Monday, July 13, 2015

When you use the church as a social hall

So for some people, when you get the Blessed Sacrament out of the tabernacle, you do not touch the consecrated altar table, then you can use the entire church for whatever purpose you would want to use it.

Like for a masquerade ball.

You can party all you want!  That is according to this group who went ballistics in full fashion mouth frothing, ALL CAPS lunacy of the guy who made that famous. *wink*

For them, it is justified to use the house of worship as a place to party.

Yes, dear TPC readers. You read that right.

A Catholic group can find the justifciation to do that to a place reserved for the worship of God, for as long as you empty the Tabernacle and you don't mess around with the altar.

That is their concept of what the house of worship is.

Churches used to have this.

Here in the Philipppines, I always see this in San Fernando de Dilao Parish Church.

A Catholic cathedral, basilica, parish church, shrine, chapel or oratory is ALWAYS reserved and MEANT to be a place of worship and NOT for any kind of partying!

A justification from your parish priest does not JUSTIFY what you did to the House of God!


And their tirade cited a rant of the lunatic, walking blob of a pea brain.  Wow!  Call that scholarly. Teeeheee!!!

So, to that group, TPC readers are asking.............

Are you open for masquerade ball reservations?

Seems these people don't have any concept of sacred space anymore, no?

Maybe we can try this.

Maybe they are willing to have their own bedrooms rented out, well, we are not "desecrating" their rooms.

We are just using it for the meantime.

If they can go ballistics over this suggestion, maybe they can use that same energy to think how wrong it was to use the church for a party!


  1. if you happen to visit Cebu sir try attending the 8:30 am abusive Traditional Latin Mass that is going on at Chapel of the Holy Relics, Tabor Hills and you'll be overwhelmed by the abuses that they are committing there

    1. What are they doing there? Send me a PM on my Facebook account.

  2. I am very happy that the group who organized the masquerade is upset. The pharisees were upset when the Baptist and Our Lord criticized them and a number of them were converted. Its about time good-intentioned people start fraternally correcting the abuses perpetrated in our Church. By the way, what do our shepherds say of this?