Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Feminists groups are for the respect of other people's rights....


This is making it's round in Facebook.

Scantily clad activists of feminist group Femen invaded a conference at a university in Brussels. During the act, demonstrators threw water on the Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, Andre-Joseph Leonard. The priest did not react and avoided looking at the activists. The protest was against homophobia, according to international agencies. At the end of the demonstration, the archbishop kissed a picture of the Virgin Mary to leave the room. Born in Ukraine and with subsidiaries in several countries (including Brazil and nations with a Muslim majority), the Femen often campaigning for the rights of women and minorities. One of their banners is the defense of gay marriage.

More pictures here.

The actual dousing

The archbishop like a lamb to be slain, sits silently, looking like he was praying, while the attacks and insults continue.

As you can see from the pictures, the "women" doused the archbishop with water from a plastic bottle that looked like the image of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It must Lourdes water they used.  If it were, bit of class for a barbaric horde, don't you think?

Here the archbishop kissed the bottle before leaving the seminar.

The same archbishop had been humiliated many times in public by these "rights" group.  The archbishop was just telling like it is.

The attitudes of active homosexuals is a perversion.  Period. And for that the archbishop got pied.

These "women" are not 'scantily' clad.  They are naked at the top.

And why do these "women" and other angry feminists turn their attention only at the Catholic Church and not against this group which also opposes gay marriage and worst, does not give women even the basic of civic rights like voting...

Well, these angry women like Gabriela cannot find anything in the Koran that says anything like "love your enemies" or "turn the other cheek".  In the Bible, it does.

So, you get these group fighting for respect of rights insulting someone in public.

A Catholic archbishop to be exact.

Satan is busy at work.


PS:  I use the quotation marks when I refer to these "women" as such because the word is not applicable to them.  The word woman was given such an honor by the Lord in the Gospels, I shirk when I imagine calling or using the word on these "women".  My wife, my mom, my relatives and friends who are WOMEN, are so honorable and dignified they don't deserve to be called the same things as these well, HARLOTS OF THE DEVIL.


  1. Grabe, wala akong masabi. I pity the poor archbishop. God bless him.

  2. Those minions of Satan!!! It makes me sick...

    Christ was attempted to be stoned to death (Gospel of John) and even thrown into a cliff (Gospel of Luke) for they believe it is blasphemy but the Lord calmly left and went on his way. God bless the Holy Roman Catholic Church!!!