Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The relic hunter is a pedophile and a sexual predator

I will not be using a Facebook anymore after the relic hunter and book writer was exposed of his modus operandi of luring young men as altar servers or followers of his "relic" ministry.

I have verified information of the number of young men he has sexually abused in the Diocese of Cubao, in the school and parish.  I have verified information of what he did while he was in the USA, asking relics from different postulators since, according to him, the Servant of God is his "model and inspiration" which are all a ruse to build up his massive collection of relics.

Speaking of relics, lay people are not granted the privilege to own first class relics!


Only priests and religious are given this privilege and ONLY a bishop can write to the postulator of a saint to request a first class relic.

So, it confirms our long held suspicion that this relic collected stole diocesan letterheads and faked the signature of the bishop in order to get the relics he has.  OR the relics he possesses are either stolen or FAKE as shared to us be reliable sources inside the Dioceses where he had been.  Couple of priests and workers of the Chancery have relayed this story to us.


He is a disgrace to the Church!

Stay away from him and never be fooled by his other name - BLESSED IVAN.

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