Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Board Meeting Mass Anyone?

If you feel tired or just too formal, why not sit it out for the Mass?

Here's from a newest member of the GULP:

(Kapanata Community 6th Local House Chapter and Community Mass...

Special thanks to ______________ and family for the beautiful accomodation and delicious lunch... — in Caloocan)

The priest is OFM.

Those in attendance are seminarians.

If this is how we train our seminarians, don't expect to get priests who are respectful of the Mass which Vatican II declared as the "source and summit of our Faith".

How to stop these men from doing this abuse?

If you catch them doing it, take a picture, send to TPC.

Second, don't support them financially until they celebrate the Mass reverently.

Pray for them too.

Sometimes, or most of the time, some clerics will think twice if they lose the support.


  1. Hi TPC
    I wanna send you some pics from a church in the Muntinlupa area for your thoughts. How may I send them to you? Hope you can reply. Thanks

  2. It looks more like a "bored meeting" than a "board meeting."