Monday, August 27, 2012

Traditional Latin Mass returns to the Pontifical and Royal University

I can imagine someone shuddering to see this happen at UST.

Obviously, the one who is against the TLM, the one who is against the New Translation and the one who wants to control how a bishop runs his liturgical affairs in his own diocese!

Well, let him rant.  Let him claim whatever title he has.  Let him sell his books and say what he wants in his seminars.

Here are the facts that won't change:

  1. He is no bishop.  He can't do anything about it.  Makes me wonder why some bishops want to be harassed by a mere priest who occupies a non-canonical position.
  2. He is retired and let him stay that way
  3. He has no legal basis to say or do whatever he wants to
  4. Tradition has come back to the Church.  The train has left.  He can't do anything about it.
  5. Those who love Tradition are mostly the youth contrary to what he keeps on saying that only the nostalgic old are attached to the Traditional form.
  6. Only liberals listen to him.  Yup.  If you see those who love liturgical creativity masked as inculturation or liturgical animation, chances are these are liturgical/theological liberals who have a very lukewarm attitude towards the opposition of the Church towards contraception e.g. RH Bill.
Am I talking about one priest here or two?


In the meantime, feast your eyes!

Photos courtesy of our friends from the Varsitarian, the official student paper of the UST, and IMHO the proud Catholic student paper in the country. I have to see other school papers come out strongly in support of the Church....and Una Voce Philippines - Societas Ecclesia Dei Sancti Ioseph (SEDSI). The officers and members of SEDSI helped organize this momentous Mass.


So, what's next?

The Dominican Rite at UST and Santo Domingo and other Dominican Priories in the Philippines?  :)


  1. These Photos make me SAD because I was NOT able to Go To EF in the Ateneo due To Sickness or This Morning,because the Driver was Unavailable.

    Since I Don't Have a Nearby EF in where I Live,I am Now Comtemplating Suicide as I Write This.

    As for The Old Monk,It Sucks to Twist the Rubics of the NO.

  2. hello
    i like this information. this information about " the one who is against the New Translation and the one who wants to control how a bishop runs his liturgical affairs in his own diocese!".
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  3. LA NAVAL IS COMING!!!! Are we going to see a traditional Latin Mass in one of the novena masses??? ABANGAN!!!!