Thursday, April 7, 2011

Even exorcists have a summit!

A CALL to armsto take up the weapons of the rosary and prayer – rang out at a recent international conference on exorcism in Rome.

The Church needs more training of both priests and laypeople in fighting the influence of the devil and bringing spiritual healing to those in need, attendees said.

This is warfare. We’ve gotten way behind. We’ve lost the concept of spiritual warfare,” said Msgr. Marvin Mottet, the official exorcist of the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa.  [I know one theology school in Manila who calls the devil a metaphor for the social "evils".]

The 80-year-old retired priest said that about once a month he sees a serious case of possession and “tons” of cases of demonic influence in which people are being “bothered or attacked by evil spirits.” Those kinds of cases, he said, are “a daily thing.” [I am sure the Filipino Freedumbers will have a dumb answer to this.  Why don't we let them see an actual exorcism and get wet with green spit?  Joking!]

Msgr. Mottet was one of 60 people attending a course on exorcism and Satanism at the Legionaries of Christ’s Regina Apostolorum University in Rome March 28-April 2. The annual event is co-sponsored by the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments and the Congregation for Clergy.

The course, which does not train people to become exorcists, attracted many people who were already familiar and experienced with exorcism; 10 were from the United States. The majority of participants were priests, but some were lay doctors, psychologists or parishioners active in prayer ministry[Hey, FreeDumbers!  There are doctors and psychologists in the group!  You think you are still more intelligent than them?]


Before we begin the training, are we sure that all bishops even believe in the existence of the devil?

Why I'd ask that?  I have heard from seminarians and priests who graduated from MST that the devil is not real and the REAL evil is the evil of...hold on to your seats...

...the evil of corruption, environmental degradation, sexual inequality...

They believe that the devil is NOT a real being.

Yup.  So, if he is not real, then what's the need for an exorcism?

Yup.  The evil of Modernism...challenging even what is written in the Bible.  That is how modernists work.  They would demythologize the Bible, taking anything supernatural out of the Holy Book.

And you think it is only limited to businessmen and politicians?

Why not?

Those two groups who have summits need a little exorcizing of their own, right?

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  1. The Devil himself exist.

    Even in the bible it was the Devil who tempted Christ in the wilderness.
    To those who deny the existence don't tell me that Christ was hallucinating when he was tempted. And interpreting it in a wrong way.

    Who triggers our mind to do evil? Surely it was the Devil no other person. He can use everyone either he will tempt it or worse to posses the body.

    If God is making his way the devil also makes a way to destroy God's plan through tempting the people.

    Remember the Story of Job? And the Story of Tobit? The Devil is there in those scenes. In the story of Adam and Eve It was the devil who used that serpent to tempt them both... We always believe that Bible tells the truth. Therefore it speaks that the Devil exist.

    If the Devil never exist therefore there will be no evil doers in this world. Even in the sacraments It tells that we reject the devil himself ("Do you reject SATAN the Prince of Darkness...")