Thursday, May 12, 2011

RH supporters rally at a posh hotel

Do you have any idea guys how much that would cost to launch that project?

Who paid for it?

I am sure the fat guy did not shelve out a centavo from her pocket!

Maybe the corrupt old man with a cigar did considering he siphoned off billions when he was in power?

Maybe the has been artists really need attention too after the example of Humpty Dumpty?

Maybe the once pride of the country cannot break into Hollywood like Charice that is why she needed the publicity?

Or maybe Planned Parenthood sent the checks?

Garin needs a dose of her water, right?

Such an idiot!

Pathetic!  Just say it Congresswoman Garin.  We'll do a Piso para Pasig for you and match whatever Planned Parenthood is giving you.

Geez!  And she is a medical doctor and a lawmaker.

If you have doctors and legislators like this, who needs Dr. Kavorkian?


PS:  Carlos Celdran said that "people who matter" were at the pro-RH rally, like rich people, celebrities, politicians, media men...

And what about those who do not matter like those he meets at the streets of Tondo who receive the free condoms he gives away?  I thought they are the reason why we need the RH Bill?

Oh, yeah, stoopid me.

People "who don't matter "get killed and aborted!

Right Der Fuhrer?


  1. I Wonder What Charice Thinks of The RH Bill? I HATE FIDEL "TOBACCO CHEATER" RAMOS!

  2. Lea Salonga is a dog and I am not just talking about her looks. If she is who you are talking aobut then yes, it appears she is doing anything to gain publicity. It must pain her that Charice totally surpassed her in talent and fame in the United States (all at such a tender young age!). Charice came from a humble and poor background and made it on her God given talent while Salonga was groomed through the best schools and the best vocal coaches her parents could buy!

    Salonga's wikipedia page lists her as a Roman Catholic. What an joke! She lives in Los Angeles, California and now that Mahoney is gone, hopefully Archbishop Gomez will look into correcting this wayward soul. If she is unresponsive, she should be formally excommunicated.