Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Catholic University does the unthinkable

All to raise money.

This was how these graduates of De la Salle University define having "fun for a worthy cause"

This is the sad state of our "Catholic" universities in the country today, all in the name of "tolerance' and "enlightenment".  Keeping ourselves very open made us people who are so numb to anything bad, evil and immoral.

We have become a laughing stock of secular and non-Catholic universities.

And to their defense comes the head of the De la Salle Alumni Association Services head Bing Capunot who said "I understand that [the public] only saw the photo, but if [they] experienced what happened during the homecoming, [they will realize] it was really just a short portion.".  You can read most of the dumb PR stunt response in this page.

Is this the kind of morality that the La Salle Brothers teach their students?  That public indecent exposure is "OK" if it is just for a "short portion"?

So, logically, we can have these kinds of shows in every Catholic institution of the country for as long as it is just for a "short portion".

We certainly hope that the Brothers will speak out against this kind of stunt.

There are so many ways to raise money for charity.

The "short portion" is unbecoming for a Catholic institution to host!  Admit it, say sorry and stop being a spoiled YELLOW BRAT!

Money for a worthy cause for any means necessary?

Yeah, like what this guy did.


  1. I may be studying in a school run by the Brothers, but I am deeply appalled with this. I always hear "tolerance", "respect" and "following your conscience" being taught in our classrooms. With all these "values" being promoted in our campuses, THIS is what we get. These schools have become proponents of relativism. Are these "Catholic" schools ashamed of their Catholic identity? Can't we be respectful of other people while remaining true to our beliefs?

    I have seen enough heresy and hypocrisy in a supposedly "catholic" campus. I heard one Brother say that being "catholic" or universal means that all religions lead to the same God! I was also surprised to hear that the hanging of crucifixes in our classrooms was opposed by some professors! All in the name of "tolerance" and "respect". Ironically, I have heard some of my professors express their harsh criticisms on the Church's stand on morality while speaking cautiously about other religions.

    St. La Salle's prayers are urgently needed since there is space for other gods, prophets, and ideologies in our hearts besides Jesus, forever.

  2. I will never study at the Ateneo or La Salle. I would rather go to UST or UA&P and after that Go to Santa Croce for Advanced theological studies. Anselmo for Liturgy followed by Lateran for Canon Law.

  3. Never more than before, catholic parents now have to take the job of handing the Faith and catholic culture to the next generation. In my experience i have to combat heresy from catholic religious teachers who deny hell and even espouse reincarnation and priests who denigrate the sacraments or even deny
    Our Lord's miracles.