athiests," said Donohue. "I have something against militiant, in-your-face atehiests that use our season to make their statements."  [TAKE THAT!  AND THAT!  AND THAT!]

Three things I want to highlight in this article.

1.  Atheists believe in a religion, here defined as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural agency or human beings’ relation to that which they regard as holy, sacred, spiritual, or divine.  Atheists believe that the universe came from a bang and hold anything that the human intellect can comprehend as the ultimate arbiter.  Ain't their brains their gods?  And they would STOP at nothing to offend the sensibilities of those who believe at a Supreme Being.  But notice that they direct much of their effort towards Christianity and Catholicism, with all Her doctrines and morals.  Atheists are nothing but Anarchists who follow only one rule:  their own.  Now that is ironic isn't it?  Now where is being politically correct and respective of other people's rights come in now?  It is just a matter of time for the Rabid Harlots to do the same here in the country...just to get attention

Can we expect these people to say the same to Islamic feasts?

I don't think so.

They do not have it between their legs, like You-Know-Who, to do that to other religions.

2.  The Catholic man who couldn't care less if his belief is attacked shows how much apathy has grown among Catholics, in America and even here in the Philippines.  It is pretty evident while the RH Bill is being debated upon.  We cannot take these attacks SITTING DOWN folks!  Stand up, take the Banner of Christ and DEFEND YOUR FAITH!  And the 80 year old New Yorker who did just that proves that there are Catholics who had enough of this BS.  On a side note, The Church of Manalo, aka INC, DOES NOT celebrate Christmas.  Then they should not receive a Christmas bonus!  Why receive something that you do not believe in?  Logical, right?

3. Notice how lay Catholics are the ones in the forefront of the battle against secularism, atheism and anti-Catholicism?  The netizens are filled by Catholic bloggers, like yours truly, who do not take these mud slinging sitting down. When do we see now the rest.


Imagine if atheists, the Rabid Harlots, who are masking themselves as Catholics and as "right" activists were in THIS foodcourt, wearing Damaso...