Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Augustinians of Intramuros don't want TPC to see this

But the GULP (God's Undercover Liturgical Police) is everywhere and they always report to TPC.

And here is what they do not want to be seen.

Creative Mass?

No wonder they do not want this seen.

Obviously, while most of us Filipinos admire the beauty of San Agustin Church, these Augustinians need something "creative" to do to make the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass more "appealing" and "more meaningful" or "more in tune with the times".  The lobby of the seminary is appropriate for them for the worship of God.  Obviously, they had enough of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Church that tourists all around the world would love to visit.

The seminary lobby, for them, is more appropriate for the Holy Mass than that church we call San Agustin Church.

If you have priest and seminarians like this, how do you expect them to act in holy matters?

You see more respectful things happening in a secular event like a graduation ceremony of the change of command in the PNP and AFP.

The GULP informer who shared this to me will be sending more photos soon.

Stay tuned.


  1. Have you seen the vocation promotion video of the augustinians?

  2. Good morning TPC! Am eager to be trained in the correct and proper way of liturgy/worship. But how can we start? Where can we start? Please help. Thanks.

  3. Ah yes, nothing like "creativity" in order to really feel the Mass. You can tell when ageing groovies arein charge.So charmingly 60's. I suggest something really radical guaranteed to get the best vibes from the Mass: priests offering Masses according to the missal of St. John XXIII at the various altars in their church blasting their senses using the vestments & vessels from their museum.It will be so totally cool unlike the dated kumbaya pics they uploaded.