Sunday, May 11, 2014

'Catholic' CosPlayers strikes again!

Before you read this post make sure you aren't eating otherwise you could lose your appetite.  Do not say I did not warn you!

Catholic CosPlayers strikes again, this time in a pilgrimage from Edsa Shrine to Antipolo Cathedral marking the 4 years of Fr. Mark Sese as a priest last May 1, 2014.

A comment on the photo made by Fr. Jojo Zerrudo is only one of the many questions that rise from this image:

  1. Is he really allowed to wear the ecclesiastical fascia?
  2. Is there a real need for the servers to be in cassock outside the Liturgy?
  3. Why do lay people who are not clerics walk around like clerics outside the Liturgy?
  4. Isn't this the clericalization of the lay?
Am sure Fr. Sese who is shown here, front row, third from left, was caught unaware and off guard when all of these men showed up in cassock, with one even wearing a fascia! A priest of his caliber would know!

To the men wearing cassock, and fascia, please spare Fr. Sese from further embarrassment.  Please.

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