Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A heretic is behind the IEC 2016 FB Page

Or just plain dumb and stupid?


Frequently Asked Question: Is the Congress only for Catholics?

Answer: Although organized by the Roman Catholic Church, the IEC is open to all Christians and people of goodwill. In the light of ecumenism espoused by Vatican II, the challenge for us is to deepen fraternal bonds and mutual faith in Jesus Christ, despite theological and doctrinal differences among religions.


So let's answer this one by one, ok?

There is a pontifical committee specially created for the International Eucharistic Congress, and its purpose and mission gives us a look at what a Eucharistic Congress is all about.

The purpose of this Committee consists “to make ever better known, loved and served, Our Lord Jesus Christ in his Eucharistic Mystery, as centre of the life of the Church and of its mission for the salvation of the world” through the celebration of International Eucharistic Congresses (Cf. Statutes, Art. 2 and 3 a).
So Eucharistic Congresses are meant to make the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament better known, loved and served.

How will it deepen fraternal bonds with religion who firstly, don't believe in the Bible, secondly, don't believe that Jesus Christ is God-Man, and thirdly, don't give a rat's @$$ about this Congress and it's purpose?!

Can someone from the organizing committee of the IEC in Cebu answer this?!

This political correctness is eating up even the Church to the point we can barely see anymore if this is indeed the Church that our Lord gave us.

This false Spirit of Vatican II, this false reading of ecumenism is all to blame.  Ecumenism as espoused by Vatican II is aimed "that they may be one", to bring all to the one fold with Christ the Good Shepherd.  The ecumenism espoused by LST and MST is "all religions are equal" is what FREEMASONRY wants is all to believe in!

So where are the DEFENDERS of the Faith huh? Especially that loud proud obnoxious one?  Can they not debunk this heresy of the guy behind the IEC 2016 FB Page?


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  1. For the information of all, heresy and paganism didn't go out of style after V II. These have even become more virulent in attacking especiallythe Eucharistic mystery w/c is either virulently derided or coldly ignored. True ecumenism is actively cathechizing even unbelievers in the Eucharistic truth, false ecumenism is embracing unbelievers in feel good events while sgudiously keeping quiet about Truths w/cmight hurt them. Enough of this "spirit of VII"! Let's call on the Holy Spirit instead!