Monday, December 1, 2014

Catholic archbishop declares: Jesus was a layman!

A supposedly Roman Catholic archbishop actually said that and his statement was even published in the website of the archdiocese

Yes, you read that right.

Salzburg archbishop Franz Lackner, (pictured right) said the future of the Church will include fewer priests, but that "the laity can take on important and responsible positions in the Church." These tasks should not belittle you, Lackner said. "We have forgotten that Jesus was a layman."

He actully that Jesus was always mentioned as the Eternal High Priest in Hebrews 6:20.

So, if Jesus was a layman, he couldn't have ordained the Apostles who ordained other bishops, who then ordained other men, and then the bishop who ordained Lackner priest and the bishops who consecrated him bishop are all.....*gasp*.....laymen!

So that means, Lackner is a LAYMAN!

Even Martin Luther would get mad at this guy.

Modernism for you people.

There you have it.

The elephant in the room.  We all can see it.

Nah....that picture below is but a remnant of a pre-Vatican II past.

Too archaic for that archbishop, or should I say archlayman?


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