Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Filipino Franciscan Friar's "pride"

If a Catholic priest's Facebook account has this for it's profile picture, it is safe to say that he is for LGBT equality rights no?

Maybe he just loves ministering to the homosexual community....

What the?!?!?!?!?!

And a little digging....

The friar comments in websites dedicated to anything LGBT!!!!

From this site.....

And this one too!

I think I'll change my mind about this friar.

We might find him someday in a "Pride" March here anytime soon.

The million dollar question is....

Is this friar supportive of sodomy and so called right to marry of persons suffering from same sex attraction?

The answer?


GULP Alert: Desecrating a Catholic church

This is not a scene from a movie.

This actually happened.

It was a masquerade ball for their parish priest who will be re-assigned to another parish.

This happened in Sampaloc, Manila.

A holy place, dedicated to the worship of the One True God, turned into a social hall.

If young Catholics treat holy places such as these for such a mundane manner, why be surprised if people do not regard marriage or life in the womb as sacred?!

We do this to our youth. So stop the whining why the world is into same sex "marriage" now.

Nothing is holy anymore. Nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing deserves respect anymore....EXCEPT......

A person's "rights" also know us....WHIMS and CAPRICES.

Right, Fr. Diwa?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Freemasonry will never be compatible with Catholicism

Someone sent me these photos so I had no choice but to share this just because it is so crazy and absurd!

Stop the delusion whoever made this Freemason Holy Child.

Just picture this.

Would you see Christ wearing the garb of the organization that was made to destroy His Church on earth?

Masonry is incompatible with the Catholic Church!

Its a choice between the Lodge and the Church, plain and simple.

The true Damaso


Damaso isn't homosexual.

Cosplayer!!!  Hahahahaha!!!

So he/she/it might be thinking of playing the villainess Madre Domincana Superiora Kruella Deville.

Dream come true!

Grab a Dominican garb, walk around pretending like you are one, and presto!

Seriously, why do we even give this joker the publicity he/she/it wants?

Mea culpa.

PS:  His/her/its walking Intramuros tours are anything but "historical and factual".

They are jokes.

Better look for another walking tour of Manila. This one is a train wreck.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What is happening in the Archdiocese of Cebu?

Before when Benedict XVI was still pope, this was how it looked like in the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

And now, since Benedict XVI isn't pope anymore, this is how it looks like.

Was the placement of the candles aka Benedictine Altar arrangement really the right thing to do or was it done BECAUSE it is the POLITICALLY right thing to do?

Not even a candle near the altar!  And the last photo was taken during the Chrism Mass.

What is happening to the Archdiocese of Cebu?

Diwa caught you now?


Faithful Catholics were pinning their hopes on you.

The Pope is residing in the Philippines!!!

What the?!?!?!?!

Are costume parties and cosplays a year round thing now?

Next thing you'll see are these folks suffering from a delusion of grandeur is claiming various titles landing them a WARNING headline from the CBCP News website!

Who is this guy?

GULP Alert: Pagan Eucharistic Adoration?

This happened during a summer youth camp of the youth ministry of the "Missionaries of God's Love" priest currently serving in the Diocese of Novaliches.

That whole global warming hoax is getting up on these priests, no?

So what's the Blessed Sacrament got to do with the sun rising?

Oh! Oh! Oh!

"Jesus is the rising sun!"

Try harder.

Who needs albularyos when we have Catholic priests acting like one?

Paganism mixed with Catholicism.

Something out of the books of St. Vincent School of Theology and Maryhill School of Theology.

The lies of Freemasonry

The video says that Freemasonry is not a religion. It only teaches and helps good men become better. 

Oh really?

Not a religion yet they call their buildings TEMPLES.

I am a Catholic and my Church teaches me to be good and holy.  So Freemasonry can do a better job?

The former chief justice says that Freemasonry helped him a lot especially in his career in the judiciary.

But of course!

Masons only help their own.

That's what this"brotherhood" is all about.

Just a reminder once again.

1). The Holy See on Nov. 26, 1983, issued “Declaration on Masonic Associations” reaffirming the Church’s position condemning Freemasonry. It also reminds that Catholics who join Masonic organizations are in a state of grave sin and are automatically to be denied reception of Holy Communion.  Hey!  Cardinal Kasper!

2). God as described in Masonic writings is an impersonal “Great Architect of the Universe,” not the personal God of the Patriarchs, the One True God of Revelation, the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.  The Masonic God is a god of Deism. They believe that God exists but their god does not meddle in the affairs of man.  Remember how the Greek gods of Olympus behaved according to the tales?

3). Masonic writings were very clear to state that God has NOT revealed Himself nor His truths to us, nor that He ever established a Church.  This is the reason why Masons are anti religion and anti Church.  They were the ones behind the series of attacks against the Catholic Church during the war on the Reproductive Health Law

4). For Mason, Jesus Christ is merely a man, a great teacher, equal with Buddha or Mohammed.  Masons do not believe that He is God.   Equality and respect for religions, eh? That's what Masonry teaches so much so that it puts all religions and all religious deities on one equal plane/

5). Since all religions are equal, not one single religion possesses the truth and that all truth is relative according to Masonry.  They reject objective, absolute truth and believe that a personal enlightenment is important.  So where does that put the dogmas of the Catholic faith? Dumpster. Don't you see that this is all the work of Modernism?

6). Therefore, Freemasonry is promoted as the foundation of all religions.  Freemasonry is in FACT a religion of Naturalism, a system of belief that makes human nature and human reason supreme in all things.

