Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The powerful homosexual underground

This program is from ChurchMilitant.TV

Yeah, it is all over the Church, not only in the Vatican.

It is present here in the Philippines.

Want a clue?

It is so prevalent in one society, religious congregation or diocese that....

The entire society is openly "practicing" it, and when I mean practicing it is either by acting it out as if they are making fun of acting like drags, (ala Dolphy or Roderick Paulate or for foreigners ala Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie).  Or LITERALLY acting it out.

One diocese has one bishop forcibly asked to resign when the scandal reached the CBCP in Intramuros the Filipino bishops asked the sitting bishop to resign rather than let the Nuncio handle the situation.  It is soooo true.  I have talked to one former seminarian of that diocese who was brought in one of their "night-outs".   It is what they called "part of their training to accept who they are."  The kind of humanistic psychology prevalent in the Church right now.

This homosexual underground is the same group targetting the Church's traditional stand on heterosexual and monogamous marriage, anti-artificial contraception, traditional liturgy. anti-altar girls, etc.

It is so obvious when these wolves in sheep's clothing bark out their so-called "Spirit of Vatican II" teachings.  What is in fact really true is the message BEHIND their message.  It is not just about human rights.  It is not just about contextualizing the Gospel.  It is about conforming the Church and Her teachings to their homosexual lifestyles.

When I talk about homosexuals here, this is not limited to gay men in robes.  It also involves radical feminist nuns who are in fact....eherm...

Remember, the Church loves the homosexual not the homosexual acts.

Pray unceasingly.  The Bark of Peter is under attack not only from the outside.

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