Thursday, December 11, 2014

What time is midnight?

What time should a Midnight Mass be? Have you ever heard of the Vigil Mass of the Nativity of the Lord? Yes, it exists.

But even that Mass, at 5:30 pm?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Innovations and Traditions: Christ the King Eucharistic Procession redux!

So if you do not have any degree in Theology and Liturgy, you don't have any right to speak up.

Like if you do not have any law degree, you cannot talk about your rights under the law.


Makes you wonder why some individuals would rather defend their procession of an image of Christ the King instead of a procession with the Blessed Sacrament.

(You have this inkling that they are the ones behind this, eh?  Or your typical anti-TPC readers.  Maybe Nuknuk got touche here.  HA HA)

Let's turn the tables.

Show me an example that processing with an image of Christ the King is done as part of Church Tradition?

Put it this way.

You don't do the Sinulog with the Blessed Sacrament.

I would be against it.

It was always done with the Sto. Niño image so do it like how our forefathers did it.


Why have a Christ the King procession without the Blessed Sacrament?

An image cannot replace Christ Himself.

And since they ask for Church LAW:

104. Eucharistic processions should be arranged in accordance with local customs in regard to the decoration of the streets and the order followed by the participants. In the course of the procession there may be stations where the eucharistic blessing is given, if there is such a custom and some pastoral advantage recommends it. Songs and prayers should be planned with the purpose of expressing the faith of the participants and the centering of their attention on the Lord alone.
(Eucharistiae Sacramentum)

Next challenge!

Show me a photograph to prove that Christ the King processions with an image instead of the Blessed Sacrament is THE tradition and NOT an innovation.

Digital Photograph - Eucharistic Procession, Feast of Christ the King, Convent of the Little Sisters of the Poor, Northcote, 1959

This photo is from this source.

Pope Francis sets an example

Here is the Holy Father, the Supreme Pontiff, bowing before the Patriarch of Constantinople, asking for his blessing, which the Patriarch did with a kiss.

What's the example here?

The Pope attending the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox.

A Catholic attending the worship of the schismatic group.  Come on, let's face it.  They are schismatic, which leads me to asking:


attend a Traditional Latin Mass of the SSPX and ask for the blessing of Bishop Fellay, leader of the the SSPX?

If the Pope did it to this schismatic group, what's stopping him?



Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fake Priest strikes again

We have blogged about this fake priest for so many times and here for more.

And he still thinks he can get away fooling people that he is a priest of the Roman Catholic Church.

He is not.  He is a priest of another church that is not in communion with Rome.

Here is the latest from CBCP News.

(at right is a snapshot of the circular letter from the new Archbishop of San Fernando warning the faithful against this fake priest.)


SAN FERNANDO City, Pampanga, Dec. 9, 2014—  Let the faithful beware.

Just a few weeks into his office, the newly-installed pastor of the San Fernando archdiocese issued a message advising his flock to be on guard against a man disguised as a priest reportedly seen making the rounds of his See.

In a circular dated Nov. 29, Archbishop Florentino G. Lavarias shares that a certain “Fr. Jose Mark Robinson Bunag” is not permitted to celebrate the Sacraments in the Archdiocese of San Fernando.
While Bunag claims to be a priest of the “Catholic Church of the East”, Lavarias stresses the former is not a validly ordained member of the Roman Catholic clergy.

Meanwhile, the Diocese of Pasig had earlier raised the alarm on the issue involving Bunag.

In a separate circular, Pasig Chancellor Fr. Mar Baranda quotes Fr. Noel Ormenita, Episcopal Vicar of the Catholic Church of the East (Holy Family Catholic Church) at Imus, Cavite that “Jose Mark Robinson Bunag, also known as Mark Bunag or Fr. Mark Bunag, residing at Krus na Ligas, U.P. Diliman, is not a validly ordained priest and is not incardinated neither with us in the Catholic Church of the East nor is he incardinated in any Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Besides Pampanga and Pasig City, Bunag has also been spotted in Cavite and Parañaque City allegedly offering to say Mass in private homes without a valid “celebret”, a document (letter or ID) certifying the bearer is a priest and may be allowed to practice as such in the particular diocese he is in.


Now that came from the news service of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

Need I blog more?


Sunday, December 7, 2014

In the midst of a brood of vipers

The Master of Apostolic Ceremonies, Mons. Guido Marini, is in town finalizing the liturgy for the Holy Father's Apostolic Visit in January 2015.

He met with the country's TOP LITURGISTS.  Top in hating the the reform of Pope Benedict XVI. Top in promoting the illegal and illicit Misa ng Bayang Pilipino. Top in saying that the Benedictine altar arrangement is ridiculousness.

Let us see how OBEDIENT they will be to Mons. Marini.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

For the liturgical dancers of the SM Megamall chapel

And for all liturgical dancers in the Catholic Church.

A little historical reminder for all of you folks.

Dancing has never been part of the Jewish act of worship. What King David did as not part of the Sacrifice of the Burnt Offerings at the Temple.  He was doing it on his own, more of a private devotion.

For thousands of years, Christians did not worship dancing nor hands raised, like what most Catholic charismatics do, especially those in SM Megamall, week after week after week after week.

In fact, even the Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, a great heretic he may be, did not worship the way most Catholics worship now, (worshiping like the Evangelicals!)

So, stop dancing and stop raising your hands.

The Mass is Calvary in front of your eyes.

Unless you want to CELEBRATE the crucifixion of Christ better yell out like the others at Calvary "He save others but he cannot save himself!  If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross."

Monday, December 1, 2014

Catholic archbishop declares: Jesus was a layman!

A supposedly Roman Catholic archbishop actually said that and his statement was even published in the website of the archdiocese

Yes, you read that right.

