Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blame Fr. Diwa and other proponents of Communion in the Hand!

This is a screengrab of the "performance artist's" (ring a bell?  Yup. Carlita Celdran the tour gay of Intramuros.) Instagram account proudly showing his "art" in the form of the not-so-politically correct way of sending his message.  He claims to have collected "242 pieces of consecrated hosts" which he used to place on the concrete pavement to spell "pederasty".  You can read more about this here.

For the uninformed, Pederasty is the homosexual activity between a man and a pubescent or adolescent boy, or in today's language, before the age of consent.  This became prominent in the 6th century especially in Athenian Greece. It was evidently a jab against the Catholic Church and the sex abuse scandal.  It was evidently implying that there is a culture of pederasty in the Church.

To dissect this event we can look at it at both ways.

The Celdranite says that he was able to collect the hosts by attending Mass.  If we put that in numbers, he would have at least attended every single Mass every day for a whole year to accomplish that.  How would the hosts not deteriorated?

If he attended Mass 4 times in a day, it would have taken him at least 60 days to accomplish that collection.  If that were the case, does this guy even have a real job? Or he does

Or it could be that these hosts are not actually consecrated and are just used for publicity.

Well, the "artist", the organizers and the City Council of Pamplona who allowed this to happen got the publicity they got as lawsuits left and right are filed against them.

Which now begs the question...

Will this "collection" ever happen if Communion were distributed on the tongue?

News of host desecration, hosts being found under pews and on the floors of churches and chapels continue to abound.

And we have liturgists who flaunt their degrees and certificates in Liturgy but do not do anything against liturgical abuse?

I'd blame them for this!

I'd blame them for the continuing lost of the sens of the sacred of the people!

I'd blame them over and over again!

PS:  And we have seminarians being trained this way!

If we have future priests like this, God save your Church!


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    1. He is not a franciscan conventual look at his habit its brown not black nor gray...

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