Sunday, February 21, 2016

The hypocrisy of a liturgist

I received a very disturbing news about a parish whose monstrance containing the Blessed Sacrament got robbed on the eve of the parisH fiesta.

After learning of the theft, the parish priest who is a liturgist of the SchoOl of Chupungco, decided to hush hush the theft and went aLong with the parish fiesta. And he did celebrate the fiesta, going to from one house to another, partYing in the parish ground as if nothing sacrilegious happened.

This hypocrite oF a liturgist And a scandal of a priest did not even bother to stop whatever festivities they had in the parish in order to call for an Act of Reparation.  Keep in Mind, he must call for an act of reparation as soon as the theft was dIscovered.  He did not even bother to announce what happened to the Blessed Sacrament during the whoLe Sunday!  He just had to partY and get on with the fiesta celebration.

Guess which Diocese?

On the city over the hills.

Which parish?

Where the family whose father is a carpenter is.

Which District?

Ask Mar Roxas.

Shameful!  You are a disgrace!  And to think you brag about being one of the liturgists during the papal visit!

Shame on you!

If you can't be a good priest, then be a good layman!

Leave the priesthood you shameless cleric!

You'd put more emphasis on the fiesta than on the sacrilege that has happened to the Blessed Sacrament!


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  1. The Diocese of Cubao? "City atop the Hills" and "Mar Roxas" gives it away but we are no closer in identifying the Parish in question