Friday, April 27, 2012

GULP Alert: It's the summer season!

And we are all HOT!

Fuming mad?  Yeah maybe.

I get a lot of hate mails, left and right from:

1.  Die hard fans of two bishops I once called out here in the blog.  But this one group cannot be compared to anything else because they are a pack of reaaaallllyyy die hard fans who just want to tear me up apart.  I can't go into details or they'll throw me out of their version of St. Peter's Boat.  Get it?  Ha!  Still searching for my true identity?  I am here at Baguio Country Club right now as I type this.  If you can take the first flight out of the South!  Ha!

2.  From die-hard fans of priests who we have caught doing liturgical monstrosity by posting their photos and videos here.

3.  Die hard students and fans of the Benedictine monk and his friend in a magic lamp.  Ha!

4.  Die hard fans of the modernist theological schools we always call out here.

5.  pro-RH fans of Humpty Dumpty, the publicity whore called Carlita.

Yeah, all die hard fans....  Ho-hum....

Well, anywho, I'll continue posting liturgical monstrosities as long as squadron of God's Undercover Liturgical Police keeps on sending pictures and videos of liturgical abuses they catch on camera.

And nothing compares to this one from the lovely province of Negros.

ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE REPORT from one of our trusted GULP Officers!

Please post the name of the priest and report him to the bishop, pronto!

Having people hear Mass not properly dressed is a somewhat forgiveable thing.  Forgiveable in the sense that they are in their excursion and they heard Mass.   On second thought, why not start the excursion with a Mass in the PARISH CHURCH, where everyone is properly dressed and Mass is offered on a consecrated altar inside a consecrated building!

Goodness me!


Hey!  It's summer time!  It's hot!

So, damn those vestments!

Say Mass in your swimming trunks or bikini!

Learn from these loveable nuns.

They know how to stay decent and have a good time.


This photo I found on the internet shows Mass being said in a resort.  Yeah, the people are not properly dressed, but the priests do!

You see liturgical abuses committed left and right and the DIE-HARD  FANS have the audacity to tell me to to stop criticizing the liturgical abusers.

Yeah right.

As long as there are liturgical abuses, and as long as the GULP Squad keeps sending those pictures and videos, I will not relent.


  1. Wow. This is really disconcerting. Now I know that Mass can be celebrated outside a church if given the proper dispensation by the local Ordinary right? Such as the Archdiocese for Military Services here in the U.S., where Catholic priests don't always have a church to celebrate in when abroad. Is that what's happening here? Did their Bishops give the go-ahead to celebrate Mass in the open? Because I find it hard to believe that their Bishop have no knowledge of this. Then again, if the Bishop does know and is letting it happen anyways, then that is more disconcerting. But even so, what about their vestments? Even military chaplains vest appropriately when celebrating Mass. I really don't know what shocks me more: how the people are ok with this or how the Bishops are letting it continue?

    (Of course, I think the first question addresses a completely different issue for completely different time: proper catechism of the laity)

    Thanks for letting me rant again.

  2. I think right term is proper catechism of the clergy! Have you seen photos of priests celebrating Mass during a war? They were wearing proper vestments.

  3. No, I meant proper catechism of the laity. If the lay faithful knew why certain things were not acceptable or proper, then they would not engage in it. As much as it is the duty for the clergy to safeguard the sacraments, it is also the duty of the laity, as intended by Vatican II I believe, to be more active and participatory in the celebration. It is the greatest responsibility of every Catholic, not just bishops and priests, to make sure the greatest respect is given to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I think that for the longest time there was a misconception that the laity were not as aware or cognizant of the "rules" of the church, so perhaps clergymen became lax. If the lay faithful were properly catechized, especially in regards to the sacraments, then many of our problems would cease to exist. Furthermore, since all clergy and religious start off as lay faithful, addressing the catechism of the laity therefore addresses the catechism of the clergy.

    Granted, this is all just my opinion, but nevertheless.

    And yes, I have seen priests vest properly for the Mass during wartime. I have also seen priests NOT properly vested during wartime, e.g. a vested deacon carrying a gun during Holy Communion.

    1. Well put Bro Lorenzo!

      That is why it is saddening to note that there are those supposed laity who are all for the noble celebration of the Mass and the Church's Liturgy who raise up in arms when they see other priests committing liturgical abuses but when it's time for their favorite priest or bishop's turn to be subjected to scrutiny, they vent anger on you and accuse you of well,


      Sorry if I have to type those words in. It came from my GREATEST FAN. :)

      I know he already knows about me taking a jibe at him all the time. His die hard fans from the South have been sending him these updates even if he is not on exile in the land of cotton. :)

  4. You know its interesting that people call you a Secret SSPX. In all the posts I've read so far, you never outright denounce the Ordinary Form, just the mistakes and abuses that happen during it. I'm sure if there was an abuse that occurred during the Extraordinary Form, you would be just as vigilant at pointing it out.

    Also, I've never seen either of those two words spelled out before, just spoken...and they look just as nasty and vile as they sound. It kinda saddens me that civil and spiritual Christians would resort to such rudeness.

    I understand why some may be so ready to take up arms in defense of their favorite deacon, priest, or bishop. And while that is admirable, who should we really be taking up arms for? For a man, or for the Savior of the world, whose sacrifice is re-presented to us during every Mass? As humans, we make mistakes, even priests and bishops. But they should be lovingly be made aware of those mistakes, especially the clergy, who act in persona Christi, so as not to disconnect orthodoxy from orthopraxy.

    I think what everyone should realize is that the reason you are so vocal is because of your love for Christ. Even the SSPX, who of course went about it in the wrong way, simply wanted to show their love and devotion to the Holy Sacrament, but again, they did so in a way that directly contradicted Holy Mother Church and the faith.

    All of us want to be faithful, all of us simply want to celebrate and give thanks (eucharistia) in the way we think best. For some, that's the OF. For others, it's the EF. But no matter which one, it must be done so with love. Everything we do and say as Catholics, even our criticisms of others, must be done with love.

    Thanks for letting me rant again. Keep up the good work sir.

    Peace and blessings.

  5. This should merit a liturgical meme or a liturgical de-motivational poster as a warning against those who still patronise progressivist stances about the Faith. This is just despicable.

    I have likewise provided a rant through my blog here ( despite the fact that such an online journal of mine is not dedicated to religious matters. It's merely that, everything's horribly wrong about the picture my eyes have been writhing in pain.

  6. Ow...I thought priests only wearing albs and stoles/chasubles and no stoles/chasubles and no alb with overlay stole, during the mass was already very "scandalous"...of course, being only an altar server, all I could do is to ask Jesus during the consecration: Lord, teach this priest to handle You properly. Teach him how to dress for You properly.

  7. the priest's name is fr. farley santillan of diocese of bacolod...