Monday, May 12, 2014

GULP Alert: The Youth know how to dress for Mass

Liturgical nonsense happened during the YES Camp at the Diocese of San Pablo.


The opening mass for the YES Camp of the Diocese of San Pablo youth. Well-dressed servers compared to facepalm priests who are not "priestly" at all!

You are not dressed for the occasion!!!

"And at the end of MY show, we'll have a raffle promo!"  I can imagine him saying that
More fun to see a priest fumble the thurible in the Philippines?

Even the camera got dizzy seeing all these liturgical abuse happening.
Let's ask these priests to wear the same thing when they go to the US Embassy for their visa application, or for a graduation ceremony or for an audience with the Queen of England or the Pope?
Aren't these events much much much lesser than the Holy Mass?
If you have priests, whose job is to make you aware that their job is about holy matters and not of this world, will you even sense that these priests take their job seriously, and SERIOUSLY think that what they are doing is worthwhile?
Stay away from these priests!
Pray for them!
They think that looking hip is proper decorum.
It is not!


  1. Mr Blogger, I respect your opinion on this but I would like to challenge you to really research on the reason / s behind the priests' outfit during the opening mass of our YES Camp. I challenge you to check on their attire during the last day and kindly witness the change in them. Please note that they shared in the homily the reason/s why they have to dress up like that. It is understood by those who were there and listened to them. It was understood by those who experienced CHANGE because of Metanoia. Honestly I am offended on how you judged our priest directors well in fact you do not know their sacrifices for the youth. Seldom do we see priests who really share their time, talent and treasure to the youth. Yes, they are not perfect, the way we are not all perfect, but I believe that they deserve respect and that we have to be reminded that we are all made imperfectly perfect. God bless you.

    1. NO. There is not reasoning to allow that kind of decorum for the Mass. They deserve respect?

      Do you think they even respected the Mass dressing up that way?

      Read Matthew 22:12

      And read the General Instruction for the Roman Mass.

      And tell that priest, he deserves the metanoia he preaches.

    2. We ask you, brothers, to respect those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work. Be at peace among yourselves (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13)

    3. I strongly agree. No amount of reasoning can justify this clear lack of respect of the Most Holy Eucharist, this blatant abuse of the SACRED Liturgy which is an abomination to the highest degree. My anger for the justification made for this horrible act is indescribable. Their silence and humble admission of their mistake could have already been satisfsctory and consoling. Yet, I hear this garbage used to "sugarcoat" another garbage. Kyrie eleison!

    4. Pedro Lorenzao is right... The Mass will always be a Mass. If they want to make the mass look "creative" then they have already that mindset that they can do anything with the mass. Yet, no matter how their intentions are, the Mass will always remain something that is given to us from above and will never be subject according to a Priest's likes and wishes... many priests nowadays think that the mass is theirs. No wonder they create a variety show out of the mass... It is just plain disrespect. kaya pasensya ka na, pero dapat pagsabihan nyo din sila Father na sumobra ata yung pagiging "hip" nila at nakalimutang pari sila

    5. Dear Mr Bigol,

      I understand your reaction on the GULP alert directed at the actions of your beloved priest-directors because they are known to you and that you see their supposed "sacrifices for the youth," whatever that means.

      However, there are things which are beyond justification considering that particular situation and the liturgical norms for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

      Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum in no. 123 clearly states that “The vestment proper to the Priest celebrant at Mass, and in other sacred actions directly connected with Mass unless otherwise indicated, is the chasuble, worn over the alb and stole.”

      To put it bluntly, by not wearing the proper vestments, the involved priests abused and disrespected the mass.

      "The abuse is reprobated whereby the sacred ministers celebrate Holy Mass or other rites without sacred vestments or with only a stole over the monastic cowl or the common habit of religious or ordinary clothes, contrary to the prescriptions of the liturgical books, even when there is only one minister participating." (Redemptionis Sacramentum No. 126)

      Remember that the mass is not a platform to stage some personal drama. Whatever "catechesis" on metanoia they want to put across should have been done during the homily or in some other talk during the camp that doesn't involve violating the rubrics.

