Monday, May 5, 2014

Much is too much

The priest definitely had the best of intentions but wearing a biretta during the procession to the Altar of Repose on Holy Thursday.

And wearing the maniple during the Pauline Mass is okay, but this is the Liturgy of Good Friday which is not a Mass.

Yet hats off to the San Pedro Apostol Parish in the Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna.


  1. Hehehe.. :) Taga-Diocese of San Pablo din po ako.. :) And thanks to Fr. Christian Abao, our Director, Diocesan Commission on Liturgy.. hehe.. Meron din po akong kakilalang pari na katulad din as photo above...

  2. I am not sure with this but isn't the humeral veil supposed to cover/hide the ciborium/pyx during the procession at the end of the Mass of the Lord's Supper? Just askin'.