Saturday, May 31, 2014

Another Archbishop does it right!

Archbishop Jose Palma of Cebu does it again!

He celebrated Mass ad orientem on the feast of St. Rita of Cascia in the Chapel of Holy Relics in Tabor Hills, Cebu.

Not only that, he also wore correct vestments including the amice.

This guy preaches and teaches by example, and not by crying his heart out to the wonder of the audience.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


In a few weeks, another self-proclaimed Messiah will descend and plague the country, and it is no other than KIKO ARGUELLO, founder of the Neocatechumenal Way.

The Neocatechumenal Way which teaches that there is no purgatory.

“For the person who believes in Jesus Christ, death is like falling asleep. You go to bed and you fall asleep without knowing when. That is how you will die, like falling asleep. That is why the Church calls the dead “those who have fallen asleep in the Lord.”  You die as if you are falling asleep and you awake in the resurrection.  In an instant you pass from this world to glory, whether or not millions of years have gone by.  This is why we Christians do not weep for our dead as the pagans do, for our brothers and sisters who die are alive.”  (p. 277, Neocatechumenal Way’s Catechetical Directory)

The Neocatechumenal Way which distributes Holy Communion this way.

Or if this doesn't play, see here

More blog posts on this cult in the coming days.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Beach Mass redux!

Why oh why do you even have to have the Holy Mass at the beach?

Why not look for a chapel near the beach, or in a church and have Mass there?

"But TPC, we are bringing the Mass to the people?"


But are you properly vested?

Is that how you dress for Mass?

And you!!!!


Is that even a stole???


This has happened before.
My source tells me that this happened in Sariaya, Quezon but that this group was from a parish in the Diocese of Novaliches.
Give me the name of the group and the name of the priest and we will post them here as an update.
PS:  I am pretty sure they brought everything they needed for their excursion.  Food, beverage, videoke, games...

LGBT 'Catholic' Priest

What does a Franciscan priest have to do with the LGBT Community?

He supports not only their 'rights', but also the individuals who support it, including FAKE PRIEST Crescencio Agbayani, Jr.

Crescencio is the founder of the LGBTS Christian Church, Inc. which organized FAKE WEDDINGS.


Fr. Robert recently supported an LGBT Flores de Mayo!!! What an insult to the Blessed Virgin Mary!!!

And on his Facebook page, this son of Saint Francis supports anti-Christian sentiments.

What is happening to our priests?

Pray for them. Pray also for more priests.

An open challenge to Rev. Fr. Genaro Diwa

If you cannot show it then...

Show us the approval of the Holy See of the Misa ng Bayang Pilipino!

Why celebrate a form of the Mass that is not approved by the Holy See?

Aren't you a priest subject to the authority of the Successor of St. Peter?

Don't you hold a higher degree in Liturgy?  Does that degree give you the license to openly rebel and disobey against the Holy See?

What kind of example are you showing young Catholics about respect for those in authority?

Do you expect the young ones to respect you when you openly disrespect Rome?

And then, why would you be so hostile against the Extraordinary Form of the Mass when it is legalized and liberalized by Pope Benedict XVI through his motu propio Summorum Pontificum?

Are you saying to all of us that just because you possess a higher degree in Liturgy, you overrule the Pope?

You can read more about the illegal and improper Misa ng Bayang Pilipino here and here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Modern day Altar Rail?

The once ornate altar rails are making a come back as....

 retractable belt crowd-control stanchions?

It was argued by liturgical "experts" that the altar rails separate the actions of the clergy from the congregation and so makes the congregation excluded from the liturgical celebration and since Vatican II called for "full, active and conscious participation," they saw the altar rails as a symbol that barres the congregation from fully participating with the clergy in the liturgy. The altar rails, they said, had to go.

Comparing ornate altar rails with crowd-control stanchions, which one gives more of the impression of "OFF LIMITS?"

Why not just restore the ornate altar rails?

Monday, May 26, 2014

St. Celestine's relics are revested

This is quite "old" as this was done last year, but better post it than never, no?

This is the relic of St. Celestine V, the humble monk elected pope who then resigned after a few months as pope to return to his old life as a hermit.

This is the skull of the saint.

Note the arrow.  It points to a hole on the skull fueling speculation that he died from it.  Forensic experts studied the skull and noted that the hole was done post mortem, therefore it was not the cause of death.
Scientists scanned the skull using 3D imaging to create the likeness of the saint.  They created a silver mask to cover the skull.  They had to change the face mask because it was starting to melt and it was not the features of the saint.

