Friday, January 21, 2011

Photos of the Canonical Installation of Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma

Many many many thanks to Fr. Jan Thomas Limchua for the photos. He is a young priest of the Archdiocese of Cebu and studies at the Colegio Sacerdotale Tiberino, Rome.

Here is a nice photo of Fr. Jan.

And here is another nice one.

The whole photo set of this Mass can be viewed here.

He was at the Installation Mass as one of the Masters of Ceremonies as you can see below.

Notice the Masters of Ceremonies of Cebu Masses are wearing the red amaranth cassock and a clerical rabat.  Even though these priests are not monsignori, they are entitled to wear the red amaranth cassock as they are serving a prelate during a Pontifical Mass.  By the way, red amaranth cassock and a clerical rabat for MCs...never seen done yet in the Archdiocese of Manila!  And laced surplice!  HA!

Fr. Limchua said that the event "was attended by over 800 priests and 70 bishops from all over the country."

Now here are excellent shots of that historic event courtesy of Needs and Solutions Photos and Videos.

Links for Needs and Solutions can also be found here and here.  They are the same group who took the nice episcopal photos of Archbishop Palma and Cardinal Vidal.  Fr. Jan is also in the photoset.  Click here.

Now back to the photos.

My brother Sir Knights preparing for the arrival honors

The cathedral was filled mostly by priests and religious!

Cardinal Vidal incenses the altar. Notice the Benedictine altar arrangement. Funny...I know a Benedictine who hates the Benedictine arrangement. He wants no cross in the center and the candles on the floor...why? Because we don't get to see the face of the priest. We came to worship not stare!

Cardinal Vidal on the beautifully ornate cathedra.
Compare it with the Manila's cathedra...

The papal bull announcing the appointment of Archbishop Palma to the See of Cebu is read and shown.

One of the readers in mantilla!  Nice!
Wear the mantilla Catholic women!

The two of the three cardinals of the Church in the Philippines
leads Archbishop Palma to the cathedra of the See of Cebu.

The archbishop is enthroned...

...and receives the crozier or pastoral staff and a hug from his immediate predecessor

Receiving the homage and obedience of the clergy

The seven candle bearers in black cassocks. Nice! Again,
you will not see this in the Manila Cathedral.
I am wondering though why the deacons weren't in dalmatic.

The final blessing. Notice the ICXC fingers! Nice!

The newly installed archbishop with his flock

...with his co-workers in the Lord's vineyard.

For more photos, click here.

Judging by the photos, I say it is a far cry from how Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales was installed, right?

I am happy that the noble celebration of the liturgy is gaining a resurgence in Cebu!

and Ad Multos Annos, Archbishop Jose Palma!

Cardinale Subito!


  1. No other Archdiocese or diocese in the Philippines impresses me than the Archdiocese of Cebu. They are the Best archdiocese in the country or I would say,Southeast Asia?
    As the new Archbishop installed, I hope that they will continue to preserve their liturgical customs which is similar to Rome and their discipline during the Holy Mass.

    pwede na pang papal mass ang set up nila..

    The 2 Cardinals and the New Archbishop:
    Their vestments are impressive Nice designs indeed.

    The MCs:
    Who among them are the Archdiocesan Liturgist? is it Fr. Torevillas (Correct me if the spelling is wrong :D)or the Msgr. beside Cardinal Vidal? In my opinion most of them are excellent in organizing Pontifical Holy Masses in the Archdiocese
    Nice lace surplices, in Manila you can't find MCs with those kind of surplice. But in Dioocese of Bacolod there's one priest that I personally know who served as an MC since he is Chancellor Sec. of the Diocese until 2009 and he uses laced surplice with purple or red amaranth cassock with clerical rabbat. But the one who replaced him doesn't use lace surplice anymore.

    The Acolytes: The servers are indeed seminarians. Their Black cassocks are excellent. because their Archdiocesan Liturgist permits it even the Acolytes in Basilica de Sr. Sto. Nino uses black in serving High Masses.
    The 7 candle acolyte formation during the consecration is indeed nice (You can notice this formation in some Cathedrals in the US usually during High Mass). They Indeed stayed until Great Amen while in other Archdioceses particularly in Manila they don't end up until Great Amen until Acclimation lang sila.

