Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The relic hunter is a pedophile and a sexual predator

I will not be using a Facebook anymore after the relic hunter and book writer was exposed of his modus operandi of luring young men as altar servers or followers of his "relic" ministry.

I have verified information of the number of young men he has sexually abused in the Diocese of Cubao, in the school and parish.  I have verified information of what he did while he was in the USA, asking relics from different postulators since, according to him, the Servant of God is his "model and inspiration" which are all a ruse to build up his massive collection of relics.

Speaking of relics, lay people are not granted the privilege to own first class relics!


Only priests and religious are given this privilege and ONLY a bishop can write to the postulator of a saint to request a first class relic.

So, it confirms our long held suspicion that this relic collected stole diocesan letterheads and faked the signature of the bishop in order to get the relics he has.  OR the relics he possesses are either stolen or FAKE as shared to us be reliable sources inside the Dioceses where he had been.  Couple of priests and workers of the Chancery have relayed this story to us.


He is a disgrace to the Church!

Stay away from him and never be fooled by his other name - BLESSED IVAN.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Facebook account attacked by a homosexual predator in the Church!

We have criticized Islam, Protestants, Modernists and contraceptive/abortion advocates but NEVER has our Facebook account been deactivated only until I gathered evidence and started questioning this high profile RELIC THIEF who is confirmed to have sexually abused young men altar servers who are serving at the Cathedral of his former diocese.

We will not be silenced Mr. Vice Postulator!'

You have met your match!

You can keep talking about being the Vice Postulator of Blessed Ivan.  You can keep selling your book about relics.  But the fact remains that you have been jumping from one seminary after another.  You have faked the signature of bishops and illegally used the Chancery letterheads to secure for yourself first class relics.

And you cannot deny the fact the you are psychologically unfit to become an ordained minister of the Church because your carnal desires for young men is insatiable!

You are the FILTH of the Church which Pope Benedict spoke about!

You will be brought to justice for using the Church and the Sacred Liturgy as your window of opportunity to take advantage of young men!

Let the bishops, priests, religious and laity be warned against this individual!

PS:  To our Facebook followers, while we work on recovering our Facebook account, you can send your messages via our email account

Monday, March 7, 2016

More Chinese New Year nonsense of some Catholics

Like what my friend asked "Is there a liturgical feast for the Chinese New Year?"

Hey Look!

It's favorite liturgical abuser!  Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian, SVD!

If there are some native Filipinos (Lumads) who are as filthy rich as Henry Sy and his family, you can bet that these clerics will have no problem burning incense and praising the pagan gods of the natives!

PS:  These pictures were shared by concerned parishioners of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in New Manila, Quezon City.  These people and I mean PEOPLE, are already concerned with the liturgical abuses going on in the national shrine.  I thought they had a PROFESSIONAL MASTER OF CEREMONIES in that Shrine?  Or maybe he is too busy being a "channel of blessing" to other people or as I call it "being open minded" to go into the networking business.  Sources told me that this guy goes around wearing a clerical collar, even if he is NOT a cleric!  Well, LIBRE ang MANGARAP like those guys who make a LIVING on RELICS.  Guess who!

Spotted during the International Eucharistic Congress

Do you see it?
Thanks to a GULP officer for this contribution.

Speaking of the IEC, I will dissect what those liturgical heresiacs (heretic hierarchs) like Manabat and Fr. Mark Francis have been saying.

And I also heard that a Cardinal-wanna-be made a statement in support of Misa ng Bayang Pilipino, trying to sound so mabango to the Francis-led Vatican.