Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Pontifical Mass usus antiquor in a Cathedral after the Liturgical Reform! a sitting bishop in his own cathedral!

Easter Monday, April 25, 2011. The Ordinary of the Diocese of Novaliches, Most. Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, D.D., celebrated a Solemn Pontifical High Mass at the throne, according to the 1962 Missal promulgated by Bl. Pope John XXIII (the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite), in the Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd, the seat of his diocese. It was the first Extraordinary Form Mass ever celebrated in the Cathedral. Deo gratias! Credits to Alex Alivio and Macky Villasis for the photos.

Vesting at the sacristy before the Mass.

Prayers before the Mass.  The bishop is wearing the cappa magna.  He is assisted the the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

The deacon carrying the Missal.  
Remember that both the prayers and the readings are in one book before the liturgical reform.

The entrance of the assisting priest and the subdeacon of the Mass.

The entrance of the bishop wearing resplendent vestments fitting for the offering of the Holy Sacrifice!  Something is missing though.  Where is his maniple?

This is the bishop's cathedral so I think it would have been appropriate if His Excellency preached from his cathedra instead.

Take note of the seven altar candles and no altar cross. This is because the cathedral has a huge crucifix found at the back of the tabernacle. You can see the feet of the corpus of the crucifix in the picture.

The Canon of the Mass


The recessional.  You can see that there is a good attendance.

I was hoping that my friends from the Cathedral gave me a heads up so I could have attended the ceremony and taken some photos myself.


But I still hope he disciplines the theologians and liturgists of St. Vincent School of Theology in Tandang Sora.

Remember this horrific scene?


I am just wondering...

What would the dissident liturgist Fr. Pilario of Saint Vincent School of Theology say about the "triumphalistic" liturgy?

Dumb question.



UPDATE:  From Shawn Tribe, Founder and Editor of New Liturgical
In the pontifical rites, the maniple of the bishop is put on at the conclusion of the prayers at the foot of the altar and just prior to his ascending to the altar. So his lack of maniple in that processional photo is correct. You'll note in the other photos it is there. This is why.

Many thanks to Mr. Shawn Tribe!


  1. Good day! I believe the reason why the bishop did not have the maniple on during the processional is that a bishop traditionally puts it on after the preparatory prayers(before "Deus tu conversus", I believe)

  2. Wow Macky I did not know that you are following my blog. Thanks for the photos.

    About the maniple, the bishop wears it at the start of the Mass. Here is a photo of Cardinal Ratzinger processing inside the church.

  3. And you can directly email me if you have photos of such events. You can even inform me of future events so I can attend the Mass also.

    A friend gave me the photos which she said he got via FB.

  4. I will do that next time, sir. We're hoping to have more TLMs, or even just Ordinary Form Latin Masses in the parish.

    By the way, the two assistant deacons (in the cream dalmatics)are not Franciscans but are actually deacons of the Diocese. One of them is currently assigned to Fr. Tim Ofrasio's parish. God willing, the participation of the diocesan clergy will spark interest in the Traditional Liturgy in Novaliches.

  5. I am glad the future ordinary of Manila is currently spread the use of the TLM in his diocese. Even more he may try to warn bishops that he won't be tolerate them who decline the use of Tridentine Mass even this movement is currently lead by the only Prince of the Church in Manila.

    On the other hand I am grateful there is a Jesuit priest who is eager to held TLM ordinary...I'm very disappointing the Jesuits in Hong Kong...even much more liberal or being forced not to celebrate by the diocese. (except 1-2 priests)

  6. @Macky - diocesan deacons! Wow now that is more great news!

  7. The Anglo-Catholic clergy in Sagada wear black cassocks. When conducting non Eucharistic liturgies outside the church (in remote mountain communities) they wear albs and stoles. How come we have this Catholic priest vested in this way? Is it because he is in the mountains?

  8. Doc Ben because he is simply a DISSIDENT and he must be disciplined!

  9. Wow!!! To have a bishop celebrating a TLM in his own cathedral is truly remarkable. I hope that many bishops will follow Bishop Tobias' lead. There's nothing wrong with Latin as well as praying and worshipping God in the silence of your heart.

  10. I am glad once again that our bishop celebrates again TLM and this time, in the Cathedral, the mother church of the entire Diocese of Novaliches. I am proud to say that the Diocese of Novaliches is the innovator of the TRUE Roman Liturgy within the Ecclesiastical District of Manila. In fact, after the Pontifical Mass last year in the FSI in Maligaya, gradual change occured withtin the parishes of the diocese occured in terms of the liturgy. St. Agnes Parish in Almar Subd. gradually has a Benedictine Altar Style on its main altar (not to mention the Holy Relics on its altar exposed for veneration). Jesus, Lord of the Divine Mercy in Hobart Village has a beautiful retablo with the tabernacle on the center and a Benedictine altar style on it. On one of the Shrines of the Diocese, the Shrine of the Our Lady of Mercy in the Novaliches Proper, all people must receive the Holy Communion on the Tongue and kneeling in all its masses daily. All the parishes follows. These are the changes occured within the Diocese and I pray tht the fruit of the true reform will be good and a healthy balm for the soul.

  11. Wow! I wish Bp. Tobias were the Bp. of RCAM!

  12. Anyway....I hope so. However, as you know, everything depends on Papa Benny. But as of RCAM, he may prefer a younger one in order to serve longer. A long way to go and a plenty of rice to eat, as the elders said. And as of Bishop Tobias, he is very warm and friendly to everyone....