Tuesday, August 18, 2015

GULP Alert: Creativity Mass of the Augustinians of Intramuros

Just as I promised in my previous post, here are the photos of that "creativity" Mass, which for the looks of it, is nothing creative at all.

More like destructive Mass, as it deformed the Mass that was given to us.

Someone was preaching either the homily or was the psalmist of the Mass.  The deacon well.... He is actually sitting on what looks like a box used as a drum, whatever you call that.

During "Ecce Agnus Dei".  All three priests remained seated.  How comfy!

At least one BRAVE soul dared kneeling!  We should get to know this guy!

So it is a Lobby Mass.  They get so bored in the chapel or in their World Heritage Site church, they did something "creative".  Mass at the lobby of the monastery and using the coffeetable as the "altar".  While everyone sits on the floor, except the priests who are obviously more deserving of the seats rather than being on the floor.  And what on earth are those behind the priest?!?!  Is that supposed to be St. Augustine?  Is this a seminary or a kindergarten?

And the coup de grace!

Serve yourself, buffet style Communion!  Very common in retreat houses and houses of formation for both priests and religious brothers and sisters!

So this is too boring for them...

Can someone send a note to the Augustinians of Intramuros to stop whatever they are doing.  They are MISEDUCATING their seminarians!  This is not the way to teach future priests to perform holy acts!


More photos coming soon!

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  1. What else can anyone expect from Augustinians? Of course they're bored with their own Masses.

    In an effort to alleviate the collective Augustinian boredom with the Word of God, the fellow in the first photo is reading instead from Rev. George Strong's "Song of Milkanwatha":

    "He killed the noble Mudjokivis.
    Of the skin he made him mittens,
    Made them with the fur side inside,
    Made them with the skin side outside.
    He, to get the warm side inside,
    Put the inside skin side outside;
    He to get the cold side outside
    Put the warm side fur side inside.
    That’s why he put the fur side inside,
    Why he put the skin side outside,
    Why he turned them inside outside."

    Augustinians find this endlessly entertaining. In the other photos you can see them all trying to figure this one out.