Friday, September 28, 2012

The Feast of my Patron


1. Ang Bayang Pilipino, ngayon ay nagsasaya
Isang sugo sa langit, tayo ay mayroon na.

Salamat sa Maykapal, sa banal na biyaya
Tinanghal ng daigdig, kayumangging dakila.

Purihin ka Lorenzo at iyong mga kasama
Alagad ng Maykapal, sagisag ng pag-asa
Sa Rosaryo ng Birhen, kami'y iyong kasama
Iyo ang aming puso, Lorenzo de Manila.

2. Ipagbunyi din natin, mga kasamang martir
Sa lupa at sa langit, sila ay dadakilain.

Salamat sa Maykapal, sa banal na biyaya
Tinanghal ng daigdig, kayumangging dakila.

(Repeat Refrain)

FINALE:  Iyo ang aming puso, Lorenzo de Mani-la.


Amang Mapagmahal, ang Iyong Anak na si Hesukristo ay naghandog ng kanyang buhay para sa kaligtasan ng tanan. Kasihan kami ng iyong pag-ibig upang maihandog ang aming buhay para sa iyo at sa aming kapwa tao. Inakay rin ng mapagpala Mong kamay ang iyong mga lingkod na sina San Lorenzo Ruiz at mga kasama sa lupain ng Hapon upang tularan ang sakripisyo ni Kristo at ipamansag ang Mabuting Balita ng Kaligtasan.

Isinasamo namin na sa pamamagitan ng panalangin ng mga banal na martir na kami'y maging matatag sa pananampalataya tulad nila at maging kasangkapan ng pagpapahayag ng mabuting balita sa aming bayan at sa mga bansang nasa paligid namin. Dinggin Mo ang aming kahilingan at ang tanging biyayang aming hinihingi. (Banggitin ang mga kahilingan) Kaisa ni San Lorenzo Ruiz at mga kasama, hinihiling namin ito sa pamamagitan ni Hesukristo na aming Panginoon. Amen.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

RH: Rabid Harlot!

Thank goodness she is lagging behind in surveys!

Time to lose again.

She is becoming an expert really in HOW TO LOSE IN AN ELECTION.


Now cybercrime this, Hontiveros!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Roman Catholic priest answers "Constitutionalist"

Yeah, that is how I will call him now.

Joaquin Bernas, SJ that is.

He ceased to be a Catholic priest for thinking that he can fool us with his legalese mumbo-jumbo on twisting statements to skirt the issue on Catholics and contraception.

Now here is one statement that debunks this constitutionalist out of his high rocking chair.

Shared via email from Fr. Charles Belmonte Lopez


“Let me illustrate this through the teaching on contraception. The teaching of the Church on contraception is found in various documents. But Church teaching is not accepted by a vast number of people.”

I SAY: Being an “eminent constitutionalist” he should know that “acceptance by the people” is not a necessary requirement for the validity or lawfulness of a law; at least in Canon Law. Moreover, “Laws are authentically interpreted by the legislator” (CIC, 16), not by any Dick, Tom or Harry.

THE DISSENTER: “Persons who adhere to Humanae Vitae, etc. and act in the sphere of the relation of man to God are expected to plan their family according to the principles of the Church teaching.

I SHOULD ADD: Right so. These “persons” are officially called “christifideles” or simply, Catholics.

THE DISSENTER: “But these same persons should not be faulted if in the sphere of constitutional law they do not oppose a state plan that is not in accordance with Humanae Vitae, etc."

I SAY: I contemplate three possible motives for which they do not oppose a state plan that is not in accordance with their faith (using the legal resources they may have):

(a) They don’t oppose an evil law because they cannot do so, materially. Possible reasons: All the media are against them; the machinery of the State impedes them from intervening; they have no representation in the assembly, etc.

(b) They don’t oppose an evil law because they have two wills, instead of one, as all human beings have. We should not discard the possibility of aliens possessing two wills.

(c) They don’t oppose an evil law because of duplicity in their character. They are not fully determined in favor of Truth and Good; thus, they harbor in their hearts a certain love for truth and, at the same time, a personal inclination to evil not fully conquered (due to vanity, pride…, whatever).