The old mask was of wax, and had the appearance of Cardinal Carlo Confalonieri, from March 27, 1941 al 22 February 1950 Archbishop of L'Aquila

You can check the 3D computer images of the face of the saint here.

 Here is the relic of the saint, fully vested in his pontifical.  Note the pallium.  Yes, that is the inaugural papal pallium of Benedict XVI which he left on the casket of St. Celestine when the pope emeritus visited La Aquila after the deadly 2009 earthquake
The hermitage of St. Celestine can be seen here.

 L'Aquila, Italy, Jul 4, 2010 / 11:30 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Before leading the Angelus prayer from the Italian city of Sulmona he visited on Sunday, the Holy Father proposed Mary as "the perfect model of obedience to the divine will." He hoped also for increased appreciation of the simple life, as St. Celestine lived it, and the subsequent freedom of heart and mind that opens us up to sharing.
During the visit for the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the birth of St. Celestine, the Holy Father led thousands of faithful in the recitation of the Marian prayer after Mass in the town square.
He prayed that the people of God would be able to "walk joyously and united on the path of faith, hope and love" and that, "faithful to the inheritance of St. Celestine, we may always know how to put evangelical radicality and mercy together, so that all who seek God may find him."
St. Celestine was a 13th century hermit that became Pope Celestine V. His remains are now housed in the crypt of Sulmona's Cathedral of San Panfilo, where Benedict XVI will pay a visit Sunday afternoon to host an encounter with area youth.
Turning to Mary, "Virgin of silence and of listening," Benedict XVI said that, in her, St. Celestine "found the perfect model of obedience to the divine will," as he lived  a simple and humble life, seeking the "truly essential" and thanking the Lord always as he recognized "in everything the gift of His goodness."  [The pope emeritus must be thinking about his resignation here, no?]
Turning to the present, the Pope said "also we, who live in an age of greater comforts and possibilities, are called to appreciate a sober lifestyle, to keep our hearts and minds freer and to be able to share our possessions with our brothers."
He prayed that "Holy Mary, who encouraged the first community of disciples of Jesus with her maternal presence, help also the Church of today to give good witness to the Gospel."
Following the Angelus prayer the Pope met with the bishops of the local Abruzzo region for lunch at a newly restored house for elderly and sick priests inaugurated as the "Benedict XVI" house. After lunch he was scheduled to meet with a delegation from the local prison.

Here is one of the doors of the Cathedral of San Panfilo, where the relics of St. Celestine are now housed.  The mosaic recalls the visit of Benedict XVI and the papal declaration of the Year of St. Celestine.
And here is Benedict XVI, back when he was still sitting on the Chair of Peter, praising the humility of St. Celestine.

Get that?
Not with simple vestments or smiling always on camera.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

The smoke of Satan has entered the church

What has become of our church? We have become a new age people who relies on colors and mantras.

Who can name what church is this poster found?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Back to back to back

Back to school na.  Napadpad ako sa Divisoria, nagkalat ang school supplies pero mas nagkalat ang mga magulang na namimili para sa mga anak.

Peroi mag-ingat kasi hindi lahat ng guro, na dapat pangalawang-magulang, ikabubuti ng anak ang nasa-isip.

Iba ang iniisip. 

Gaya ng kung gaano kadali            turuan ang estudyante pag may bagsak.
Gaya ng kung gaano kadali            ang exam na ibibigay.
Gaya ng kung gaano kadali            imbitahan  ang bata            sumali sa Oratorical Contest.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

300 Nigerian Girls Kidnapped!

On April 14, an estimated 300 Nigerian girls were abducted from their school by members of Boko Haram, a terrorist organization that has used the Islamic faith to justify the murder, rape and abduction of Nigerians. But it would take weeks for the news to reach the West, sparking outrage and putting the Obama administration on the defensive as critics questioned the White House’s past response to the terrorist organization, whose name translated means “Western education is sinful.” The administration has provided limited economic aid, rather than military or law enforcement help, for the beleaguered Nigerian government and local authorities. Until last November, the White House kept Boko Haram off the government’s official list of foreign terrorist organizations. Recently, the administration announced it would provide limited military and law enforcement assistance, including satellite surveillance, to help locate the girls.