      The liturgy, as the public worship of the Church, is not a personal action of some, not even of the priests rather it is an action of Jesus Christ the high priest who mediates for us before God. The priest acts In Persona Christi and not on his own or to put it simply, it is not the priest but Jesus Christ himself who offers the sacrifice. Therefore the "dramatization of metanoia" is NOT applicable to someone acting In Persona Christi. It is further not applicable in the non-usage of sacred vestments.

      These experiments are in fact more damaging than helpful to the faithful like we see here now by your justification of an abusive and disrespectful action. It further proves the lack of understanding of some priests regarding the worship of the Church and role they play in the liturgy.

      Maybe instead of defending a clearly abusive action, we should help correct it.

  2. I am saddened to see this in the Diocese of San Pablo, where most priests take their formation in Spain or Rome, and where altars are arranged in such a way that is dignified and fit for worship. It is in this diocese that priests value so much the proper vestments used for liturgical celebrations. The presider for the mass is Fr Alex Pontilla, concelebrated by Fr Francis Zurbano, MF, who ends his homily with the Sign of the Cross!

  3. How come no one dares to reveal their real identity while expressing their side on this matter? If you're really standing by what you believe in, I challenge you to stand up, speak up and reveal your identity. That's how you fight a big fight with gusto and animo! That's how courageous soldiers of God fight their battles!
    Therefore, I, Geriz Bigol, SPYC Formation and Facilitator Head, vehemently object on the uncalled for and destructive criticism and malicious content of your blog.
    If you're really "concerned Catholics," maybe we can find other options to remind them of what you are trying to point. My understanding of a "concerned Catholic" is someone who uplifts and believes in the Catholic Faith and who will do their best to let others understand or be reminded of what the Catholic Teaching is all about without putting anyone in a bad light. I am sure we can think of better, maybe formative and peaceful ways, to make our Catholic Community a better place.

  4. Geriz Aquino Bigol, sa tingin mo ba yang mga pari na yan talagang nakatutulong sa mga kabataan ng diyosesis kung ganyan ganyan lang nila tratuhin ang Pagdiriwang ng Banal na Eukaristiya, kung saan si Hesus mismo ang isinasakripisyo ng mga tao? Hindi naman ata tama yung ganyang reasoning. Hindi yun rason para basturduhin ng mga paring iyan ang Banal na Misa. Hindi palabas ang misa para ipakita yang Metanoia na yan. Ang dami dami nga nilang programa sa kabataan, e tamang pagdiriwang ng misa di nila kaya sundin. Idedegrade pa nila para lamang maipakita ang tema?! Ano na mangyayari sa kabataan at sa simbahan sa hinaharap? Gawain ba yan ng matinong mga pari? Ang mali ay mananatiling mali habambuhay.

  5. To facilitate discussion, I suggest talking about one thing and one thing only: Whether the priests who dressed up as such were correct in doing so. Tama ba o mali ang suot nila?

    We can discuss the manner of how this was brought up by the blogger after the first question has been thoroughly discussed, dissected, defended, and attacked by both parties.

  6. Mr Bigol, how about you consider the hurt and offense that these priests did to God and to the Church. Did you put that into consideration. Hindi palusot yung "sacrifices" nila sa mga kabataan para i-justify yung ginawa nilang mali.

    These priests are the representative of Jesus the Eternal Priest. They should act priestly. But no, they acted like a "Bro" na pinapausong imahen ni Jesus sa modernong panahon.

    I commend these priests in their good works and sacrifices but they have a long way to go on being priests.

  7. To answer the question posted by "That Angry Churchgoer": MALI!

    What is so difficult in following a simple "dress code"? When you attend your graduation and the attire is formal with matching toga, by the heck of making a statement, you were a baseball cap or any other headrest, do you think the program director will allow you to attend the celebration?

    Okay I must admit that the aforementioned example takes into a different perspective because the one who violated is the "attendee".

    Now let's put this scenario where the dean of the school, faculty heads, and professors, with all gusto, came in and dressed up like a rocker, hip, or half-naked. Tell me, is this acceptable? Isn't this act a direct bastardizing of the ceremony by which the leaders should be showing good example?