THE DISSENTER: “Religious liberty in the constitutional plane does not simply mean freedom to choose what to believe but also freedom to act or not to act according to one’s belief.”

I SAY: I really don’t know, or care, what “liberty in the constitutional plane” implies.
But “liberty in the moral plane” –definitively and emphatically– does not mean what the Dissenter avers.

“To act according to one’s belief” is usually called “sincerity,” or “authenticity,” or “having personal responsibility and maturity,” or “being coherent with one’s faith.”

On the other hand, “Not to act according to one’s belief” is usually called “duplicity,” or “insincerity,” or “betrayal of one’s faith.”

Faith is not a “hat” that one can take off when one enters the Congress and then put on when one enters the church; that is, properly speaking, having a “double life”… nakakasuka.


And here is a painting that best describes the attitude of Bernas

RIP Fr.Giancarlo Bossi, PIME

Read about this sad news here.

If you could remember, he was the priest who was kidnapped by the MILF and released weeks later.

Say a prayer for the eternal repose of his soul.

O God, Thou didst raise Thy servant, Giancarlo, to the sacred priesthood of Jesus Christ, according to the Order of Melchisedech, giving him the sublime power to offer the Eternal Sacrifice, to bring the Body and Blood of Thy Son Jesus Christ down upon the altar, and to absolve the sins of men in Thine own Holy Name. We beseech Thee to reward his faithfulness and to forget his faults, admitting him speedily into Thy Holy Presence, there to enjoy forever the recompense of his labors. This we ask through Jesus Christ Thy Son, our Lord. Amen.

Monday, September 24, 2012

A message to Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ

Admit it Fr. Bernas.

That is what you have been trumpeting all along.

You keep on saying that a person cannot be coerced to follow a law when his rights are protected by the Constitution, isn't it?

Yes, we all know you are a Constitutionalist.  You had been telling us that since day 1.

Yes, we also know that you are dean emeritus of the Ateneo Law School.  You keep on telling us that.

You just told us that you support Humanae Vitae, which is the first time you ever wrote about.

Now when will you ever tell that the State cannot force a person to disobey his religious convictions?


You did not write about it.

All you ever care about is to tell that Catholics cannot force others to follow their law.

Is that what the bishops are talking about when they oppose the RH Bill?

Did you even write why the bishops are against the RH Bill?  Did you even write about the teachings of the Church against contraception?

Check your works.  You write more for the protection of the Constitution rather than the Laws of the Church.

Yes, we know you are a lawyer, a constitutionalist.  We all know that.

What we do not know is that you are a Catholic Priest.  You cannot even prove that, other than insisting that you are a Jesuit priest!

You have been so ambiguous, we just want to forget to respect you that you are even a priest!

"`I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth." (Rev. 3:15-16)

Williamson gave SSPX a reason to kick him out.

Actually, he has been doing that for quite a while now.

Because as far as he is concerned, Bishop Richard Williamson thinks that he is the ONLY CATHOLIC BISHOP walking God's green earth.

Now here is something that would, I think, put the proverbial "nail on the coffin" for this hard headed old man.


Bishop Richard Williamson of the traditionalist Society of St Pius X (SSPX) has administered the sacrament of Confirmation to nearly 100 lay Catholics in Brazil without the approval of his own breakaway society. [He thinks he is his own Pope!]
The celebration took place in Nova Friburgo town, Rio de Janeiro state, at the end of August and was organised by the Benedictine Monastery of the Holy Cross.
On the SSPX's website on 6 September, Fr Christian Bouchacourt, the group's district superior of South America, denounced the bishop's behaviour as "a serious act against the virtue of obedience" and "an attack upon the most elementary demands of courtesy".


I think Williamson really wanted it this way.

He pushed the envelope far too long.

Give him what he wants.

While looking for photos of Knights...

I found this wonderful photo of Filipino Knights of Columbus serving as Honor Guards for a Solemn High Mass (which is as rare as the Mass itself in the Philippines) at Holy Family Parish Church in Roxas District, Quezon City organized by the Societas Ecclesia Dei Sancti Ioseph, Una Voce Philippines during the visit of Canon Jean Marie Moreau of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

I never realized that I was actually photographed during the Mass!!!