Read more:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pope Francis sends blessing to Asian Conference on the Family held in UST

The Holy Father was pleased to be informed of the “Asian Conference on the Family” to be held from 13 to 16 May 2014 with the theme “Families of Asia: Lights of Hope”. Recalling that the “family is the fundamental cell of society where we learn to live with others despite our differences and to belong to one another” (Evangelii Gaudium, 66), His Holiness calls upon all the lay faithful gathered to deepen their experience of faith and communion, under the guidance of the Successor of Peter and the Bishops, so as to be a leaven of Christ’s love in the midst of humanity. Commending all present and their families to the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church, and Saint Joseph, the Holy Father willingly imparts his Apostolic Blessing as a pledge of peace and joy in our Lord Jesus.
Cardinal Pietro ParolinSecretary of State

And to close the Conference, dinner was served at the UST  Quadri-Pavilion

Monday, May 19, 2014

Reply to the San Pablo Youth Commission ala Fr. Z

When priests leave the explaining be done by the youth, now what can be lower than that?

The Executive Secretary of the San Pablo Youth Commission issued a statement on May 17, 2014 regarding a supposed misleading and offensive blog post.

Nakakatawa, bakit siya, bakit sila? Nasaan ang mga pari na may sala ng Liturgical Abuse?

Pero pagbigyan natin ang mga bata. Baka kamag-anak ni Google Liturgist. Pagbigyan.

1. The pictures posted on the blog were given serious misinterpretation and some were even captioned with make-up stories.


BY THE WAY, IT IS NOT MAKE-UP STORIES. IT'S MADE-UP STORIES. Besides, if you will read the blog post, the word 'imagine' was used. Any grade school toddler would understand that it is IMAGINED for the sake of SATIRE.

Maybe you should read this article "Why can’t many Filipinos tell truth from satire?"

2. The author of the blog mentioned the supposed "ERRORS" in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist but did not give any explanation or reasoning on why it was wrong or what should be done.


Do you have any idea what is the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM)? Or Redemptionis Sacramentum?

Or more importantly, the SECOND VATICAN COUNCIL which said that
The celebration of Mass, as the action of Christ and the People of God arrayed hierarchically, is the center of the whole Christian life for the Church both universal and local, as well as for each of the faithful individually (Sacrosanctum Concilium #40)
Center of the whole Christian life, di ba? Yun sabi ng Vatican II. Kaya importante ang Misa. PINAKA IMPORTANTE. Pag importante, dapat MAAYOS ANG BIHIS. 

Ano sabi ng GIRM?
The vestment proper to the priest celebrant at Mass and other sacred actions directly connected with Mass is, unless otherwise indicated, the chasuble, worn over the alb and stole. (#337)
O sige, sabihin na natin na concelebrant LANG yung 2 pari na naka T-SHIRT LANG, pero ano ba sabi tungkol sa concelebrants?
(C)oncelebrants other than the principal celebrant may omit the chasuble and simply wear the stole over the alb. (#209)
Satisfied ka na?

3.  The intentions of the author were unclear.

UNCLEAR? Or you did not read the original post.

Let's ask these priests to wear the same thing when they go to the US Embassy for their visa application, or for a graduation ceremony or for an audience with the Queen of England or the Pope?

Aren't these events much much much lesser than the Holy Mass?

If you have priests, whose job is to make you aware that their job is about holy matters and not of this world, will you even sense that these priests take their job seriously, and SERIOUSLY think that what they are doing is worthwhile?

Stay away from these priests!

Pray for them!
4.  They were given high grades in their evaluation.

May sasagot niyan sa iyo.

The event may have been graded well by the participants or even by the Commission officials. But it DOES NOT change the fact that the priests were LOUSY at Mass.

5. The guidelines in set in celebrating the liturgy are very helpful in adding to the sacredness of the celebrations which should be observed and followed.  However it should not be the only standard to determine if the mass (small m for Mass!!!) was effective or not. If we are going by this silly and closed logic, then we're no different from the Pharisees who implemented their laws but did not understand their real essence.  Even Jesus labelled them as hypocrites.

May sasagot ulit para sa iyo.

The very same Church that Jesus Himself established established the rules I just quoted. Do you think Jesus will contradict His own Church? Foolish Google Liturgist now in Laguna. Nahawa yata ng taga Davao.


Why can YOU not follow the San Pablo Youth Commission Social Communications Ministry who had a BETTER ORGANIZED MASS with the Bishop?

Or better yet. WILL THE BISHOP APPROVE of the way that YES Camp Mass was held?



Cite your sources.

Don't be like the Google liturgist/apologist down south na napag-alaman ko na hindi naman pala kasapi ng any parish or diocesan society or group.

In other words: colorum.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


He was last reprimanded for not giving a blessing to cremated remains before internment in the columbarium.

Anong latest?

Getting  reprimanded for refusing communion by hand.

Pinadala ng isang tagasunod ng blog.

DEFEND COMMUNION BY TONGUE. Sign the petition to Stop Communion in the hand and take it from a priest, not a "minister" now!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another bishop expires

Bishop Emeritus Ruben T. Profugo of Lucena expired and was put to rest early this week.

