Monday, October 1, 2012

GULP Alert: Just acting or plain liturgical madness?

I can't even type more words than this.

I had a severe migraine attack just looking at this.

Even if it were a play during the Mass, which is a liturgical abuse, it is still done in bad taste.

The Apostles...offering a lighted candle!!!

Bah hum bug!

PS:  The fourth guy from the left has that "What the hell am I doing?!"  look!  Hahahaha!!!


  1. Interesting... Where is this church? I guess this is part of the priest's prayer's "through Him with Him and in Him"?

  2. OMG! sana may nag remind kay Fr. na hindi naman naka indicate sa guidelines ng liturgy yan. Hahays,kung meron man e d lahat ng Offering ng mass ganyan din? May the Lord forgive us on this!

  3. Is this in the Diocese of Malolos? Familiar sa akin ang retablo.

  4. when you see the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy places, then let those in Judea flee to the mountains.

    Oh Jesus Christ, my sweet saviour, HELP US!

  5. Santiago Apostol Parish, Plaridel. (Diocese of Malolos) Just a few miles from my place. I never thought they will be doing this.

    Is this a way of visual interpretation of 'pro multis'? Hmmm...

  6. Goodness! What in the world are they doing?! What's with the water goblets? And the small bottle of wine? And the fruits? And the act?

    I think this needs to be corrected and acted upon by the Bishop. I am willing to forward a complaint against this.

    This shouldn't be taken sitting down.

  7. May we know when and where did this happen and who is responsible for this?