Friday, October 18, 2013

From the PCNE: A troubling photo

NO, not the cheering for the caracol.

Can you see how happy the gang is for the illegal Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino?

A rite or "expression" or version of the Mass NOT APPROVED or NOT RECOGNIZED by the Holy See, a prerequisite before it can be celebrated?

The Chupungcan Mass is ILLEGAL.

Then why are they celebrating it even though there is no recognitio from Rome?

But when it comes to the approved Extraordinary Form of the Mass aka Traditional Latin Mass, the Archdiocese of Manila is NOTORIOUSLY against it, all for the stupid reason of....well, just read it here.  And read how it was analyzed and decimated.

Can you spot it?

Post it here, not in the FB page of TPC.

Clue:  Have we really lost respect for the sacred?

Oh, my beloved archdiocese?

What has happened to you?

You are led by liturgical experts who are so over their heads!



  1. I was driving to the office, listening to Radio Veritas as it broadcasts this Mass. From the penitential rite, honestly, I was lost if it was a Mass or not. Then when they sang the Gloria, only then did I realize that it was a Mass in another form. I was aghast already at the new Tagalog translation of the Mass that Mons Andrade translated when it superseded the Mons Jose Abriol Tagalog translation which was more faithful to the Latin. And now here comes this new Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino???

    By the way, despite Mons Moi's unsavory work on the Tagalog Mass translation, I admire this priest for having openly supported the Forma Extraodinaria Sanctae Missae. Requiescat presbyter Moises in pace!

    Now I recall Pope Francis on his way back from Rio saying: "The Orthodox Churches have preserved that pristine liturgy that is so beautiful. We have lost a bit of the sense of adoration. They preserve it, they praise God, they worship God. We need this renewal, this light of the East."

    This is a great indicator that even the Pope himself realize that something is very wrong, indeed very wrong!

    I am making my personal appeal to His Eminence, Chito Cardinal Tagle: Wake up! And let the diocese return to the strict implementation of the Roman Rite especially in the Novus Ordo Missae. Remember that the liturgy is the lifeblood of the Church through its valid priesthood. But if our very priest will not be convince of a uniform Rite for the Roman Church, then we will all end up with our own individual or cultural form of the Mass. Let Manila set the example for all other dioceses in its exemplar and reverent manner of celebrating the Mass, stripped of all secular contents so the faithful feels a different atmosphere inside the Mass. Putting back solemnity and reverence will be the start for Catholics to take their faith seriously. But this can never happen if the priests are not convinced and will continue their wake-up antics of misplaces jokes, eimennn?, and moto proprio innovations. If Cardinal Tagle will only move, this will have been one big legacy he can leave and could start the fireball rolling for liturgical reform.

  2. They will present the "Misa ng Sambayanang Pilipino" as a fait accompli. Like they did with communion in the hand. And they will do so with a clear and gleeful conscience by calling it "anticipatory obedience". That's their M.O.

  3. the most horrible and shocking "mass" i have ever seen my whole life... and this one is the MOST distracting sa lahat ng PCNE events. VERY HORRIBLE!