Friday, October 16, 2015

What every faithful Catholic MUST do

Or what every baptized and CONFIRMED Catholics MUST do.

We have forgotten the grace the Sacrament of Confirmation confects upon our soul!

So when a priest forces you to commit a sin, CALL HIM OUT!

When a bishop teaches something not taught by Jesus Christ, ignore his teachings and point out his errors!

There are so many of our youth who are ill informed of what "alter Christus" means.

Some say we cannot and must not correct a priest because he is another Christ.  How can you see Christ in a person who is FOUL MOUTHED, SLANDERER and ORIGINATOR OF MALICE, and CONTEMPT?

In other words, he is the CATHOLIC VERSION OF ELISEO SORIANO. Everything in Eliseo Soriano, just that he is Catholic.

Martin Luther was a priest.  If you were alive during his time, you wouldn't dare correct him just because he is a priest?

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