This brings the bishops-emeritus in the country to 39.

And speaking of bishops-emeritus, the vacant dioceses in the Philippines is 7.

Manalangin tayo na bigyan tayo ng mababait at banal na obispo. MADALI! 

Friday, May 16, 2014


What does this book which is supposedly selling like hot cakes lack?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

EPAL Ministers of Holy Cow!

 From a blog reader.

First time ko magawi sa Makati CBD after 2 years at natuwa ako na may 2 chapel na sa area, yung old Greenbelt chapel and the Landmark Chapel (formally known as the Mary, Mother of Hope Chapel) na may Adoration Chapel.

Dismayado lang ako kasi ang nagbubukas/nagtatapos ng Adoration/Exposition eh mga EMHC kahit na katatapos lang nung hapon na Misa.

So there you have it, folks! Another confirmation that the Archdiocese of Manila has lazy priests, and because of that, we have EPALS running around.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Off-site replies to our blog post 'Catholic' CosPlayers strikes again!

I find it weird na papayagan na mag-ala CosPlayers ang mga bata! Ika nga.
How do you make drug addicts? if you caught them using drugs and you say and do nothing against it. Worst is if you even give them the drugs!
Same thing with those living in the fantasy world. 
Ang paring hindi naka-damit pari eh NOT AVAILING OF THE PRIVILEGE OF THE OFFICE. Ang laiko na naka-damit pari eh AVAILING OF A PRIVILEGE WHICH IS NOT YOURS. Magkaibang-magkaiba yun! 

What is happening to our priests?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Politicians starting to kiss the behind of the Iglesia ni Manalo

LUCENA CITY—A furious Lucena Bishop Emilio Marquez assailed local officials for changing the name of a section of a major street here, originally named after the priest founder of the city, into Felix Manalo Street, after the founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC). [You better hold on to something or you would be blown away at the public display of utter ass kissing of these politicians!  Bereft of respect for history!]

They (local officials) were like Judas who conveniently forgot the revered role of Fr. Mariano Granja in the history of Lucena in exchange for a few thousand votes,” Marquez said in an interview on Wednesday. [best way to put it!]

Granja Street stretches 1,329 meters across the city proper, from its northern tip in Barangay 1 to its end in Barangay 8.

Marquez said officials could have renamed other streets after Manalo and locals would not have minded.   [Yes!  Why would it be the name of the Catholic priest who founded the city?]

“But renaming even just a part of Granja Street into Felix Manalo Street, just because it is where the back of the INC chapel is located, is a grave disrespect to the memory of Father Granja,” Marquez said.  [Oh yes it is!  It is their intention.]

He said Granja, a Spanish Franciscan priest, was known among Lucena folk as the “father of Lucena.”

The late local historian Cesar Villariba Sr. said the city got its name from the town of Lucena in Andalucia, Spain, from where Granja originated.

According to Marquez, “the proponents just want to earn ‘pogi points’ from the INC for their reelection.”

The change of name was made through Ordinance No. 2517, which was passed by the city council in a special session on May 6.

It was approved by Lucena City Mayor Roderick Alcala on the same day.

The authors of the ordinance, Councilors Benito Brizuela and Rey Oliver Alejandrino, said the new street name was in recognition of Manalo’s contribution to Philippine history and cultural heritage. [Remember those names who voted and approved it!  How about in Lucena?  We are talking about a street in Lucena!  What has Manalo done to Lucena?]

In a speech to the council on Feb. 24, Brizuela admitted that he was supported by the INC in the 2007 elections but was not on the INC list of candidates that it supported in the last elections.

Despite this, he said he continued to respect and admire the INC founder. The ordinance requires consultation with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) on the setting up of a marker in honor of Manalo.

Ten councilors voted to pass the ordinance, except for Councilor Rhaetia Marie Abcede-Llaga, who is in her first term.   [Will the secularist atheists support this councilor for her stand to abide by the law of the land and separate church from state?]

Llaga said she opposed the ordinance because of legal questions. She said the ordinance was railroaded to coincide with Manalo’s birthday on May 10.

She cited a provision in the Local Government Code requiring ordinances changing the names of streets to be approved by a unanimous vote of the council and after consultation with the NHCP.

Citing revised NHCP guidelines, Llaga also said no public place should be renamed if its current name has historical value.

She added that renaming a portion of a public street after Manalo violated the principle of separation of Church and State, as it “would favor one religion over the many other religions” in Lucena City.

She said the naming of the street after Father Granja was a different case, since this was done during the Spanish time, in the 1870s, when the Church wielded political power.