7). The initiation ritual of Freemasonry describes an initiate as one who is in darkness and seeks the light.  And that light can only be found in the Lodge.  A Catholic who is baptized and confirmed cannot be described as someone in darkness.  But for Freemasonry, any person who has not learned the teachings of the Lodge is lost and in darkness. Can that be compatible with Christianity in general and with Catholicism in particular?

Therefore, the ultimate goal of Freemasonry is to lead a Catholic away from God’s grace especially manifested in the Sacraments instituted by Christ through His Church. Masonry denies Christ’s Divinity and therefore His role as our Savior and His Church's work of continuing His mission on earth.

Read more books written by former Masons who returned to the Church here.  The one by John Salza is great!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Liturgical abuse is caused by narcissism

"An excessive need for admiration and praise and with this comes an equally excessive need to avoid criticism. Often this is associated with obvious attention seeking behavior. These narcissistic traits are frequently found in those who introduce and participate in liturgical innovations....
It is important for priests to keep in mind that most Catholics go to Mass to encounter Jesus Christ, and not to come into contact with the particular psychology of the celebrant. Furthermore, they go for something that is not present in the popular culture — a sense of the sacred (and a recognition of the need for humility). "

That quote was taken from an excellent article, titled "Messing with the Mass: the problem of priestly narcissism today" written by Prof. Paul Vitz and his oldest son Paul Vitz, a former Navy officer and a seminarian of the Institute of The Incarnate Word.  Prof. Vitz holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University (1962) and for many years was a professor of psychology at New York University. He teaches at the Institute for Psychological Sciences (IPS) that offers a Doctor of Psychology degree in clinical psychology within an orthodox Catholic perspective. The elder Vitz life work focused on the integration of Christian theology and psychology, breaking from the secular humanism and post-modern relativism that most Catholic seminaries and houses of formation use today. Among his books are: Psychology as Religion: The Cult of Self-Worship; Sigmund Freud's Christian Unconscious; Modern Art and Modern Science: The Parallel Analysis of Vision; and Faith of the Fatherless: The Psychology of Atheism.

So father and son know what they are writing about.

When you find something out of the ordinary happening at Mass like:

1. dancing
2. clapping
3. homily turned into a stand up comedian show
4. changing the words in the Missal
5. "creativities"

Blame it on NARCISSISM!

Do not feed the egos of these kinds of priests.

You are not helping them. You are furthering their psychological sickness.

Read more from this wonderful article about the root cause of liturgical abuse.

And narcissism includes lay people who are involved in liturgical abusing!

Well, just a reminder about narcissism.

Yes, these men need prayer and counselling. LOTS OF THEM.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Stephen Colbert talks about Pope Francis

He comments how he doesn't like Pope Francis in the 6:18 mark.

He is a Catholic. And he is a comedian.

He also jokes about Lutherans. David Letterman is a Lutheran.

Read between the lines.

And Stephen Colbert even thought us the right way to do Liturgical Dancing.

Now do you get his point?

Ex seminarians alert

Why have I noticed a couple of parishes and dioceses "hiring" former seminarians who end up throwing their weight around as if the position of, whatever they claim it to be, as a birthright?

Take these two interesting cases in one single diocese alone!

Case 1: Ex seminarian, recently kicked out AGAIN of the seminary. Tries to go back to his "old" powerful post. So-called "caretaker" of his post refuses to vacate the position. Former seminarian now goes to another parish where he is now the "perpetual" masters of ceremonies and goes around wearing the clerical collar and even the clerical biretta!  Yes, he was kicked out AGAIN of the seminary.  And he is NOT a seminarian nor was he even a major seminarian.

Case 2: Ex seminarian, kicked out too for a sexual harassment case. Resurfaces at a parish dedicated to our Mother. Calls himself pastoral coordinator. Acts as Masters of Ceremonies at almost all major liturgical celebrations.  Claims to be an alumnus of Loyola School of Theology but records don't show it.  Uses his position to sell powdered juice that claims to have antioxidant properties.  His Facebook account reveals his "likes" for not so manly FB groups and sites. And he too goes around wearing a clerical collar, or a cassock.  And claims to be part of a "religious community".  If you can call the Legion of Mary, or the Apostleship of Prayer or the El Shaddai Group a "religious community" then would that give him the right to go around dressing himself up like he is a priest?

This makes my blood boil and it's not good for me actually.

Why do the parish priests of these parishes don't even do their diligent work of checking the past of these people?  Why are they even made Masters of Ceremonies of the parish that they look to claim as if it were a royal birthright?

Why do some parish priests give these men these positions of power and influence in the parish? Aren't other people not good enough for the job?

Why do they allow these people to go around dressed as if they are priests?

We have always blogged at TPC about the need for a visual representation of a non visible reality.

When priests were jailed by the Nazis at concentration camps, they were stripped of their religious habits or cassocks and made to wear prison jump suits.  St. Maximilian Kolbe is represented in sacred iconography wearing his jumpsuit.

If you see St. Maximilian in prison and you did not know him personally as a priest, you would think that he is just one of the prisoners. There is nothing in what he is wearing that identifies him as a priest!

But these ex seminarians want to dress up as one even though they are not one.  Are these people cos players? Do they wear these items reserved for people who are actually priests so that they can somehow enjoy whatever "benefits" those items bring?

These two ex seminarians must be reminded to dress properly according to their state of life.  They are not priests so they should not be wearing clothing that is for priests.

As for their positions in the parishes, I'd still point the responsibility at the parish priests.

These ex seminarians are using the Church for their source of livelihood and whatever delusions they may have.

The next time I see these two, I'd talk to the parish priest and will tell them that I will withhold any donations I would want to give until their role in the parish is clearly defined.

Or else, you'd see them here.