I saw myself in this picture, sitting and obviously, my head turned.

There you go!

A photo for Google Liturgist and for the wannabe clerics.

...and Carlita Celdran, Filipino Stinkers, Iglesia ni Manalo....

and all those who want my head for breakfast.

Ever played the cartoon games of the late-great Larry Alcala (who should be named National Artist)?

Yeah, if you know that game, play it and look for the back of my head on this photo.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unmasking the truth on the real intent of RH

proponents of the RH Bill insist it is for choice.

As if we don't have one right now.

They say it is for compassion for the poor and helpless.

Yet they insist on giving condoms rather than sending kids to school, or feeding the hungry or giving them meds.

Not all poor people are dumb, Miriam Santiago, Pia Cayetano, Janet Garin ang Edcel Lagman!

May God have mercy on your souls!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pontifical Low Mass at the Ateneo

Just when you think nothing "Catholic" would come out of the Ateneo, ;) the Ateneo Latin Mass Society under the spiritual direction of the highly-respected liturgist, Fr. Tim Ofrasio, SJ, organized a Pontifical Low Mass at the Oratory of Saint Ignatius, Loyola House of Studies, Ateneo de Manila University.

No less than Novaliches Bishop Antonio Tobias celebrated the Mass. Why? Maybe because the bishop who has direct jurisdiction over Ateneo STILL REFUSES to celebrate the TLM publicly and even publicly rebuke Ateneo and MST for their continuing public defiance of Church teaching???



Thank God we have Bishop Tobias to celebrate this form of the Mass publicly in the university that is slowly becoming more anti-Catholic than ever before.

From the looks of it, more Ateneans who are loyal to the Church are taking a bolder step to stop the stupidity that some Jesuits are either teaching (oh, come on! Admit it!) or are rather trying to turn a blind eye to all the shenanigans that goes in there.

Here are some photos from the Mass

Hopefully we can see a Pontifical High Mass in the Katipunan Pyramid ehrm...Church of the Gesu. :D

Quiz Time! The Marian Pope

Who is called the  Marian Pope?

Post your answer in the comment box or in the Facebook page of TPC.

I hope you can give also your reasons why the pope of your choice deserves the title.  :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This woman should be in the Senate

I'd rather have an entire day listening to Mitos Magsaysay whine about the balding president than spend a minute listening to Miriam Santiago's self-promotion of her academic degrees!

What the Democrats really are!

Church Militant: A term we still and must call ourselves

In spite of a wise crack of a guy who just sat for a few hours in a seminar of the famous Benedictive Monk, who said that after Vatican II, the term is not used anymore.

Well, come to think of it, worshippers of Vatican II thought  Bl. John XXIII and Paul VI dropped a huge atomic bomb on the Church and created a new one.

Well, they didn't!

A Consistory in November? Tagle to receive red hat?

From La Stampa


The Pope wants to call a Consistory to create new cardinals within quite a short space of time; so short in fact that a week or so ago Curia leaders were secretly considering organising a council for November, straight after the end of the Synod on Faith. [Manila Archbishop Tagle is in Rome at that time...oooooooo!] But a majority rejected the idea, unless there was a serious breach of the law, which states that the Curia should be made up of 120 cardinal electors under the age of 80. At the end of 2012 there will be 114 cardinal electors and the Pope has been left with very little time to fill the remaining vacant posts. In June 2013 cardinal electors will number 108 and by the end of 2013 this figure will drop to 104.  [What this article means is that there is no immediate need to name new cardinals in November since there will only be 6 vacant slots for cardinal electors.]

But the Pope’s dilemma is not limited to choosing a date for the next Consistory. If he decides to hold the assembly in February and estimates twelve positions, taking into account those cardinals who will turn 80 by June, the number of individuals who could legitimately expect to be selected would greatly surpass the number of “birettas” available. In this case, important choices would have to be made in terms of Church geopolitics in order to ensure no area of Catholicism is left unrepresented in a potential - and hopefully distant – Conclave.  [True!  the Italians and Americans are enjoying a majority in the College.]