    May God's grace continue to shine upon them!

  2. That is awfully nice. The only thing missing was a giant botafumeiro hanging from the ceiling, worked by ten or twelve guys on a heavy rope, like they have at Santiago de Compostela in Spain! Now THAT is cool.

    By the way, if you want to see a really ugly's hard to beat this here.

  3. Wait... I don't see the Papal Nuncio in the Photos? is present in the Installation ceremony?

  4. @keb_17 - Yes, Nuncio was present. You'll see him in the photoset.

  5. Looks like a "...different religion!" I am proud to me a member of that religion, "The Holy Catholic Church" and I am proud of my Rite, the Roman Rite.

  6. Looks so so very Catholic. Why can't the liturgists of RCAM headed by Father Genny Diwa use the same?

  7. In the Visayas, when women read the Readings, they are REQUIRED to wear white mantillas.

  8. @Chiness

    I don't agree that in Visayas women uses mantillas. It's only in Cebu that you can find female readers using it. Since they are rich in tradition and the origin of the Roman Catholic faith in the Philippines. In the Archdiocese of Jaro I haven't seen one especially in the Diocese of Bacolod All most all women that acts as readers either teenagers,middle aged or elderly doesn't use mantillas.

  9. Why can't the rest of the Philippines celebrate the Holy Sacrifice like this instead of the Chupungco style Mass. Every time I go home,I find it difficult to attend Mass.

  10. Concerning altar serving
    does chupunco prohibits the incensation of the chalice and paten during great amen? In Cebu they are doing it.

    Why is RCAM be the primatial Roman Catholic see of the country? How I wish it's the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu (RCAC). Since it's the origin of the Catholic faith in the Philippines...
    With new Archbishop there will be new assignments especially having a new liturgist, I hope the new assigned archdiocesan liturgist will retain their liturgical custom or improve it more.

  11. the head of the commission on worship is msgr. cristobal garcia, sap, h.p., he is the chief liturgist of the archdiocese. Fr. expedito torrevillas is the one who assists the bishop in his regular masses, father mhar balili is also one of the liturgists but he is currently studying in rome, if he goes home, he assists the bishop. Fr jan limchua, is also a member of the commision, he is currently taking canon law in rome. the last three liturgists are members of the commission of worship.

  12. Thanks for giving the names emerald john and send my regards to the priests of the Archdiocese of Cebu.

    I always have fond memories of Cebu whenever I visit the Queen City of the South.

    And seeing how the Mass is celebrated makes me envious! [sigh]

    Unfortunately, we are still stuck with Frs. Chupungco and Diwa.

  13. The grandest installation in it's splendor...I've seen the video in youtube...
    no other archdiocese in Asia has held this grand installation of a bishop...
    top 5 reasons that I called this the "grand" canonical installation

    1. Very solemn
    2. They incorporate the reforms of Pope Benedict XVI
    3. They followed the Norm.. (black cassock for acolytes or Altar servers) and amaranth red for the MC
    4. clergy vestments are very great and the traditional gestures can be noted...
    5. they incorporate latin version of mass songs the Alleluia and Sanctus, and even SANG the apostles creed...

    but the latest installation of you know who, is just common, fine and just nothing unique.
    but this is still the best the number 1 grand canonical installation in S.E. Asia can some diocese in our country break the record?
    nothing beats the origin of Philippine Christianity...
    preserved tradition and splendid liturgy.

  14. I'm proud to that I belong in the Archdiocese of Cebu..^_^

    Fr.Expedito Torevillas (Torvz) is a close friend of mine...He is now currently assign in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish (which is the parish I belong).

    The one who read the Papal Bull is my Logic teacher and the Chancellor of the Archdiocese. Msgr. Adelito Abella PA

    I am thankful that I found this blog advertising our Archdiocese.
    By the way the Archbishop-Emeritus likes that kind of Altar setting...a priest told me...^_^

    Card.Vidal loves liturgy as I have observed him celebrating the Mass during the incensations he still recite the prayers of burning the incense and walking around the altar reciting those prayers which we do not see in the Novus Ordo...