Friday, April 29, 2011

How a bronze monument should look like

If you make statues to commemorate a dead person's contribution to our society, you represent him in a statue that would resemble the person in his prime, or in a way that he is best remembered by those whose lives he has impacted.

Take here the examples of statues erected to commemorate the Venerable and in a few days Blessed John Paul II.

in the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico

in the grounds of the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Singapore

and in Phoenix, Arizona....

and in the Via della Conciliazione in Rome in a video from Rome Reports...

Now here is how we erected statues in honor of Cardinal Jaime Sin.

In his hometown of Washington, Aklan...

and in the See where he served and made a huge impact to the country and to the world until his death...


Made by sculptor Ed Castrillo who also made the statue of Cory Aquino in the Luneta.  The statue like that of Cardinal Sin does not look like the lady and the arms are hideously long, makes her look like either Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic.  The last time I visited Intramuros, the statue was changed.

From this

to this...

If the artist wants to be a Picasso then I will not be against it.  But if you plan to represent a person, then by golly, make it look like the person.  Don't use abstract art to represent the person!  Would you like your ID photo to look like this?

Honestly, if you ask me, I think the artist really can't do any of those statues of John Paul II.  They say it is artistic license.  I say it is euphemism for "I can't do it."



I say...

If Castrillo did the second Cory statue, which looks more like Cory, then...



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  1. Perhaps we should be like the Eastern Church, where they frown upon statuary and just be content with icons. At least an icon by Eastern tradition wasn't made to be realist!

    But there are so many sculptors in the country, why choose a sculptor that is renowned for more abstract forms?