The Curia considers the election of the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the German, Gerhard Ludwig Müller as cardinal, inevitable. It is very likely that the biretta will also go to the Vatican’s new librarian, the Frenchman Jean Louis Bruguès, the President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, Vincenzo Paglia and Mgr. Rino Fisichella who is in charge of the New Evangelisation. That’s four.

In Italy there are two large dioceses waiting: Venice, with its new patriarch, Francesco Moraglia and Turin with Cesare Nosiglia. There is an unwritten but generally respected rule which states that the archbishop of a diocese that already has a cardinal who is under the age of 80, must wait patiently to receive the biretta. [Yup.  That happened in the case of Cardinal Rosales who was passed over the red hat until Cardinal Jaime Sin died.  I think this is the same thing that is happening to Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster who replaced Cardinal Cormac Murphy -O'Connor.  He still yet has to receive the red biretta.] Cardinal Poletto will turn 80 on 18 March, freeing up his post for Nosiglia.

This rule also prevents a flurry of new and emerging American bishops (Gomez of Los Angeles, Chaput of Philadelphia and Lori of Baltimore) from entering the College of Cardinals. Santiago de Chile’s Salesian archbishop, Riccardo Ezzati, could also have some trouble entering as his predecessor turns 80 in September.

In Asia, the clerics expecting to receive the biretta are: Lebanese Marronite patriarch Bechara Rai and Ignace Youssif III Younan, Patriarch of Antioch for Syrians and in the Philippines, the Archbishop of Manila, Tagle and Archbishop Kovithavanji of Bangok. New Zealand has no cardinal so the Archbishop of Wellington, John Atcherley Dew has good chances of receiving the biretta. Australia and New Zealand’s only cardinal who is under 80, is George Pell. [Cardinal Rosales and Cardinal Vidal are not eligible to the next conclave but they are still alive so Tagle and Palma would have to stated above, the College would not be universally well represented!]

Without taking Ezzati into account, that’s 11. But in London there’s Vincent Nichols (O’Connor left his post last month) and in Toledo, Spain’s Primate, Braulia Rodriguez Plaza, is not a cardinal. Detroit has a cardinal’s seat that is empty given that its archbishop, Vigneron, is not a cardinal. The same goes for Marsiglia and Siviglia. The two Old Catholic Churches of Slovakia and Lithuania have no cardinal electors either.

The situation also appears problematic in Latin America. Guatemala, Nicaragua and Colombia do have no resident cardinals and neither does Canada, since Marc Ouellet moved to Rome. In Africa too there are important seats which remain vacant, for example, the Ivory Coast, Uganda, Mozambique, Cameroon and Angola have no cardinal voters. Benedict XVI has a difficult puzzle to solve.


See how these things the Pope has to also take into consideration!  Imagine the politics behind these!

Pray for the Holy Father!

Anti-Christianity Bias!

This photo was taken by John Sonnen from a local Walmart shop.

See the bias?  No?

When the West greets people of other faiths of their festivals, they greet them the way they should be greeted like this one.  But the same West, when they greet Christians in the month of December, they say: "Happy Holidays!"


Why not say "Merry Christmas"?

Well, we got all too politically correct we just show our biases, right?

When someone greets me "Happy Holidays", I greet them back with a smile saying "May God bless you with a Merry Christmas."


This December, say what you mean and stop being politically correct!

We're celebrating the Birth of the Son of God for crying out loud!  Say the reason for the season!

And most of all...


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Benedict XVI and symbols

Remember that famous visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Westminster Abbey where he wore the stole of Leo XIII in the presence of the Anglican Archbishop Dr. Rowan Williams in 2010?

Why did he wear that stole?

