Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wonderful New Blog

This is the screen shot of the new wonderful blog that I am following, The Filipino Roman.

It was started by a loyal reader of our blog, Novus Catholicus Romanus.

Here is his opening paragraph of his first post:

Nowadays, people get so embroiled with the Church's insistence on the immorality of artificial birth control.  People with personal moral issues to grind against the Church and with a deep anticlerical animosity against her would unabashedly label her teaching as 'stone-age', formulated 'aeons-ago', irrational, uncompassionate, and deeply illogical.  Even worse in the theological academe, and among a number of priests, nuns, and seminarians who would immediately label themselves as 'enlightened', Vatican II 'updated', and 'relevant', people get so emotionally reactional against the teaching, and are ashamed and (sometimes) even outwardly hostile to the Church's teaching on contraceptionNotable theologians, among them Jesuits here in the Philippines, would declare that contraception is better left off to the consciences of individuals.


The last sentence made my day!

I think I will leave to him the discussion about the Reproductive Bill, eh?

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