Monday, September 7, 2015

The barong is this priest's liturgical vestment

Obviously, he doesn't care what he wears to a very important event like the The Sacrifice of Calvary.

Or maybe he does. This priest must be thinking that the barong is THE right vestment for the Mass. 

So why even ask people to dress properly for Holy Mass when priests themselves don't know how to follow their own rules?

The members of the GULP are still active in case you didn't notice.


  1. toto/Ineng baka naman si father ay nag bebless lang / para liturgy/ BEC meeting. Nandoon ka ba? Nasaan ang consecration na naka barong?

  2. I am not here to defend TPC but what I can see is the altar is set for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and not blessings/BEC meeting etc.

    1. true. it was a holy mass. but as i explained earlier (which the administrator did not approve to be seen in this thread) it wasn't the fault to the visiting priest. it was the person in charge of the vestment who forgot to bring it. the mass started while the vestment was on its way and by the time of consecration it was worn by the priest. they did not post the picture where the priest is already wearing the proper vestment. this tpc site is nothing but an unfair commentary site that judge based on a one side page without knowing the other side of the story. they weren't there during the mass that's why they do not know what really happened. what a shame for this site. i asked the one posted to delete this article to redeem himself from shame, but what he did was ignore my message, did not approve my comment, and worse, didn't even defend himself from my comment. that's because there's nothing he can say that will redeem himself from the shame that he's gotten himself into. this so-called "abuse catchers" are the abusers themselves.

      why did jesus not wash his hands after eating with the pharisee? because charity is above the law! the priest wan't wearing a jersey, nor cargo pants. he was wearing a respectable barong! and best of all, it wasn't his fault!

      this is just for your info, father gary. i doubt tpc will approve this. what they approve are those comments that are in favor of their posts such as your. these types of sites are but a scandal to the catholic community.

    2. typo: "(of) the visiting priest"

      thank you for approving my comment.

    3. wait PGF1178, twice na naiwan ung proper vestment??