Remember that Pope Leo XIII was the pope who declared Anglican Orders to be null and void through his papal bull Apostolicae Curae.  So, by coming to Westminster Abbey whose patron is St. Peter, the pope, being the successor of St. Peter, preaches "through signs and symbols", in this case with the stole of Leo XIII, his predecessor, that he sends a message and reiterates what Leo said.  Remember also that then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, reiterated the position of the Church regarding the nullity of the Anglican orders in  1989 through a doctrinal commentary to Bl. John Paul II's apostolic letter Ad tuendam fidem.

And now you see below the photos of Papa Benny in Lebanon.

Notice the coat of arms in the stole?

Yup.  It is the coat of arms of Blessed Pius IX and yes that is the Blessed Pope's stole.

Now why you ask did Papa Benny wear that stole to Lebanon?

He actually wore this in Lebanon most of the time but it is of interest that he wore this when he addressed the Melkite Greek Catholic Church community.

The Melkite Greek Catholic Church is an Eastern Church in communion with the Holy See but they almost broke off from communion because of the controversy of the Dogma of Papal Infallibility.  The Patriarch of the Melkites refused to sign the dogmatic Constitution on Papal Infallibility, Pastor Aeternus, during the First Vatican Council.  There was also a brewing controversy that it may lead to a formal schism which the Old Catholics actually did.  To cut the long story short, it was a momentay impasse and the Melkites remained under the care of Peter's staff.

So what was Pope Benedict XVI the successor of Bl. Pius IX, who called the First Vatican Council and pronounced the Dogma of Papal Infallibility trying to say in Lebanon?

He is the Successor of St. Peter.  And what his predecessor proclaimed, holds true today.

Pope Benedict XVI preaches not only through words but also through signs and symbols.  He does this all the time.  He is an expert liturgist and you can see how much he values the richness of our liturgy that was either watered down or completely lost.  Sacred art has been taken out of our churches.  Vestments look like school work art projects.  Sacred vessels look more like typical country home dinnerware!

That is how the Church teaches, through ALL our senses!

St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, Notre Dame Cathedral in France and Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal were not made because of "Medieval excesses" just as historico-revisionists would want you to believe.  Every nook and cranny of those churches was filled with sacred art to tell a STORY.  To teach!  To catechize both the learned and the uneducated.

Not all can read, even in today's Internet age.  But all can understand images and pictures!

Even Bible-thumping Born-against Christians can't help but use pictures and images!

That is how Pope Benedict teaches!

Thank God for our Pope!

Long live Pope Benedict XVI!

Another TLM!

Be there!

I hope to "sneak" in.  ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When will we have this in Manila?

Well, until the last influences of Fr. Chupungco like Frs. Diwa, Malicdem, Arada and Tatlonghari are no more in Manila, or an archbishop who would REALLY be archbishop and not just some puppets of these priests will we have this in Manila again!

This is the CBCP president and Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma celebrating a Solemn Pontifical Mass on the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross!

The photos were from the New Liturgical Movement.

GULP Alert: Just another creative expression

Trying hard to be liturgically impressive, but instead falling flat and.....SMACK!

Are these dalmatics, tunicles or surplices?

These has happened a couple of times simply because the priest does not want to have black cassocks for their altar servers.

And SILK!  For cryin' out loud!

Monday, September 17, 2012



How low can these people go!!!!

from the group, Artists for RH Bill!


Imagine, when will they do the same thing to the Koran?

Remember, Muslims are anti-RH!

I bet you, these harlots won't do it to the Koran.

So much for freedom of expression eh?

Talkin like the big fat Jezebel of Intramuros!

Friday, September 14, 2012

From a TPC Reader: On the birth of the Virgin Mary...

To play it safe, the Power Rangers did not display their mighty morphin powers during the Mass.

But still!!!


Liturgical dance!


This photo came from a loyal TPC reader.  And it was taken on the same day, same church as that of the earlier post about the liturgically incorrect Rose chasuble on the Mass of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

GULP Exam: EMHCs shouldn't be doing this!

No this is not ASH WEDNESDAY!

The EXTRAORDINARY Minister of Holy Communion is NOT ALLOWED by liturgical law to do this!


Well, what do you expect?  This came from Fr. Swswswswswshhhh's regular Sunday Dance Fest!

Post in the Comment Box your answers.

Google Liturgist, you are invited!