Salzburg archbishop Franz Lackner, (pictured right) said the future of the Church will include fewer priests, but that "the laity can take on important and responsible positions in the Church." These tasks should not belittle you, Lackner said. "We have forgotten that Jesus was a layman."

He actully that Jesus was always mentioned as the Eternal High Priest in Hebrews 6:20.

So, if Jesus was a layman, he couldn't have ordained the Apostles who ordained other bishops, who then ordained other men, and then the bishop who ordained Lackner priest and the bishops who consecrated him bishop are all.....*gasp*.....laymen!

So that means, Lackner is a LAYMAN!

Even Martin Luther would get mad at this guy.

Modernism for you people.

There you have it.

The elephant in the room.  We all can see it.

Nah....that picture below is but a remnant of a pre-Vatican II past.

Too archaic for that archbishop, or should I say archlayman?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

GULP Alert: Something wrong in the Christ the King procession in Baguio

While we laud the holding of the Christ the King procession, I kept scratching my head after seeing this.

Church law and tradition is very specific on what to do during Christ the King.

And it is having a Eucharistic procession.

Not a procession of the image of Christ the King.

Maybe we can correct this next time huh, Diocese of Baguio?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

INC's Ciudad de Victoria 

This is the artists rendition of that agricultural land wasted by an ambitious project of the Mormon Church copycat called Iglesia ni Cristo which is actually Iglesia ni Cristo sa turo ni Manalo.

Wonder why that place was called Ciudad de Victoria?

It is Spanish for City of Victory or in Tagalog, Lungsod ng Tagumpay.  So what's with the victory thing?

Well, for one, the INC is trying desperately hard to gain more members into their flock to bolster their coffers more than saving souls, even sending entire families to migrate to other countries or telling their women to tell their non-INC suitors to either convert or get someone else.


The founder of this uber secret, uber rich sect was born Felix Manalo Ysagun.  He decided to have his name legally changed to Felix Manalo because of what he might have perceived as a "sign" and a "prophecy" of his "anointing as a "last days prophet".  (Last days!  Ha!  He is succeeded by his son then his grandson and the last days have long been well....late!)  So, taking his name Felix which in Latin means Happy and his new surname Manalo which Tagalog means Victory, he took it as his mission's ordination, a sign of a happy victory for his new found sect.

Several claims of being an angel later, several women getting you know....

And boom!

Fast forward into a ho-hum centennial, and an ambitious real estate project which is being sold to INC members, (you know how they "sell" things there), they names the place Ciudad de Victoria.

But what they forgot, for all their fantasies about Victory and Triump is that Victoria is actually the name of the Roman goddess of victory, her greek counterpart being Nike.

So, the Roman Catholic Church hating sect inadvertently or foolishly named their place after a Roman goddess, a pagan deity.

And the INC claims they cleansed the Roman Catholic Church of all pagan influences.

Yeah, right.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Glory to God for the 2015 Papal Masses in PHL

Composed by Fr. Manoling Francisco, SJ now being sung in Catholic churches in the Archdiocese of Manila.

I heard it sung at Edsa Shrine this Sunday.  Lasted for almost 10 minutes!  That beat your usual Gregorian chant, Missa de Angelis Gloria which only runs for 3:20!

The antiphon is in English, Latin, Bisaya, Tagalog and Ilocano.

Three verses.  First in Ilocano, next in Tagalog, and then the last one in Cebuano.

So if you are like most of Filipinos here in Manila, chances are you will only understand two out of five languages/dialects used.

Which makes you scratch your head.

Why not just one language?

Why not just English?  Why not just Tagalog?  Why not just Latin?

So the liturgists of the Archdiocese will spend time asking the people to learn this new song while deriding the centuries old Gregorian chant?

Tell me.  Is this what San Beda and PIL taught you? despise anything from the past just because they are old?

Latin is hard to learn?  Tell it to these youths.

Tell that to the Muslims.  Young people already chant and read Arabic....I mean young FILIPINO people.

It can be done.

They just don't want to.

PS:  I saw photos of a young seminarian serving the Beatification Mass of Lorenzo Ruiz and companion martyrs at Luneta.  That seminarian is now a cathedral rector and the other one is an archbishop.

Why'd I say this?  Simple.  Professional Lay Liturgists especially the one from Cubao would love to take the spotlight even from seminarians.  Why not enter the seminary instead of being a perpetual altar server.  Let me give you a hint.  FLUNKED.  REJECT.

The Pink Sisters are now altar servers

But wait!!!

They are altar servers!

I mean, these are NOT Pink Sisters but Altar Servers at the Installation Mass of Fr Mar Lucas of Holy Family Parish, Brgy Catmon, Sta Maria, Diocese of Malolos.

Where in the world did the Church ever had a PINK surplice?  And what's that yellow stripe?

Maybe a poor version of a strawberry shortcake with lemon strips?

What is a surplice?

Click this link and this link, where this blog has written extensively about the surplice and how this has been GULPed, meaning liturgical abuses and creative nonsense of the colors and design of the surplice is happening here in the Philippines.

May I repeat for the nth time.

Church vesture has meaning.  They are not to liberally played with even if you blabber around that you graduated from PIL or San Beda, because quite frankly and TPCesque bluntess....nobody cares if you came from those two schools.

You are liturgically incorrect!

And the books will prove that!

PS:  Are you going to wear those when the Pope comes to the Philippines in January 2015?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sunday Mess

In street clothes with just a stole.  Ordinary glass goblet for a chalice. No candles. Absence of Lectionary and Evangelarium. No Sacramentary.

RCAM Fathers, ito ba ang turo sa inyo ng world-renowned liturgists ng Archdiocese? Basta mabuti ang intention kahit ano pwede na?

You expect the faithful to show respect to the Mass pero you yourselves do not give the Mass the respect it deserves.