Monday, July 19, 2010

Just sharing...

Before you launch a tirade...

He is (un)Rev. Richard McBrien, of the (un)Theology Department of Notre (Shame) Dame University.

Get it? Those named Richard have a nickname of...Dick, ain't it?

He is a leading dissenter and heretic in America who continues to be a priest of good standing.

I still wonder why he still is!

So don't be a heretic and a dissenter.

SO...the caption.

I did not make this! Fr. Erik Richtsteig of Orthometer posted this.  Excellent blog!

Named Orthometer because "a device for determining Orthodoxy...Exorcizing the Hermeneutic of Rupture since 1994. 

Go visit the site!


  1. his books are being sold at fully booked!

  2. Well, we must all be warned. His books do not have an Imprimatur! He is a priest pretending to be still Catholic when he can be a Lutheran!