GULP Exam: On the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Someone taught it was Laetare or Gaudete Sundays...

Or he wanted to give a ROSE to the Blessed Mother since it is....well...her birthday.

Either there is something wrong with the Ordo of the Philippines or the good father forgot his liturgical color 101 lesson or he was overcame by emotions on that day...

What do you think?

Thanks Mike for the photo!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Over simplification in the Liturgy

Can lead to a lack of the sense of the sacred...

And the sacred becomes trivialized.

And this from all occasions, during the International Eucharistic Congress!

A monstrance that looks like an oversized reading glass of Sherlock Holmes or the miniature magnifying glass of Count Olaf...

A drinking glass that should hold root beer instead of a candle for the altar...

And a thurible that looks more like a scented oil burner than an incense burner...

What has happened to us?

We spend more on trivial matters rather than spending more for the things that of the Lord!

"But TPC!  The poor need the money more!"

Oh yeah?!

You sound like this...

The entire Gospel passage is here from the RSV:
"Six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Laz'arus was, whom Jesus had raised from the dead. There they made him a supper; Martha served, and Laz'arus was one of those at table with him. Mary took a pound of costly ointment of pure nard and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the fragrance of the ointment. But Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples (he who was to betray him), said, "Why was this ointment not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?" This he said, not that he cared for the poor but because he was a thief, and as he had the money box he used to take what was put into it. Jesus said, "Let her alone, let her keep it for the day of my burial. The poor you always have with you, but you do not always have me." (John 12:1-8)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TPC has a mobile look

Click this link and see the mobile look!  :)

5 years and counting

It was in Sept. 14, 2005, when the whole world, and I mean the whole world, woke up to find the Traditional Latin Mass is now known as the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite and finally freed from the shackles of either ill-informed or simply paranoid schizophrenic bishops, yes there was a hint of sarcasm in there.  And oh oh oh!  I might forget.  A Benedictine monk who lost his job at Rome throwing a tantrum and liturgically controlling the Archbishops of Manila, yes with an "s", like they are his own marionette. The whole world, even non Roman Catholic and even non-Catholics, reacted to Summorum Pontificum.
Well, if there is nothing wrong with this form of Mass, WHY STILL PREVENT IT FROM BEING CELEBRATED OPENLY?
If you think, just like what the Benedictine monk and his protege keeps on saying, that the Traditional Latin Mass is only asked by the elderly and nostalgic, WHY ARE THE ATTENDEES OF THE TLM MOSTLY THOSE BORN AFTER VATICAN 2?
If you think the uneducated will never ever learn how to "actively participate" in a Mass with an unintelligible language like Latin, then WHY, DEAR BENEDICTINE MONK, DID YOU PRESSURE A LAY GROUP SPONSORING A TELEVISED MASS, AFTER THEY BROADCAST A TLM ON TV?

So to celebrate that time when Pope Benedict XVI in 2005 did the best thing as a PASTOR and not some swivel chair executive who just imagines the Mass he wants in his secluded hermitage down South (yeah because he got kicked out of Mendiola), I received this email for an important Mass on FRIDAY.

Latin Missa Cantata in the Extraordinary Form of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, in the presence of Arma Christi and the Relic of the True Cross, at 8pm on Friday, 14 September 2012 at Holy Family Parish Roxas District, Q.C,; and the 5th anniversary of the implementation of Summorum Pontificum. Everyone's invited!

Taking care of our bodies

No these are Indian call center agents. And yes, their Filipino counterparts do the same thing.

I think this is common in Baguio, Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Call center agents, taking a break, lunch or coffee break, standing beside a polluted street, heavily polluted if you are in Manila...and puffing a cigarette!

My goodness!

Is the carbon monoxide emission from the passing vehicles not enough that yuo just had to burn that cancer-causing stick?

And you call that a break?

Is that how you take care of your bodies?

You work tirelessly just so you could have the money to pay your pulmonologist?

Monday, September 10, 2012

What the heck is this?!?!

From a classroom of "Catholic" DLSU - College of St. Benilde.

It is supposed to be a crucifix.

Damn modernists!