Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Singapore has an oversupply of deacons.


Look here.

Are they deacons?

This actually how EMHCs of a parish in Singapore are identified.  They wear a special sash worn much like how DEACONS were their stoles.

And they have an ARMY of EMHCs there, no? Much like the Philippines, a wrong notion of active participation.

I wonder about the ratio of EMHCs to Catholics attending Mass to receive Holy Communion? Does it really necessitate that much number of EMHCs assisting a priest? Does it justify the need to have that much number of EMHCs?  I don't have the details yet about this Singaporean parish but it would help to know.

But this kind of vesture is a BIG NO NO as far as the Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum is concerned.  (Whoever teaches RS anymore?  Fr. Geny must be laughing right now, ha!)

"153. Furthermore, it is never licit for laypersons to assume the role or the vesture of a Priest or a Deacon or other clothing similar to such vesture."
Here's an interesting article that'll hopefully explain these craziness and put an end to it.

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