Llaga questioned the lack of a public hearing on the issue.

Officials of Barangay 8, where the controversial road is located, also issued a statement signed by over 200 residents saying they were not consulted.

She admitted that she benefited from the much-vaunted block voting of the INC in the last elections but this did not come into play in her position on the ordinance.

The INC is estimated to have at least 5,000 members in Lucena, which has a voting population of about 120,000.

“I was No. 1 on the INC list. Now, I expect that I’m going to lose their votes. But I’m ready to face the consequences,” said Llaga.

She wrote NHCP Chair Maria Serena Diokno twice—on April 11 and May 7—for guidelines on the issue but Diokno had yet to reply.

City council records showed that the original proposal in February 2013 was to change the name of a portion of Quezon Avenue, in front of the INC chapel, into “Kalye Erano Manalo.”

But the proposal was withdrawn, as revised NHC guidelines prohibit the naming of a public place after a person who has not been dead for more than 10 years.

Erano Manalo died only in 2009.


This CULT is nothing but trouble!

GULP Alert: The Youth know how to dress for Mass

Liturgical nonsense happened during the YES Camp at the Diocese of San Pablo.


The opening mass for the YES Camp of the Diocese of San Pablo youth. Well-dressed servers compared to facepalm priests who are not "priestly" at all!

You are not dressed for the occasion!!!

"And at the end of MY show, we'll have a raffle promo!"  I can imagine him saying that
More fun to see a priest fumble the thurible in the Philippines?

Even the camera got dizzy seeing all these liturgical abuse happening.
Let's ask these priests to wear the same thing when they go to the US Embassy for their visa application, or for a graduation ceremony or for an audience with the Queen of England or the Pope?
Aren't these events much much much lesser than the Holy Mass?
If you have priests, whose job is to make you aware that their job is about holy matters and not of this world, will you even sense that these priests take their job seriously, and SERIOUSLY think that what they are doing is worthwhile?
Stay away from these priests!
Pray for them!
They think that looking hip is proper decorum.
It is not!

Pope finally oks miracle attributed to Paul VI; sets beatification date

Another I told you so moment.

from the Associated Press


Pope Paul VI, who did much to modernize the Roman Catholic Church [yes he did.] but pronounced a ban on artificial contraception [and contraception is a mark of modernity?] which was widely defied by the faithful, has moved a step closer to sainthood with Pope Francis' official confirmation of a miracle.

The date for the beatification was set for Oct. 19, the Vatican said Saturday, a day after Francis formally certified the miracle said to involve a risky birth in California. Beatification is the last formal step before possible sainthood.
During his pontificate from 1963 to 1978, Paul made landmark progress in improving Catholics' relationship with other Christians.

But he disappointed many Catholics who were hoping for liberalization of church teaching on sexuality. After much consultation and, reportedly, personal anguish, Paul VI enshrined the church's teaching against artificial contraception in the 1968 encyclical "Humanae Vitae" ("of human life").  [No he didn't.  He just reaffirmed what was taught by the Church all along.  He did not enshrine it.  He just said it again!]


Paul VI disappointed both liberals and traditionalists.  Need I say more about that?

But remember that when the Pope beatifies a person, the pope publicly declares that that person enjoys the Beatific Vision and can thus be invoked for his intercession.

Just saying.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

'Catholic' CosPlayers strikes again!

Before you read this post make sure you aren't eating otherwise you could lose your appetite.  Do not say I did not warn you!

Catholic CosPlayers strikes again, this time in a pilgrimage from Edsa Shrine to Antipolo Cathedral marking the 4 years of Fr. Mark Sese as a priest last May 1, 2014.

A comment on the photo made by Fr. Jojo Zerrudo is only one of the many questions that rise from this image:

  1. Is he really allowed to wear the ecclesiastical fascia?
  2. Is there a real need for the servers to be in cassock outside the Liturgy?
  3. Why do lay people who are not clerics walk around like clerics outside the Liturgy?
  4. Isn't this the clericalization of the lay?
Am sure Fr. Sese who is shown here, front row, third from left, was caught unaware and off guard when all of these men showed up in cassock, with one even wearing a fascia! A priest of his caliber would know!

To the men wearing cassock, and fascia, please spare Fr. Sese from further embarrassment.  Please.

Catholic CosPlayer edition II

Rorate Caeli reported the revival of tunicled acolytes which is, quoting the article, (a) medieval liturgical practice from Spain.

Here we see 2 tunicled acolytes assisting a priest wearing a Spanish biretta.

Under a tunicle, an alb is to be used, not a cassock over a surplice. 

As we said in a previous post: much is too much.