Thursday, October 15, 2015

Grand Scheme of Things

My sources have confirmed the movement of ecclesiastics in the Philippines.

The hopes of another ecclesiastic to follow in the footsteps of his revered teacher are now going down the drain because of the powers at play from the distant corn field near the Valley, a prime lot and center of thinking run by a society of grand schemers.

I expect the movement of a powerful and cheerful and sometimes dramatic cleric to the echelons of power soonest.

The movement of a young up and coming rock star of a cleric to a neighboring mission to that darling of the media is an indication of things to come.

In the grandest scheme of things, was it the Holy Spirit working or the machinations of men who are more concerned of their liberal and careerist agenda?

It is true indeed.

The Church is holy, but its members here on earth are still fallible and mortal men struggling to follow the will of the Lord.

Pray unceasingly.

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  1. The hopes of the other ecclesiastic to follow in the footsteps of his revered teacher are going down the drain because he gave a talk at the theological school on the distant cornfield near the Valley, and stated to his amazed audience that he has never once in his priestly career failed to offer daily Mass. Panicked seminarians in the audience were seen whispering to each other: "'Daily Mass?' What's 'daily Mass'?", while their professors pretended to watch something out the big glass windows.