Friday, July 31, 2015

A new "religious item" inside San Bartolome de Novaliches!

While "great" liturgists would like to take away the altar crucifix because it is "too distracting" and blocks the uber cute face of the main celebrant during Mass, there are those priests who would not think twice to place a vehicle inside the church as a "juicy" reminder for people that this is what is at stake for their fund raising raffle like this one in San Bartolome de Novaliches.

This church gained the notoriety of always coming up with fund raisers only to be gone as fast as an Advil Liquigel in your tummy!

Nothing wrong with fund raisers.  Many churches do that.  But not the INC fund raiser where if you don't give your money and promise unconditional obedience, they threaten you with hell and kidnap your family and throw grenades at you and stuff like that...

But is this the best place for the car?

San Bartolome de Novaliches is a big church and I have seen it many times that I visited that church.  There is a lot of space there where they could display the car.

If they can value a car like this, maybe they can do that for MUST SEE IMAGES in the church, no? Like an altar crucifix and more images?

I see more electric fans that images in that church.

PS:  Thanks to a new GULP member for these!


  1. Funny, they used beautiful balustrades just to keep people from touching the car, while the high altar has no "tangible symbol" to describe its sacredness...

  2. So as one goes into the church one's attention is immediately caught by this car and a sign encouraging its acquisition. Instead of the Living Lord in the tabernacle, a lifeless hunk of metal, glass and paint is now the goal. Verily, verily where thy heart is.. . I fear the direction this parish is taking.